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I Love Black Women


I'm writing this on my Blackberry, so please bear with me. I have to get this off my chest. I am in love with, lust with, and obsessed with black women. I truly am. I see all types of beautiful women out there, but none grasp my imagination in such a way as a sexy black woman does. This is something I've felt since I was a boy, and it's only strengthened over the years.

I have long fantasized about black women, wishing I could someday be with one. I have always known if I had a black girlfriend, or wife, that I would be the happiest man on the planet. I would worship my black queen, and make her so happy. I would love her, respect her, and put her on a pedestal, like a beautiful black woman should be. Let me explain...

I have vivid fantasies, I must admit. I imagine my goddess, a busty, curvaceous, sexy black woman with curly hair, long, beautifully manicured and painted nails, great legs, sexy feet (always in sexy heels, at least while we are in bed), and a gorgeous face, sweet laugh and intelligence and sense of humor that makes her not just my lover, but my best friend and hero.

My love is confident, driven and a wonderful woman who loves making her man happy as much as he, I, do her. In bed she is giving and loving, and also is thankful for my dedication to her. She enjoys my desire to please her, and feels lucky she has such a horny and thoroughly attentive man.

We bathe together, or sometimes I bathe her. She gets in a tub with bubbles and I wash her, and kiss her, and wait on her and drink in her sexuality, getting high from her beauty. I wash her big tits, her arms, her belly, and scrub and touch between her legs. I watch her shave her legs and pussy, with a cute, mischievious smile on her face. Her eyes make me weak, and she laughs, knowing she's got her man hard; right where she wants him.

I get a towel and wrap it around her, as she dries off, and I wait for her as she gets ready. She puts on sexy red lipstick, puckers her lips and with the towel on the floor, she wiggles her big, round ass back and forth like a tease.

"You like what you see?", she asks.

"Baby, you're everything I've always wanted," I say.

She kisses me, her mammoth brown tits pushing into me, her large nipples erect, little goosebumps on her skin, and my cock at full attention.

She sprays on a little perfume, as I drink in her scent. Freshly scrubbed, perfumed, I want to devour my woman. She is the most exquisite, beautiful woman I have ever seen; I am truly fortunate she's chosen me, as she could have taken her pick of hundreds of men, if she had wanted to.

"Are you ready?", she asks, looking at me in the bathroom mirror. I can see she's as excited as I am; what a turn-on.

"Yes, baby, I can't wait," I say.

We walk into our bedroom, the lights are off, candles flicker. Our bed awaits. She stops, picking up her heels. The spikes are a good 3"; she knows they drive me crazy.

A breathtaking black queen, in fuck-me heels, fresh from the tub, shaved, perfumed, as perfect a fantasy as any white guy could muster. I am so lucky, and so completely happy.

She pulls back the covers and crawls onto our bed, her ass wiggling back and forth, her heels driving me mad. She makes herself comfortable, letting out a soft sigh. She smiles, chuckles. I must look so needy and in love. She reaches out with both hands, beckoning me with her fingers.

"Well, are you going to come fuck me, or what?", she says. She means it too, although playful. She wants me to satisfy her.

I take off my tshirt and shorts and climb onto the bed with my ebony goddess. We embrace, kissing passionately. Holding, rubbing, tongues exploring. She feels my heart racing, my breath exhaling, my rock hard cock pressing against her. Sheer heaven. Never have two people been so turned on by one another, or so entirely in love.

I kiss her tits, taking first one nipple, then the other, into my lips and suck gently. Her nipples are hard and long, about half an inch. They're dark, perfect. I spend a lot of time on them, making sure to switch back and forth, not favoring one. She loves it, moans, slides her feet back and forth. Her hand grabs my hair; she's in heat.

My dick oozes pre-cum, it has to, I'm so fucking turned on. My childhood fantasy has become a reality. We are lovers, and friends. We are partners. I will never need another woman; I have the best. A black woman who loves her blue-eyed white man. She knows I respect her and will do anything for her, always. She is my life, my every waking thought. My desire. Her hand caresses my cock, sliding down to my shaved balls. I try to stay groomed for her too, it's respectful and she appreciates it. She slides down to my cock, which is very erect, and she teases the head of my swollen member with her tongue. She is so skilled at oral; did I say I'm lucky?

She nibbles on my cock head and then puts it into her mouth, taking as much of it as she can. I'm not large, but a good size. She gets everything out of me that's humanly possible. My cock is like a rock when I see her, when she touches me. I will never need those blue pills, that's for sure.

My woman sucks for minutes, licking the shaft and slurping the balls, cupping them, moaning in ecstasy while she pleasures me. Finally, she holds my cock straight up and throws a leg over me, climbing on top. My engorged member slides easily into my wet black lover and we both let out a sigh as it does. She does my favorite move - she squats, in her heels, so I can get a clear view of my cock sliding into her deliciously juicy pussy. Her juices drip as she goes up and down slowly, her large breasts hanging down like ripe fruit I can bite. I suck on her nipples as she continues to ride me, and then she kisses me, hotly, as we make sweet love to one another.

My cock can't take it, and I shoot a hot, powerful load into my girl's smoldering honey pot. She let's out a gasp and then a devious little giggle and says:

"Bad boy...I'm not done with you yet."

As my spent cock falls out of her, my hot load begins to trickle out, down her thighs and onto me. She begins kissing me, passionately, her full, amazing lips sucking and kissing mine, as her hand reaches down, expertly working my sticky cock. It responds to her, as it always does, and like magic, my black fuck princess has me fully erect again.

She bends over, exposing her glorious ass, spreading it just so that I can see her swollen pussy lips and pink insides. I can still see some of my cum oozing out as she arches her back and thrusts her butt up in a perfect mounting position. I take that ass in both hands, digging my fingers in for a good grip, and I slide my hard tool into my lover's steaming snatch. She gasps as I enter her.

"Oh FUCK, that is SO GOOD, baby!", she says.

I want so much to make my woman happy, I am happy that having cum, I can hold out and do just that. I pump slowly, methodically, as my ebony lover gasps and grunts. She talks dirty, telling me to give her my hard white cock, to give her another hot, sticky load of my cum.

I'm only too happy to oblige, but first I need to make sure she is taken care of. Not fulfilling my woman would be a sin. She's brought me so much joy. I stroke quicker and deeper and keep holding that round ass, sliding one hand under her, rubbing her belly, sliding up to her dangling, perfect, full breasts. I am in heaven, and so is my baby.

After more of this, I feel my cock tingle and I tell her I am going to come.

"Come on, baby, give me your cum. That's a good, baby," she says.

Her voice sets off an explosion, as I shoot streams of hot seed into my lover's steaming love hole. She quivers and screams out as I let go, and I feel good, knowing my woman is satisfied.

We hold one another into the wee hours, finally blowing out the candles and going to sleep in each others' arms. I am one extremely happy white man, and I am in complete love with the most mesmerizing black woman I could ever imagine. Her shapely body and confident air make each and every day a happy, loving adventure. A person who doesn't have what I have is missing out. No woman could make me feel the way my amazing ebony lover does. She is indeed the love of my life, and the object of all my fantasies.

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