tagInterracial LoveI Love Black Ch. 04

I Love Black Ch. 04


Hello folks, I am back finally after some hospital time.

Previous story have been answered and several asked if my wife got pregnant by any of the black men she fucked.

This story explains how she got pregnant and how I found out about it.

I should also explain about her a little. During WWII she joined the nurse corps, and became a registered nurse and she learned a lot about STD's.

When she finally got a black man in her and he convinced her that she was built for blackmen to fuck her. Mike and later a man calling himself Petro controlled the men she met. They made 90% of the dates she had over the years that she fucked. Seldom did she go out and get "picked up". My next story will be about one time she pickup some black men.

How did I find out about the pregnancy?

About three months after she passed away I was doing some things around the house when a black man about 40 came to the door and asked me if Marge was here. I explained she passed away and could I help him.

He paused then asked if she was my wife, I told him yes and he then asked if I knew about him being her son. If there had been a small breeeze it would have blow me over. I was shocked as he showed me a copy of the birth certificate, naming my wife and Mike as parents.

We talked for a while and he told me about his foster parents, they were good to him but he just wanted to see his real mother.

I told him about her and how she got started with black men and I actually loved them to fuck her, and how Mike controlled the men he arranged for her fuck.

He finally left and I really went through the boxes of papers that Marge had and slowly sorted all of them until I found notes about pregnancy. How worried she was that I might come home while she was still pregnant. I was suppose to leave Japan in August and be home early September but was delayed for a job that I was involved with and didn't get home until the end of October.

I remembered asking her "How did you get so much milk in your tits" she explained "Because the men were always sucking on them." I let it go without any more questions.


Wife story telling.

After I started meeting Mike and his brother and father almost every Friday night and Saturday, he told me that the next weekend would be a real family weekend. During the week every night I was meeting many of Mikes friends. I found out later he was collecting from each man that wanted to fuck me.

I told him that I couldn't be there as I would be fertile that weekend.

"Oh hell and they are coming from the South just to see and fuck you. My other two brothers, three more of dads brothers and several cousins, all just to fuck you, I've worked on this for weeks and now they are coming".

"What can I do I can't get pregnant?"

"OK what if I tell all of them not to cum in your cunt, but to pull out and let you suck them to cum in your mouth, you love cum anyway."

I finally agreed to meet them with that being told to them it would be ok.

Friday night when I got there, they had all gotten there. There were about 20 black men waiting for me to fuck me. Mike told them my problem and all agreed to pull out before they cum.

Mikes dad was the first and him with his 16 inch cock went to work on me, oh it felt nice in me slowly back and forth he made me cum several times, and then he had me really cumming, my legs were around his waist as he filled me with his lovely cock. Suddenly he told me, "Let go with your legs I'm going to cum."

I don't know what I was doing as I tightened my legs around his waist and called out "Fuck me, fill me, come on fuck me."

Suddenly his cock swelled up and exploded in me filling me with several shots of his baby making cum deep in my cunt. Finally he stopped is cock slowly coming out of me leaving a trail of creamy cum that I quickly swallowed in my mouth.

After that I told the rest of the men, "Well you guys can see that you might as well fill me with your cum too don't bother with pulling out. That way I won't know who is the daddy".

Mike called it "Breeding time get at it."

For the rest of the weekend the only time a cock wasn't in me was when I went to the bathroom. I even went to sleep with at least one cock in and sometimes two. I don't know how many time they fucked me but at least three time or more for each man. One stated he filled me five times. After fucking me I eagerly sucked each of them clean.

When it was far enough in my pregnancy and beginning to show Mike arranged for me to go to a nearby city and live with a black family, wife, husband amd 3 sons(ages 16, 18, and 21). The cost was that the men would fuck me when they wanted to, and that was daily until the day before I went to the hospital and delivered a boy.

The doctor has already been told about it and he had arranged for a couple to take the baby, they could't make their own and were glad to get mine after we talked and I explained why I wanted them to take him. Never heard from them again.

I was back home in time to heal up and get fucked by the regular black men before my husband came him in late October.

My husband met Mike and some of the others. My husband was pleasd to meet Mike. He was the man I told him about in my letters. He and Mike got along OK and he watched Mike fuck me with his 14 inch cock, It took me some time to really tell my husband about all the men that fucked me and that will be in a another story.


If so write me

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