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I Like Women


I Like Women

I'm a heterosexual man. I like women (an understatement).

I thought that I had a preference which type of women I like more than others, but after giving it some thought, I don't. Okay, now that I think about it, I am partial to blondes, redheads, and brunettes. There, that narrows it down a bit.

Just curious, do you women wonder what it is like to be with a man when you pass by someone who appeals to you on the street? I do that all the time, not with men but with women, imagining her laughing or being angry or being bitchy. It's kind of a fun game to play when you are walking around, but not when you are driving.

"Watch out, Freddie, you crossed the center line."

"Oh, sorry, I was just thinking about that blonde who just past me in the Ferrari wondering what she was like in person."

"Yeah, I bet you were."

Just as I see so many unattractive women every day, I see so many attractive women every day. That's life. Only, of course, I am drawn more to the attractive women. Now, what is attractive to me may not be attractive to you. Just because you are short and/or fat or tall and/or thin, doesn't mean that you cannot be attractive. Of course, I state the obvious. Attractiveness has much to do with how you carry yourself and present yourself with confidence. Suffice to say, I like confident women.

"I betcha that I can beat you at arm wrestling," said my ex-girlfriend (note the word, ex-girlfriend).

Okay, when I said that I like a confident woman, I don't like a woman who can beat me at arm wrestling.

"Listen, Olga, I'll just forfeit the game to you. You win, okay?"

"Girlie man."

"That's it! You're going down." I sat at the table ready to pin her when—"Ow! Ow! Olga! Let go! Uncle! You're breaking my arm."

When only concentrating on appearance, I prefer tall, thin women who are pretty (duh, who wouldn't?). Yet, removing appearance, there are things that I must have and my ex-girlfriend can attest to this. She knows who she is; I don't have to mention her name. Matter of fact, the below listed traits are more important to me than appearance.

Personality is a big consideration with me. I love a woman who talks. I don't mean that she is a blabber mouth and will incessantly talk to anyone about anything, but I enjoy having a conversation, especially when having sex. Okay, conversation during sex is different than conversation over coffee or while watching television. Conversation during sex is talking dirty. I love pillow talk.

Intelligence is high on my list. I admire a woman who has a brain in her head. I don't want to think for two people. I can barely think for myself. It is refreshing to get another opinion, especially when the opinion comes from the woman who you love and trust.

"Do you really think that you should have another beer?"

"Ah, shut up, what do you know?"

I love a woman who can make me laugh. Sense of humor is very important to me. Matter of fact, I constantly and continually make fun of everything. Life is funny. To not have someone to share the ridiculousness that is life is boring. I wouldn't want a woman who didn't get my humor.

I like women who have tits, two of them, and on her front, preferably. Shape matters more to me than size.

"What happened to your tits?"

"What do you mean? They look the same to me," she said looking down at herself.

"One is bigger than the other."

"All women's tits are like that with one being a little bigger than the other one."

"No, look, see, one is a double D and the other is an A."

"Oh, I bought fries and a burger at Mickey D's and was just keeping it warm until we got home."


I love women with freckles. I don't know what it is, but I have a fascination with freckled women. I find them totally attractive. Maybe, because when I was a kid, I had a Howdy Doody doll and I loved reading Mad Magazine with Alfred E. Newman, who was freckled. Perhaps, it is because I have a secret longing to be Bill Gate's sex slave (so long as he gave me a billion dollars). I suspect that my cousin, who I had a crush on when I was a kid (I need to write that story for the incest category) had red hair and freckles. Oh, and my first girlfriend, coincidentally, when I was 14 had freckles.

Speaking of tits...cleavage is important to me. Not many women have good cleavage. You know the kind of cleavage that I mean, cleavage like Loni Anderson has. Now, that's cleavage. Those Wonder Bras just aren't the same. To me, they are little better than Kleenex tissue.

I've become more of an ass man in my later years, but I don't do anal. Please refer to my story, Anal Sex, What's the Big Deal? Okay, even though I am an accountant by profession, there is nothing anal about me. I am more the creative accountant, which is not a good thing to be when you are an accountant because the boss thinks embezzlement and the IRS thinks fraud and jail time. I prefer a small rounded ass to a bigger ass. Proportion is what matters in the size department.

"Honey, does this bathing suit make me look fat?"

"Only when you stand up."

"Are you saying that I have a fat ass?"

"Oh, look at the time, I have to go."

Eyes are an important consideration. You don't have to be a doctor to tell if a person is healthy or not, just by their eyes. I love the kind of eyes, regardless of color (so long as they are not red) that makes you want to stare.

"Are you stalking me?"

"No. Why do you ask?"

"Well, you keep staring at me."

"Sorry, it's just your eyes are so beautiful."


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