I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 06


"Looking around I leaned closer to him and whispered, "Fifty."

The man paused for a moment as he was obviously thinking.

"Where?" he asked as he set his magazine down.

I set my magazine down reluctantly and took a step as I whispered, "Follow me."

I walked back to the other side of the booth where I had Stephani stripped and cuffed. The older gentleman followed me and I led him into a booth on the opposite side of our booth. I pulled the curtain back and stepped inside. The gentleman stepped inside and saw where I was pointing.

There was a two inch hole in the wall where the man could stand and place his cock through it. The man bent down and took a peek through the hole. He let out a whistle when he saw Stephani sitting there naked and cuffed to the wall. He stood up and reached into his pocket.

"I guess you weren't lying," he said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of money.

"Can I fuck her?" the man asked as he unfurled hundred after hundred.

"Sure," I said.

"After you cum in her mouth you just come around to the other side and if you want to pay another two fifty then she is all yours in that booth," I said as the man slipped a fifty in my hand.

"Have fun," I said as I slipped his money into my pocket and walked around to the other side of the booth.

I ducked into the booth where Brad's mom was still sitting cuffed to the wall. I stood there and admired her nakedness as I waited for the customer's cock to poke through the wall.

"Look," I said as suddenly a large bulbous head began to slide through the hole in the wall.

"Oh Godddddd," Stephani screamed out as the old man shoved his entire prick through the hole in the wall.

I was quite impressed as his cock was quite large for an older man. He just barely fit through the hole and he stuck out a good eight inches on this side of the wall.

"Oh fuck no," Stephani cried out as she saw me reach up for the keys.

I stuck the key in the lock of the cuff around her left wrist. She immediately pulled her arm down to cover her breasts and pussy.

I reached out and grabbed a handful of hair. I pulled firmly until she screamed out and slid off of the bench, landing on her knees.

"Oh god don't make me do this," Stephani screamed as I pushed her head down farther until his cock was in front of her face.

"Justin stop it, I'll get you all the money you want," she cried out as her one wrist was still cuffed high above her head to the wall.

"Too late Steph, he already paid me," I said as I pressed her face against his twitching cock.

She resisted and tried to pull away so I resorted to what worked before. I slid my hand down her neck and squeezed firmly.

"Arrrggghhh," Stephani screamed as her mouth opened wide.

I pushed her mouth over the enormous cock that was poking through the wall. She gagged and coughed as she realized that she had no choice but to fulfill my request.

"Suck his cock bitch," I said as I began to shove her head back and forth.

I could hear the old man moaning on the other side of the wall. I continued to shove her head back and forth as I dropped to my knees right next to her.

I placed my face next to Brad's mom's. She looked at me out of the corner of her eye as I continued to push and pull her head back and forth. Her mouth was stretched open wide as I could see the creases around her mouth. Our eyes remained glued together in the dimly lit booth as she moaned and grunted from the cock that was fucking her mouth.

"Suck it bitch," I said as I began to push and pull her head faster.

Tears began to run down her cheeks as she continued to look into my eyes. I reached behind her and lifted my hand and smacked her ass.

Uggghhhh," Stephani grunted as I smacked her ass a second time.

"Suck him good bitch, that will teach you a lesson not to fuck with me," I said as I stood up.

I unbuckled my pants and dropped my pants to the floor. I shoved my underwear down to my ankles and knelt down behind my best friend's mother. I reached out and cupped her ass with both of my hands. Her ass was magnificent. At forty one she still had a nice firm ass as I began to spread her cheeks apart and then shove them back together.

Stephani began to grunt as I continued to slap her ass cheeks together before I reached up and cupped her dripping wet mound. I slid my fingers along her slit, feeling her lips hanging down the sides of my fingers.

"I always wanted to fuck you Stephani," I said as I laid on the floor and crawled under her parted legs.

I reached up and placed my hands on her ass cheeks as I pulled myself under her pussy. Looking up I was treated to the sight of her hairy wet pussy. I lifted my head up and placed her cunt on my mouth as I slithered my tongue into her depths.

"Ogghhhh," Steph moaned out as she continued to suck on the cock that was sticking through the wall.

"God I have wanted to eat your pussy all my life," I said as I again slithered my tongue into her dripping cunt. I began to lick up and down her slit, feeling her engorged clit on the tip of my tongue. I could smell her scent as her pussy juice trickled down onto my chin.

I quickly pulled myself up and knelt behind Brad's mom. I placed my hands on her hips as I guided my cock between her ass cheeks. I took my cock in my hand and began to slide it up and down the length of her slit, eliciting moan after moan.

"Suck his cock while I fuck you," I said as I pressed the tip of my cock into my best friend's mother's cunt.

"Ohhhhh Goddddd," I said as her warm wet cunt enveloped my cock as I slid completely in.

"I have always wanted to fuck you," I said as I began to slide in and out.

I held her hips as she still hung down by one arm. I increased my tempo as her pussy felt incredible.

"You should have just paid me Steph," I said as I slapped her ass cheek.

"Tell me to fuck you," I said as I began to slam into her cunt harder.

"Fuck you," Stephani said as she still had the large cock in her mouth.

I grabbed her hair and yanked her head back causing her to scream out.

"TELL ME TO FUCK YOU," I shouted as my hips began to slam into her ass..

There was no sound so I pulled harder on her head.

"Oh God, Oh God, Oh God...Fuck me," Stephani shouted out.

"Fuck me Master," I shouted as I pulled even harder on her hair.

"Fuck me Master," Stephani shouted as I pushed her head back down to the cock sticking through the wall.

I felt my nuts begin to boil as Brad's mother now called me Master. I could feel my toes begin to tingle and my nipples stiffened as I knew I was going to cum.

I realized that the cock that Stephani was sucking was now squirting into her mouth. I began to thrust as hard as I could as her pussy felt like a warm velvet lined vice.

"Swallow it all," I shouted as I felt the first wave of pleasure flow through my body.

I felt my cum begin to race up my shaft as I began to explode. I felt my best friend's mother's cunt begin to get slipperier as I filled her soft cunt with my jizz. Looking up I saw Stephani stroking the huge member as she looked back over her shoulder at me.

"Oh yeah bitch, take that," I said as I continued to pump my cum deep into Brad's mom's pussy.

"God you are as hot as I thought you would be," I said as I felt my contractions begin to lessen.

Looking up I saw the shiny cock slide back through the wall and disappear. I quickly jumped up and pulled my underwear and pants up. Seconds later the older gentleman pulled the curtain aside.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out his wad of cash. He unfurled two hundreds and a fifty and he handed it to me.

"Oh Jesus Christ Justin, NO," Stephani yelled as she watched the transaction take place before her eyes.

I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her up onto the seat. I again raised her arm over her head and cuffed her wrist to the wall as it was before.

Stephani began to sob as the older gentleman began to undress. I pushed the curtain out of the way so if anyone wanted to watch then they were welcome. If anyone wanted to pay to join they were welcome too.

The old man stood in front of Stephani and bent down, grabbing her by her ankles. She kicked and struggled but to no avail as he raised her ankles up and placed them on his shoulders. Leaning forward the man's cock was pointing just above Stephani's gaping cunt.

"Fuck him," I said as the man began to lower his member into her drenched opening.

"Tell him to fuck you," I said as I stood back to watch the show.

"Tell him," I shouted as he stretched Stephani open wide.

Stephani gasped from the size of the old man's cock.

"Oh God STOP," Stephani shouted as the old man lowered even more of his large cock into her.

"It hurts," she gasped out as tears began to trickle down her cheeks.

Suddenly the old man was all the way in. Stephani began to breath heavy as her head turned from side to side. Slowly he began to withdraw his cock from her wet snatch. Just as the tip of his cock was about to slip completely out of her cunt, he slid back in, completely filling her.

"Tell him," I shouted as the old man began to increase his tempo.

"Fuck me," Stephani whispered as her ankles remained next to the older gentleman's ears.

"Louder," I said as I stood there watching the action before me.

"Fuck me," Stephani said again a little louder as her eyes were now closed.

"Now tell him like you want him to," I shouted as I continued to watch this older man fuck my best friend's mother.

"FUCK ME," Stephani shouted as the old man began to drill her wet pussy.

"How do you want him to fuck you?" I asked

"FUCK ME HARDER," Brad's mom shouted out.

The old man began to fuck Stephani harder and harder until her breasts began to make a rippling movement. The way her breasts jiggled reminded me of Mrs. Graph's breasts last night at Club Cuffs.

Stephani was no longer crying but her cheeks were still wet from her tears. The old man began to moan as he continued to fuck Stephani like there was no tomorrow.

"Oh God stop, "Stephani cried out.

"Oh God Stop," Stephani cried out a little louder as her breasts continued to sling shot back and forth.

I just stood there watching as the old man continued to fuck the living shit out of Brad's mom. Even though this gentleman was considerably older, he definitely had staying power.

"Oh God Stop," Stephani cried out as the old man now had sweat running down his face.

The gray hair above his ears and side burns was no indication that this man was out of shape. Hell, he even came in her mouth once before he began to fuck her.

"Oh God Stop," Stephani cried out with a carnal lust sound in her voice.

Suddenly Stephani began to get red in the face as she began to tremble. Her ankles were still pinned up next to his ears as the old man continued to power fuck her like there was no tomorrow.

"Oh God Stop!"

"Oh God Stop!"

"Oh Go STOPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!" Stephani screamed out as she began to shake and quiver.

"Oh God Stop, Before I..."

"Oh God I'm Gonna..."

"Oh Godddddddddddd," Stephani screamed out as her forty one year old body rocked into a mind blowing orgasm.

As I stood there watching I couldn't help but to feel jealous. I wanted to be the one fucking her, making her scream, making her cum. But tonight it was about the money.

Stephani continued to scream "Oh God," over and over as her trapped body was now covered in a sheen of sweat. Just like Mrs. Graph, Stephani too curled her toes and bit her bottom lip. Every muscle in Stephani's body was taught and stiff as her nipples were as hard as granite. As the old man continued to fuck her she began to cum again.

"Oh Jesus Fucking Christ NO!!!!!" Stephani screamed out as her body rocked into a second more powerful orgasm.

Another tear trickled down her cheek but it was a tear of orgasmic bliss and not of sorrow. Her toes curled even farther as her face reddened even more.

"Oh Justin why?" Stephani moaned out as her body twitched, trembled and shook out of control.

Just then the older gentleman pulled his massive member out of her cunt and placed his shaft right in the cleft of her gaping pussy. His cock glistened in the dim light as he began to thrust his cock up and down. Stephani looked down as the old man began to grunt.

"Uggghhhh," the old man grunted over and over. Suddenly a rope of cum shot out of his cock and landed on Stephani's face as he continued to thrust his hips. Squirt after squirt of hot sticky jizz began to coat Brad's mother's breasts and stomach. I have never seen so much cum squirt out of one cock in my life like I saw tonight. Finally the old man stopped cumming as he rested his cock against Stephani's dripping cunt.

Stephani turned her head away as the old man lowered her legs to the floor. She began to sob lightly as the old man looked over at me.

"Pull your pants up and get out of here," I said to the old man as he quickly began to pull his underwear up.

The old man quickly left the booth and disappeared out of sight. Looking down I saw Stephani's shoe upside down with the number eight on it. I kicked it back into the booth before walking away, leaving her there all alone, completely shackled and exposed for anyone else to see.

"Justin," Stephani yelled out as I made my way back into the merchandise area of the store.

I walked over to the small selection of sexy clothes they sold and looked for a sweet outfit for Brad's mother. I found this one blue dress that was slit high on the side and nearly transparent. The tag said one size fits all and I knew that it would fit as Brad's mom had a hot body.

I walked over to the shoe rack and found three pair of size eight's. I selected the white strappy seven inch platforms and walked to the counter. I had to wait for a couple of people in front of me and I couldn't help but to wonder if anyone else was in back looking at Stephani.

I paid the cashier and walked back to the video booths. Stephani turned her head and looked at me as tears continued to stream down her cheeks. I reached down and pulled her panties off of her foot and rolled them up into a ball before shoving them into my pants pocket. I kicked the rest of her clothes out of the booth and down the aisle way. All that remained was the yellow blouse and white bra that still remained on Brad's mom.

I reached up for the keys and unlocked one of the cuffs. Stephani's arm fell to her lap as she continued to sniffle. I pulled her limp arm through the sleeve of her blouse. I pulled the strap of her bra down and pulled her arm through the elastic straps, completely exposing one side of her chest.

I unlocked the cuff around her other arm and again her arm fell to her lap. Stephani turned into the corner and broke down crying as she curled up into a ball the best she could on the small bench. I pulled her blouse and bra completely off of her arm and tossed them out into the aisle.

I set the bag containing the dress and heels I bought for her down on the bench. Not a word was said as she continued to sit facing the corner of the booth.

"Put these on," I said as I tapped her on her shoulder.

Giving her a little privacy, I closed the curtain and stood outside. There was silence in the booth for a few moments before the rustling of a plastic bag was heard. I could hear Brad's mother moving behind the curtain as she was obviously dressing.

It seemed to take forever but finally the curtain moved. Slowly Stephani pulled the curtain aside revealing herself. She just stood there as I admired her body from head to toe. The blue strap around her neck was the only thing holding the material over her gorgeous breasts. I couldn't tear my eyes away from her tits as her dress was virtually transparent. I could see her areolas and her nipples through the thin material. Her nipples pushed the delicate fabric up as they were still stiff.

Looking down I was amazed at how much of her naked body I could see through her dress. Her bush was completely visible and when she turned around to pick up her purse I could completely see her ass.

Her feet looked edible as the heels made her toes look like peas in a pod. The high heels caused her calf muscles to tighten and made her to appear even taller. I slipped my fingers between hers and pulled her gently toward the store.

"Lets go," I said as I tugged on her to get her moving.

"My clothes," Stephani gasped as she tried to turn around.

I pulled firmly on her arms causing her to spin around and stumble.

"Leave them," I said.

"These clothes are the new you," I said as we walked toward the curtain separating the video booths from the general merchandise.

We ducked into the store and walked between the row of videos. The few men that were in the store stopped what they were doing to look at Stephani. We walked to the front door, pushed it open, then walked out into the darkness. As Stephani walked I couldn't help but to stare at her beautiful figure as I could see completely through her dress.

We walked to her car and I opened the passenger door as not a word was said. I closed the door after she sat down and then walked around to the drivers side.

I started her car and pulled out of the parking lot. As I drove toward Brad's house I looked over at his mother as she sat looking out the passenger door window. Her make up had run down her face leaving dark streaks under her eyes. I knew that I now had her too under my control as she sat next to me in an incredibly sexy dress.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Stephani asked in a dry hoarse voice.

"Because you deserve it," I said as I turned down another street.

"You flaunt your shit around like your some hot bitch when your my best friend's forty one year old mother," I said as I sped up to beat a yellow light.

"You are married and you fucked around on not only your husband but your entire family," I said as I turned down Stephani's street.

"I asked you to pay for your sins and you wouldn't, so now you must pay," I said as I slowed down and pulled up into her driveway.

I shut off her car and just sat there for a moment. I looked over at Brad's mother as she finally looked over at me. She was clutching her purse as she looked into my eyes. I noticed the slit on the side of her dress as her entire leg was visible all the way to her waist.

"You will give me money whenever I come over," I said as she nodded her head slowly.

"If you don't, you know what I will do," I said as I watched her close her eyes and nod her head slowly.

"I can't go into my house dressed like this," Stephani said as she looked down at herself.

"What if my husband or my son wake up and see me dressed like this," she said as she reached down and tried to cover her exposed leg.

"That's just the chance you have to take and the price you have to pay," I said as I opened the driver side door.

I got out and walked to the passenger door. I opened the door and reached down for Stephani's hand as I helped her to her feet.

"I can't believe this is happening to me," she said as I slipped my fingers between hers and escorted her to the front porch.

"You better leave before someone sees you," Stephani said quietly as we stepped up onto the front porch.

Stephani reached into her purse and pulled out her keys. She fumbled through the various keys in the dark as she searched for the one for the door.

"Get out of here," Stephani said as she turned the key and pushed the door open silently.

"Kiss me," I said.

Stephani just stood there like a deer frozen in headlights. Our eyes looked into others as our faces ever so slowly came together. As she leaned into me I opened my mouth as I slipped my hand into the slit of her dress. I felt her breath on my face as she paused with our lips barely touching. I slid my hand over her naked ass and squeezed, causing her to slowly slide her tongue into my mouth.

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