tagIncest/TabooI Love All In My Family Ch. 03

I Love All In My Family Ch. 03



I seduced my FIL and had sex with him with my hubby's consent. I also seduced Mahesh (My BIL) who is lusted towards me. I hide it from my hubby. My FIL revealed some secret that his wife was a slut and Mahesh is not his son. I was shocked to know that my hubby is a mother fucker.


Mahesh came around 2pm. They both had lunch together. Mahesh finished earlier and went to his dad's room and came out in a minute and went into his room. My FIL started to stores immediately after lunch.

I was cleaning the kitchen and utensils. Mahesh came behind me and hugged from the back. His hands cupped my breasts. His hard on was rubbing on my bums over the thin material of my nighty. I thought he was in a tremendous mood.

"Anything special Mahesh? It seems that you are in a good mood today," I asked him.

"Yes! I want to see my Anni's bald sweet pussy and fuck it right now," he whispered in my ear and bit the lobe.

I was shocked to hear it from him. Because we finished just before he came in. He didn't meet his father before lunch. Then how come he knew this. I confused a lot.

I turned towards him and asked, "Mahesh how do you know this?"

"I know that. That's all. Is it true or not?" saying this he hugged me and ran his lips all over my neck. His hands squeezed my butts.

I pushed him away and told him, "If you don't tell me then I will not speak to you."

It worked a lot.

"Anni , I have a spy camera. I placed it in my dad's room today morning and recorded the happenings there," he replied.

"So you are spying us. Isn't it? For how many days you are doing this?" I asked in anger.

"Anni, I done this just for fun. Today only I placed the camera," he replied me.

"Have you watched the full content?" I further asked.

"No Anni. I just watched up to that my dad was shaving your pussy. By the time he left the house and I came to you, since I became hot," he confessed.

I breathed in relief. I didn't want him to know the truth about the secret of his birth and about his mother and brother.

"Okay give me the camera. Here after don't interfere in my personal matter," I ordered him.

I pushed him to his room and collected the camera which was like a pen and searched his laptop whether he copied them in it.

I didn't found the copy anywhere.

"Anni, please let me see it. I will hand it over to you after seeing it," he pleaded.

"No," I said strictly.

He came behind me and hugged. His right arm pressing on my right tit and the his palm caressing the left one. His left hand cupped my crotch over the nighty.

"Anni, I want to fuck your bald pussy right now. Pleassseee...," he pleaded in my ears.

I turned towards him and said, "This is the time your brother to come home. Don't be silly."

"At least show me your pussy," he pleaded further, hugging me tightly with him and kissing on my lips.

I accepted for it.

He rolled up my nighty up to my waist.

"Wow! What a beautiful pussy!" he exclaimed and kneeled down in front of me and kissed on it.

The nighty rolled over him and covered him inside me.

He licked the labia from the bottom to top with his tongue.

There was his father cum still remain in my pussy which drooling out and wetted outside my pussy. He roughly licked over my pussy and further darted his tongue inside and swirled along my pussy walls. His action aroused my feelings. Since I was not satiated by his father's intrusion, I badly expected his thick fat cock inside my pussy right now.

"Mahessshhhh...fuck me... I want your cock inside my pussy," mesmerized by his work underneath, I murmured.

He was happy to hear this from me, stood up and pulled up my nighty over my head. Unknowingly I lifted my arms, helped him to slip it out of my body and stood nude in front of him

I pulled his shorts down and it rounded his legs. He didn't have anything underneath and hence became nude instantly.

He parted my thigh and lifted up by holding my bums in both his hands. I jumped up and rounded my legs around his waist hanging from him by my hands surrounded on his neck. He placed his legs apart firmly on the ground and balanced himself to stand straight. His hands supported my ass cheeks and lifted it up. I removed my one hand from his neck, bring it down, took his cock and placed it right over the entry of my pussy.

He inserted the head inside the slit and gave a powerful thrust.

"OOHHHH..." I cooed in excitement.

The entire length of his member pierced into my pussy tear open the lips of my pussy. Vow! What an incredible feelings I had. His fatty cock filled my love hole entirely and tightly. Now I came into action. Garlanding his neck with my hands, l gently jumped up and down riding his cock in and out of my pussy. He nicely balanced himself by bending little backward and bucked his bums forward to match with my jumping.

My tits were swayed up and down rubbing on his face. He caught one of it into his mouth and chewed the nipples along with the areola.

"Maheessshhh... its niceee... very very nicceee...bite them hard" I squealed.

He bit my boob and squeezed it in his mouth.

"Yaaahhh..yaaahhh...yes like that...ooohhhh... it is incredible,"I cooed in joy when he clipped and rolled my nipple in his teeth.

I vigorously jumped up and down over him. My pussy lips rolled in and out over his cock. He shoved my swaying breasts alternatively into his mouth. When it is not in his mouth I rubbed them hardly on his face.

"You are exactly fitting in my pussy, feeling soooo.. tight. Oohhh I ammm cummmiiinnngggg. Yahhhh... yahhhh..." I squealed.

"Annnniii...cum, cum on my cock. I want to fuck you ever. Don't stop riding. I still want more from you," saying this, again he shoved one of my tits into his mouth and slurped the both alternatively. I got my powerful orgasm and coated his cock with my milky sticky cum. My legs were trembled and my body twitched in the extreme pleasure. I stopped jumping over him and kissed him on his face like a mad. He placed his hand under my ass and lifted me up and down vigorously on his cock.

"Ohhh... no... noooo...pleaassseee... I can't..."I said to him.

He showed no mercy for my pleading. He still came with his powerful upward thrusts tearing apart my pussy.

I couldn't tolerate further. I leaned backward on the cot which is adjacent to us.

He slid me on the bed on my back and held both feet over his shoulder clutching my thighs tightly with his arms started pounding me hardly by his vigorous thrusts.

"Aahhh...aaaahhh ...aahhh..."My fingers clawed the bed and I shooked my head left and right.

My breasts heaved up and down and swaying front and back with his powerful thrusts. He was pounding my pussy harder and harder. His every thrust hit my womb like a thunder. His balls hit my ass cheeks making 'lap' 'lap' sound.

"Mahheeessshhh... Don't stop...punish my pussy with your dick..." I cried louder.

I contracted my pussy walls to clutch his dick further tighter. I humped my bums up with each of his forward thrust. For the second time I got a powerful orgasm.

"Annniii...thank you...It is incredible you are ssooo... niccceee...so cute pussy..." His legs trembled and a shiver ran all over his body.

His body became denser and his cock swelled inside my pussy. He held my thighs tighter and pushed his cock deep into my pussy and erupted with his load like a volcano. The lava came from the volcano filled my womb. He leaned forward on me

and shoved his face on my breasts. My legs locked over his hips.

We were in the same position for quite some time. I just planned for a quickie, but Mahesh showed me the heaven with his powerful incredible fuck. My fingers brushed his hair smoothly.

In the night it is the same story again. On seeing my shaven pussy my hubby delighted much. He kissed it often and licked all around and asked me about the happening today. I explained him all except the encounter between me and his brother.

"Your dad told me that you fucked your mom," I said him.

He was shocked to hear this.

"How come he knew?" he questioned.

Also I revealed the truth against her mom having sex with so many persons which was well known to his father and he liked to watch them. But I hide from him that Mahesh was not his Father's son

He was much delighted that his father was interested in incest relations.

"Yes, I have seen my mother fucking the neighbour while my father watching them. I asked about this with my mother who hugged me and offered her pussy to me to shut my mouth. But till today I am thinking that he didn't know about our relationship," he said.

He got his hard on and fucked me twice in the night.

After finishing we further discussed in detail about how his father shaved my pussy and pounded me. He was much delighted and asked me to go to his dad to have sex on the next day night and he is willing to watch us as his dad did with his mother.

I was hesitated a little, but, I accepted after his compulsion.

In the morning when I am at work my FIL came and hugged me and invited for sex. I said him I was so tired and will come in the night after everybody slept.

He went to his room and returned soon and handed over some pills to me.

I looked him questioningly.

"These are all sleeping pills. Mix it in the milk and give it to Mahesh and Suresh in the night. We shouldn't have any disturbance," he answered for my look and blinked his eyes.

I replied him with a smile.

I mixed the sleeping pills in the milk offered to Mahesh and not to my hubby.

In the night I told him what his father told me in the morning.

He laughed loudly and said, "Okay! It is better. Let him think I am sleeping. Hay! Don't lock the door. Let it open. I have to watch you both."

Still I was in a hesitated mood and asked him, "Suresh, is it necessary?"

"Ohhh... it is my dream. Watching my wife fucked by my dad... My rod is stirring while I think about it. I straight away want to fuck you now." he replied in joy and pushed me out from the room.

I went to his room around 11.30pm after confirming that Mahesh was in sleep.

Since, I already informed him that I will come that night to his room he was eagerly waiting for me in the bedroom switched off all the lights. I partly closed the door behind me to allow my hubby to peep into it.

I switched on a mild night lamp to enable my hubby to watch us clearly. I stood near him beside the bed. He also stood near me hugged and kissed me on my lips. We had a passionate kiss for a few minutes. His tongue poked into my mouth and swirled to extract the juices. We exchanged juices between our mouths.

He handed over a parcel to me and asked me to open it. I opened it and saw a laced two piece lingerie set inside it. It was of very thin lusty see through silky material. He asked me to wear it in front of him. He removed my nighty over my head and made me nude. He hugged me along with him and roamed his hands over my bare back and bums. I pulled the knot of his lungi which encircled his legs and made him nude. He tightened his grip and jammed me along with him. My tits flattened over his hairy chest. His flag post cock rolled over my tummy.

Half mindedly he relieved me from his hands and asked me to wear the lingerie. I slipped into the panty and then wore the bra. He helped me to clasp the hook from my back and adjusted my boobs with his hand to settle it properly inside it.

Then he went and switched on the lights. I looked myself in the mirror of the dressing table. The bra and panty were perfectly fitted with me. Even my hubby never purchased such a correct size. The colour of the material is black, which is contrast to my creamy milk white skin and it looked very nice. It gave me a glamorous look and shaped my perfect boobs and added more beauty to my beautiful boobs. The thin material didn't hide anything from me. My bald pussy, the areolaes and the nipples were clearly visible through it.

He came behind me and rounded his hands over my flat soft belly. His hands were roamed over it and his face rested on my shoulder admiring my beauty in the mirror.

He slid his left arm upward and gently lifted my boobs from the bottom and enjoyed the look of the globes bulging out from the bra.

"Glorious," he murmured in my ears.

I saw in the mirror that my hubby was watching all this from the slid of the slightly opened door. I rounded his neck with my hands which lifted my boobs further up and looked more glamorous. We were quite for some time admiring our image in the mirror. He clutched my ear with his lips and bit it gently. His lips travelled all over my neck. I felt his warm breath over my neck and his hands gently caressed my tits over the bra. I closed my eyes and leaned my head backward towards him. My hot pussy made wet patch on the panty.

"Sssshhhh... aaaahhhh... ,"I moaned loudly to tease my hubby who was watching it.

He brought down his left hand and rolled down the panty from my waist. It slipped over my bums and rolled below the ass cheeks. Further he pushed it down with his toe brushing it from my thighs and over my calf muscles. I moved my legs out of it. Now his left hand cupped one of my ass cheeks. His right hand slid over my belly and travelled through the slope leading to the triangle of my pussy over the cleanly shaved labia. He covered my pussy with his palm. He ran his middle finger over the slit and tweaked the clit. He slipped the finger into the slit and stroked it mildly. Now he spread opened the pussy lips with his thump and middle finger. I saw the pink petals of my pussy was pulsating and glowing with it juices.

His index finger tweaked my clit and pierced into my blossomed petals of my pussy. He rotated it inside my hot pussy. I turn my head towards him and pulled his head towards me and clenched his lips with mine. Our kiss intensified and our tongues fought together. Our saliva travelled alternatively in between our mouths. He rubbed his cock up and down in between my ass cheeks

He pushed me towards the dressing table by applying gentle pressure over my back. I rested my hands on the dressing table holding it firmly. He held my waist with both his hands and placed the tip of his cock over the slit of my pussy from my back. I turned my head towards him, lifted my bum and pushed back hardly towards his cock. The cock slipped out over my pussy. I took it with one of my hands and placed in the slit of my pussy. He made a gentle thrust. The cock split open my pussy lips and the head slipped smoothly into it. He teased me by insert his cock partly into my pussy and took out. He churned my boiling pussy gently with his cock and stopped a while.

"Mama, you drive me crazy. Fuck me hard and tear my cunt," I squealed loudly and bucked my bums to take the cock inside me. This made my hubby crazy and I saw he enter the room closing the door behind him. My FIL shocked by hearing the sound of the door. He withdrew his cock and turned to see who entered the room. His legs were trembled on seeing my hubby standing behind him.

His adrenalin pumped up and he told, "Sorry my son. I should not do it to your wife."

"Don't worry papa you continue doing with her as I did with your wife. I just came here to watch both of you," he replied in a cool voice.

Even then he was shivering in fear and not to decide what to do next. He is in a dilemma whether my hubby was accepting this or not.

My hubby came near him took his cock and stroked it gently and put it on my pussy and said, "Mmmm...push it in... I want to see you fuck her."

My FIL pushed his cock slowly, watching my hubby in disbelief.

"Come on dad. Ram her pussy hard. I want to see you cum into her," he encouraged him.

My hubby removed his cloth and made himself nude and came near to me. His cock was still in a semi erect condition. He placed the cock over the lips of my mouth and brushed it along the length. My lips clutched his cock head and my tongue swirled over it. He gently pushed it into my mouth.

Still my FIL did not believe him entirely. He slowly thrust his cock into my pussy.

I took out my hubby's cock from my mouth and said, "Mama, Please fuck me hard. Slam my pussy with your cock."

This made him to relieve from the shock. He held my waist tightly and gave steady thrusts in my pussy.

My hubby stood aside us watching our action. His hand stroked his cock which now became fully erect. He came behind his dad. Laying his back on the floor he slipped in between the parted legs of his dad and me. Now his face was exactly under my pussy. He watched his dad's cock riding in and out of my pussy. Supporting his elbow in the floor he lifted his head up and cupped the balls of his dad in his mouth. My FIL stopped his action for a while. He licked his scrotum and came upward by licking his dad's cock from the base and stopped at the unison of it in my pussy. He swirled his tongue around my pussy lips which was clutching his dad's cock.

In the mean time my FIL unclasped my bra which slid over my hands letting my boobs free. My FIL cupped my boobs with his hands and lifted me up. The bra slipped out from my hand and fell on the floor. The cock started slipping out of my pussy. He tried to hold the cock deep in my pussy. He succeeded to hold the tip still remain in my pussy. The cock partly slipped out from my pussy I saw in the mirror. The cock slightly bent towards up and clutched by pussy lips and looked nice to view it.

My hubby kneeled before me and shoved his face in my tummy. He licked the navel button and swirled his tongue deep inside the groove. He came down and licked the entire labia and my pussy and the base of the buried cock of his dad. I once again bent forward and held my hands over my hubby's shoulder rubbing my boobs over his face. My FIL once again started fucking me from the back in a steady rhythm.

My hubby took my hand placed it over the dressing table and leaned back sensing my tits on his face. My FIL increased the pace of his thrusts in my pussy. He slammed it with heavy thrusts. My tits were swaying front and back and bouncing up and down over my hubby's face with his thrusts. My hubby then and there cupped my tits in his mouth and leaving it free to swing around.

"Ooohhhh...baby... I am going to cum...going to fill your sweet pussy...aaaahhh... yessss... here it is..."he cooed in excitement.

I felt his cock swelling inside my pussy. I contracted my pussy muscles and gave a squeeze to his cock. His body became dense and he pushed his cock deep into my pussy. His legs trembled and his cock blasted its load inside my pussy. He held my hips tightly and released his semen thread by thread deep into my womb which dripping over my pussy walls. He was buried his cock inside for some time. He lifted me up and cupped my boobs and kissed from my back over the neck and ear lobe.

My hubby kneeled before me watching the deflating cock of his dad's popping out of my pussy. Following it the cum drooled out from my pussy. My hubby placed his mouth over my pussy and sucked the entire cum. He licked clean my labia and entire pussy. Then he stood up in front of me and kissed on my mouth feeding me the cum of his dad. Our lips locked for some time, while we were exchanging his father's cum in between our mouths. He hugged me along with his father. His dad's hands caressing my breasts became still and crushed in between my boobs and his son's chest.

My hubby slid his hands underneath my bums in between my thighs and lifted it up. Now my legs were up in the air. His dad's hand cupped my breasts firmly and my back was supported on his chest. I surrounded my hands over his neck. My hubby parted my legs and pulled my thighs towards either side of his tummy. My pussy came in front of his fully erect dick. He placed his dick over my pussy and pushed it in with one hard thrust. His dick slipped easily into my sloppy pussy and buried inside.

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