tagNonConsent/ReluctanceI Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 06

I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 06


Suddenly I jumped up out of a sound sleep. I realized that it was thundering and lightning outside and it was now pouring. The flash of lightning and the instant clap of thunder scared me half to death. I could feel my heart pounding as I laid my head back down on the pillow.

I still couldn't believe what I just did a few hours ago as I looked over at my alarm clock. The high that I had when I was on that stage with Mrs. Graph was amazing. Seducing her like that in front of a crowd is the ultimate thrill that anyone can have.

When my teacher screamed out "I belong to you Master," I felt like I was on top of the world. I knew she was becoming trained as she cried out over and over that she now belonged to me. Realizing that I was going to have a hard time falling back asleep because of the storm, I decided to get up to check my e mail.

I left my computer turned on last night so I only needed to log on. I quickly typed in the web address and called up my e mail. I clicked on the inbox icon and as I expected there was no messages. I sat there looking at the screen when all of a sudden there was a flash of lightning followed by the roar of thunder.

I clicked on the compose button and as the rain intensified I though about what I wanted to write. I pulled open the desk drawer next to my computer and pulled out the e mail address that Stephani left in the money bag for me. I needed money badly and I knew one way I could get it. A grin crept across my face as I placed my hands on the keyboard and began to type.

"You still can't stop fucking him can you Stephani? You can't resist him can you? Well guess what? Because of your continued infidelity you must continue to pay!!!! That's right you two bit whore, you must pay me!!! We will make this one simple. You get four thousand dollars in cash and meet me behind The Valley Christian Academy tonight at midnight. I will be sitting in the dark blue Camaro. You will park your car next to me and you will get into the passenger seat with the money. Try anything funny and I will ruin your life! I'm serious Stephani! If you fuck this up I will make you pay like you never thought possible!! See you tonight."

Just for the hell of it I attached a picture to the e mail. I sent her the picture of her lover with his cock in her mouth just because she looked so erotic. I clicked on the send button and was just about to shut my computer off because of the storm when I realized that I had just received a message. I clicked on the inbox and I nearly jumped out of my chair when the thunder shook the whole house. I couldn't believe it. Mrs. Graph just e mailed me at this insane hour of the night. Quickly I clicked on her message and began to read her note.

"Oh Master I can't believe what happened tonight. I can't sleep, I can't relax, and I can't even go lay down in the same bed next to my husband. You now consume me Master. I now live for you and your every need. I will no longer resist you as resistance is futile. I belong to you now Master and I am willing to prove it to you any way possible. What you did to me tonight changed my life forever. You are the man that I have dreamed about my whole life. I will serve you any time you wish. You own me now Master and I will belong to you for the rest of my life. The way we made love tonight was something I will never forget. The way you handled me in front of those people tonight made me realize how deeply you care for me. The discipline you administered to me for failing your instructions was deserved. That proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that you believe in me. That is something that my husband doesn't do. Tonight was the wildest fuck I ever could have dreamed about. When can we meet face to face Master? I just wanted you to know, I am all yours."

Suddenly there was another flash of lightning and a few moments later there was the roar of the thunder. I knew the storm was moving away from us so I decided to stay on line. Looking over at the clock it was already ten after four. The rain was now coming down in sheets as I clicked on the reply icon and typed.

"Your Master welcomes your acceptance of him with open arms. You have finally achieved inner piece with yourself Mrs. Graph. You have finally realized that the bonds of marriage are too vague and weak. You have finally realized that the bonds of being a Slave to your Master are stronger, much stronger. You will make a fine Slave Mrs. Graph. Just remember that you will not be perfect as you will make mistakes along the way. For your mistakes you will be punished and disciplined. Trust me when I say that I will have tears in my eyes when I discipline you, but that is how you learn to serve your Master." Signed, Master.

I sent the e mail and decided to go take a piss as the storm was now letting up. I knew my parents were going to be getting up in a bit so I was as quiet as possible. I returned to my room and sat down at my computer to log off and shut down when I realized that I had another message.

I clicked on my in box and couldn't believe it when I saw that I had another message from my teacher. I clicked on her message and began to read.

"You are so right Master. The bond that I feel between us is tremendously stronger than the one I share with my husband. I feel as though I should be laying next to you in your bed tonight and not my husband's. I am so scared of these new feelings I have developed but I feel so safe and secure with you. I expect you to discipline me when I fail you. I know in my heart that you only want me to fulfill your requests and that you do not mean to harm me. I too do not want to anger you Master. I need to get to sleep. I am going to lay down next to my husband and close my eyes and pretend that he is you. I know it won't be the same."

I quickly responded by clicking on the reply icon. I thought for a moment and then began to type.

"Your Master will take care of you Mrs. Graph. You have nothing to fear or be afraid of. You taught me how to learn an education so now it is my time to teach you. You will become a perfect Slave. Get some sleep Mrs. Graph." Signed, Master.

The storm had since passed as only a hint of thunder remained in the distance so I left my computer on. I crawled back into bed and tried to get comfortable. Finally after a few minutes I fell fast asleep.

Morning came and it was a little later than I wanted to get up. Quickly I ran into the rest room and showered. I went through the rest of my morning routine and ran down to the kitchen. I figured I could get a bite to eat at the coffee shop so I skipped breakfast.

I went into the garage and opened the door. I really hated riding this bike but until I find a way to get a car this was my only transportation. I rode down the block and rode to the coffee shop. I stashed my bike against a vacant store front and walked down to the coffee shop. I glanced across the street at the Sea Side Diner and it looked busy in there. I pulled on the door and went in and sat down.

It was quite busy as I seated myself at a small two seat table off to the side. I saw Trista as she bounced from table to table with a coffee pot. She hadn't yet spotted me so I took the time to admire her visually stunning features.

The jeans she wore hugged her ass and legs perfectly I could make out the faint panty lines through the denim as she leaned over a booth to pour one of her customers a cup of coffee. The snug white top left a slight hint of her midriff. The green apron covered her breasts but I knew she had a nice set of tits underneath.

Trista turned around and smiled. She quickly walked over to my table as she carried a coffee pot.

"Hi Justin," Trista said as she turned over a coffee cup and filled it.

"Good morning," I said as I picked up the cream and poured some into my coffee.

"Where have you been at?" Trista asked.

"It's almost noon," she said as she smiled and sat down across from me.

"I overslept because of the storm," I said.

"What time do you get off today?" I asked as I placed my hands on the table top in front of me.

I felt my heart skip a beat as Trista reached over and placed her hands on top of mine. She squeezed my fingers and smiled.

"Oh Justin, I can't get out early today," Trista said as her smile turned to a frown.

"I have to work until four today and then I have to help my dad at the church tonight," Trista said as she seemed a little bummed out.

Suddenly a smile flashed across Trista's face.

"I have an idea," Trista said as she now squeezed my hands firmly.

"What's that?" I asked as I flipped my hands over and squeezed her hands back.

"Why don't you meet me tonight behind the church and we can sit in my car and hang out," Trista said as she waited in anticipation for my answer.

"What time?" I asked.

"Nine should be good," Trista said as she had a gleam in her eyes.

"My dad is usually ready for bed by then and he'll never even know I'm out," she said excitedly.

"I'll be there," I said as I let one of her hands go to sip my coffee.

"I'll leave the passenger door unlocked so you can get inside so nobody will see you," Trista said as she got up to retrieve a doughnut for me from the counter.

Trista sat back down and I took a bite out of the jelly filled doughnut. I washed it down with a sip of coffee while I continued to look into Trista's lovely green eyes.

"I'll even leave the spare key under the mat so you can listen to the radio in case you get there before me," Trista said as she stood up.

I nodded my head as I was still chewing my doughnut.

"I have to get back to work," Trista said as she blew me a kiss when she turned around.

"Oh Justin, don't worry about the coffee and doughnut," she said as she smiled and waved at me.

I just sat there thinking as I finished my coffee. Trista was extremely busy as she walked from table to table. Occasionally she glanced over at me and flashed me a quick smile. I knew one thing for sure, I was falling for this girl.

Trista was busy so I got up and left. I walked down to my bike and began to ride home. Along the way I had an incredible thought. I already told Brad's mom that she was to meet me tonight in Trista's car with the money. I now had a key to enter without having to sneak Trista's key off of her key ring. This was working out better than I expected as I thought that I would have to try something sneaky to leave Trista's car door open tonight.

I turned down the road leading to Brad's house. I decided that I was going to go see if his mother was home. I turned down the next street and then sailed up Brad's driveway.

I jumped off of my bike and hopped up on the porch. I rang the door bell and waited. Finally the door was pulled open. I nearly choked when Brad's mom opened the door.

"Hello Justin," Stephani said as she pushed the screen door open for me.

I pulled the door open and walked inside as Stephani turned and walked toward the kitchen. I followed her as she went through the doorway and into the kitchen. As she walked I couldn't keep my eyes off of her incredible legs and feet and my mind off of her seeing me tonight when she hands me the money.

"Brad's not home," Stephani said as she bent down to reach inside the oven.

When she bent down I couldn't help but to notice that her shorts rode way up and exposed the lower part of her ass cheeks.

"Do you like muffins?" Brad's mom asked as she carried the first rack over to the table and set it down.

As she set the rack of muffins down she bent down slightly allowing me to see her incredible cleavage.

"Sure, I love muffins," I said as I watched her bend over and reach into the stove again.

This time Stephani reached farther back into the stove causing her tiny white shorts to creep up higher between her ass cheeks. Moments later she stood up and brought the last rack over to the table.

"Let them cool then you can have some," Stephani said as she leaned over a little farther allowing me to see the soft white bra that cupped her lovely breasts.

I couldn't resist any more and picked up a muffin from the first rack.

"Don't burn yourself Justin," Stephani said as she opened the refrigerator and poured me a glass of milk.

"Mmmmmmm," I said as I sank my teeth into the soft warm blueberry muffin."

"So are they really as good as you say they are?" Stephani asked as she set the glass of milk down in front of me and then sat down directly across from me.

"God they are perfect," I said as I finished the warm soft treat.

"Lets go watch television," Stephani said as she got up and walked into the den.

I quickly downed the rest of my milk before following Stephani into the den. I sat down on the sofa while she turned the television on and sat down directly across from me on the love seat. Stephani pulled her bare legs up under her and sat Indian style. I had a hard time keeping my eyes off of her sexy feet as her toe nails were painted a delicate shade of pink.

Stephani turned on some music videos and stared into the screen. I watched the television but out of the corner of my eye I kept an eye on her. I was looking for any sign of nervousness but saw none. If she was afraid, she sure didn't show it.

"I hate this video," Stephani said as she bent down and picked the remote off of the floor.

In doing so her top hung down allowing me to see her perfectly golden breasts as they hung down into her bra. She changed the channel and then set the remote on the love seat.

Suddenly the phone rang. Stephani leaned over to the end table and picked up the cordless phone. I continued to watch television but I also listened to her conversation. From the way she was talking I was certain that it was her husband.

"I have to work late tonight," Stephani said into the phone.

My heart skipped a beat as I knew that she was talking about meeting me. I became excited as I began thinking about how I was going to spend the money. My job here was done so as soon as Stephani hung up the phone I stood up.

"Tell Brad I stopped by," I said as I slowly made my way to the front door.

Stephani jumped up off of the love seat and followed me to the door. I went to push the screen door open and forgot to turn the handle causing me to walk face first into the screen. At the same instant I felt Brad's mom walk into my back side, pressing her breasts into my back.

"You would think I would learn how to walk through a door by now," I said as I chuckled and stepped out onto the porch.

"Your not the first one to do that," Stephani said as she closed the door.

"Bye," I said as I stood my bike up.

Looking behind me I saw Stephani already left the door and returned to the love seat. I began to ride home thinking about all the money I was on the verge of having. I began thinking about the nice things I wanted to buy Trista and Mrs. Graph. I had a dilemma growing and I wasn't sure how I was going to handle it

I pulled into the front yard and laid my bike down in the grass. I went inside and went up to my room to log on. I called up my e mail account and checked for any messages. There were two messages, one from Mrs. Graph and one from Brad's mom. I clicked on Mrs. Graph's message and began to read.

"Good morning Master. I slept like a baby last night after we e mailed each other. You make me feel so at ease. Your words of encouragement, your caring attitude, and your genuine affection for me have me on cloud nine. Have you give any thought about meeting face to face? I look forward to the day when I can look my Master in the eyes and tell him how much I need him, how much I belong to him. Is there anything you need Master? Please let me know."

I smiled to myself as I was so happy that she was now mine. I needed to have her go through an official ceremony, swearing under oath that she belongs to me. I clicked on the reply icon and began to type.

"Good afternoon Mrs. Graph. Your Master is grateful for your compliance. You will be rewarded handsomely for your good behavior. I have been thinking about us meeting face to face but I haven't yet decided when. I will tell you where to meet me, just wait patiently for the day. What I want you to do today is to go buy a sexy new outfit and save it for when we meet. I know you will choose something classy. Also, between now and when we do meet I forbid you to have any sexual relations with your husband. You will tell him that you don't feel well. Understand?" Signed, Master.

I clicked on the send button before closing out of her message. I clicked on my in box and then clicked on the message from Brad's mom.

"Whoever you are, this needs to stop. Return all of the pictures that you have to me immediately or I will call the cops. I am not bluffing!"

"That fucking little bitch," I said to myself as I clicked on the reply icon.

I sat there in front of my computer really pissed off as I thought about what I was going to type. I knew I had to type something that had some sort of impact or else my plans could get screwed up. I placed my fingers on the keyboard and began to type.

"You fucking old cunt, who in the fuck do you think your talking to? Do you understand that I can ruin your life? Do you understand that I can do anything to you that I want? I am the one in control! Meet me tonight or pay the price!"

I sent the message and then logged off. I went downstairs just in time as my mom and dad pulled into the garage. My mom walked into the kitchen first and I had to admit, she looked like shit. My dad walked in behind my mom and he had dinner in a bag.

"I'm going to bed," my mom said as she walked past me and down the hallway toward their bedroom.

"She's still sick," my dad said as he helped her into their room. I took the burgers that my dad brought home and set them on the table. I got out a couple of paper plates and napkins and set the table. By the time my dad came into the kitchen I had both plates filled.

"So how was your date last night?" my dad asked as he pulled his chair back and sat down.

I knew I was going to get grilled now so I figured that I would just answer his questions. I figured that if I complied then maybe he would let me use the van again sometime.

"It went pretty good, although her dad is a little weird," I said as I bit into my burger.

"Going to go out with her again?" my dad asked.

"Yep, tonight," I said as I took a sip of some pop.

Not much else was said while we ate. When we finished I picked up all the trash and threw it into the trash can. My dad did his usual routine and sat down in his recliner in front of the television set.

I joined my dad in the living room and stretched out on the sofa since my mom wasn't here. There wasn't really anything good on the television so I became bored. I continued to watch the clock as I was eagerly waiting for the time to pass. Finally after what seemed like an eternity it was eight thirty.

Quietly I slipped off of the sofa and went into the garage. I forgot that I left my bike out in the yard so I went through the small man door. I jumped on my bike and rode to The Valley Christian Academy

Along the way I cut down the alley behind Club Cuffs. There were several cars lined along the back of the building and a few people walking toward the entrance. I continued down the alley and made my way to the church.

I got off of my bike in front of the church and walked my bike over to a phone pole in front of the next building. I locked my bike to the pole and casually walked across the church parking lot. It was virtually dark now so I didn't worry about anyone seeing me. I scanned all around me making sure that I was alone as I approached Trista's car. Taking one last look around I pulled on the handle and opened the passenger door.

I sat down in the passenger seat and tried to close the door as quietly as possible. The tinted windows prevented anyone from seeing me. I reached down under the mat and found the key that Trista left for me. I slipped the key into the ignition and turned the stereo on.

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