tagLesbian SexI Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 2

I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 2


Thank you to those of you who read the first chapter and said how much you liked it. I hope you like this second chapter.

Comments welcome at the email address in my profile. This contains material of an adult nature.

* * * * *

Mel stood up, coming in between my body and the counter on which I was trying to maintain my balance with. Her lips immediately met mine and she kissed me intently, her tongue finding its way inside my mouth and I immediately recognised the taste of my own pussy juices. I used my own tongue to savour the taste whilst at the same time trying to regain my breath. Mel broke our kiss.

"Ellie you have such a sweet tasting pussy, I hope you liked what just happened?"

"And how," was all I could say. "When you first said you'd made love to another woman I was curious, but now I know exactly why you did."

"I take it that's a yes then?"

"I've never experienced anything like it, the way you drove me to orgasm was amazing, I've never had my clit licked like that."

"There's more," said Mel, with a raise of an eyebrow. "Would you like to come for dinner tonight?"

I didn't have to speak. Inside I knew that I simply had to. I simply kissed Mel to give her my answer.

Ten minutes later and we were in Mel's pick-up and on the way to her house. I'd rung my mom to tell her I was out for dinner, and whilst I was on the phone Mel let a finger trace it's way over my stomach and down to my clit again. I'm sure my voice must've sounded odd to my mom but she said nothing. Off the phone, I got dressed again, putting my skirt back on, I went to put my panties back on but Mel grabbed them out of my hands.

"I don't think you'll be needing these tonight," and with that she put them away in a drawer.

So we left the shop, me dressed just in my T-shirt and skirt, no panties and the balls still in my pussy, again on the insistence of Mel. That alone was turning me on, and even more so as we walked to the pick-up and passed a few people on the way, I wondered if they knew what was stirring inside my pussy with each step that I took. Mel just looked at me, a little smile on her face, probably knowing exactly what effect the balls were having.

After a fifteen minute drive we arrived at Mel's house, but I knew as I stood on the porch waiting for Mel to open the door that the last thing that I wanted was dinner. I wanted Mel for dinner. I was the first inside, and as Mel turned and shut the door I turned and waited for her to turn around. As she turned around I leapt on her, moving her backwards against the door and planting my mouth on hers. Her tongue responded, flicking over my tongue as our breathing became heated. I knew that I wanted to taste her and I think Mel knew too but she pulled away from our kissing.

"I know what you want and all in good time. First I want to do something to you, come upstairs."

Mel grabbed hold of my hand and led the way upstairs to her bedroom. It felt strange to be holding my bosses hand but at the same time it felt wonderful, knowing that we both wanted each other so much. We arrived upstairs and Mel led me over to her double bed. Just before I sat down Mel reached under my skirt and reached inside my pussy for the two balls, gently pulling them out. I felt my pussy struggle to let them go, or was that me not wanting to let them go, but they came out, and I moaned as the did so. Mel gently pushed me back onto the bed.

"Close your eyes Ellie, don't open them until I tell you, no matter what."

I did as Mel told me and heard her move around the bedroom, open some kind of closet and then some other noises that I couldn't place. I think I heard Mel get undressed and this set my mind racing as to what was going to happen. My pussy lips began to swell and again become wet. Mel seemed to walk around the room again.

"Open you mouth Ellie."

I did as I was told. I opened my mouth slightly, and as I did so I felt something against my lips. Mel moved whatever it was forward and into my mouth and for the first time I tasted my bosses juices.

"Ellie, you have my special toy in your mouth, a double strap-on dildo, and I've just pushed it inside my pussy and coated it with my juices."

As Mel began to speak I couldn't resist opening my eyes. I saw a huge black dildo half way into my mouth, the surface glistening with Mel's tangy juices. I took the whole length into my mouth, just, making sure that I replaced Mel's juices with my saliva, savouring the first taste of my boss' pussy. Attached to the end of the dildo was a fake set of black balls, which were connected to another set of fake balls and an identical dildo. Hanging down were two straps, which I presumed to be how the strap-on was held in place. I knew what was coming in my mind and I was intrigued at the very thought of it. I wanted to know how it would feel to have such a big length inside of me and how it would feel to be fucked by a woman. I was sure it had to be wonderful and as I thought of this my pussy began to flood to the point that I could feel my wetness on the inside of my thighs. I was sure that I'd be leaving a damp patch on the bed beneath me.

Mel was stood, looking down at me with a knowing look on her face. I could read her mind and her own lust and she could do likewise with me.

"Please, Mel, fuck me with this," I said, holding up the double strap-on and looking up into her eyes, gently running the tip of my tongue over the end of dildo that had just been in my mouth.

"We're gonna fuck each other Ellie," she said softly, a smile on her face. She moved forward to take hold of the strap-on but I moved it away quickly.

In an instant I slipped off the bed to kneel on the floor. I think Mel knew what it was that I was going to do. She stepped into the straps and moved her legs apart. My head was in line with her pussy and I could smell her pussy and I just knew that I had to taste what I could smell. I moved the strap-on up Mel's legs, until the straps were just on her upper thighs. With my free hand I slowly ran my fingers up the inside of her thigh, feeling the softness of her skin, and a faint dampness that I'm sure had begun to leak from her pussy. I was right.

As my fingers moved closer towards her pussy, the tips began to feel even more wetness. I moved my hand away, and at the same time moved my head closer to her body until I could just reach her inner thighs with my outstretched tongue. I slowly licked up her thighs, stopping occasionally to place soft, warm kisses on her skin, but for the main I ran my tongue up her skin. At first the taste was slight, but as I grew nearer Mel's partly shaved pussy lips I knew that I was tasting Mel's juices, and they tasted divine. I inhaled deeply, savouring the sweet smell, before I used my free hand to slowly part Mel's pussy lips.

My tongue darted between Melisande's parted lips and I knew that I found something I'd want time and time again. Her lips looked swollen with desire, and coated in juices, and as I slowly ran my tongue over the soft wet flesh I head the first moan emanate out of my boss. The moan continued ever louder as I used my tongue even more, and for the first time I used the tip to penetrate Mel, and I swear as I did this her pussy seemed to flood with wetness like I had done several times already. As I did this I felt Mel run her fingers through my blonde hair and this drove me on even more, which drove Mel to push my head even closer to her body and in the process push my tongue further inside her.

A few seconds later I felt Mel's hands fall from my hair and I looked upwards at her to find her hands now playing with each of her nipples, which were standing erect, as they had been back in the shop. As I saw this I brought my tongue out of her pussy, bringing my tongue up the length of her pussy lips as slowly as I could, hoping that it would drive Mel insane with the intense feelings.

"Are you teasing me Ellie?" she said through a hushed voice, probably trying to maintain her breathing and balance.

"No," I replied, "just making sure that you're wet enough for what I'm about to do." As I finished I moved my head away from her body and moved the straps up the final part of their journey so that they rested like the sides of a thong. The elastic in the straps meant that I could hold the dildo that was going to go inside Mel away from her pussy, and I caught the look of lust and frustration that she cast me. I knew that I was teasing her but I didn't care. After a few moments I gently eased apart Mel's pussy lips and slowly inserted the dildo, which must have been at least 8 inches long, maybe more. The dildo spread her lips wide and then slid in with the simplest of ease, the whole length becoming coated in her juices.

I could hear Mel groan softly at the back of her throat as the dildo slid inside her, and decided to tease her some more. I pulled gently on the dildo and it slid out, and I kept on pulling until just the tip was inside of her, then I moved it back inside her. Mel's groans grew louder and as I repeated this process a few more times they kept on growing. Finally I let the dildo rest fully inside of her, so the straps held it in place, nice and snug inside her pussy. The other dildo stood up proudly and I knew that the only thing that very minute that I wanted in the world was for that to be inside of me.

I stood up in front of Mel and I swear I could hear her heart beating intently. I moved closer, placing a hand behind her head, bringing our lips together. This time it was her turn to taste herself as I an my tongue through her mouth. As I did this, I reached down to Mel's crotch and grabbed hold of the protruding dildo. Our mouths still locked together in our kisses, I stood on my tiptoes and moved my crotch to the end of the dildo. I think I must have slightly tweaked on the dildo because Mel moaned slightly, so the dildo inside of her must have moved slightly.

Slowly I eased my pussy down onto the length of the dildo, feeling my intense wetness at the same time, and felt the dildo penetrate me for the first time. I had such an intense feeling of being filled up by this black fake cock as it rushed inside of me and I used my pussy muscles to grip tightly round the whole length, not wanting to ever let it go. It felt fantastic, no wonder Mel had been moaning, but I knew that it would be simpy fantastic to have Mel slowly tease me like I had done to her, to have her really fuck me and herself at the same time and I guess for her to become the first female to make love to me.

"I can't believe this," I said as I broke our kiss. "I'm stood here in my boss' bedroom with a strap-on dildo inside of me and I'm attached to one that's inside you."

"Me neither, it's simply delirious!" Mel squealed. "Do you like this Ellie? It feels so good to feel the heat from your pussy and I'm sure I can feel your juices running down the dildo and onto my pussy."

"It's divine, Mel, just one thing though." Mel looked at me. "Can we make love now?" I was so desperate to feel the dildo sliding in and out of me, I wanted to feel the whole length as it moved, stretching my pussy.

"Sure," was all Mel replied. We both slowly shuffled backwards until the backs of my knees were against the bed. I fell backwards, pulling Mel down on top of me, feeling the dildo move snugly inside me. We shuffled across the bed somewhat until we lay in the middle, Mel on top of me, smiling down at me as she looked into my eyes. She moved her head down and began to kiss me again, and as she did this she drew her pelvis backwards, causing the dildo to move out of pussy, until the very tip was resting at the entrance to my pussy. It felt so good and just as I was beginning to scream silently inside my head for the dildo to be replaced, Mel obliged and brought the dildo back into my pussy in a slow, teasing momentum. I moaned softly as she did this and I knew was hooked.

Mel continued with the same motion as we continued to kiss. As she rested on top of my body I could feel our whole bodies burning against each other, our skin so soft. I could feel our juices as they ran down each of our ends of the dildos and begin to mix together, I could feel our breasts as they touched, our nipples being stimulated to such an erect state that I've never seen before. My clit was gently being brushed against by part of the strap-on as it was trapped between our two bodies, and with each movement I could feel a range of intense feelings shoot all around my body. I was positive Mel was feeling the same as she began to moan too through our kissing. I began to run my hands down the length of Mel's back, feeling her ass and the straps holding the dildo to her body.

I could just picture in my mind the image of being able to see the two black dildos moving in and out of both our pussy's with each thrusting motion, my pelvis thrusting itself upwards to meet Mel's thrusts, making the dildo go even deeper inside of me, our bodies joined together as one. After what seemed like an eternity our kissing stopped as we both struggled for air, and I brought one of my hands round to play with Mel's breasts, running my fingers across her sensitive nipples, and at one point even taking each nipple into my mouth and teasing the feelings throughout her body. Mel had her head flung back, her mouth open gasping for air and her eyes shut tightly, enjoying the intensity of her feelings as the dildos continued to move in unison with our movements. A long series of moans and groans carried on elapsing from her as her thoughts and feelings ran freely around her body.

As I began to tease Mel's nipples even more, she began to increase the tempo of our fucking, really driving hard into me and I was sure that by doing this, it increased the feeling of her dildo sliding into her. I used my muscles to really grip the dildo as it moved in and out of me, really feeling the intensity of our thrusting, and enhancing the fantastic feeling growing in my pussy. As the tempo increased though so did the feelings emanating from my clit. Each movement caused the strap-on to rub over both of our clits and as the intensity increased so did the movement over our clits. I could feel what I had felt in the shop earlier beginning to build inside me, and I knew that our fucking was going to cause what felt like the most intense orgasm of my life. I cannot remember exactly but I'm sure that I was moaning softly throughout, and I could feel my breathing become erratic and at sometimes non-existent.

Mel brought her had down to lay on the bed next to me and breathlessly whispered in my ear, "I'm gonna cum so badly Ellie." She raised her head up again and as I looked down our bodies I could see the wondrous sight of both the dildos sliding in and out of our both of our pussies frantically and this alone drove me to the edge of almost passing out through the feelings of being so thoroughly fucked.

"Me too," was all I could stammer back to Ellie, and as I did so I grabbed hold of her head and pulled her mouth down to mine and kissed her intensely. Both of our thrusting seemed to take on an even greater vigour and this set off the ticking time bomb of my orgasm and I knew that I was gonna cum very, very hard. As this happened, so a series of muffled cries erupted from somewhere and it took a moment to realise that they were coming from Mel and I just knew that she was, like me, gonna cum there and then.

It was one particular rub of my clit that simply did it for me, and my breathing stopped and a low groan, muffled by our kissing began, and the flood of electricity began to race around my body and kept on being intensified to the point at which I thought I was definitely gonna pass out. As I thought this I could feel what seemed like gallons of Mel's juices stream down the dildo and onto my pussy and we both began thrust a little harder, causing me to have at least two, possibly three orgasms at once, they just seem to roll into each other. Mel pulled away and I could tell by the flushed look in her face that she had cum, yet she kept on thrusting the dildos into both of us, prolonging the feelings that we both had. I could feel the heat of her body on my skin, and also the continual rubbing of my clit that was just fantastic.

After a few minutes more of thrusting Mel collapsed on top of me, our naked bodies clinging to each other, the sweat that had formed acting like suction, and we wrapped our arms around each other, gently kissing and teasing each other with our kisses and tongues. The dildos were resting inside of us both, no doubt covered in our mixed juices and I couldn't wait to taste them, but I was content to just lie there, still connected to my boss through our toy. I knew then that what I could feel in between my legs, in my pussy and down my thighs, was the wettest I have ever been.

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