tagNonConsent/ReluctanceI Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 08

I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 08


As I rolled over and looked at my alarm clock I realized that I needed to get up to go see Trista. I was still so incredibly tired from what just happened at Club Cuffs. I didn't want to get up yet but I didn't want to disappoint Trista either.

I slowly pulled myself up and out of bed and made my way toward the bathroom. I just remembered that it was Saturday and I didn't want to have another run in with my mother so I left my underwear on. I cracked my door open and checked to make sure that nobody was around. The coast was clear so I quickly darted across the hallway to the bath room.

As I finished undressing I noticed the slight bite mark on my neck. I rubbed the slightly discolored flesh with my fingers as I remembered when Kate bit me while she sat on my lap in her office. I turned around and adjusted the water before stepping into the shower. I began replaying last night's main event in my mind as I lathered up.

I rinsed off and shut the water off before I began to dry myself. For the first time in my life I wasn't even horny even as I thought about the commitment ceremony that I went through last night. I dried my hair and brushed my teeth before wrapping a towel around my waist.

Again I was cautious as I cracked the bath room door open and checked both ways. I went back to my room and dressed. I sat down on the edge of the bed for a moment trying to muster up the energy to go see Trista.

Looking over at my computer I decided to check my e mail. I logged on to the Internet and called up the web site that housed my e mail. I clicked on the inbox and saw that I had a message from Brad's mother. I clicked on it and began to read.

"Dear Justin. You cannot come over today because my husband and Brad will both be here. I swear to god that I have some money for you but you will have to wait. I don't want any more trouble so I will do as you say. But 'Master' I will not call you. Monday my husband will go to work and Brad will be gone so come over any time after ten." Signed, Stephani.

"That's what you think," I said to myself as I clicked on the reply icon.

"Dear Slave Stephani, Hello. You are in no position to barter for anything. I will tell you now like I told you yesterday and the day before. I am coming over and you will hand me the money. You also will insert the silver bullet into that ever so lovely cunt of yours. Just in case you think I'm bluffing I will bring a picture of you with your lover's cock in your mouth. If you fail me in any way I will plant that picture in your house so that your husband or maybe even your son finds it. What do you think they would say about you Steph? To your husband his perfect little world would be shattered. To your son you would be nothing more than a two dollar whore. The choice is yours Stephani. See you later!"

I clicked on the send button and sent the message. Next I clicked on the compose icon and brought up a blank screen. I typed Mrs. Graph's e mail address and began typing.

"Dear Slave Elizabeth, Hello. I cannot describe the tremendous joy and euphoria that I am feeling. I am so proud of you for undertaking the huge responsibility of being my slave. Meet me tonight at the Sea Side Diner. If you arrive first request a table for two. Meet me at six thirty." Signed, Your Master.

I sent the message and logged off. I quickly put my shoes on and ran down to the kitchen where my mom and dad were sitting and reading the newspaper.

"Good morning," my dad said as my mother flipped the top of her newspaper down to look at me.

"Morning," I said as I poured myself a half cup of coffee.

"Where are you off to this morning," my mom asked as she scanned me from head to toe.

"Down to the coffee shop to see Trista," I said as I yawned.

"Did you have any problems with the van last night?" my dad asked as he winked at me.

"Nah, it ran great," I said as I slugged the rest of the cup of coffee.

"Be careful," my mom said as she flipped her newspaper back up and began to read.

"Don't worry, I will be," I said as the screen door slammed behind me as I walked into the garage.

I started my van and drove over to the coffee shop. I couldn't believe how much faster it was to drive than it was to ride that stupid bike. I parked and shut my engine off before getting out of my van. I stretched for a moment, noticing how nice of a day it was today. I walked up the entrance and pulled the door open.

Immediately I saw Trista as she was bouncing around from table to table. She saw me and waved to me as I walked toward her. I could see the smile on her face and the look of excitement in her eye as I approached.

"Hi baby," Trista said as she reached out and hugged me with one arm while she held a coffee pot in the other.

"Hi," I said as I let her go and sat down into an open booth right next to me.

"Trista sat down as it wasn't overly busy this morning. She flipped my coffee cup over and filled it. She poured some cream into my coffee and stirred it before sliding the cup in front of me.

"I hope you weren't too bored last night?" Trista asked as she looked a little concerned.

"God, last night was amazing," I said as I winked at her as I thought about how we dry humped in the wine cellar.

"Oh Justin," Trista said as she looked down and slipped her hands over mine.

Trista and I just stared into each other's eyes. I was falling so helplessly in love with her and I was so afraid that she would leave me if she ever found out about Club Cuffs. I wanted to tell her but I didn't know how. A shadow appeared at our sides and Trista and I both looked up.

"Hi guys," Val said as she stood at the side of our table.

Before Trista or I could utter a word, she sat down right next to me. My hands were under Trista's but my eyes were transfixed on the beautiful almond shaped eyes of Val.

"Hi," Trista and I both said simultaneously.

"Where's Rachel at?" Trista asked Val.

"Who knows, she took off a while ago so I walked up here," Val said as she leaned forward and rested her elbows on the table top.

Trista turned over another coffee cup and filled it. She slid it in front of Val along with the sugar and cream.

"Thank you Trista," Val said as she began to pour the cream into her cup.

Again Trista and I gazed into each other's eyes. Her beautiful green eyes just mesmerized me.

"I can't do anything today. I can't get out of work early because Tammy called off and then I have to help my dad at the church tonight with bingo," Trista said with a frown on her face.

"That's OK," I said as I squeezed her fingers.

"Maybe tomorrow afternoon we can do something," Trista said as she looked around at her customers.

"Sure," I said as I sipped my cup of coffee.

I nearly spit my coffee out in front of me as I felt a foot begin to caress my lower leg. I set my coffee cup down and slipped my hands down to my lap. In doing so I moved the table cloth and glanced down.

To my amazement, Val had her foot against my ankle as she sat next to me. She looked up at me and smiled as she lifted her coffee cup and took a sip from it. I looked back up into Trista's eyes, trying to not let her see what was happening.

"I was hoping that we could go to the beach today," I said to Trista as we both squeezed each other's hands.

"Aww, that would be so much fun but I can't," Trista said with a bummed out look on her face.

"I know sweetie, some other time," I said while Trista topped off my cup of coffee.

"Lets go Trista, break's over," her boss shouted as he was standing behind the counter.

Quickly, Trista slipped out of the booth and stood up. She looked back over her shoulder at her boss who was waving for her to hurry up. She looked back at me and blew me a kiss because she couldn't bend down to kiss me because Val was between us.

"Call me tonight," Trista said as she turned and walked back to the counter.

As I sat there drinking my coffee with Val it seemed kind of awkward for her to be sitting next to me. Not only was she sitting next to me but she was leaning up against me. Her foot still rested on my leg as she gazed up into my eyes.

"I'll go to the beach with you so you won't have to go alone," Val said as she smiled from ear to ear.

I paused for a moment as I took another sip of coffee. I set my cup down and looked into Val's eyes.

"I probably shouldn't," I said while I watched her smile turn to a frown.

"Please," Val said as she stirred her coffee with her finger.

Just as I was about to reply I was amazed as I watched her slide her finger into her mouth and suck on it as she slowly pulled it past her lips.

"Pretty please," Val asked as her head tilted down but her eyes looked up at me.

I felt my cock beginning to stir in my pants as this foreign exchange student continued to play this game of seduction. I looked for Trista but she was nowhere in sight. I thought that Val had the hots for me yesterday but this just confirmed it.

"I guess," I said as let my eyes fall from her beautiful brown eyes down to her cleavage.

I loved the shirt that Val wore as it was a white low cut tank top. I could tell she wore no bra as I could see just a hint of nipple as it pushed the material of her shirt outward. The whole time we sat here she never took her eyes off of me. I just hoped that Trista didn't pick up on the sexual tension between Val and I.

"I need to go home to get my swim trunks and a couple of towels," I said as I drank the rest of my coffee and sat the mug down.

"That's perfect," Val said, "Just drop me off at the mall so I can buy a new swim suit and then you can pick me up on the way," she said as she slid out of the booth.

"No problem," I said as I took her lead and slid out before standing up.

Looking around again, Trista was nowhere in sight. Val began walking toward the door so I followed her. My eyes immediately found her nice tight ass as it wiggled in the tiny pink shorts she wore. Her legs were already nicely tanned and the flip flops she wore showed off her equally sexy feet. Val walked through the door and I followed closely behind like a puppy follows it's mother.

"Over here," I said as I pointed to my van.

"Sweet, you have a van," Val said in her sexy foreign accent.

"Yeah, my dad just gave it to me yesterday," I said as I opened the passenger door for her.

I closed the door and walked around to the other side. I started the van and pulled away. As I drove I noticed that Val was checking out the back end.

"You need to put some carpeting back here," she said as she looked at me and smiled.

"I am, just as soon as I get some money," I said as I drove toward the mall.

The rest of the drive was pretty quiet as we turned up the radio. The music was blasting and the mall was just ahead. I pulled into the parking lot and stopped in front of the entrance. Val opened the door and hopped out. She leaned in the window and smiled at me.

"Don't forget to bring the coconut oil," Val said as she turned to leave.

"I'll be waiting right here, so hurry back," she said as she turned and walked into the mall.

As I watched her pull the door open I couldn't help but to stare at her gorgeous tight ass. Her legs were as perfect as they could possibly be and her waist was nice and tight.


I quickly pulled away and drove home. Traffic was light as it was Saturday so I figured that the beach would be pretty full. I pulled up into my driveway and parked my van. The house was all closed up and when I opened the garage I noticed that both of my parents cars were gone.

I quickly went up to my room. I stripped out of my clothes and opened my dresser. I dug around for my swim trunks for a few minutes before I finally found them. They have been in the bottom of the drawer since last fall and they were a little wrinkled.

I pulled them up and immediately realized that they were a little snug. I went and looked at myself in the mirror and saw just how tight they were. I also noticed that my package was bulging between my legs and if I got excited at any time then Val would see everything.

I decided to put on a pair of old cut offs. I put an old shirt on and decided that I would wear my tennis shoes without socks. I raced down to the basement and dug around in one of the cabinets until I found an old blanket. I grabbed the blanket and the coconut oil before closing the door. I raced up the stairs and out into the garage.

I closed the garage door behind me and jumped into my van. I raced back toward the mall with the anticipation of seeing Val in her swimsuit. I quickly pulled into the mall parking lot and raced up to the door. What I saw next caused my bulge to begin to tingle in my already tight swim trunks.

Val was sitting on a bench by the entrance with her legs. When she saw me she stood up and walked toward my van. I almost choked when I saw her carrying her flip flops and walking in a pair of sexy heels. They weren't extremely high but they were sexy. When she opened the door and stepped up into my van I could see every sexy detail of her incredibly beautiful feet.

"I had to buy a new pair of shoes too," Val said softly as she tilted her head toward me and smiled.

"Do you like them?" she asked as she lifted her feet up and placed them on the dash board.

"God yes," I replied as I began to pull away.

"They are so sexy on you," I said as my gaze into her eyes lingered a little too long as a passing car blew it's horn because I started to drift into another lane.

I had a hard time tearing my eyes away from Val's legs and feet. The strappy open toe shoes were causing my bulge to throb and I was afraid that if I didn't look away I would begin to leak pre cum in my swim trunks.

Val reached up and turned the radio back on. She found a top forty station that was playing 'No Doubt' and turned it up. She began to sing with the music as I sped toward the beach.

"I think Gwen is so hot," Val said as she sung along like she was the lead singer in the band.

"Yes she is," I said as I turned into the park parking lot.

Luckily there was a parking space up close so I quickly parked my van. We jumped out and I grabbed the blanket and coconut oil. Together we walked down the boardwalk as we scouted for a nice section of beach that wasn't too crowded.

"Over there," Val said as she pointed to a semi secluded spot by a rock formation.

I scanned the area and saw only a couple of people nearby as the majority of the people were jammed up close by the water.

"You lead the way," I said as I began to become mesmerized by the clicking sound of her heels on the boardwalk.

As I followed closely behind Val I watched as she stopped at the end of the boardwalk and kicked off her shoes. She dropped her flip flops and stepped into them before bending down to pick up her sexy heels.

Not a word was said as we made our way toward the rock formation. The sand was soft and the breeze was cool as the wind blew inland off of the water. Finally when we got on the back side of the rock Val stopped.

"This is a good spot," Val said as she turned and looked into my eyes.

She still had on the tiny pink shorts and the white tank top as she stood before me. It was what was underneath that I wanted to see.

I bent down and set the bottle of coconut oil on the sand as I held the blanket out for Val to take the other end. Together we opened the blanket and set it down on the sand neatly.

"What do you think Trista would say if she saw us laying here nearly naked together on the same blanket?" Val asked as she sat down on the blanket.

She tossed her flip flops over to the corner of the blanket along with her sexy heels. I kicked my shoes off and quickly pulled my shirt over my head.

"What do you think she would say?" I asked in return as our eyes gazed at one another.

"Nice build," Val said as she stared at my chest before lifting her gaze up to my eyes.

I looked around and noticed that we were pretty much alone except for a few people who continually walked back and forth along the edge of the water.

I quickly unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall to my ankles. I kicked them out of the way and quickly laid down on my stomach.

"You rub the coconut oil on me and I'll rub it on you," I said boldly as I tossed her the bottle of lotion.

I turned my head and laid face first on the blanket. I just gazed out at the people sunning themselves on the beach.

Suddenly I felt Val climb over me and straddle my back side. I heard the top of the coconut oil bottle open and before I could prepare myself I felt the cool thick liquid squirt onto my back. I heard Val set the bottle down on the towel and then I felt her magnificent fingers begin to rub the lotion into my flesh.

"Mmmmmm," I moaned softly as Val began to really work the coconut oil into my back.

I suddenly found myself growing aroused as her long slender fingers massaged the lotion into my neck. The hair on my neck stood up as she slid just the tips of her fingers down my sides to my waist. She paused for a moment and squeezed more lotion into her hands.

"Does this feel good?" Val asked as she leaned forward and slid her hands up my arms, smearing the oil over the tops of my arms.

"God yes," I uttered as the warm sun shining down on me felt incredible.

Val climbed off of me and began to work the smooth creamy oil into the backs of my legs. Her fingers and hands felt incredible with each and every stroke up and down my legs. I felt my cock stiffen even more as her fingers smeared the oil across my inner thigh's. My legs were parted slightly and when her fingers grazed the bottle of my ball sack I nearly came right there.

Slowly, Val worked her way down my legs to my feet. It felt wonderful when she massaged each and every one of my toes with her soft delicate fingers. Before I knew it she was finished.

"OK, your turn," Val said softly as she turned and stood over the spot she was about to lay down on.

"Help me with my shirt," Val said as she faced away from me and lifted her arms.

I cautiously stood up as my cock was now rock solid. Val continued to face away from me with her arms over her head. When I glanced at her I could see the bottoms of her breasts under her shirt. With trembling hands I reached out and took the bottom of her tank top between my fingers and lifted.

I had a hard time breathing as I lifted her shirt higher and higher. Finally I saw the tiny strings that were tied behind her back as I lifted her shirt up to her shoulders. I could feel the front of the shirt pull over her breasts as I continued to raise her shirt up her arms until it was completely off of her.

"Take my shorts off too," Val said as she looked back over her shoulder at me.

Again she looked forward and stared out at some of the other people sunbathing. I lifted my hands and slipped my fingers under the waistband of her shorts and pulled lightly. As I pulled her shorts down a little farther I suddenly felt my pre cum dribble out of my cock and into my swim trunks.

"Oh My Fucking God," I thought to myself as I saw the top of her bikini as I continued to slide her shorts down over her sexy ass.

I nearly choked when I saw the small blue back strap above the crack of her ass. As I pulled her pink shorts down farther I was treated to the sight of her naked ass as she wore a tiny blue thong bikini.

I just wanted to fuck her but I knew I couldn't. I let her shorts go and they fell to her feet. She kicked them to her side and then knelt down. I watched in amazement as she slowly laid down onto the blanket as her arms were out at her sides and her legs were slightly parted.

I slowly moved to her feet as I continued to gaze at her perfect ass. I just wanted to reach out and untie her thong as the dainty strings rested on the towel next to her hips.

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