tagInterracial LoveI Love Black Ch. 05

I Love Black Ch. 05


As I locate and go through the writing of my wife's files even after she has been gone now for 11 years I am surprised to how much she kept records of.

I know that some of my writing isn't really a professionals work but I do as well as I can and am sorry that when you read it you'd do differently. Well that's you and the writing is me.

Why did I put up with her playing? That's a good guestion and my answer is

1. I loved her.
2. She is the other of our children.
3. I soon became watchful and enjoyed watching her.
4. If you could hear what two different Psyco's told me after a year of examing yu'd understand.

* * * * * *

Wife's writing.

After my third son I stayed at home for several months very little sex with anyone other than my husband. I enjoyed that type of life but still missed the feel of a black cock slipping into my cunt and filling me with cum.

I soon saw an ad for a nurse at our local hospital and answered the ad. I went in for an interview and they were glad to have me come to work the hours I was willing to work. They were 6PM to 11PM, and only Monday thru Friday.

I returned home and that evening I talked it over with my husband and he was willing to watch the children while I was working. The next day I told the hospital staff that I'd start the next Monday.

My first day was very interesting, getting back into the nurses requirements and working with patients and orderlies etc. It was a fun and tiring week and I was glad to rest the weekend.

* * * * * *

Now the fun began.

I went to work Mondday evening and was told that they had a new patient to care for, It was a black man with a broken leg in tractions. He had been in the hospital for several weeks and would be ready to go home on Wednesday, but he was my patient for till then.

I went to his room and was I ever surprised it was a man that had fucked me several times and I liked him. He was surprised when I came and we talked a little about him I then told him I was his nurse and was to give him a bath. He smiled and told me

"That I am going to like."

He asked me "Can you open your blouse for me to see your lovely tits while you wash me?"

The curtains were drawn so I smiled at him and opened my uniform top and bare my tits for him, as I washed his face, chest, arms and hands.

"Now I an going to wash you cock, you horney man."

And proceded to pull his gown open to reveal his cock. He was hard as a rock and sticking straight up at me.

"Boy your are horney, how long has it been since you fucked any one."

"Three weeks"

"Oh you poor boy, I have to do something about it.:

I leaned over and took his cock in my hand and then licked the purplish head. I took my time slowly as I let him arching back a little and soon I had his cock head in my throat. It didn'It take long before he exclaimed "I'm cumming swallow it please." When he came he came he short load after load in my throat until he finished and I slowly withdrew and told him,

"Man your balls are full of cream lovely semen, I liked that."

"Yeah that was great but look at it my cock is still hard and I want to fuck you."

"I can't now I have others to take care of but I'll be back about ten o'clock and see what I can do."

I buttoned my uniform and left him to relax and work with other patients.

I got back to him a little after 10PM and opened my uniform to show my tits for him. He laid there with a smile on his face.

"Oh what a nice pair of tits, you going to fuck me?"

"Yes are you ready?"

I pulled the covers down and he was ready his cock stuck straight up waiting for me to sit on him."

I better tell you now when I fucked him before he knew he could tell his friends and would send them to me for sex.

I pulled my uniform up to reveal to him no panties and my cunt was shaven. I straddled him and slowly lowered myself on his lovely black cock until he was fully in me.

"Oh you feel good." I told him.

"Hey gal this is the first cunt I've been in for some time it is still as tight as ever and you're going to make me fill your cunt with my baby cream soon."

"That's ok fill me when ever you want, when you get home I'll stop by and we can really fuck each other good."

"OK here it comes."

And when he says here it comes he really meant it again he filled me. I quicky filled my cunt with a couple of hankies to save the semen to show my husband when I got home.

I sucked him clean before I left. Little did I know that something was waiting for me.

I went out to my car and standing by the car was three black men all were employees at the hospital.

"You guys want a ride to town right?"

"That's not all we want to ride."

My uniform was still unbuttoned and my tits were almost exposed and one was really looking at them as he answered.

"Max told us you liked black cock, well here are three black cocks that want to fill you all places."

I stood there looking at them, all were orderlies and I had seen them often in the hospital, and as I looked at them I reached up and opened my uniform to bare my tits for them, then asked them.

"OK where do we go?"

One spoke up "My place."

After they finashed mauling my tits we got in the car and I drove to his place where soon I was naked and on the bed with spread legs as they took turns feeling of me and me of them. All three had nice shaped cocks, not really long but thick.

The leader spoke up then and said "OK guys, one at a time will get his cock in her cunt to get her ready for a three man fuck, and he slid his cock in my cunt exclaimed "Man she's tight and she has a load of cum in herself, this is going to fun."

After all three had slipped their cock into my cunt they had me straddle one and his cock was in my cunt, as now I was in doggie position the next guy rubbed his cock over my ass hole and soon he was all in me, then the third guy got to

where I could suck him, or shall I say he was going to fuck my face.

They worked together and for the next 15 to 20 minutes they really fucked me. Then one after the other they exploded filling every where with cum. Oh it felt good to really get fucked this way. I don't know how many times I climaxed but it was more than three times.

I soon rose and put my uniform and headed home telling them "anytime you want let me know, pass it to your friends."

One went with me to the car and as I sat down he opened the uniform to bare my tits saying "drive topless OK?"


Once at home I came into the house tobe greeting by my huaband topless he smiled and asked.

"Oh topless huh who asked for that."

"Sit down and I'll tell you about a fun evening."

I dropped my uniform and he saw the cum oozing from my cunt and smiling said

"OH you filled your tank with semen."

"Yes a lot of it, cunt, ass and mouth have all been full of 4 black men's cocks."

"Yes one patient who fucked me several times earlier, and he told some of the orderlies who took me home and fucked me."

I told him what happened and that I had a date with Max on Wednesday at his home, and added Max always has a friend or two around when I came to his home so I expect several men. And I know that the orderlies will tell other blacks that I am fuckable so I expect to be fucked a lot .

"OK with me but hopefully you will bring some of them home so I can watch"

"I'll see what I can do, but I'd like for us to go out this weekend and someplacf where I can get picked up by blacks."


So folks watch for "Blacks for a weekend." as soon as I finish getting it ready.

Getting fucked by black men was great for my wife.

I don't think every woman wants it nor her husband, but my wife and I made arrangements for it, love at home but sex away, no love involved. And if you can handle that try it.

I knew my that my wife loved me and only me. She loved the feel of a black cock in her cunt filling her with semen. And I was aware of each time and we talked about it often and I watched her many times and saw how much she liked it.

That's it for now.

How about it "Anon" did I do better.

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