tagIncest/TabooI Like It

I Like It


"I like it, John... I like it very much," my sister said, shocking me out my concentration.

Jan appeared out of no where, not quite daring to enter my inner-sanctorum, my place of shedding the world, while indulging in artistic endeavors. At least, what I thought was a budding artistic talent. "What the hell... what you doing down here?"

Jan had quietly entered the basement stairway and sprung herself on me as I was finishing up my latest rendition... a pencil drawing of my penis. My semi-erect penis, held in that state by my focused attention on it and rendering the drawing...

I had long ago, gave up trying to admonish Jan for her indiscretions. She was 18 now and had made it plain, nothing I had was sacred, not even my body. She had never shown but a passing interest before, other than the shock value, and always went away laughing at the continual embarrassment she caused me. Today was different somehow, for both of us.

Rising from the steps, where she had sat to surprise me, Jan came down the remaining few steps and walked over to me. She placed her hand on my shoulder, made her statement and while scrutinizing my drawing, made it very plain she was also looking at my semi-hard penis; obviously, checking for accuracy in what I had drawn!

Smiling down at me she asked, "What made you decide to draw yourself?"

My anger subsided, at what I thought was a sincere question, and remarked, "Just an idea, I guess. I've drawn a lot of nudes and busts and the idea just came to me, OK"

"Ya... I'm impressed. You've captured the real you, that's for sure!" she commented and bent down to plant a, sisterly, kiss on my cheek... "Keep up the good work. Maybe I'll have a famous brother some day!" squeezing my shoulder, she turned to leave.

I was in absolute shock. I hadn't bothered to cover my exposed cock and I had sat there talking with my sister... as she looked at me! But most of all, she had done nothing to really embarrass me further... she'd been, almost, nice for once! "What the hell was that about?" I wondered, as I watched her recede to the stairway, her cute, tight, ass wiggling ever so slightly...

"Oh... by the way, mom told me to tell you that she and dad would be leaving soon. She wants to talk with you before they go... you might want to put that big cock of yours away before she comes down!" Jan said in passing, adding, "after they're gone you can bring it out again...I really don't mind!" and giggled as she started up the stairs.

"Shit, there it was!" She just had to add something to embarrass me..."Damn sister anyway!" I thought to myself, as I watched her slowly walk up the stairs, while keeping her eyes focused on my enlarging cock.

I quickly composed myself, putting away my latest rendering of "penis, a-la-John", and cleaned up the desk area, as I heard the distant voice of mother, giving Jan her final..."and you'd better behave, or else!" talk.

"John! Come up here...now!" my mother screamed at me.

"OK, I'm on my way." I called back to her, and rose from my desk to receive my "instructions" and, final words of doom, before the parents left. I delayed enough to make sure my cock had calmed down to an unnoticeable size...

"What's up ma?" I asked, topping the basement stairway, as if I had no clue..." Jan said you wanted to talk to me."

"Sit down son." my mother directed, pointing to a kitchen chair, directly opposite of Jan... "Your father and I are leaving for Clarkston, shortly. We'll be gone all weekend and possibly a few days this coming week too, if things don't work out. You... are in charge." she informed me, much to Jan's disgruntlement.

"MOM... that's not fair! I don't need a "baaaby sitter!" Jan pleaded, with a pouting and hurt look on her face.

"Shut up Jan." mom said, never really taking her eyes off me, and finished with...

"John's in charge, period. I said nothing about babysitting, but I'm sure I don't have to remind you two who's ass it will be, if any horseshit goes on around here, while we're gone, do I?"

Jan turned towards me, lifted her leg and placed her foot squarely in my crotch... she began massaging my cock and gave a me a sneer, more for show and mom's benefit than anything. All the while thinking, I'm sure... she would embarrass me again!

"No mam...I understand." I replied and sat there, glowering at Jan, as she had her little fun.

"Oh... and one last thing, I told Jan she could have a few friends over, but no GOD DAMN PARTIES!... Have I made myself clear?" she snapped at both of us. We nodded our compliance and I asked,

"Are we through now?"

"Yes... give me a kiss." and that ended the, "you better or else", talk.

Jan slowly removed her foot from my crotch, apparently pleased, by the look on her face, in that she had succeeded in giving me a hard on. She gave me a coy little wink and before I could react, jumped up shouting out, "Mom, we'll give you a hand loading the car!"

I shot Jan a "you little bitch" look, as she started to laugh and stuck her tongue out at me, running towards the door.

"Never mind... your father already took care of it. Bye... we'll see you in few days", she called back the answer.

I got up from the table and walked to the window, watching the car as it pulled out of the driveway... "Jan... one of these days I'm gonna beat your sweet little ass!" I said, to no one in particular, as Jan had already taken off for her room. The thought actually started to excite me, I mean the thought of spanking Jan's bare, tight, ass seemed very erotic to me, in a sick sort of way.

As I retreated to the basement, my mind launched into visions of Jan, and I began to wonder at what point had she started to flower into the gorgeous woman she was? It seemed like it was an over night transformation and it scared me a little.

Jan had reached a very nice height of 5-10, during some time, when I wasn't looking, I guessed. She had developed breasts that were surely going to follows mom's in stature and fullness, but their growth to this point had created firm, melon sized tits, capped with perky nipples, that to me, always seemed to be looking up... straining to further enlarge her melons with every passing day. Athletic minded, Jan's body was firm and tight, without being overly muscular and her tits gave way to a flat tummy, and budding hips. Her perfectly round and totally touchable ass rode above legs that, even, I found incredibly long for her body. She was a doll, a very sexy doll, and she knew it.

Jan never developed a streak of modesty, either. Wearing a bra and the tiniest bikini underwear, or what she passed off as underwear, around the house when we were alone made her day... she knew it always had an effect on me and the only thing that delighted her more was for me to see her naked. Of course she always feigned embarrassment and always screamed out in shock, but it was the way she never really covered up totally, or if she did, covered up slowly and deliberately... watching me as she did so.

"That's my sis... a real ravin' beauty that loves to torture her brother." I thought, chuckling to myself, as I cleared the last step and turned for my sanctorum. I put the finishing touches on the penis rendering and filed it away, smiling to myself at how well it had turned out. Not an X-rated drawing, but a life drawing, of body, that made a statement of sexuality and realism. As I finished patting myself on the back, I heard Jan call down from upstairs...

"Goin' to Cathy's house... be back after while. Luv ya." was all she said, and I heard her footsteps falling away as she left the house.

I looked at my watched and jumped up quickly, remembering I had promised to meet Fred, a friend of mine, this morning. Fred wanted help on his newest car project and I had volunteered, in a drafted sort of way. I checked my desk, for the last time... everything was put away and I left the house for Fred's place.

It was several hours later, when I returned, a little dirtier than when I left and feeling no particular pain after helping Fred polish off a 12 pack... feeling a little guilty, for drinking beer (ya right!), I headed up stairs for a shower. Jan wasn't home yet, I had the house to myself, and I was happy for the peace and quiet... no telling what the little minx would be up to later.

I took a long, hot, shower and felt no small pleasure at the water running down my body. I lathered slowly and found myself thinking about Jan for the second time today. My cock started to rise as my thoughts turned to Jan's surprise visit, I wondered if she would ever pose for me..."You sick bastard!" the words came to me, like a slap in the face... "What the hell are you thinking, anyway?"

And suddenly, a vision came to mind of mom and dad walking in on me drawing Jan in the nude! It was certainly enough to put a damper on the nice erection I was enjoying! I finished up and toweled myself dry, combed my hair and left, wrapping the towel around my waist.

Still partially erect, my cock felt like pendulum, as it swayed back and forth with every step I took. It felt good and I enjoyed the added action as I walked down to the kitchen. Stopping, I grabbed one of dad's brews, from the frig and headed for the basement, laughing quietly to myself about the previous thoughts, when I heard voices...

Low and hushed, they came from the basement. "I told you he was good! And look at this, I caught him this morning drawing his cock!" and with the words, low giggling came to me. I stood at the top of the stairs and listened further...

"God Jan... he exaggerated this right? I heard Cathy's voice ask.

"Nope, not a bit!" I heard Jan reply, almost like she was proud of her words. "I looked right at his...dick, ya know and I looked at the drawing too... he drew what was there, that I can say for sure!"

"No fuckin' way Jan! You stood here looking at your brother's cock and watched him draw? How fuckin' awesome is that!" Cathy said excitedly.

"I know...I know! I wanted to touch him soooo bad!" I heard my sister tell Cathy and I almost slipped down the first step.

"Has he ever seen you naked?" Cathy responded slowly, apparently shocked at what she had just heard.

"Well... I have, sort of, let him a few times, you know what I mean? It used to fun watching his face, but now I just want to see his cock grow and how hard he gets!" Jan came back, as Cathy giggled.

I'd heard enough and started down the steps, smiling as I heard the girls scrambling, trying to put everything away... "So...ladies, to what do I owe this honor? I mean the snoopy little visit from my sister and friend!" I said with brotherly scorn.

"I..we...I just wanted to show Cathy what a good artist you are, that's all!" Jan stammered.

"Oh ya!... and you really are good, John!" Cathy quickly piped up in Jan's defense, as I rounded the stairway wall. Stopping short of the girls, I put my arms across my chest and forgot about the towel I wore.

I planned to lay into them real good, but figured I'd never pull it off. I felt too flattered over what I had heard and their shocked faces were almost enough, when I noticed the shock look turn into wide eyed, hand over their mouths, expressions...

"What?.. I'm not going to bitch at..." and stopped, as I saw them pointing, in unison, at my towel. My cock, now half erect, was peeking out of the towel, as if wanting to see what all the fuss was about.

"Jesus Jan, you weren't kidding!" Cathy mumbled and grabbed my sister's hand.

"Ah Chirst!" I blurted out, grabbing the towel to cover my protruding dick. "Crap, just when I thought I had her for once!" I thought, as my face heated up, turning red..."Embarrassed the hell out of myself... and in front of her girlfriend to boot!" I finished my thought... and tried to go on...

"Hey, look girls. That was an accident." I said sheepishly and added, "Perhaps Cathy should go. I think you and I better talk Jan."

"Ya, Jan, maybe I should." Cathy said, staring at me. Cathy gave Jan a hug and slowly walked past me, never taking her eyes off my towel, that was now sticking out, in a tucked over sort of fold, held aloft by my fully erect cock. "Call me later, OK?" she said, turning the corner and walking up the stairs..."Oh ya, nice seeeeing you, John." and giggled her way to the top.

"Jan, I don't know wha..." and Jan cut me off.

"Don't say anything, OK? I know you're embarrassed, but God really John, I'd be damn proud of that thing, if I were you!" she said, walking up to me. Rising up on tip toes, Jan put arm around my neck and leaned in, pressing her tits against my bare chest and hungrily sought my lips with hers. As her tongue darted in and out, playing with mine, she dropped one hand and sought my cock. She squeezed me gently. Pulling away, scant inches from my lips and breathing heavily she said...

"You heard what I said to Cathy, huh?"

Looking into my sister's eyes I could only nod, as I tasted her lipstick, with my tongue...

"There's more to it... much, more to it, than I may, ever, tell her." Jan said, looking down, as she ran her finger tip in circles around the head of my cock.

"I can't tell you how long I've waited to do this. Or, how excited and wet I am, at finally being able to feel your cock and tell you about it." She said, with a look of wanton desire in her eyes.

Absolutely stunned, I could only watch as Jan bent down and placed a wet, slow, kiss on my cock. Rising, she let her hand trail slowly off my throbbing member and turned for the stairwell adding...

"I'll see you tomorrow...you might be over the shock by then and we can talk... OK? I really do love you brother, goodnight." blowing me a kiss, as she walked up the stairway.

In the short time she held on to me, Jan had managed to nearly make me cum. My cocked throbbed and ached for her touch, long after she had gone... it was a very long and restless night. A night filled with erotic images of my sister and nightmares of our parents walking in to find me buried deep inside Jan's pussy...

Morning came, finally, and I awoke feeling like I had no sleep at all. I went to the kitchen started coffee and retrieved the morning paper, while I waited for the coffee to brew.

It was a great day, the sun was shining, and I hoped that having coffee on the deck would bring me out of my stupor. I filled my cup, grabbed the paper and walked out on the deck, only to find Jan sun bathing.

"Great, that's all I need this morning!" I thought as I sat down at the table.

"Hi!" she beamed up at me. "Did you sleep well last night?" She added, with a little giggle.

"Good morning." I said sullenly, and tried my damndest not to look at her. What can I say, I'm weak, I had to... Jan lay directly in front of me.

Lying on her belly, legs spread, as far as the lounge chairs would allow, giving me a perfect view of the scant, thin, material stretched across her pussy.

She had obviously applied oil to herself, as her, already, tanned, young, body glistened in the sun. It was at that point, I noted her bra top, lying on the deck next to her... she was "gloriously stunning", what can I say!

I refocused on the paper and tried to forget what I had just looked at, when Jan spoke up...

"Hey, I had a long talk with Cathy last night." and I felt my heart do a quick restart, damn near choking on my coffee.

"Oh really? And... what's up?" I said a bit too shakily, never moving my eyes from the paper.

"Weeelll... dear brother... we both think you're a great artist and we want to pose for you!" Jan blurted out, and turned to see my reaction, exposing her tits.

I slowly looked over the top of my paper, eyes wide, and caught Jan's breasts jiggling from her quick turn and a very large grin on her face...

"Ya, we'd love to do it for you!" she went on, and winking at me, rolled back over to resume sunbathing.

I returned to my paper and after a considerable pause, I replied," We'll see... thanks for the offer."

I heard Jan sigh, heavily, at my response, and I imagined she was a bit disappointed at my lack of enthusiasm. As I read, I heard Jan get up.

Never looking up, I listened to her bare foot steps, as they told me she was heading for the house. "Wheew, that was a close one!" I thought, hearing the patio door close behind me.

I slowly placed the paper on the table, raised my cup to finish the last of my coffee when an electric shock, of sorts, went through my body, as if I realized for the first time, just what the "light bulb" above the cartoon characters head meant...

"My God, just what else had Jan confided in her little, busty, friend, Cathy?" I sat, almost paralyzed thinking. Slowly, I rose from the table... not sure if my legs would work, and headed for the house. It was time to find my sister and know all of the facts, like it or not.

I found Jan's bikini bottoms lying on the floor, just inside the door, and shuddered mightily at the thought of finding Jan totally nude and looking to repeat last nights adventure. I said I was weak, right? Welll... I felt my penis stirring and it was no great surprise to me that it started to rise, as I called out Jan's name...

"Jan! Hey sis, where you at?"

"Living room!' came her reply back.

I stepped through the living room doorway and found, to my relief, Jan lying on the couch, watching TV... dressed, all but scantily, in a sheer white, silk, slip.

Brother or not, she was a beautiful site, I had to admit. Without realizing it, a low whistle escaped my lips and I was greeted with a sultry gaze from Jan's, beautiful blue eyes.

"I take it you approve." She said, licking her lips and then laughing softly, "Yes, what can I dooo... for you?" a bit too drawn out on the "do" portion, of her question.

I swallowed hard and proceeded into the room, hoping my shaking legs wouldn't give my thoughts away and destroy my resolve.

"Jan... I was wonder about something... just what else did you and Cathy discuss, last night?" the words coming out slow and unnatural, to me.

"Gee...I don't really remember. Let me think." She said looking at me, and placed one finger along side her face, tilted her head and acted as if she was pondering the meaning of life.

I could see she was enjoying my discomfort, at her delayed response, when she added, "Oh God, come over here and sit down, K?"

I walked, dazed, towards my sister, as my mind raced, "Oh God, Oh God, this ain't good...this ain't good at all!" and I finally got the words out of my trembling lips,

"Gloria! For Christ sake! What did you tell her!" I shouted.

"Sit down John, before you fall down! I'm getting to it." She said patting the couch next to her. I did as she asked, but nearly fell, as my knees buckled, and a look horror spread across my face, much to Jan's amusement.

Jan reached out and slowly slid her hand under my morning shorts and began caressing my inner thigh, dangerously close to my cock, and said,

"Weelll brother, we talked about a lot of things. I told her you had gotten really mad, after she left. So mad, in fact, you jerked my pants down and spanked my bare ass till I cried!" and she roared with laughter, as I sat looking at her mortified...

"You...you... said what?" I mumbled, not believing what my ears told me and starting to feel Jan's caresses having exactly the wrong effect on me.

"Oh please, don't screw with me, Jan! You didn't really say that to her... did you?" pleading, as much as asking.

"Oh yes...I did! And I told her you stayed really hard, the whole time you were doing it, too! But don't worry about it. Cathy and I are tight, you know? She'd never say a word and besides, she told me she loved your big dick!" and as she finished, she timed her hand to slide in farther and grab my enlarged cock...

The shock of Jan's comment hit me as hard as the shock of her grabbing my cock. I fell back over her and put my hands to my face and groaned..."No...No...No!"

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