I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 03


As she sat down she bent forward enough for me to have a wonderful view of her very ample breasts. Her black latex dress was low cut and her nipples pushed the material outward. I just sat there staring at her as she positioned herself. She reached onto her desk and reached for a cigarette, raising one to her sexy red lips. The flick of her liter was the only sound in her office as I watched her light the cigarette. She took a puff and then set her smoke down on an ashtray.

Looking up and directly into my eyes she paused for a moment before speaking. "How old are you" she asked? "Eighteen" I replied. There was another pause while she reached for her cigarette and took a puff. She continued to stare into my eyes as if she was reading my mind. "How did you find out about this place" she said as she took yet another puff of her cigarette before setting it back down in the ashtray. "Online in a web site" I replied as I sat there nervously.

Reaching over she picked up a wine glass that was already half empty. She raised the glass to her sexy lips and took a sip. "I'm not so sure this place is for you" she said as she raised her hand as if she was asking me my name. "Justin" I said to her as I tried to speak with as much confidence as I possibly could. "And why is that" I asked as I shifted myself in my chair as I too raised my hand like she did hoping that she would offer me her name. "This club is expensive, too expensive for the likes of you" she said. I was a little disappointed because she didn't mention her name.

I just sat there as she took another puff of her cigarette. She sipped her wine before looking up directly into my eyes. She spoke again. "Five thousand cash" she said as she sat the wine glass back down. I gulped as I knew I didn't have access to that kind of money. I watched this lovely creature push her chair back and cross her legs, giving me a brief but incredible view of her panties under her latex dress. There was an eerie silence as we continued to play the power game in her office. Suddenly there was a sound. My heart began to race as I could make out the faint sound of a woman crying out over the sound of the music. It sounded like it was under me as the floor vibrated from the bass. "Plus you have to pass a test" she said as she continued to puff on her cigarette. "A physical" I asked? No honey, you come up with the five thousand and then we will discuss the test.

Very seductively she stood up. She walked around her desk to my side and extended her hand. I reached for her hand as she guided me to my feet. "Lets take a tour of what you so badly want to join" she said softly. A smile crept across my face as I slid my fingers into the palm of her hand. She led me to another door inside her office. "This is not an access door for members, this is my door. She reached down and tapped a four digit number into the electronic key pad and suddenly there was a slight buzzing sound. I watched her neatly manicured fingers grip the door knob and then turn. As she pulled the door open the sounds got incredibly louder.

I followed this lovely lady as she turned and mouthed to me "follow me." We began to descend down a spiral staircase. We made our way down to a lower level that was the basement of this restaurant. It was considerably deeper than a normal basement as the ceiling seemed to be about fifteen feet high. Suddenly we were down in the basement. Again I felt this incredibly hot lady slip her fingers between mine. We walked through another door and suddenly my heart skipped several beats.

I couldn't believe that I finally found what I was looking for. The place was crowded as there were probably a hundred people sitting and standing around small round tables. I couldn't believe how many women were in various stages of being undressed. Nearly all of them were topless and some were engaged in sexual acts with their partners. As I was led by this lovely lady she guided me to the main stage. I couldn't believe what I saw.

We sat down at the table that was reserved for the manager and I had the best view in the house. There was this couple on the stage and they were amazing. The guy had his female partner sitting back on a tiny padded chair while her wrists were handcuffed and pulled up as far as they could go. Her ankles had a padded pair of cuffs around them and her legs were pulled up and apart forcing her to be spread wide open for her lover. Spot lights shone down on them as her lover was kneeling before her with his face buried in her pussy while the onlookers watched. I glanced back to the audience and was amazed at what I saw. There were several women sitting on their stools with their legs spread and their fingers busily probing themselves. There were a few other tables where the ladies wrists were cuffed to overhead chains and their lovers were fucking them. It was amazing to be here as I focused my attention back on the stage.

"The music here is a little different than your ordinary music" my personal guide said softly while I continued to watch the action on the stage. Glancing over I said "how so?" She lit another cigarette and then took a long puff before setting it down in the ash tray. "The bass has a frequency programmed in it that matches the human body rhythm." "It causes people to loose their inhibitions, causes sexual arousal, and intensity's orgasm beyond anything ever achieved before." "Women frequently pass out from the heightened sensations they experience" she said as she reached for her cigarette. I glanced back towards the audience and saw several guys yanking their cocks and several women in the middle of masturbating. Predominantly though couples engaged in some sort of sex act mimicking what was happening on stage.

I tried to observe all of the details about this place but I knew I wouldn't be able to remember them all. I focused my attention back to the couple on stage. The man was now standing up and positioning his rock hard cock at his lovers entrance. I watched from my angle and saw his cock part her pussy open and then disappear. Slowly the man began to increase his tempo as his cock began to slide in and out of his helpless lover. Her moans and cries seemed to be proving the point about the frequency that was programmed into the music. We watched for a few moments as the couple on stage continued to make love in front of a now huge audience. It didn't take long before his partner was arching her back and crying out wildly. I felt a hand squeeze my thigh and then heard "watch how hard she cums." I became totally aroused as my personal guide left her hand on my leg. "God, I don't even know her name" I thought to myself. Suddenly the woman on stage began to thrash about out of control. Her moans and screams seemed to be coming from deep within as her high pitch cries became more carnal, more guttural. Suddenly the man pulled his cock out of her as her body went limp. I couldn't believe it when she just passed out before him. The man began to pull on his cock and in a matter of seconds I felt my thigh being squeezed again as he shot an arch of cum high into the air landing on her breasts and stomach.

I felt her hand leave my thigh and her fingers slipped in-between mine. I looked over at her and watched her put out her cigarette. Looking into my eyes she mouthed "lets go." We stood up and she led me through the crowd of half naked onlookers to the spiral staircase that led back to her office. Along the way I saw another door. "Where does that door go to" I asked. Suddenly my guide stopped and whirled around shooting me the coldest stare I ever saw. "Never mind, that door is off limits" she said as she spun back around and stepped on the first stair. As we ascended the stairs I had the most difficult time walking as my cock was rigid. I managed the best I could and by the time we got back to her office I had it pretty much under control.

She closed the door behind us and I went and sat down in front of her desk. "I never got your name" I said? I watched her sit down and teasingly cross her legs again. "I was wondering how long it was going to take you to ask me" she said as she grinned and took a sip of her drink. "I'm Kate."

Kate reached down and lit another cigarette. She took a puff and then blew the smoke out of one corner of her mouth. "Do you have any questions?" I shook my head and mumbled the word "no." Kate took another puff and set the cigarette back down in the ash tray. "You know the deal" she said softly. "Five thousand cash along with passing a test and your in". "What is the test" I asked. "Kate stood up and walked around to the front of her desk. She reached for my hand and stood me up. She walked me to the door as she held my hand. She reached for the door knob and turned it, stopping before she pulled the door open. She looked directly into my eyes and spoke softly into my ear. "When you show up with the money you will find out" she said as she placed her lips on my ear and kissed me, lightly flicking her tongue into my ear. "Now go" she said as she pulled the door open.

I walked through the dining room of the restaurant before walking out the front door. I couldn't believe that I found what I was looking for. My cock was rock hard in my pants as I got on my bike and rode home. As I pedaled I began replaying in my mind what I just witnessed. I couldn't believe that people fucked like that in public. "It sure would be hot to bring Mrs. Graph to this place" I thought as I pedaled up my driveway.

I stashed my bike in the garage. I slipped into the house and went to my room. Along the way I saw my mom and dad both asleep on the sofa as the television had the news on it. I went up to my room and since my computer was still on from earlier I was able to log on almost immediately. I went to my e mail site and opened my e mail. Just as I expected there was an e mail from my teacher.

"Master?" Yeah right!!! You aren't nothing but a piece of shit that is about to get taught a lesson. You have yours coming buddy and I mean it. Don't even think about coming over tomorrow night. You will be sorely disappointed and I mean it. This fucking game your playing is over. If you bother me one more time I not only will have your ass kicked, you will also be arrested. If you want to try me go ahead. I'm not joking. So here is the deal buddy. I am the one calling the shots. If you want your ass kicked and arrested then show up at my house tomorrow night. Just be warned, I mean what I say!"

My heart was pounding and my breathing was heavy as I clicked on the reply icon. "Who in the hell does she think she is" I asked myself as I thought carefully about what I was going to type. "She was bluffing" I thought to myself as I was about to start writing her back. "What if she isn't bluffing" I thought. The longer I thought about it the madder I became. I clicked on the screen and began to type.

"Wait a minute, let me see who is in charge here. Oh a, that's me, your Master! I see you are very much in need of discipline. Discipline serves as the ultimate bond between a 'Master' and his 'Slave'. Once you learn the art of discipline you will understand and follow me unconditionally. When I feel you have learned the basic rules of discipline I will give you your wedding ring back. I will slide it on your finger to symbolize your acceptance of your Master. Sure it is your wedding ring that your husband gave you but it will now have a duel purpose. It will symbolize your bond to your Master. Just remember that discipline is where you will understand. Tomorrow night after your husband falls asleep you will get up and dress in your robe with only stockings and garters. You will wear a sexy pair of heels and you will come down to your living room. You will turn on the lamp and unlock the door. You will blindfold yourself and turn around and wait for me. Now remember all of these details. Don't screw up. Discipline, discipline, discipline!!!!" Signed, Master!

I proofed the letter and then sent it to my teacher. I shut down my computer and decided to take a quick shower before going to bed. The whole time I was in the shower I was hornier than hell. My cock was rock hard and oozing pre cum. I dried of and went back to my room. I turned on my television and played the tape of me fucking my teacher. I only stroked myself for thirty seconds before I felt my nuts begin to contract. I watched Mrs. Graph bite her lip and curl her toes in the throes of an orgasm and I popped immediately. I continued to stroke myself as a low guttural groan came for within me. I pumped every bit of cum out of my cock and into a tissue before shutting the television set off. I quickly dressed and went to take a piss. I tossed my jizz soaked tissue into the toilet and flushed it away. I went back to my room and went to sleep.

Morning came and as soon as I got up I flipped my computer on. It seemed to take forever to boot up but it finally did. I went online and went to my e mail site. Just as I expected, a reply from my teacher. I opened her e mail and read. "This is your last chance! Return my ring or I will call the cops! You return the ring and leave me alone and I will cause you no problem. If you don't, I will be your worst nightmare!"

I clicked on the reply icon and replied to her e mail. "No, this is your last warning. Do as your told and nobody gets hurt! Remember, I know who you did last summer! Also, I have a video of us in your classroom! Do you really want to try me? I just need to send some evidence to certain people and then your whole entire world is shattered. You just worry about slipping out of bed to meet me tonight! Do not fail! I am looking forward to meeting you tonight! Signed, Master."

I sent the e mail and decided to head over to Brad's for a while. I dressed, ate breakfast and organized my room. I went to the garage and pulled my bike out. I jumped up on it and headed for Brad's house, wondering the whole time if his mother was going to be there. I began wondering about taking her to that secret club as well but I knew it was probably just going to be a fantasy as I had no way of coming up with five grand. I pulled up his driveway and jumped off of my bike. I saw Brad's car but his mom's was gone, she was probably at work. I knocked and Brad hollered for me to come in. We sat in the den and watched television as we caught up on the events that happened since we last spoke. Brad told me how he actually had a girl in his car but never even made it to second base. I told Brad a fabricated story about helping my dad with his work.

The time passed slowly as I waited for his mother to come home. Finally around five we heard her car pull up. A few seconds later the door opened and in walked Stephani. "Hi guys" she said as she walked past us dressed in a business suit. She walked past us and down the hall to her bedroom. A few minutes later she emerged wearing a nice tight pair of jeans and a short tee shirt that showed part of her midriff. She came and sat with us for a minute. She sat across from me on the love seat and I wondered what was going on in that complex mind of hers. I could see a hint of nipple through her shirt and knew she was bareback. I began to wonder what she would do and how she would react if she knew that I knew she was fucking around. Better yet, that I have photo's of her fucking around. She excused herself to go prepare dinner and asked if I would like to join them. I declined and told her that I had to get home as my parents were expecting me for dinner. I got up and Brad and I said our good bye's. I jumped on my bike and headed for home.

I left my bike on the side of my house so I wouldn't make any noise later when I go over to Mrs. Graph's house. I went in and my parents were already home. My dad was watching the news and my mom was setting the table. I quickly washed my hands and sat down to dinner. We chatted about our daily events and I excused myself to go to my room.

I quickly turned on my computer to check my e mail. I logged on and called up the web site I was using for my e mail address. I opened my e mail and sure enough there was another response from my teacher. I opened her mail and read it.

"Please, I am begging you not to come over. It is too dangerous because my husband will be here. If he catches us there is no telling what he will do. Both of our lives will be in grave danger. I'm begging you to call this off."

I clicked on the reply icon and wrote her back. "I am so sorry Mrs. Graph but YOU WILL go through with your instructions tonight. You have no choice or else everyone will know who you did last summer, and this summer too. I will be waiting for your living room lamp to turn on. You have been warned! Signed, Master."

I sent the e mail and headed for the shower. I took my time bathing myself, finding it increasingly difficult to control my erection. I dried off and went back to my room. I dressed and laid down on my bed for a while. Glancing up at my clock I noticed that it was getting late. I wanted to stop at this one adult toy store on the way so I quickly and quietly slipped out of the house. I jumped on my bike and began riding towards the adult bookstore. As I approached the store I glanced around to make sure that I didn't recognize anyone. I parked my bike and quickly walked inside. There were several men and a couple of women inside browsing at the merchandise. I couldn't believe the items that were on the shelf as I made my way towards what I was looking for. The first item I picked up was a string of beads. These beads were the biggest ones they had measuring one full inch in diameter. There were seven silver balls spaced out evenly on a nylon string. I turned around and walked over to the next shelf. I fumbled through all the different styles until I found the one I wanted. In my hands I held the most amazing erotic tool. It was called "The Long Distance Lover." It was a remote controlled vibrating egg. I flipped the box over and read the back. "Easily programmable to any cell phone" the box said. "Get your partner off anywhere in the world" the box said. I smiled and made my way to the check out line. I paid the cashier and went out to my bike.

I jumped on my bike and headed towards my teacher's house. I again went down the next street over and pulled up next to Stephani's lover's house. That house was all dark and quiet so I knew that nobody was home. I could see all the lights were on in Mrs. Graph's house so I opened my new package. I followed the directions and the box was right. I easily programmed the code into my cell phone. Now all I had to do was to find my teacher's cell phone later and program the same code into it. I took out the remote control and I plugged it into the same place where I charge my cell phone battery at. I smiled before disassembling the device and re packaging the remote control. Inside the package there was a nice black velvet box. I lifted the top off of the box and there before me lay the silver bullet. I placed the egg back in the package and continued to wait.

Time seemed to be standing still. I began to notice the lights in the neighbors houses begin to shut off. I remained hidden in the shadows between these two houses. Ever so slowly other houses lights began to shut off. I knew it was getting quite late as more and more houses became totally dark. Thoughts about the club I wanted to join crept back into my mind. Could I possibly join it and bring my teacher there with me? Could I ever afford it? I began to imagine Mrs. Graph shackled in that chair on stage. Her legs hoisted up and spread open, her wrists shackled and lifted over her head. I realized that I had a raging boner in my pants. I turned my attention back to Mrs. Graph's house. Suddenly I saw the lights in the lower level of her house shut off. The first floor was now totally dark. My heart began to race as I knew I was again only moments away from fucking my lovely teacher. I watched intently as another light upstairs shut off. Then another. My eyes remained glued to the last remaining light on the second floor. It seemed like it was never going to shut off. I waited and waited. My pulse was running rampant as I waited as patiently as possible. "Come on shut it off" I said to myself softly. A car drove down the road behind me and when I turned around I saw it was a patrol car cruising by. "Oh my God, did she call the cops" I thought to myself. I turned back around and stared at the last lit window. Suddenly, it went black.

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