tagExhibitionist & VoyeurI Learned My Lesson Well Ch. 04

I Learned My Lesson Well Ch. 04


I couldn't believe what was happening to us. I had watched the woman I love dance naked in a sleazy strip club, publically spanked, force to eat another woman's cunt.

I had been made to suck two cocks and been fucked up the ass and made to cum in my panties. This whole nightmare was being videoed and the main event, my fiancé's gangbang was about to happen.

All these things had occurred because I could not control my own ejaculations. I deserved this. My humiliation and shame where beyond description and it wasn't over.

A large mattress was being brought out onto the stage. A small stool was being set up next to it.

Ron grabbed the microphone and said, "Well the big moment has arrived, the main event of the evening ladies and gentlemen but first I would like Angel's sissy wimp to come over here and;

1. Explain how and why this all came to be;

2. Beg every man in the room to fuck his wife;

3. Offer his mouth to assist them to get hard and penetrate his wife;

4. Guide their cocks into his girl's cunt, ass or mouth:

5. Clean out her pussy and ass and their cocks after each man cums in her;

6. And finally, thank each man for fucking her;

Come on sissy, take the mic." He encouraged me.

Slowly I crossed the stage and took the microphone from her black lover.

I then proceeded to speak to the crowd in a shaky voice, "We are here tonight because I am a wimpy wanker who cannot control his own ejaculations. Instead of making love to my woman, I am too busy beating off to porn on the internet. I am a submissive, sissy who deserves to be humiliated and is only good for sucking pussy, cock or being ass fucked." I continued, "I cannot satisfy my future wife and need all of your help. Please fuck my woman and give her the pleasure she so deserves." I continued, totally humiliated and fighting back the tears, "I will be glad to suck you hard and guide your cock into which ever orifice you prefer. I will readily clean you both after you cum. Please help me."

The audience laughed and applauded.

I looked over at the guy videoing the event and realized I had just been taped, begging a room full of black men to abuse me and my fiancé. I had hit rock bottom.

Angel lay down on the mattress on her back, legs spread wide and said to me, "Thank you sissy. Why don't you come over here and suck my cunt and ass so all these lovely cocks and slip in easier."

I crawled between her legs and began sucking her pussy and ass. Soon I felt myself being pulled away from her and guided to my stool beside the mattress.

I saw a line of men waiting for my mouth and started sucking. After sucking each one to erection and guiding their hard cocks into her pussy, ass or mouth, depending on which one was available, I started doing my clean up duties and then suck the next guy hard. Angel was fucked by over twenty guys in dozens of positions and came so many times it began to seem like one continuous three hour orgasm. I ate so much cum I felt bloated.

After every one was spent I had to go around and thanked each man who participated for fucking my fiancé. I waited patiently as Angel said goodnight to her black master Ron.

It was strange, I had watched her fuck and suck dozens of guys but seeing her and Ron cuddle, kiss and whisper sweet words of love into each other's ears, really was the worst of all. Now I had hit rock bottom. This was an intimacy that should only be mine, but I had blown it. I didn't know what would happen to our relationship now. I knew I could never give her the sexual satisfaction she had received this evening. I didn't know how she felt about me now for allowing this to happen.

I was soaked with cum from head to toe and my maid's costume was torn to shreds. I looked like a complete fool. Angel was covered with cum, her breast were bruised and covered with monkey bites and hickies, her hair was in complete disarray and her makeup smeared all over her face. She gave Ron one final, long, passionate kiss which felt like a knife being pushed into my heart, and walked over to me.

"Ready to go home?" She asked, "Had enough baby?"

I nodded my head as the tears rolled down my cheeks. She took my leach and led me out of the club, still naked, to our car. We didn't speak as I drove home. I was afraid to say anything. Afraid I had destroyed what we had. We both fell into bed, exhausted. We can talk tomorrow.


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