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I Love Candy


Hi. My name is Ray, and I'm a professor of electrical engineering. I'm 6'l", weigh about 200, and am 38 years old. I've always been lucky with the ladies, but one night I got luckier than ever before.

First let me start by telling you that I was a member of an adult chat site that had meetings every once in a while to "hook up". We would gather in a predetermined spot and when we saw someone we wanted, we would just approach and conquer. I've been on several sites, but this one has gotten me laid more than any other.

So anyway, there was a "party" taking place at a Ramada Inn not far from my town. I checked in at about four, got ready and headed to the lounge where we would meet. The place got pretty crowded by seven, but apart from some of the people I knew from past parties, I didn't see anyone interesting.

Then she walked in. She couldn't have been much older than 21, with long golden blond hair pulled back in a ponytail, piercing sky-blue eyes, and a body that would get married men in trouble with their wives any time she walked in. She was wearing a white blouse, black skirt, black sling back pumps, and black stockings with a design on them that vaguely resembled fishnets.

I walked over and reached the bar at the same time she did, and when she ordered her drink (and showed her ID), I paid.

"Hi," she said in a soft little voice, "I'm Candy."

"I'll bet you are," I answered with a smile. "Pleased to meet you," I continued, "I am Hungwell." She giggled at my screen name and blushed slightly. I put my hand on her lower back and rubbed lightly, then let it go lower and cupped her ass through the thin material of her skirt. She choked a bit on her drink, but didn't move away. Good, I thought, this little one knows the game.

I let my hand slide down her thigh just a bit, then slipped it under her skirt and felt the smooth soft skin of her ass. Either no panties or a thong — nice. She looked up at me with her eyes wide, and I noticed how soft her features were, like a little elfin goddess. I smiled and said, "Let's get out of here. I have a room upstairs."

She looked dumbstruck, glanced around the crowded room at people necking and feeling each other up, and said, "Um, okay. Let's go."

I escorted her to the elevator and once inside I was all over her, kissing her deeply, grabbing great handsfull of her ass. We reached the 4th floor much too soon and I walked her down the hall and let her into my room. I switched on the light and walked over to stand in front of the little couch.

"Now you're mine," Candy said as she pushed me back onto the couch. She stood there before me and unfastened her skirt, and I licked my dry lips as I watched the black fabric slide down her legs, revealing at last the tops of her stockings and the straps from her garter belt.

She kicked away her skirt and began to slowly unbutton her simple white blouse, first exposing the white lace of her bra, then her smooth, flat stomach, the white lace of her garter belt, and finally the lacey white fabric of her panties with a little pink embroidered rose. She let the blouse fall from her shoulders and drop to the floor. Her body was magnificent!

She slid her hands over her body, cupped her breasts through the lacey bra, then down across her stomach and further to her panties. She began to rub her pussy through the material, and the smell that came from her was intoxicating. She let her head roll to the side and closed her eyes as she continued rubbing herself, and her lips parted.

She dug her fingers in harder, and I saw the pink tip of her tongue as she bit it between her too perfectly white teeth. Her hands then crept back up her body to her breasts, and she began to tweak and twirl her hard nipples through the fabric. Then her hands went behind her. She unhooked her bra and slowly let it slide forward and off. Her breasts were perfect and round and showed no sign of sag. Her nipples were standing out, rosy red and hard.

One hand went to her right breast, where it fondled, occasionally stopping to pinch her nipple, while the other hand returned to pleasuring her pussy through her wet panties.

I started to unbuckle my belt, and like a shot, the black sling back pump on her left foot was in my lap, the heel biting dangerously into my hard cock. "I said you're mine, and I'll do that when I'm ready," she hissed. When I took my hands away from my belt she slowly removed her foot and again stood before me.

Candy reached behind her head and took down her hair. Her golden blond hair showered down around her shoulders when she freed it from her ponytail. She shook her head, letting her hair fly free, then looked into my eyes with a look I would associate with a hunting cat appraising its prey. Her eyes appeared to be several shades darker than they were before, but I still found her piercing blue beautiful.

Candy got down on her knees in front of me and stroked my cock through my pants. Then she unzipped me and reached in and pulled the waistband of my briefs down, freeing my cock to pop out through my fly. She wrapped her fingers around my cock and began to stroke it slowly from head to base. Each time she reached the head, another bead of fluid would appear at the tip, and the accumulation began to drip, rolling slowly down and over the head.

She leaned forward slowly and took the head of my cock between her lips. I felt her tongue swirl around my cock, licking away the pre-cum. She began to lick and suck softly on the head while her hand continued to stroke me. I wanted to grab her hair and force my cock into her throat, but I didn't mind the way things were going and decided to bide my time.

How do I explain the feeling? The things she was doing felt really good, and she was by far the hottest girl I'd been with in years, but I didn't have that usual feeling of urgency. I normally have to keep my concentration so I don't get too close to cumming too fast, but at that moment I was in no danger. It just felt good.

I didn't even notice she had undone my belt until she had opened my slacks and adjusted my briefs to free my balls. While she worked my cock with her mouth and one hand, the other started rolling my hairy sack, gently massaging my balls. She looked up at me in a way I guess was supposed to be steamy, and bent and took my balls in her mouth. She sucked on them and pulled back, letting one pop out, then the other. I moaned, not so much from needing to as from wanting her to know I liked the way it felt.

She reached up and unbuttoned my shirt, so I took it off and tossed it on the floor. She started to tug at my slacks, so I lifted my ass and let her pull them down. I kicked off my shoes as she pulled my pants and briefs down my legs, kissing and biting my legs as she went. Finally they were off, and my socks with them.

She got down low to the floor and started to suck on my toes. She seemed to be really getting into it, but to be perfectly honest, it didn't do anything for me. After a while, she started to kiss and bite her way back up my legs, this time letting her hands roam over me, sometimes dragging her nails across my skin.

When she got there, she started to suck on my balls again, but this time she started rubbing my asshole with one of her fingers. It didn't feel bad at all, despite being new for me, so I didn't protest. She kept up the anal massage as she turned her attention to my cock and started sucking on the head again.

Then she slid my cock into her mouth, and into her throat, and at the same time wiggled her fingertip into my ass. It felt great, and I let her know it by groaning. She swallowed on my cock a few times then pulled off fast. I knew she was gagging, but she covered it up well. She went down again, and did the same thing. I moaned and played with her hair as she deep-throated my cock and fingered my ass. It felt totally fine, but I was starting to feel even more detached. She was keeping me very excited, but I wasn't even close to cumming.

When she finally pulled off, she was all rosy and flushed, and was breathing hard. She stood, sliding her panties down and off as she did, revealing her smooth-shaved mound, open, pink, and wet. She threw her leg over me and positioned herself over my cock, while I lay down on the couch. She lowered her pussy onto my waiting cock, but to tell the truth, I was a little tired of her whole control-trip, and I moved a little as she came down, letting my cock rub up the length of her slit and across her clit. She squealed and her hips started to pump like crazy, and I felt her slippery cunt rubbing my cock like she was trying to start a fire. Her nails bit into my ribs and she threw her head down onto my chest and came.

She laid there a moment, shivering, then sat back up trying to become stern again. She raised her hips and positioned her pussy over my cock and pressed the head into her tight cunt. It was so tight, and very wet and slick, and she started to lift up and off, then drop back down onto it, effectively fucking herself with only the head of my cock. What can I say? It felt damn good, so I let her have her fun.

Then she slid down onto me, taking my entire length up into her tight little snatch. Damn it was fine. To quote Redd Foxx in a movie I saw once, "Her pussy's like sunshine." She moaned and groaned as each inch entered her, as if it was the biggest cock she had ever had.

Now, I have to interrupt and say that I've always been proud of my cock. I have nine inches, probably a shade more actually, and I'm pretty thick too. But I know I'm no monster or anything, so her reaction just made me feel good.

She soon had me buried in her, and I felt her cervix bump against the head of my cock. Then she started to ride me, slowly and softly, pulling up only an inch or so, then sliding back down. Her hands went up into her hair and she turned her head from side to side, moaning with pleasure.

After a few minutes of this delightful activity, I got a little bored. Hey, what can I say? As she lifted up a bit, I moved up slightly and she came down on a totally different angle than she was expecting. Her clit was now directly rubbing my shaft every time she moved.

I felt her hips convulse as she rubbed herself on the base of my cock. Her slippery cunt throbbed and clenched on me and her whole body began to shake. Candy threw her head back and moaned loudly, then began to thrash and squeal. Her hips pumped, grinding my buried cock around in her and I could feel her cervix rubbing the tip of my cock. Her body tensed, and with a scream she collapsed onto me.

She was panting, and her body glistened with perspiration (young ladies, after all, do not sweat). My cock was throbbing inside her, buried to the hilt, as it were, and I wasn't ready for the fun to end, even if she looked ready to get up and light a cigarette.

I rolled over quickly, sending us tumbling onto the carpet, with me landing on top of her. I grabbed a throw pillow from the couch and shoved it up under her hips, and started to pump. Candy's nails bit into my chest and she started to cry out in passion as I fucked her hard and deep. The room became hot and humid, and filled with the sounds of her cries, my groans, and the wet slap as our bodies met.

I felt her cum again and watched her body thrash under me. I was stunned for a moment when one of her pumps flew off her foot from the force of my thrust and bounced off of my head.

Finally I was feeling the pressure build, and I knew I was going to cum. I pulled my cock out of her with a squishy slurping sound, picked her up by her sides and put her face-down on the low coffee table. Then I got to my knees and moved behind her and planted my slick purple cock-head in her pussy. I thrust into her twice, then buried my thumb in her ass to the second knuckle and worked it around as I pounded into her.

She screamed when my thumb popped in, then slapped her face to the cool surface of the table and cried out a little "oh" with each thrust. Her pussy churned with another orgasm, and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer myself.

As much as I would have loved to give Candy a creamy center, that's against the rules for our little parties. I pulled out and picked her up again, laying her on the carpet. I straddled her chest and stroked my slippery cock hard, and after only a moment, I let out a yell and started to spurt strands of thick cum over her face and into her hair. At the third spurt, her hands flew to her face and she started to rub it in. Then she put her cum-covered fingers into her mouth and sucked them clean.

With the last spurt, I collapsed forward onto my hands. My still hard but failing fast cock was lying at her lips and she took it in and sucked it gently until it was soft. I pulled it from her lips and got up. I helped her up and we fell onto the couch in a sweaty tangle.

"What's your screen name?" I asked softly. "I'd love to keep up with you online."

"Screen name?" she replied, looking confused. "I just transferred to a new college for the Journalism school, and I'm staying in the hotel until my dorm accommodations are ready."

"Southern Arizona U?" I asked, shocked, and she replied yes. "I teach Electrical Engineering there. You didn't know about the party?"

"No," she said sweetly. "I thought you were just picking me up." I gazed at her in shock. "You know," she continued, "I've heard great things about this school, but so far my favorite thing is the staff."

That was my last party. Candy lived in a dorm for all of a month, then she moved in with me. We were married six months later, and now we have two kids and Candice is the anchor for a local TV channel's evening news.

I guess it's fair to say that I owe everything to that chat site, even if the woman I met wasn't even a member.

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