tagExhibitionist & VoyeurI like Being Naked Pt. 05

I like Being Naked Pt. 05


All fantasy...


Visiting a Nude Beach
skinny dipping with Lea and Tom
Skinny dipping with 3 guys


It was a calm day on Sunday. Real quiet around the house. I had an email from Sue. She wanted to come on Monday so I let her know that was fine and to bring Lea if she wanted.

"Kim, Jane left her purse yesterday, so I offered to take it over to her. Would you like to come along?"

"Sure mom, it'll be good to get out for a bit."

Mom was in her hot dress, so I slipped into mine.

"I sure Jane will enjoy seeing us dressed like this," mom said smiling.

"Lets go, we can talk in the car." So off we went.

"Jane was noticing how private our yard is with the pool and everything. She had noticed how nicely tanned you were too, and if you noticed, she had a decent tan herself."

"I saw that."

"So I thought it would be nice to have a women to women visit, if you know what I mean. Ed is playing golf so it will just be us."

"What about Jake?"

"She didn't say."

We arrived within minutes, as they don't live to far away. Jane greeted us at the door and her face lit up when she saw us dressed alike in our hot dresses.

"Come in. Don't you two look gorgeous. I love those dresses. Let me have have a look. Oh yummy, turn around, I gotta see the back."

We both turned around as she was was in awe.

"Wow, a full open back. Someone might get the impression you're topless if they only saw you this way."

Mom said, "oh, that's just part of it," as we both turned to face Jane again.

"I brought your purse over."

"Oh thanks Beth. Do you have a minute to sit? We can go out back, it's a lovely day to be out."

"I guess we can."

Jane led us out back and we saw they have a pool too.

"Oh, I do love those dresses," she said again.

"Your pool is beautiful," mom told Jane.

"Well thanks. Would you like to go for a swim?"

"We really didn't come prepared for that," mom said.

Jane then spoke quietly, "being it's just us women, we wouldn't need swimwear if you might be open to that."

"That's tempting," mom said. "What about you Kim?"

"I'm OK with it."

"Well, lets do it," mom said.

"Great, I'll run in and grab some towels," Jane said, and she was back in no time. She pulled off her dress to reveal she was naked under it.

Mom and I untied our straps and stepped out of our dresses revealing we were naked under our dresses too. I think Jane's eyes widened when she saw that.

As mom and I suspected, Jane had an overall tan too, and no tan lines. We had a nice swim and visit while in the pool. We'd gotten out and toweled off. I was slipping on my dress and mom was about ready to do the same before she and handed it to Jane. "Would you like try it on?"

Jane smiled and tried on the dress and enthusiastically checked it out.

"Kim, how about showing Jane the features."

"Sure mom." So I showed Jane all the ways we could expose ouselves with the dress.

Jane was smiling as she took the dress off and handed it back to mom.

As mom was putting it on, Jane quietly said to mom, "With that so short, I think I'd have to wear panties."

Mom just smiled. "Yeah, we have to be real careful, but it kinda exciting without, if you know what I mean. sure Keeps Mark interested..."

"Well, the company of you ladies has been very delightful. Please come again. I have every Sunday afternoon to myself, as Ed plays golf and maintains the same tee time."

"We'll keep that in mind, thanks." mom said.

We headed for home

"You realize that we're going to the beach this Saturday, you excited?"

"I'm a little anxious I guess. Just not sure about being naked on a beach with others."

"Well, they'll be naked too."

Monday, Sue and Lea came over to go skinny dipping and sunbath.

Sue and I were comparing notes on Jake, We agreed he was handsome and easy to get along with.

Sue brought up the fact that I may have been seen by my dad when playing around in my swim suit. Lea had a questioning look on her face, so when we went in for the day, I put on the new suit for her to see. I showed her it could be a very modest suit or not.

"Oh my," Lea said. "You sure come up with some interesting or should I say naughty things to do with whatever you wear." I smiled

"Well, this suit allows for either."

I pulled the suit off and handed it to her.

"Give it try."

She was putting it on as Sue ran to the bathroom to pee.

Seeing Sue left, Lea quietly asked, "can I bring Tom over again?"

Sure, "you can come tomorrow if you like."

She smiled and nodded. Lea stood before the mirror and made some adjustments seeing how they looked before taking it off and dressing.

They were headed out as I quickly placed that suit in Lea's bag and quietly said, "for tomorrow."

She gleefully smiled as I walked them to their car, still naked.

When Lea showed up with Tom the following day, I had put on mom's new suit that matched mine. I led Lea and Tom to the pool. Tom pulled off his t shirt and shorts to reveal a new speedo.

Lea pulled off her cover up to reveal my suit underneath.

Tom had looked at us both and soon realized we had the same type suit on and said, "hey, your suits match."

"Yes, and I see you have a new suit too," as he blushed some and said, "Lea made me do it."

Lea was standing there with a big smile on her face as she was making adjustments to her suit to be a little daring on top, not so much on the bottoms.

We swam and played around. While playing around, I noticed one of Lea's tits was exposed as the fabric was off to one side. I didn't say anything and it wasn't long before Tom noticed.

I stood at the shallow end and finally said, "Lea, why are you showing just one tit instead of two," as I exposed both of my tits by pulling the fabric to the sides.

Lea looked down at her tits, seeing one was exposed came and stood next to me, and says, "well, why are we even wearing these," as she untied and pulled her top off."

I said, "I can do that too," as I removed my top.

We both giggled and went back to swimming.

I'm sure Tom enjoyed that little show and to find out, I got out and went to lay on a lounge. "Lea, would you come put some lotion on my back?"

"Sure," be right there. Lea came over and applied lotion to my back. I said, "have Tom come put some lotion on you."

So Lea called over to Tom, "would come put some lotion on me."

She had a sweetheart smile on her face. He had been watching the whole time.

Tom said, "uhhh...," as Lea says "pretty please."

"If you're nice, I'll let you put lotion on these," as she shook her breast.

We could see his face turning red.

What, "are you afraid to get out? Is there a problem?" <>

Tom took a big breath and jumped out of the pool. Very quickly, he moved over behind Lea, not before we both saw the bulge in his tight little speedo.

Tom applied lotion to Lea's back and stopped.

"You haven't done this side," she said.

She was actually asking for him to do her front side too.

"Don't be shy now," she said. With her still facing me, Tom reached around her and applied lotion to her breast and tummy.

"Ahh, that feels real nice." She swung her legs onto the lounge and asked Tom to do them too. She playfully lifted a leg as Tom came to her side and started on the task.

He was no longer hiding behind her now, and we could see he was still excited.

As Tom was working on her legs, I said, "Lea, we can adjust these suits so we can get more sun if we like". I started bunching the fabric together on my bottoms and getting close to naughty mode.

Tom watched me do that and his little problem seemed to grow more.

Lea noticed that too as She says, "Oh, like this, "as she started to bunch the fabric on the bottoms of her suit leaving a much narrower strip of fabric.

Tom was really struggling now, and we both knew it. He finished up then quickly laid face down on the lounge next to Lea.

Lea looked over at me and we both had a quiet giggle.

She was really having fun with the teasing.

I looked over at the clock to see it was almost 2:30. I looked at Lea and told her I needed to make a phone call as I pointed at the clock, and mouthed to Lea One Hour as I held up 1 finger.

She nodded.

I got up and said I'd be back in awhile. Once inside, I had to take a peek and saw Tom and Lea were both setting up hugging and kissing. Then I went to my room.

After an hour, I returned and brought cool drinks out with me.

Lea and Tom were in the pool, so I joined them. Lea had gotten out and went to a lounge and asked Tom to come apply lotion. Tom was more than eager to do so.

This time I noticed he needn't be asked to rub lotion into her tits, as Lea had leaned her head back and allowed him to kiss her as he was massaging them some as he applied the lotion.

I could see his bulge had returned too. When he was done, they both laid back and Lea started to make adjustments to her bottoms.

She saw Tom watching and she told him. "I'm just adjusting to get more sun."

I said, "there are other adjustments available too."

Tom asked, "so she hasn't shown we everything yet?"

"I don't think so," as Lea looked over at me with a nervous grin.

I had come to the edge of the pool and had one arm over the edge.

Tom said, "can you show me what else she can do with it."

"Well, I don't know if I should."

Lea really had that worried look now and Tom was looking anxious.

"Well, maybe one," as I reached for the tie to my bottoms on one side and released it, then did the same on the other side before pulling the bottoms off. Being at the edge of the pool, they wouldn't be able to see me. Then I lifted the bottoms out and laid them on the edge of the pool.

"How about that one?" I said.

Lea was smiling and Tom's eye's were bugging out as he had to reach down and adjust himself.

I then teasingly swam away from the edge, keeping eye contact with Tom. As long as he stayed there, this would work. "We call this the naughty naughty naughty mode."

Lea was actually giggling now.

I swam around a bit then went back and retrieved my bottoms and put them on.

Tom was still adjusting himself.

I got out and went to a lounge as Tom couldn't take his eyes off me.

I laid down until it was time to break things up for the day.

Lea and I went in so she could change and left Tom out back again.

We got to my room and Lea said, "I can't believe you did that."

"I'm sorry. I really didn't think I'd get naked in front of your boyfriend."

Well, "that was done tastefully," she said. "It was actually really sexy the way you did it."

"Perhaps we need to arrange a time for you do it."

I'm not sure what Lea said as she was dressing. Maybe...

I escorted Lea and Tom to their car and watched them drive off. Standing in front of my house topless. I untied the bottoms and had them off before I got in the house. I had to let them dry and put away before mom got home.

Before I knew it, it was Saturday, and mom and dad were taking me to the beach, the nude beach. I was getting nervous now. Mom came out in her hot dress so I figured I'd do the same. We packed a cooler with drinks and water, sandwiches and fruit. We had a blanket and towels and off we went.

We took dad's car which is a convertible. I was sitting behind dad as mom asked me to, so she could recline her seat if she wanted. It was a beautiful day, nice and warm already. The top of the car was down. Feeling the air sweep over me, I pulled the fabric to the sides of my tits to let them feel it. Dad saw that in the rear view mirror and smiled.

He turned and said something to mom as she then turned to take a look. She said something back to dad.

I could see that mom had laughed. Then she reclined her seat a little, and put her feet on the dash board as dad started taking frequent looks at her. I can only imagine how exposed she was like that. I leaned forward to see what I cold see. Oh yeah, she was leaned back, legs spread, feet on the dash with her skirt pulled up to her waist with her tits out.

Dad saw me take a look and said something to mom and again I could see her laugh. The wind had me adjusting my top every few minutes, so instead of fussing with them, I went to topless mode.

It was just a quick hour before we pulled into the parking area for the beach. We grabbed our stuff and headed down a trail. After walking a few minutes and I saw mom go to topless mode and in just a couple more minutes we arrived at the beach. It looked so nice. It was big and there were people scattered all over.

Mom said, "not many people here yet," as we had stopped to have an overall look. Mom and dad pointed to an area and off we went. It didn't take long before we were walking past naked people, and some not naked. Some women were topless some wore complete swim suits and their partner would be naked. We stopped and glanced around then laid out our blanket.

Mom said, well, "here we are." She just pulled her dress off and stood there naked. Dad pulled off his t shirt and shorts and he stood there naked. No big deal...

Well it was time. I untied my dress and took it off. Now I was naked too, standing in the middle of a warm sandy beach with dozens of other naked people around, and it's like no one paid any attention or saw me.

Dad sat down and mom said to me, "lets go for a walk."

So we walked down to the edge of the water and felt the waves wash over our feet. We started walking along the shore as others were doing the same. Now I felt like I was being checked out by everyone we passed and told mom.

"Well, everyone is looking at everyone, we try not to make it look obvious," she said.

We kept walking along as I noticed some sand dunes and occasionally people seemed to disappear in them.

Mom smiled and said, "that's were people go when they want some privacy."

I could see why when a couple come out of the dunes and the guy's dick was sticking straight out. They ran into the water and started splashing around.

"It can get a little more interesting along here," mom said. "Just don't stare," she said as we continued walking.

I saw one couple at the edge of the dunes, a lady was actually stroking the mans dick, her legs were spread and he was fingering her pussy. There were several men and women standing near them, watching and some were playing with themselves.

Mom saw me look, she smiled and said, "sometimes it gets a little hot and naughty around here too."

Then I saw thee black men walking towards us. I gasped as they got closer seeing how their dicks were swinging as they walked.

They must have seen me looking as they stopped right in front of us, smiled and said, �you likey,� as they gyrated their hips swinging their dicks wildly momentarily and then moved on.

We giggled, then mom said, "lets go back."

We walked back and decided to play in the water before rejoining dad. After we played in the water, we headed back to our spot were dad was now laying on his back having a nap. We applied lotion then got some sun and watched others do the same.

Mom said, "you could have worn your little black thong here and teased all the guys." We giggled.

We all had some food, then mom and dad went off for a walk. I tried to keep track of them as they walked away, and that was fine until I saw they headed into the dunes.

People were continually walking by, some would stare, but not many. I saw big tits and small tits, big dicks and small dicks, fat people, skinny people...

I noticed mom and dad had come out of the dunes and go into the water.

That's about the time those three black men came walking my direction. I tried not to be obvious this time. As they got closer, they had recognized me and they put on big smiles as I could see their white teeth through their grin. When they got by me, again they said, "you likey," as they gyrated their hips with their dicks swinging just in front of me. Being I was sitting this time, there was no escaping a close look. I looked up and smiled as they moved on. No harm done I said to myself, other than the feeling I was getting from my pussy.

Mom and dad got back a few minutes later. They got a cool drink right away. I looked at mom and asked, "how were the dunes?".

She and dad smiled and mom said, "they were quite exciting."

"Would you mind putting some lotion on me?" mom asked. I said, "I bet dad would like to do that," as I looked him in the eye.

He said, "yes dear, I'd love to rub some lotion on you."

Mom didn't protest. I told dad, "don't miss anything."

He looked at me and saw I was grinning."

So he started making a show of it, as he did her tits and legs and I think he got a finger on her pussy a few times too.

Mom said thanks, "now why don't you do Kim."

He didn't expect that, and I didn't either.

So dad moved over by me and started applying lotion. Mom said, "don't forget anything," and he didn't as he actually rubbed lotion on my tits and belly. He did my legs, and I think I about came when he got close to my pussy as he worked the insides of my thighs, but he didn't touch me.

Mom looked over and smiled seeing how good of a job he did.

We laid around and got lots of sun as more people showed up. More and more naked people. I saw lots of lotion applied and sometimes it looked pretty hot.

Thinking about dad actually rubbing lotion to my tits had made me hot. I probably would have masturbated if I could have, or ran over to the dunes and masturbated. I could have laid in the dunes with my legs spread masturbating as men watched and masturbated themselves...

"I'm going for a swim," got up and ran to the water. I swam out a ways where could still stand, then I reached down and started to masturbate. There were other people around. Many couples that were close to one another. I could see their bodies in motion together. I didn't care, I was hot and I needed to cum.

I kept moving around slowly, rubbing my pussy as I did. I was looking at all those naked people. I imagined seeing the couples with hands on each other, was she playing with him or did he have his hand on her pussy. I was cumming, oh I was cumming and I didn't want it to stop. I kept rubbing until I had cum a second time.

After I recovered, I swam along the shore. Now just outside the dunes, I saw people gathered. Some were openly masturbating as they watched others engaged in their own sexual activity. I reached for my pussy again and slowly massaged it. There were plenty of people in the water around me here too, we were all quietly watching.

I swam back away from the dunes to where I began. There were a lot more people at the beach now. I noticed many people looking at me as I came out of the water this time. Now I was starting to feel naked. I had goosebumps realizing lots of people were looking at my naked body as I walked past them.

I went back to our blanket. It was getting later in the afternoon. There were still more people arriving all the time. Lots of lotion was being spread on naked bodies. Some would make a show of it, and others did it for pleasure.

Dad asked us if we'd had enough sun, and we had. So we gathered our stuff and headed to the car without dressing. We put our stuff in the car.

Mom put her dress on. Dad said, "Do you have to?" She smiled, "will this do?" as she configurd it to topless mode.

"That's nice," he said.

I slipped into my dress and did the same.

On the way home, Mom had reclined and placed her feet on the dash again. As dad drove, I could see he had a hand on mom. I could see through the mirror on the passenger side visor he was fingering her pussy. That looked so hot.

I placed a hand on my pussy and started to pleasure myself. Seeing mom get fingered at the same time really got me excited. It wasn't long before I heard muffled sounds from her and I could see her body shake as she came. I too quietly had my moment.

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