tagExhibitionist & VoyeurI Know You Like Watching Me

I Know You Like Watching Me


Dear Diary,

You know that I have been friends with this one man for years now. We have never really been together but we have gotten together to talk many times. He was there for me when I got divorced, and when I became involved with another man. He gave me hints of things to do and why things would happen the way that they did. Well I am finding that I really have a crush on this guy. We got together the other night to visit, we were talking about all sorts of things like family, friends, things that we were doing and finally sex. I enjoy talking about sex, it is a turn on for me and I get to know what he likes, he gets to know what I like.

Well we were talking; I was telling him that I like giving "head". That there is no other feeling in the world than to have a man trust you enough to let you suck on the most sensitive part of his body. I like putting a cock in my mouth, sliding my lips over the end of a man's hard cock, sliding it deeper, and deeper in my mouth until I reach his balls. Holding him there for a moment and then with deep suction sliding it back out again. All the time I am doing this I have his balls in my hand gently squeezing them, running my finger over them. While he sits back, watching me swallow his hard cock. I look up into his eyes to watch the expression to see if he is enjoying himself. He usually has his head tilted back with his eyes closed feeling the feeling that I am giving him.

Then I will take him out of my mouth and with my tongue trace the big bulging vein that runs down the length of his rod. Going back up to the top to trace around the rim of the head of his dick. Then sliding it back into my mouth to repeat it all over again. I can only imagine what it must feel like for a man to have this done to him. He then told me that he likes to watch a woman masturbate, getting themselves off. He likes to watch their face with it's many expressions. He then told me that he would love to watch me masturbate. I was surprised at first then all I could say was really? He said yes, I would love to see you do it right here right now. I smiled still not believing what I was hearing. Then he asked me if I liked playing with toys? I told him yes and started telling him about my recent purchase.

I bought some "Orgasm Balls" They are two balls that have inner balls so they move around and clink together. When you walk you can feel the clinking of the balls; the clinking sends little waves of excitement throughout your body. I had placed them in that morning so when we were talking they had been in for a while so I was already excited. Then when we started talking about sex I became even more excited. He asked me if I had the balls in right now? I told him yes, he grinned. Then he asked me what other kinds of toys do I have? I told him about my collection of vibrators, butt plugs, nipple clamps, cock rings, and now my newest edition was the orgasm balls. He told me he wanted to see my toys so we came back here to the bedroom. I opened my dresser drawer and started pulling out all my toys. Then he told me he wanted to watch me use them. I went and got him a chair placed it at the end of the bed. Then I looked at him telling him that the only way that I would do this is if he sat there naked and watched, and at the end he fucked me. He agreed and got undressed, settling down in the chair. I stood there in front of him fully clothed. I asked him what he wanted to see first? He told me that it was my show. I stripped for him, right in front of him. I unbuttoned my shirt slowly letting it fall off my shoulders. I then unzipped my skirt letting it fall to the floor. I stood there with just my bra on now, so reaching around to the back I undid it letting it drop to the floor. Exposing my large tits with my hard nipples. I was so excited, just knowing that he wanted to watch me brings out the exhibitionist in me.

Which surprises me because I did not realize that I had it in me. I get closer to him holding my tits in my hands putting my nipples in his mouth so he can suck on them for a minute. I lay down on the bed just a few inches away from him. Placing my feet in his lap, I have my legs spread wide. He can see everything very well. He can see my juice on my clean shaven pussy lips so he knows that I am very excited. At first I lay there, pinching my nipples and rubbing my hands all over my tits. Then taking one in my hand I lift it up so that I can lick my nipple with my tongue then I do the other one. I look down to watch his expression, he is just grinning. I told him to talk to me. I asked him if he likes what he has seen so far? He said yes but he wanted to see more. So I reached over taking a butt plug, I looked at him and without even asking him a question he said yes..... So I took some lube greasing it up, turning on my side I put a little on my anus. I turned the butt plug on and slid it in.

To explain the feel of this when you put in, is tight and painful at first, but after a few seconds I relax and push in more and more, it just makes you feel so full, I love this feeling. With my orgasm balls in my pussy and the plug in my ass I was full. I rolled back over onto my back. I looked at him again he was talking to me telling me he was liking it. He wanted to see me cum... I told him okay, so I reached over grabbing the vibrator that looks like a J and turned it on. Taking my other hand I reached down to my pussy and opened the lips to my cunt. I found my clit all swollen and ready for attention and started to rub the vibrator on it. I arched my back. It did not take long for me to cum. I bucked and twisted clamping my legs shut on the vibrator. All the time I could feel the balls bouncing around inside of me clicking together sending little jolts of excitement through my body all the time I was cumming.

It was wonderful. I calmed down looked at him, asking him if he enjoyed it? He told me "Oh Yes, very much" I told him good then told him I needed him to fuck me. He climbed onto the bed with me and took out the buzzing butt plug turned it off and told me he wanted to fuck my ass. I told him that I could handle that. I put some lube on his huge cock and then got on all fours in front of him. He placed his rock hard cock up my ass to his balls and started sliding in and out. I would meet his motion and before long we were fucking hard. He told me that he could feel the orgasm balls in my pussy rolling around and clinking together. I took my J shaped vibrator again and started rubbing on my clit with it. He had his hands on my hips fucking me with great force.

I told him that I wanted him to cum with me and that it would not be much longer and I was going to cum again. He told me to cum for him. About the time that the words came out of his mouth I screamed "I am cumming".

My pussy muscles were spasming and I clinched my ass muscles tight around his cock. He slammed me one more time, burying his cock deep in my ass and stiffened. I could feel his hot cum unloading in my ass. He slid his cock in and out of me a couple of more times. I could feel his cum running down my leg. He stopped, laying us both on the bed. We were spent. We laid there in the bed his arms wrapped around me. He kissed me telling me that, that was excellent. I agreed with him. Then I asked him if that meant we could do it again sometime? He told me most definitely. As often as we can. We then dozed off dreaming of what we would do to each other the next time.

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