tagInterracial LoveI Love Black Guys! Ch. 02

I Love Black Guys! Ch. 02


I got up off of my knees. I was ready to get some cock now. My pussy was so wet that my thong was totally soaked and even my jeans were feeling wet. I started to unbutton my jeans and Jamar stopped me. "Wait baby, let's go back to your place." I was turned on, disappointed, happy, and mad all at the same time. I wanted that cock now, but it would be nice to have him all to myself in my own place.

So I grabbed some toilet paper and cleaned up the drool that was all over me, then I pulled my tube top back up. I looked like a wreck. My hair was all messed up, my makeup was running al over and my full lips were swollen even fatter.We walked out of the stall to a standing ovation. I just chuckled, Jamar looked a little embarrassed. So we walked back to the bar to grab our stuff. I told Jenny bye and we were off. We quickly walked to his car and drove off. As soon as we got into the car I was rubbing on his cock. It was just so damn big, I loved it. He was rock hard in seconds so I just had to pull it out.

"Damn girl, you just can't get enough of that cock huh?" I couldn't. I just giggled a lil as I got onto my knees on the passenger seat, leaned down, opened wide and took his beautiful black cock back in my mouth. He moaned out very loud when I did, it made me feel good that he enjoyed it that much.

I only got to suck his cock a few minutes before we were at my place. He had to pull me off of his cock by my hair. He tucked that massive cock into his pants and we walked to the door. I got it open quickly and as soon as I did, he attacked me. He grabbed my tube top and pulled it up and off my body as he was leaning in to kiss me. As he was pushing me backwards he spun me around and was sucking and kissing on the back of my neck. MMMmmmm god that always drove me crazy. As he was doing this he unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and pulled them down along with my lil thong. Not even a minute of being here and I was already naked.

Just about the time I was stepping out of my jeans, Jamar was pushing me over the back of the couch, leaving me bent over perfectly for him. Looking back I could only see his face, but I could hear him dropping his pants though so I knew what was coming. I felt his massive cock head rub down the length of my slit. God it felt so good too. His huge cock was rubbing up and down my slit, slowly working its way between my lips. His cock was so big it barely fit between my bald lil pussy lips. Once he got it into my lips, he slowly started to sink that massive cock into my pussy. Now I could really feel how big this thing was. He only had his head in and it was already spreading me so wide open. Inch after massive inch of black cock split me open. There was only six inches in me and I was already starting to get real loud. Thank god he stopped there. I didn't know how much more I could take.

"Damn bitch, this is one tight ass pussy you got. My cock is gonna really stretch this lil hole out."

"That's right big daddy, abuse my lil pussy."

He started to drive his cock in and out of my pussy. God it was driving me wild. He would pull his cock back to where his head was barely in me, and then slam it in rather hard. Every powerful stroke made me scream out in pain and pleasure. My hands were clawing at the couch cushions as he punished my tight lil pussy. I was already getting close to cuming and I think he knew it. I was really starting to moan out as he fucked me. He started to fuck me even harder; the couch was starting to slide across the floor as he slammed into me.

"Ohhhhh baby, make me cum all over your beautiful black cock."

As I said this he reached out and grabbed a hold of my hair with both hands. "Yeah slut, cum all over this cock. Let me know how good it feels getting fucked by a real man."

He had no idea. My body was starting to get warm all over and tingle in my hands and feet. "OOOHHHHHh fuck don't stop! Drill my little pussy." He started to say something but I have no clue what it was. My stomach was locking down as well as my pussy. "OOHHHHHH my god yes!" I screamed so damn loud. My pussy was so damn tight and he was just slamming his cock right in. His cock had to have hurt I was so tight. Over and over he slammed his cock into my pussy.

I started to calm down when I realized that his whole cock was slamming into my pussy. His balls were bouncing off of my clit so well. After I was done cumming though he pulled out. I don't think my pussy closed at all. It felt like it was gaped so wide open. He pulled me to my feet and told me to get on my knees. I did exactly as I was told. "Clean all of your cum off my cock whore. Suck it clean."

I opened wide and sucked his cock nice and slow, making sure to clean it off nice and good. I even used my tongue to clean off his balls and base of his cock.

"Where is the bedroom?"

"It is right back there."

"Let's go."

I led him to my bedroom and to my nice, fluffy queen-sized bed. I don't think he cared what the room or the bed looked like. We both got onto the bed. "Get on your hands and knees." He ordered me. Of course I did as I was told. He got behind me and slid his huge cock back into me, pushing it almost all the way in with the first push. He pulled back and just when I thought he would slam it back in, he pulled it out and pushed it up to my lil puckered asshole. Fear shot through my body, starting with my lil asshole. I started to sit up. "I don't think that..."

"Shut up slut." He said as he bent me back over and pushed hard and got his head into my lil asshole.

"AAHHHHHHH!" I screamed out so damn loud. It felt like I just had a burning torch pushed into my ass.

"Now that's what I am talkin about bitch." Pausing for a moment. Just his huge head in my asshole. He gripped my hips very hard and started to fuck my ass. God it hurt so badly. My ass was on fire and it wasn't going away anytime soon. Slowly but surely he was sawing his big cock in and out of my lil ass.

"You ever had a cock like this in your ass hoe?"

"NNNoooo" I whimpered back. I could hear him giggle when I said this.

For about the next ten minutes he abused my ass. Over and over he impaled me on his huge black cock, driving it so deep into my tight lil ass. Just when he started getting close to cumming, he stopped. Just in time too cause I could feel his cock twitching in my ass. He pulled all the way out and told me to turn around. I did it. "Open up bitch and clean off my cock."

"Fuck off; I am not putting that thing in my mouth now."

Reaching down and grabbing my hair and pulling my face to his cock, "your gonna suck all of your shit off my cock right now hoe." He pulled my head really hard. It hurt. Reluctantly I opened my mouth for him. As soon as he seen an opening he drove his cock into my mouth. EEEEwwwww, it tasted so bad. He didn't care though. He gripped my hair and fucked my mouth hard. He was driving is cock in as deep as it would go, gagging me rather hard. It didn't take but a minute before his cock was starting to pulse. He was starting to growl. He never slowed his pummeling of my mouth as he shot his cum all in my mouth and down my throat, driving his cock in my throat like a mad man.

As soon as he was done he slumped back onto the bed. I instantly ran off to the bathroom. I had to use some mouthwash. After I cleaned out my mouth real good I came back to the bedroom. He was already dressed.

"Are you leaving already?" I asked him.

"Yeah, I gotta get home to my wife."

"You're married?"

"Yeah, you didn't see my ring?"

"Well, of course not."

"Either way, I gotta go. I left my number on the table. I'll see you around slut."

Wow, I do not think I had ever felt so used. It kind of made me happy though. It was so much fun.

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by _Stealth05/03/18

nice job

You got what you deserved. And it seems you're okay with the outcome.
Dirty girl! :)

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