tagNonConsent/ReluctanceI Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 07

I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 07


As I rolled over I opened one eye to look at my alarm clock. I still had to go get my bike as it was still locked to the phone pole by the church. I wasn't looking forward to the long walk but I didn't have any choice.

It was still early and I wanted to go see Trista so I pulled myself up into a sitting position. My thoughts immediately took me to what happened last night with Brad's mother. I got up and stripped off my underwear and tee shirt and walked across the hall naked to take a shower. I adjusted the temperature and stepped under the pulsating stream of warm water.

I found myself thinking about Stephani and how I fucked her twice last night. I now had her and I knew that she was my money machine along with being one of my whores. Money however was my main purpose for her. As I lathered up I couldn't help but to get an erection as I continued to replay last night's events in my mind. Her pussy was so soft yet so tight as I fucked her on the hood of her own car. I resisted the temptation to reach down and yank one off because I wanted to save myself for the main event tonight at Club Cuffs.

I finished showering and toweled off. I brushed my teeth and finished with all of the other tedious morning rituals before walking back to my room naked. I reached down and picked up the pants that I wore last night. I felt the bulge in the pocket and reached in and pulled out Brad's mother's panties. I unfurled the soft cotton material and could still feel the wet spot in the crotch. I raised Stephani's damp panties to my nose and inhaled. Instantly my cock sprang to attention as her pheromones filled my nose.

I walked over to my closet and opened the door. I unburied the box that contained the other panties that I had collected. I lifted the top and immediately smelled an odor of raw sex. I placed Brad's mother's panties on top of Mandi's thong and replaced the top. I buried the box back in my closet before closing the door.

I went over to my computer and sat down. I left my computer on all night so all I had to do was log on. I quickly logged on and called up the site that housed my e mail account. I clicked on the inbox icon and realized that I had two messages.

I decided that I wanted to read the message from Mrs. Graph first. I clicked on her message and began to read.

"Dear Master, hello. I cannot get you out of my mind. All I can think about is you Master. The bond that is developing between us is growing incredibly strong. I find myself longing for you day and night. The bond between us as Master and Slave is stronger than the bond of matrimony that I share with my husband. I need you Master! I need to meet you face to face and soon. I honored your request and refused to surrender your sacred tomb to my husband. I will save my body for you Master and only you unless you tell me otherwise. Please Master, I need to meet you and serve you!" Signed, your loving Slave.

I smiled as I knew that Mrs. Graph was evolving into a well disciplined slave. She was showing all of the signs of not only wanting to serve me but needing to serve me. I quickly clicked on Stephani's message and began to read.

"YOU BASTARD! YOU MOTHER FUCKER! How could you? Why would you? What happened to you Justin? I practically raised you and you return the favor by this. I hate you! I want to kill you Justin. I want to call the police and have you arrested for raping me last night. But...I won't...I can't. As much as I want to ruin you, I can't because you hold the trump card. You caught me and you made me pay for my sin. No matter what I do you have the advantage over me. Therefor I must do as you say. Please Justin, I am begging you to stop this. Please don't ruin my life. Please don't tell my family. I promise I will do exactly as you say. I am truly sorry Justin." Signed, Stephani.

I grinned as I read her message. She was infuriated that I exploited her like that last night. She was probably even more upset that her son's best friend fucked the living shit out of her on the hood of her own car. She did however acknowledge the fact that I was the one in control and that I was the one calling the shots. As I sat there thinking I honestly felt like she was also going to evolve into another slave.

I clicked on the reply icon and thought for a moment. I searched my mind for something to write when all of a sudden I thought of what I wanted to say.

"Dear Stephani, hello. I'm a bastard? I'm a mother fucker? How could I? Why would I? Because I can and I will. You knew the risks when you began fucking around on your family. I was the one who caught you and I will be the one to make you pay. The way I see it Steph, you have no choice but to do as I say. You beg me to stop this. Do you honestly believe that I will stop? This is just the beginning Stephani. From now on you will address me as 'Master.' Failure to do so will result in discipline like you never experienced before. You will also refuse to satisfy your husbands sexual needs. You will save your sacred body for me and only me. You will not even touch yourself. Do you understand Stephani?" Signed, Master.

I clicked on the send button and sent the message before signing off. I went to my bed and sat down as I put my shoes on. I went down to the kitchen and opted to skip breakfast as I was going to go to the coffee shop after I got my bike. I locked the door and proceeded to walk through the garage. I really didn't want to walk all the way to the Valley Christian Academy but I had no choice.

As I walked down the street I couldn't help but to think about what happened last night. Fucking Brad's mom has been a fantasy of mine my whole life. I couldn't believe how incredibly tight and wet her pussy was. Even though I'm eighteen and she's forty one, we seemed to melt together during our moments of passion.

As I turned the first corner I continued to think about Stephani. It was getting a little difficult to walk as my member continued to swell and throb in my pants. The vivid image of Stephani sucking that strange guy's cock through the hole in the wall while I fucked her was incredible. I knew one thing for sure, I was going to have to definitely get some more of that.

As I walked down the sidewalk I saw my old next door neighbor as he was standing in his front yard with the hose and watering his lawn.

"Hi Justin," Ben said as he waved with his free hand..

"Hi Mr. Swanson," I said as I waved and continued walking.

I really didn't want to stop to talk so I kept my head down and continued walking. I turned down the next street and continued on my way. I began to think about Mrs. Graph and how happy I was with her progression. She understood not only my needs but her needs as well.

As I walked along, a cool breeze blew across me. The weather was much cooler today than it had been in recent days. For once I wasn't sweating as I walked briskly.

I turned down the next street and I could see the front of the church a couple blocks away. I could even see my bike as it was right where I left it, chained to the phone pole. I just wanted to get on my bike as fast as I could and leave without getting spotted by Trista's mother or father.

Finally I made it all the way to my bike. I quickly scanned my surroundings to make sure that Trista's dad wasn't anywhere in sight. I bent down to unlock the chain that secured my bike to the pole when all of a sudden I heard a woman's voice directly behind me.

"Hello Justin," the female voice said softly.

I spun around as I was startled. Just a moment ago there was nobody in sight. I tried to think as quickly as possible as I finally spoke.

"Hello Mrs. Kennedy," I said as I looked into the eyes of Trista's mom.

"I was wondering who this bike belonged too," she said as she straightened her overly large dress.

"I left it here yesterday and I want to go see Trista so I need my bike," I said as I pulled the chain from between the spokes and wrapped it around the post under the seat.

"So your going to go see Trista now?" she asked as she stood right next to me.

"Yeah," I said as I finished wrapping the chain under my seat.

"I don't know if Trista will have the guts to ask you so I better ask while your here," she said as she bent down to pick up a small piece of trash that blew down the sidewalk.

"Ask me what?" I said as I lifted my leg over my bike and sat down on the seat.

"Trista is supposed to invite you over for dinner tonight," Mrs. Kennedy said over the sound of a loud truck passing by.

"Will you join us?" she asked as she smiled at me.

I thought for a moment as I pondered how I could make Trista's dad miserable. I knew he didn't like me and I wanted to get under his skin even more just because he is an idiot.

"Sure, I will join you for dinner," I said as I smiled back at her.

"Is six thirty OK?" Trista's mother asked as I pushed off and slowly pedaled away.

"Six thirty is fine, I'll see you then," I said as I looked back and waved as I rode away.

Trista's mother waved back at me as I picked up speed. As I rode toward the coffee shop I couldn't help but wonder what kind of body was under all of those frumpy dresses that she wore. Her face was cute and I bet she had a hot body but I couldn't tell because of all of the baggy clothes. Maybe at dinned I might get a peek or a hint of what she looked like underneath.

I turned down the next corner and pulled up in front of the store next to the coffee shop. I locked my bike up and adjusted my hair as I walked toward the door. Glancing over at the Sea Side Diner I could see the huge crowd that was in there as it was still early enough for breakfast. I walked up to the door of the coffee shop and pulled it open.

Stepping inside I immediately saw Trista as she stood up from a booth. She began waving at me to come to her as she stood there with a smile on her face. I walked to her booth and she immediately gave me a hug and a quick kiss on the lips.

"I'm glad you made it," Trista said as she still held onto my waist.

"You know I wouldn't miss coming to see you for the world," I said as I leaned down and gave her another quick peck on the lips.

Looking down at the table Trista said, "Justin I want you to meet Rachel and Val."

We each said our hello's and then I sat down in the booth as Trista sat next to me. I noticed that Val was of Asian descent as her short brown hair and her beautifully almond shaped eyes accented her nice sized breasts. The moment I looked into her eyes I could tell that she was really into me.

"Rachel is my best friend in the whole world," Trista said as she leaned against me.

"Her dad is the other minister at the church and Rachel lives in the house just on the other side of the church," Trista said as she turned my coffee cup over and filled it with fresh coffee.

"Val is a foreign exchange student from over seas and will be here for the rest of the summer," Trista said as she poured some cream into my coffee.

"It's nice to meet both of you," I said as I held out my hand to shake their hands.

Val's hand seemed to melt into my hand as she slid her well manicured fingers across my palm. Our hands locked together and we shook hands.

"Nice to meet you," Val said as her eyes gazed deeply into my eyes.

"Nice to meet you too," I said as I reluctantly pulled my hand away from Val and extended it to Rachel.

"Nice to meet you too Rachel," I said as she cautiously reached up and shook my hand.

"Same here," she said as her fingers and hand were ice cold.

From the look on Rachel's face I got the impression that she wasn't very friendly. She seemed to not even be interested in the fact that I was sitting here with them. Val on the other hand never took her eyes off of me since I sat down.

"Even though Rachel is older than me she still is my best friend in the world," Trista said as she looked around to see if any of her customers needed anything.

"How old are you Rachel?" I asked as I looked into her beautiful green eyes.

"Twenty one," she said as she pushed her lovely blonde hair back over her shoulder.

"How old are you Val?" I asked as I stared back into her beautiful brown eyes.

"Seventeen," she said softly as her gaze seemed to look right through me.

"But I will be eighteen the day after tomorrow," she said as she sat back, allowing me to see her well developed breasts.

The pink shirt she was wearing was tight and her breasts stretched the material tightly. Again I noticed that she couldn't take her eyes off of me as I turned my attention back to Rachel.

"Rachel is engaged," Trista said as she slid out of the booth and stood up.

One of her customers called her and she took off with coffee pot in hand. I looked over my shoulder as she walked over to this little old man. The jeans she wore really showed off her fine ass as she bent over slightly to pour a cup of coffee.

"So when are you getting married?" I asked Rachel as I gazed down at her long slender fingers. The bright red fingernail polish was flawless but what really caught my attention was the huge diamond ring on her finger.

"A year from this October," Rachel replied as she held out her hand for me to see her ring better.

"Guys, I have to get back to work so you'll have to carry on without me," Trista said as she set a doughnut down in front of me.

As I looked up into her eyes she bent down and kissed me softly on the lips, pausing for a moment to squeeze my lips with hers. As she stood up she ran her fingers through my hair briefly as she gazed into my eyes.

"Oh, I almost forgot to tell you," I said as I remembered that I was supposed to go to Trista's for dinner.

"What's that?" Trista asked as she topped my cup of coffee off.

"Your mom invited me over for dinner tonight," I said as I added more cream to my coffee.

"Oh God, I almost forgot, I was supposed to ask you when I saw you," Trista said as she quickly glanced at her customers.

"What time did my mom say?" Trista asked with a slightly puzzled look on her face.

"Six thirty," I said as I lifted my coffee cup and took a sip.

"Cool, are you coming?" Trista asked with a smile on her face.

"You bet," I said eliciting an even larger smile on her face.

"Great, see ya then," Trista said as she was called by two of her customers.

Along the way to her customers she looked back over her shoulder with a gleam in her eyes as she waved to me. As she began to pour her customer a cup of coffee I turned my attention back to Rachel and Val.

Again I noticed the constant gaze from Val. Rachel had this smug look on her face as I began to talk to Val.

"Are you ready to turn eighteen?" I asked as Val smiled with a twinkle in her eye.

"Uh,ha," she uttered as she seemed to be lost in my eyes.

"Val's boyfriend is taking her out to dinner," Rachel said sternly as if she thought I was hitting on her friend.

"He's not my boyfriend Rachel," Val said as she rolled her eyes and looked side eyed at Rachel.

I sensed a little bit of friction between the three of us as I finished eating my doughnut. I sipped on my coffee as the two girls exchanged glances back and forth.

"He's not my boyfriend," Val said as she smiled at me and gave me what appeared to be a slight wink.

It could have been something in her eye or maybe even a nervous twitch that caused her eye to move like that. One thing I knew for sure though was when her eye twitched so did my cock.

"Come on Val lets get going," Rachel said as she began to push Val out of the booth.

"It was nice to meet you," I said as I stood up and reached for Rachel's hand.

I was immediately snubbed as she turned her head and pranced toward the door. As I glanced at her ass I was interupted by Val.

"The pleasure was all mine," she said as this time she definatly winked at me as she slid her delicate fingers across the palm of my hand and squeezed.

"I'm sure I'll see you around," I said as I gazed down into Val's beautiful almond shaped eyes.

"I know you will," she said as she slowly slid her hand from mine.

Slowly she turned around and walked toward the front door. As I sat back down in my booth I couldn't help but to stare at her young tight ass. The tightness of her ass was evident as her cheeks were firm when they wiggled. I watched her push the door open and disappear outside.

I sat there for a while as I watched Trista gracefully bounce around the coffee shop. I finished my coffee and slid out of my seat. I wanted to get home so I could get a little more sleep since I was going to be up late tonight for the main event.

"Are you going?" Trista asked as she jumped in front of me and set her coffee pot on the table.

"Unfortunately yes," I said with a frown on my face.

"I'm tired and I want to take a nap before I come over for dinner," I said as I reached out and pulled her into me.

Our lips came together and we shared one long tender kiss as we held onto each other. Trista reached down for her coffee pot as a customer called out for her.

"See you later," Trista said as she walked away smiling over her shoulder.

I walked out the door and down to my bike. As I unlocked my bike and rode away I found myself thinking about Rachel and Val. To me, Rachel seemed to be a total bitch while Val seemed to be sweet and innocent. There was something about Val's beautiful eyes that mesmerized me.

As I rode home I decided to take a detour and ride past Brad's house. I turned down the next street and raced for the next corner. As I came around the corner I could see Brad's house and his mother's car in the driveway. My heart was pounding as I rode past, hoping to catch a glance of her in the window. As I rode past I didn't see a soul.

I made my way toward home. I began thinking about how much I wanted to irritate Trista's dad tonight at dinner. I knew her mother was fond of me but her father was another story. He was the meanest hard ass I ever met. I hated the way he treats his wife and I am not fond of how he controls Trista. Tonight I have to show him who I really am.

I rode down my street and came up to my house. I slowed down as I saw my dad's van in the driveway along with another strange van. I pulled my bike up into the yard and laid it down. I walked into the opened garage and went into the kitchen. I washed my hands when I heard my dad walk in from the living room.

"What are you doing home?" I asked as I finished rinsing my hands off.

"What, I'm not allowed to take a day off," my dad said as he got a can of soda out of the refrigerator.

"Well, you never take any time off work," I said as I dried my hands.

I watched my dad as he had a sly grin on his face. His hand busily dug into his pocket as he pulled two sets of keys out. I walked over to him as he reached out with his hand.

"Happy graduation," my dad said as he held out the keys to his van.

"No way," I said with excitement in my voice as I reached out and took the keys from his fingers.

"I needed a new van for work and since you did really well in school this year your mother and I decided to give you the old one," my dad said as I thanked him over and over.

"Come take a look at the new one," my dad said as he began walking toward the front door.

I followed closely behind as all kinds of wild and erotic thoughts began to race through my mind. I now had a set of wheels and it was a cargo van which meant that it was about to become a bondage mobile.

I followed my dad out the screen door. The door slammed shut behind us as we walked out to the brand new Caravan. My dad unlocked the driver side door and then the passenger side. We both sat down and my dad started his new ride.

"Sweet," I said as I looked around at the obviously loaded interior.

The leather seats felt so soft and the air conditioning felt wonderful. I reached out and turned the stereo on. None of the pre sets were programmed so I set them for my dad. I turned up the volume and nearly shit myself from the sound.

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