tagExhibitionist & VoyeurI Know You Want To

I Know You Want To


When I was in my second year in college, I had a very attractive girlfriend named Erica. She was about 5’6” dark brown hair, brown eyes and a killer body. She was very athletic and although she wasn’t aware of it, very sexy. We had been dating for about six months and had a pretty decent sex life - nothing out of the ordinary, just regular loving sex where we spent a lot of time touching and kissing before getting down to the admittedly conservative fucking, which almost always ended in mutually satisfying orgasms and then restful sleep. We were both intense studiers, and getting eight hours of sleep after hours spent at the library was important to us both. As a result, Erica spent a lot of time at my apartment which I shared with one other guy, named Tom.

Tom and Erica got along pretty well. Once or twice Erica mentioned that she thought Tom was very attractive. I didn’t think much of it. He was pretty good looking, you couldn’t deny it, and he had no problem getting girls to stay over, even though he also had a steady girlfriend. We could hear them through the thin walls of the apartment. Tom was, well, very successful.

One chilly morning Erica snuck out of my room to go into the bathroom. I heard a shriek and she came running back in my room and closed the door.

“Oh ..my… God” she said. She was beet red.


“I just saw your roommate getting out of the shower and he is so HOT. What a body!”

“Oh” I countered, not able to come up with much more than that.

“Jesus Michael, why don’t you work out so you could look like that?” She climbed back into bed with me, and started to warm up against me. She was rubbing my belly with her legs curled around mine. “He is in amazing shape, not to mention that he has a huge cock!”

“Geez.. whatever..”

“Sorry baby. I didn’t mean to depress you. You have a nice penis too” She reached down and started to stroke it. It was already swollen from her attention, but it jumped in her hand when she made contact.

“Hello!” she said, “Aren’t we excited all of a sudden. Is that because I was talking about Tom and his big dick?”

“Get out of here. I’m always hard in the morning. You know that!”

“Hmm.. Interesting” she had a coy smile on her face, like she knew a dirty secret or something. It bugged me. But I was stiff in her hand. I couldn’t deny that.

“Don’t worry, baby. I would never pay attention to any other man. Even if they did make me incredibly hot.” She took my hand and put it between her legs. She was sopping wet. She started to stroke my hard cock. I began to tease her swollen clit. “But my goodness, I am going to have to concentrate today if I am going to avoid thinking about what I just saw in there.” She was smiling that smile again. It made me nervous. And I was incredibly turned on. My cock was swollen and throbbing as she pulled on it. I teased her clit and pushed two fingers inside of her. “Oh baby.. I can’t imagine how that cock must feel inside!” I was unsure of whose cock she was talking about, but I had a pretty good idea. She was close to cumming on my hand, I could feel it. She let up on her grip on my penis and began to buck against my hand. She closed her eyes, and opened her mouth. No sound came out, until I felt her spasm on my fingers, and her pussy juices covered my hand. She moaned loudly… I thought for sure Tom would hear it. I hoped he wouldn’t.

“Oh god!” she moaned. “That was intense!!”

She rolled out of bed, and wrapped a towel around herself. “Do you think he is out of there yet?”

“I guess so. Hey, What about me?” I said, indicating my swollen member.

“Michael, You know I have to get to school! I’m late as it is! C’mon, you can take care of it yourself!” She winked teasingly, and left the room.

“Dammit!” I muttered. I tossed around, and finally came to the realization that my hard on was not going to go away without some serious attention. I got down to it. I could hear the shower running, and it stopped just as I was approaching my own orgasm. I jerked furiously, hoping my girl wouldn’t witness my self pleasuring, and came onto a Kleenex just as she entered the room, all damp and refreshed.

“I see you took care of your little problem,” she said, slapping me on the ass as she passed by the bed.

I quickly cleaned up and hit the shower. I was in a bad mood. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I felt like I had been insulted, even humiliated. I was determined not to let it get to me, and resolved to act like an adult and move on. After all, if I let Erica see how the while thing bothered me, she would probably lose respect for me for showing a lack of self-confidence.

Over the next couple of weeks, Erica and I continued with our routine, studying until late at the library, and often coming to my apartment to sleep. More often than not, we could hear Tom giving it to some girl, whether it was his girlfriend or not we were never sure, but one thing was certain, they all enjoyed it.

Erica was getting more and more interested in what was happening in the next room. She would say stuff like “Did you hear her ask to suck that thing?” or “Are they going to keep going like that all night?” or “has he got two girls in there or just one?” In any case, although we were both highly aroused, our sex seemed to be boring by comparison, and it was getting to both of us. At least it was getting to me. I couldn’t keep myself from trying to compete with my prolific roommate, while Erica kept her ears open for the slightest hint of what was happening next door.

Finally one night, after a feeble attempt at trying to prologue our intercourse for more than the standard five minutes, Erica turned to me and said, “Look, Mike, I have a great idea”

Erica’s great idea was to invite Tom to participate in a threesome. “Not a chance” I said immediately.

“C’mon Baby, it would be good for us!”

“And why do you think it would be good for us? You just want to get your hands on that…” I held up my fingers like I was quoting, “..’big cock’ of his!”

“Don’t be silly! You need to get over this whole competition thing. If you two were on the same team, it would be good for you.”

Forget about it,” I said, putting my foot down.

Several days went by with Erica alternating between being pissed off at me, and trying to convince me to go through with it, using all kinds of psychology. “If you had confidence in our relationship, you would do it!” she said. “If you had confidence in your sexuality you wouldn’t hesitate.” And most effectively, “I don’t feel like doing it tonight. Let’s just go to sleep”

I wasn’t long before she broke me down. By the time I agreed to talk to Tom, I would have agreed to just about anything.

I was a bit surprised by Tom’s reaction. He acted like it was no big deal, and readily agreed. It was almost like he knew it was coming.

“When do you two want to get together?” he asked, not even looking up, flipping channels on the remote control.

“Um.. Erica was thinking about Saturday night”

“Cool” he said, like he was agreeing to show up for a free dinner.

Saturday came around pretty quick for me. I have to admit, I was a bit torn about the whole thing. I was dying to get back in my girlfriend’s pants, but at the same time, I was very nervous about sharing her with Tom.

Erica and I waited in the bedroom. She was really excited. She had put on makeup and some perfume, and looked super sexy in a tight t-shirt and her tightest, lowest cut jeans.

“How do I look?” she said, smoothing her t-shirt over her firm, belly.

“You look hot, as usual,” I said. “ Not that it matters. You wont be wearing that for long!”

Tom knocked on the door, and poked his head in.

“What’s up?” he said.

“Come on in,” I said, and he lumbered in. He looked at Erica and breathed “Nice”

Erica blushed. She sat on the bed.

Tom said “Well.. Lets get started.”

“Yeah!” said Erica, beginning to enjoy herself. “You guys should strip for me, don’t you think”

Tom said sure, and pulled off his t-shirt. He did have a pretty good body. Much better than mine, anyway.

“C’mon, Mike, take it off!” Erica was really into it.

I did, pulling off my sweater and t-shirt, and sliding off my jeans. I looked at Tom. He had yet to undo his belt.

“Take off your t-shirt and come over here and undo my pants,” he said to Erica. I had never heard anyone tell Erica to do anything.

Erica looked surprised, but then did as he said, pulling off her t-shirt revealing her perfect tits and stiff nipples. To my utter amazement, she dropped to the floor and knelt in front of Tom, undoing his belt buckle and unzipping his fly. My cock was stiff in my underwear, with my jeans around my ankles as I watched my girlfriend undoing Tom’s jeans and pulling them down. His underwear was buldging.

“Now take out my cock,” he said, placing his hand gently on Erica’s head. She didn’t hesitate, and took out his cock, which was much bigger than I had ever seen. My own penis shrunk despite my excitement. Erica moaned, and started to pull on it, placing it against her face, and kissing it. With her other hand, she began to pinch and pull on her nipples.

“That’s it. Good girl” said Tom.

My cock was rock hard again, and I figured I better get in on the action, and I moved closer to the two of them. I thrust my hard penis towards Erica. She took it in her hand and held it. She was intently concerned with Tom’s prick, now licking and kissing it while she pulled on it. It looked massive against her small ruby red lips.

“Mmm.. that’s good baby. Get on the bed on all fours. I want you to suck it. Would you like that?, Tom said.

Erica didn’t much like giving oral sex, and I was expecting her to shoot him down. To my surprise she got up onto the bed and looked at him hungrily.

“Ask for it,” he said. She smiled.

“May I suck your cock?” she said. I just about fell over.

“Ask politely!” he insisted.

“PLEASE may I suck you cock, Tom? Please let me suck it”

Tom moved closer to the bed, his big cock swaying, like it was looking for a place to park itself. It found a place. My girlfriend’s greedy mouth.

She opened wide and took his prick in her hand and did her best to take it in. She closed her mouth and wet her lips and tried again. She managed to get just the head in, stretching her lips around it.

She looked at him, in a daze.

Tom took her hair firmly in his hand and told me, “Mike, go and lick her pussy from behind.” I wasn’t sure who put him in charge, but it seemed like a good idea, She squirmed and moaned as she mouthed Tom’s huge member, as he moved her head gently but assuredly back and forth over his cock. I went around to the other side of the bed and started to lick her ass cheeks and pussy from behind.

She pulled off his cock and said “Fuck that is so hot. Suck my pussy Mikey.”

She had never called me Mikey before, but I ignored it and went on with my tonguing and sucking.

Erica was moving back and forth on Tom’s prick now, evidently having taken more of the length of it in her mouth and throat. She was pushing her ass back on my face and I was desperately trying to move with her, and occasionally my tongue would slip against her asshole while I tried to probe her dripping pussy. This would cause her to squeal. Meanwhile, my own cock was stiff and bobbing ineffectually around my thighs as I worked on my girlfriend’s pussy.

“You want to be fucked now, Erica, you hot little bitch?” Tom asked. Erica pulled her mouth away from his cock and said, “oh yes please”

Tom took her by the hips, and turned her around. He took his cock and placed it between her legs wasting no time. He pushed it against her slick opening, and entered her. She shuttered and grabbed the bed. “Oh FUCK!” She said. I though he was hurting her, until she said, “ Oh FUCK you feel so GOOD!”

He began to move in her…I sat back and started to watch. He was fucking her like a machine, his thick tool plunging into her from behind like a long piston. He held her hair while he did it. She was clawing at the sheets of my bed, my girlfriend being fucked like I never had done to her. The threesome was rapidly turning into a twosome, and it was clear that neither of them cared.

Erica had a wild look in her eyes as she turned into a willing object for Tom’s satisfaction. He pulled her on and off of his cock, grasping her alternately by the waist or the hair, and she helplessly accepted his thrusts, her ass and thighs muscles visibly tensing and relaxing as he plunged his thick cock into her. Her breast swayed with his movements, and her nipples were swollen and long. Her mouth was open, and her lips were wet. She looked towards me, kneeling on the floor, my penis standing at attention.

“Stroke it” she sighed, her head against the pillow.

“What?” I asked. I could barely hear her.

“Stroke your cock, Mikey. You know you.. want to…..” she breathed, between thrusts.

I couldn’t believe that my girlfriend wanted me to jerk myself off while she was getting fucked right in front of me by my roommate. It was too much. But I had never been so hot in my entire life. I started to stroke it.

“Mmmmm yes, baby, stroke that penis of yours.. doesn’t that feel so good? Oh fuck this is so HOT!” She really was getting off on watching do this to myself while she had a thick cock inside her, fucking her hard. “Look Tom, look at Mikey jerking himself”

I couldn’t help it. I kept at it. I was so turned on. I was pissed off, I was jealous, I was embarrassed, and I was intensely aroused. Why was she calling me Mikey?? No one had called me that since I was eight years old! I could feel my balls tightening and the familiar heat rising from my lower abdomen. I was gong to cum.

"Cum Mikey. Cum for me little Mikey!"

That put me over the top. I spilled out onto the floor, onto my hand and onto the sheets of the bed. Erica started to squeal and shuttered. She was cumming on Tom’s fat prick.

Oh god, fuck me.. hard, Tom.. I’m cumming!!

Tom groaned and pumped into Erica quickly. He began to cum and kept cumming for what seemed like a minute. Erica was reaching between her legs and collecting the cum that was spilling down the inside of her thighs. She rubbed it over her breasts, and put her fingers in her mouth. I watched my conservative girlfriend licking Tom’s cum from her fingers. Tom pulled out of her and she collapsed on the bed.

“Oh my God!” she said. “Jesus Tom.. that was incredible.. Did you have fun too Mikey?”

I nodded, barely able to look at them. I left the room, and went to wash off my hands. When I came back in, my girlfriend had her mouth on Tom’s cock again, apparently cleaning him off. I picked up my clothes and went downstairs for a smoke. They didn’t come down for another hour. Tom had changed his clothes. He put on his jacket and headed out the door.

“See ya, 'Mikey'” he said.

Erica came over to the kitchen table, wearing the t-shirt Tom had been wearing.

“Baby that was so good” she said. “Thank you. You are a special boyfriend” She kissed me on the cheek.

The next couple of weeks were very strange. Erica was at our place more often than I was, and it became obvious that she and Tom were getting together regularly. Sex between Erica and I was of course, pale by comparison with what we had done on that night with Tom, and things started to sour between us. Finally she told me that she was leaving me for Tom.

“Look, no hard feelings Mike, but we cant go on this way. You just don’t do it for me. You never really have. And Tom, Cheryl and I have a special connection.” Evidently Tom hadn’t bothered to dump his previous girlfriend, he had just added one.

The rest of the year was very difficult. Seeing your ex-girlfriend treading the hallways of your apartment half naked on the way to the shower every morning, and hearing her moaning and begging for another man’s cock at night is hard on one’s self esteem. But it wasn’t long before I gave in to it, and began to face up to the fact that I aroused by it. It wasn’t long before I start to masturbate to the sound her being fucked by Tom.

I guess she knew it, because ever once in awhile I would hear her say though the walls, Stroke it for me Mikey. I know you want to!

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