I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 09


"Shit," Val whispered, "Someone's coming."

The sound of the footsteps grew closer. My heart began beating wildly as Val pulled my arm and led me into the closet. She shut the door and placed her hand over my mouth. Suddenly the door of the office opened and the lights turned on.

I was so scared that we were busted as there was a slotted vent in the door. When we looked through it we were utterly shocked to see Trista's mother as she walked over to Martina's desk and sat down, wearing only a robe.

Val and I both held our breath as Trista's mother began to rifle through Martina's desk drawers. It was difficult to see but as long as we looked down through the vent we could see Trista's mother.

Suddenly she slammed the last desk drawer closed. She sat there for a foment as her robe fell between her parted legs. We watched as she reached out and picked up the phone.

Trista's mother dialed a number and waited patiently. She looked all around the office while she waited for whoever it was to answer the phone.

"Hi, it's me," Trista's mother said softly.

"Where is your toy at?" She asked as we presumed that she was talking to Martina.

Suddenly Trista's mother turned around and opened the bottom filing cabinet drawer. She held the phone to her ear with her shoulder as she sat back up, holding a huge black dildo.

I could feel Val began to shiver at the sight of the large latex toy. Trista' mother turned back around and sat at the desk while she continued to talk.

"OK," Trista's mom said as she pushed a button on the phone and hung up the receiver.

Val and I both realized that she was now on the speaker phone with Martina. We both prayed that she didn't need to come into this closet to get anything or we would be busted.

"So you're a horny little slave tonight?" Martina's voice boomed out of the speaker phone.

"Yes Master," Trista's mother said as she slowly began to open her robe as she faced us.

Just as her robe was about to open Martina suddenly stopped her.

"I want you to go up to the church and climb up on the altar. You will throw your robe on the ground and you will lay on your back. I want you to spread those silky soft sexy legs of yours and I want you to fuck yourself with that huge black dildo until you cum. You must remain on the altar and cum ten times, no more or no less. If you fail my instructions I will punish you tomorrow," Martina said sternly.

"Do you understand?" Martina asked.

"Yes Master," Trista's mother said softly as her robe flopped open enough to expose her beautiful ripe breasts.

"If you fail your Master you will be punished. Your Master will tie you up on the altar and fuck you with that huge white candle that sits next to the altar. Now go fulfill your Master's request."

We watched in amazement as Trista's mother stood up and began walking to the door. She opened the door, shut off the lights and closed the door behind her. The clicking sound of her heels slowly dissipated until finally it was silent.

Val opened the door and led me out into the office. She was shaking from such a close call.

"We have to get out of here," Val said nervously as she pressed her ear up against the door to see if she could still hear Trista's mother's heels clicking on the hard tile floor.

Val quietly turned the knob and pulled the door open. She just stood there for a second, making sure that the coast was clear.

"Come on, follow me," Val said as she slipped her soft sexy hand into mine and began pulling me toward the way we came in.

"Hold on," I whispered as I pulled Val back until we stopped.

"We came this far, why turn back now," I said softly as Val bit her bottom nervously.

"You wanna go watch?" Val asked as suddenly a smile appeared across her lovely face.

"That's why I'm here sweetie," I said softly as I squeezed her hand.

"Lead the way," I said as I swung my other arm out as if to lead her on.

"OK, just be quiet," Val said as she began to lead me across the dimly lit church basement.

Finally we reached a set of stairs. Val stopped me at the base of the stairs and stood on the first step so she could look me in the eyes.

"No talking from here on out," Val whispered.

"When it's time to leave I'll pull your hand and just follow me, but be as quiet as possible," Val said as she turned and led me up the stairs.

Quietly and carefully we climbed the old steel staircase. There was a small landing and another door. Val went up to the old wooden door and peered through the small window. Val quickly turned toward me and had a smile from ear to ear as she squeezed my hand. She reached out and turned the knob, pulling the old wooden door open ever so slowly.

"Shhhhhhh," Val said softly as she dropped to her knees, pulling me with her.

Quietly, Val began to crawl through the partially opened door. I followed behind her until we came up to a short wooden wall. My heart was beating hard and my breathing was becoming difficult to contain.

Val reached over my back with her arm and held me as she motioned with her head for us to slowly look over the top of the wall. I nodded my acknowledgment of her gesture and slowly we both rose up enough to look over the top of the wall.

What we saw was breathtaking. The church was virtually dark except for the small altar area. Candles completely surrounded the cloth covered wooden altar allowing us to see what was happening. The sight before us was utterly amazing and hard to believe due to the fact that Trista's mother was married to the minister of this church. She was always putting on a good girl routine along with wearing overly baggy clothes. But the vision that I along with God had was that of a totally different woman. This woman Val and I saw was not the woman that we know, rather she was a woman possessed, possessed to having ten orgasm's in front of God on his altar.

Val and I just stared at Trista's mother as she laid on her back on the white cloth covered altar. She was totally naked except for the sexy pair of stiletto heels on her feet. Her legs were spread and bent at the knees and her back was arched. Her flesh looked so totally golden tanned from the candle light. We watched as her head thrashed from side to side as her one hand furiously pumped the huge black dildo in and out of her pussy.

Val and I knelt there and watched in amazement as Trista's mother continued to squirm on the altar. Her breasts bounced back and forth as she began to thrust her hips at her hand. Slight moans and gasps escaped her lips in this cold damp dark church.

From our vantage point all we could see was the side profile of Trista's mother. Although I should have been happy just to witness such a prolific event I wanted a better view. I crawled to my right as I slipped my hand into Val's. As I looked back at her I could see the fear and nervousness in her eyes as she hesitated for a moment. Finally after another tug of her arm she began to crawl silently behind me.

I wanted to crawl to the end of the pews and crawl up the side along the wall so I could get a view of the dildo that was making her cum ten times. As we approached the end of the wooden wall we suddenly heard something.



"Ohhhh Goddddddd," followed by heavy breathing and moans.

Stopping for a second to look back at Val we realized that she fulfilled part of her Master's request. She just experienced one orgasm and needed nine more to go. Val and I crawled around the corner and then up toward the front of the church. By the time we got half way up the pews toward the altar we heard Trista's mother begin to cum again.


"Ohhhhh Godddddddddd."

"Ohhhhh Jesus Christ."

"Oh dear Goddddddddddddd.

Val and I continued to crawl until we reached the very first row of wooden pews. We could now hear every breath that Trista's mother was gasping for. Our hearts were beating so loudly we were afraid that Trista's mother would her us. Slowly and side by side, Val and I looked around the edge of the pew.

Instantly my eyes were glued to Trista's mother's cunt as she worked the huge black dildo in and out of her shiny wet pussy. Val squeezed my hand even tighter as we watched Trista's mother again begin to climax. Her back arched high and her ass rose off of the table as the big black dildo was lodged completely inside her pussy.

"Oh Christ."

"Ohhhhhhhhh Lorrrrrdddddddd," Trista's mother cried out as she removed her hand from the dildo and began to rub her clit furiously.

Val and I watched in amazement as Trista's mother began to hump her hips up and down while her fingers continued to rub her clit. With her other hand she began to tug on her nipples, making them stand up tall and hard. I always knew that she had magnificent breasts but seeing them for myself was unreal.

"Ohhhhhh Godddddd," she moaned out as she began to cum again.

I could see her toes as they were curled in her sexy shoes. Her legs were spread open as far as they would go and her knees remained bent half way. Her constant gasps and moans indicated that she was having a string of multiple orgasm's.

Val and I kept as quiet as possible while we continued to watch Trista's mother. The cool damp air of the church and the taboo act of masturbating on God's table was a total turn on. If I could have I would have taken Val up there and fucked them both. Instead I just kept crouched down behind the old wooden pew with my erection bent in half in my pants.


"Yessssssssssss," Trista's mother hissed as she rocked into her sixth orgasm.

Suddenly she reached down and grabbed the base of the dildo and began to fuck herself with it. Val and I watched in amazement as Trista's mother continued to ram the latex device in and out of her cunt. The squishing noises and her constant panting told me that she was on the verge of another orgasm. Just then she raised her ass up off of the cloth covered altar and cried out.

"Oh Godddddddd."

"OH FUCK YEAH," she screamed out, causing her cries of pleasure to echo off of the old church walls.

Val and I watched as she began to shake and quiver. Her breasts jiggled and shook while her one hand continued to pinch and pull on her swollen nipples. We could see the glow in her face as her eyes would occasionally open partially between climaxes.

"Oh Jesus Christ Masterrrrrrr," Trista's mother screamed out, again causing loud echo's to bounce off of the old concrete walls.

Her hips were thrusting up and down and we watched in amazement as she rammed the huge black cock in completely to the hilt. She was in the throes of her eight orgasm as her hips frantically bucked at her hand. I felt Val reach around me and hold on to me firmly. Looking into her eyes I could see that she was as turned on as I was. Her glance into my eyes told me that she was ready to fuck, but this wasn't the right time or place.

Suddenly Trista's mother pulled the foot long black cock out of her pussy. Her cum coated the toy from top to bottom as her juices glistened in the candle light. Suddenly an evil sadistic smile appeared on her face as she slowly lifted the huge black cock up to her mouth.

I could feel my pre cum soaking my underwear as I crouched behind the first pew with Val. I was sure that Val's panties were even more soaked than mine. Suddenly Trista's mother began to laugh hysterically in a dry hoarse voice. The black latex cock was now resting on her lips as she continued to laugh as though she was possessed by Satan.

I almost choked when I watched her mouth open and her head tilt back. Slowly Trista's mother began to push more and more of the long thick cock into her mouth. Slowly, she began to slide the huge member in and out as her tongue caressed the underside. We watched for a few moments before she decided to sit up.

Slowly Trista's mother rolled over onto her knees and positioned herself in the center of the wooden table. My eyes shot wide open as she spread her legs and lowered her face to the table. As she knelt there before us and God, she reached back and began to rub her slit from top to bottom with the incredibly large toy.

"Oh yeahhhhhhh," Trista's mother cried out.

"Mmmmmmm, give my master one more," she moaned loudly as she continued to rub her cunt with the dildo.

From our vantage point we could see her labia as her lips hung down and were parted. The candle light caused her pussy to glisten along with the black member that was about to slide in her again.

"Oh yeahhhhhhhh," Trista's mother cried out as she began to ease the artificial cock into her soaking wet pussy.

It didn't take long for her to begin to pant as she started to fuck herself from behind frantically.

"Oh God make me cum one more time for my Master," she moaned out as her hips began to buck back at the dildo that was fucking her.

"Oh yeah God just like that," Trista's mother screamed out as she began to shake and spasm.

"Oh my fucking GODDDDDDDDDD," Trista's mother cried out as she fucked her pussy raw with the huge toy. We could see every muscle in her body tense up and relax with each and every spasm of her climax. A light sheen of sweat coated her naked body as she continued to thrust her ass back at the impaling toy. Her toes were curled in her shoes and her panting was out of control. Finally she pulled the toy out of her pussy and laid motionless on the table for a moment.

We continued to watch as Trista's mother tried to catch her breath. Ever so slowly she crawled off of the table and dropped to her knees as she crawled over to the crucifix. She began to sob heavily as she pulled herself up to her knees. Looking up at the huge wooden cross she raised her hands up and began to pray.

"Oh dear God please forgive me of these sins. Please save me from the evil seed that Satan has planted inside of me. Please cleanse and purify me in your image so I can one day sit with you. Please God, forgive me for soiling your house and bringing shame upon you. Right now I am not worthy of you or heaven but I pray that one day you will forgive me and make me worthy," Trista's mother said softly as she just knelt there before the cross crying her eyes out.

Val and I were afraid to move The last thing we needed was to get caught by Trista's mom. We just sat there for a while as she began to say the Lords Prayer over and over. While she prayed I couldn't take my eyes off of her incredible ass as she knelt there. Her legs were parted enough to see her pussy lips as they hung down and glistened. Val and I glanced at each other and waited for Trista's mother to finish.

"That was only nine orgasm's," I said to myself as I watched Trista's naked mother beg God for his forgiveness.

Val squeezed me tighter as we waited for her to leave. Slowly she pulled herself to her feet and turned around. Val and I just froze as she just stood there naked for a moment, just gazing out into the dark empty pews. Her head was tilted slightly and tears were running down her face as she continued to sob lightly.

Slowly Trista's mother walked over to the wooden table on the altar and bent down to pick up her robe. Quickly she slipped her slender arms through the sleeves before picking up the huge black dildo. She stepped down the soft carpeted steps carefully and held here open robe closed as she began to run down the aisle between the pews toward the back of the church.

Val and I remained frozen while Trista's mom ran out of the church. We waited for a few moments before finally standing up.

"Oh my God," Val said as she slipped her hand into mine and began leading me toward the front of the church.

"Do you believe what we just saw?" she asked as she looked back over her shoulders and into my eyes.

"Yeah, I watched her cum nine times when she was supposed to cum ten times," I said softly just in case Trista's mother was still close enough to hear us.

"Wow, you counted?" Val asked quietly as we reached the exit to go back down to the basement.

"You bet your sweet tight ass I did," I said as Val quietly opened the wooden door.

"Why would you count?" Val asked as we quietly descended the cold steel stairs into the basement.

"Because when I get the chance I can make her pay for failing her Master," I said softly.

Suddenly Val stopped in front of me and spun around. She pushed her breasts into me and looked up into my eyes.

"Your a Master," Val said.

"Your a Master and you have a Slave other than Trista, don't you?" she asked as she stared into my eyes while we stood at the base of the stairs.

I remained speechless as I stood there looking down at her. Her breasts felt incredible as she continued to smash them into my chest.

"Don't lie to me, I knew you were into some wild shit when I met you, I just had that feeling," Val said as she looked over her shoulder to make sure that Trista's mother was gone.

"I want in," Val said sternly as she gripped my shirt with both fists like she was going to shake the living shit out of me.

"No way," I said quietly.

"Ah-ha, so you are into something," Val said a little louder.

The basement was totally dark except for a couple of candles. There was enough light however to cause her eyes to glimmer while she looked up at me.

"I can't," I said softly, almost pleading her to stop asking me questions.

"Come on Justin, I held up my end tonight and proved to you that Trista's mom was a whore. Now do me a favor and let me in on whatever it is that you are into," Val said as she released her grip on my shirt.

"Don't do this to me," I said quietly as Val slipped her hands up and cupped my face.

"Please," Val said as she placed her thumbs on my lips and cupped my face.

Ever so slowly she stood up on her tippee toes and placed her face against mine. Only mere centimeters separated our lips as our eyes were now glued together. I could feel her breath against my face as she leaned into me a little harder.

"You want to fuck me don't you?" Val asked as she kissed my lips so lightly that I almost couldn't feel it.

"Well?" she whispered.

"God yes," I said as I tried to control my breathing as I felt her lean against the huge bulge in my pants.

"Well, if you don't let me in on what you are doing then I'll have to tell Trista that you came on to me and... I don't know... maybe you raped me. You wouldn't want me to tell her that would you?" Val asked as I felt her thumbs push into the corners of my mouth.

"Please no," I begged as I was now the one backed into a corner.

"Just let me in on what it is you are doing and I give you my word that I won't say a thing," Val said as she kissed my lips ever so lightly again.

I nodded slightly as Val slowly lowered her face down from mine. Looking down I wanted to just take her up to the altar and fuck her brains out. What I did however, was begin to tell her everything.

"OK, I'll pick you up at eleven tomorrow night. Meet me down the street at the corner and look for my van. We won't be home until late and you have to promise me that you won't say a word about what you are about to see and experience to anyone," I said softly.

"I promise," Val said as she turned and led me to the exit where I came in at.

"What should I wear?" Val asked quietly as she peered out the window before opening the door.

"Just wear something nice," I said as I ducked out into the darkness and made my way to my van.

It was getting late and I was still tired from yesterday so I decided to go home instead of going back to Club Cuff's to hang out for a while. I pulled up in front of my house and parked my van. I closed the door quietly before walking across the front yard.

The house was dark and quiet except for the light above the kitchen sink. I quickly and quietly made my way to my room and undressed. I laid down on my bed and almost instantly I fell asleep.

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