tagInterracial LoveI Love Black Ch. 07a

I Love Black Ch. 07a


As I looked through my wifes files I realized that I overlooked some things that were brought up in her story file No 7.

Yes, some of you like to run people down and go ahead and continue running me down after this one as well. It shows your brains (where are they)

* * * * * * * *

If often bothered me that my husband liked to see me get fucked. Here is how I found out why he liked it so much.

While I had taken Ruth up to the city and we had a a day and a half of blackmen taking turns with us along with the other women that were there. We were the only white women along with maybe a dozen black women.

As Ruth and I were led in to the large barn area by the men we came with and were on mattresses side by side. I looked over at her to see how she was doing with her first black cock and what a site it was. The position they were in was perfect for me to see his long black cock slowly slip into her pussy. All of a sudden I saw what my husband had seen with me and some of the men I had brought home.

The man fucking me stopped to look at what I was looking at and just sit with his cock deep in my cunt as we both got the view we liked to see.

MEN..Unless you have been in this position you have no idea what I saw nor how you would really like the site. Seeing your wife taking a big black cock into her cunt and the smile on her face as it slowly filled her cunt a lot more than you can when you make love. No wonder that my husband wanted to watch when ever he could. His large, black balls would bounce back and forth against her ass. She was telling him over and over

"Oh you feel good, fuck me hard, and then fill my womb with your sperm."

We watched until he did just that and she called out for more black men to come and fuck her.

Then the man fucking me went to work on me and he really fucked me to several cums before he filled my pussy with a huge load of sperm. Oh what a wondeful feeling as he kept shooting deep inside of me.

When we finally left the place Ruth told them

"Any time you want me just call me I want more and here in my phone number for dates."

"I will never tell you no."

At home and that night I told my husband,

"Honey now I know why you like to watch me get fucked."

"Why and how do you know?"

"I watched Ruth while she got fucked by the black men up there and what a site it was for me to see."

On the wway home Ruth told me how much she liked being fucked by black men, then told me ..

"Bye the way I am probably pregnant by those guys today, I ovulated yesterday so someone there is going to be my baby's daddy." "At least I hope I'm pregnant by them, I want a black baby to show people I like fucking black men."

"What about your husband?"

"Oh I won't tell him just let him see when the baby is born, it might be his as he fucked me yesterday morning and I ovulated in the afternoon. So it might be his, but I hope not."

I laughed at her and told her "Well I fucked him yesterday morning as well and he put a real big load in me before he fucked you." "Most of his sperm went into my cunt."

"I hope he put all he had in you and not me so the black men really made me pregnant."

She added "I am going to get mom to go up with me nest time, maybe she'll fuck them when she is ready to get knocked up." After all daddy is fucking you almost every day and you get all his sperm in you."

"Yeah, I know he fills me a lot daily, and your mom knows just like you know when your hubby is fucking me."

Bye the time we left them to return to our home some 1 1/2 hours away we found out that mother is pregnant but we never found out who diod it,black or husband.

* * * * * * * * *

I know this is a shorty but hope you like this part of my wife and my lifes.

After this she increased the number of times that I would be able to see her get fucked.

* * * *

Thank you for your comments and keep them coming also some of you have written me and I say thanks as well.

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