tagIncest/TabooI Love My Aunty

I Love My Aunty


You know a really good activity to keep yourself occupied on an airplane? Trying not to get a boner. I was doing all I could to keep myself soft: I played Flappy Bird, I tried taking a nap, and I tried reading the SkyMall magazine. Hell, I even tried to chat up the elderly couple seated next to me. So far, it was still an ongoing struggle.

I was on a flight headed to Wisconsin. I was going to spend 2 glorious weeks with the woman who was filling my thoughts with lust and making it difficult for me to suppress my erection. That woman happened to be my aunt.

It all started a month ago. I had just finished my sophomore year of college and my younger sister Kathryn was about to graduate from high school. My family was making a big deal of it because she was a genius. She was Valedictorian, a National Honor Society member, and the French Honor Society president, the list goes on. She had a full ride to Columbia University and was raking in more graduation gift money than I had ever gotten at her age.

Though my parents were loath to admit it, she was the favorite; I didn't mind at all. I was getting decent grades, saving my money, and staying out of trouble. It was nice to be home for the summer, and my parents were too busy doting on my younger sister to give me any real grief, so I pretty much got to relax.

My mom was expecting many of our family to turn out for the event. She had invited pretty much everyone to the graduation ceremony, and had planned for a big after-party at our house. One notable relative that she had invited was Aunt Beatrice.

I had only met Aunt Beatrice once or twice in my entire life. She was my mother's younger half-sister. My grandparents had divorced when my mom was five, and my grandfather had remarried and started another family. My mother and aunt enjoyed a distant but friendly relationship. She would occasionally send us Christmas and birthday gifts, and mom would force us to write her letters of thanks.

Since most of my family lived here in Iowa, Aunt Beatrice was the only relative we had to board in our house, since she was visiting from Wisconsin. My mom had determined that since I wasn't doing my share in preparing for the festivities, I should be charged with picking up Aunt Beatrice from the airport. I got to the airport half an hour before her flight was supposed to land. I stood in the baggage claim area, looking for a woman who was supposed to vaguely resemble my mother. I turned around in response to someone tapping me on the shoulder.

"Andy?" the woman asked.

"You must be Aunt Beatrice!"

The woman screeched as she pulled me in for a hug. Aunt Beatrice was a plump little woman with amber colored hair and a pretty face. I chuckled as she pressed me against her doughy body. After she released me, I was surprised at how she didn't resemble my mom at all. I carried her bags to the car and loaded them inside. We conversed pleasantly on the way home.

"My, you've certainly grown since the last time I saw you," she remarked. "You must have been about four or five then."

"Yeah, it's definitely been a while," I agreed.

"It was so nice of your mother to invite me. Hopefully, she and I can get some quality time together. So, do you have a place of your own?"

"Not yet," I said. "I just finished my second year of college, so I just stay in a dorm during the school year, and come home for the holidays. In all honesty, I miss my dorm, though."

"I bet," she laughed. "I remember my college days cooking for myself, working at McDonalds, and getting sauced up at Packers games."

"Packers?!?" I pulled my car out of the main road and into a gas station parking lot. "Well, have fun walking to the house. You're in Bears Fan Territory."

Aunt Beatrice crowed with laughter at my joke. I smiled as I continued on our way home. She told me more about herself, namely that she was a registered nurse back in Wisconsin and loved watching sports, cooking, and playing cards.

When we reached the house, my parents and sister eagerly greeted Aunt Beatrice. Not wanting to get chewed out, I busied myself with getting Aunt Beatrice's bags out of the car. Once I had finished, I planned to park it and watch television.

"Make sure you're careful with those bags when you take them to your room," my mother said as I carried the luggage into the house.

I tried not to roll my eyes in frustration. Ever since I got home, my mother had been telling me that I would be surrendering my old room to Aunt Beatrice during her stay. I would be staying down in the basement, but didn't care; I had my own world down there, complete with a fridge, television, and hot plate.

The next few days were much more pleasant with Aunt Beatrice around; she actually made hanging out with my family bearable. She cooked us homemade enchiladas, encouraged us to play board games, and even got my normally uptight mom to loosen up a bit and sing some karaoke. Unfortunately, it didn't loosen her up enough to have her not wake me up at 7 AM on the Friday of Graduation Day.

"Andrew, are you awake?"

"I am now, mom," I grumbled.

"Listen, your father, your sister and I are leaving early to get some things done before graduation. I need you to give your Aunt Beatrice a ride to the convention center for the graduation. I don't want to wake her up early."

"Right, got it."

The ceremony was taking place at 1 PM, so I had planned to get up around 10:30 AM to get dressed and get some food. I knew it would be a while before I would be able to eat anything. My parents were planning tons of family photos for Kathryn's graduation.

It took me five minutes to will myself off of the futon after my alarm went off. I trudged upstairs and headed up to the bathroom to take a shower and leak, probably at the same time. Still drowsy, I walked into my bathroom, not bothering to notice that the light was on inside, and that it was occupied.

If I wasn't fully awake a few minutes ago, I certainly was now. My eyes went wide as I gazed at the sight of my naked aunt in the steamy bathroom. Her large, porky breasts hanging from her chest like two gourds. Below her pudgy belly, I saw a thick patch of dark brown hair that grew wild between her chunky thighs. As she instinctively reached for the towel on the rack in order to cover herself, my loins engorged to express my silent desire.

Aunt Beatrice said nothing as she noticed my erection. The same hand that she was using to reach for the towel just hung in the air, so she remained there, moist and naked from her shower. Mesmerized by her, I closed the door behind me, walked up to her, and grabbed one of her large breasts with my right hand. As I squeezed the heavy teat, I looked her right in the eye and she began moaning. I felt her nipple becoming hard in my grasp.

As Aunt Beatrice's moans became more pronounced, I reached for her other breast, but she grabbed my left hand. I thought she was trying to fend off my advances and grew fearful. She pulled me closer and put my left hand down to her crotch.

It was my turn to moan as I rubbed her prickly, slightly damp mound. I slid a finger inside of her, feeling the wet, rubbery walls of her womanhood becoming slick with her juices. A heady musk began to emanate from her, filling my head with impure thoughts. My cock began to strain against the inside of my boxer shorts. I gulped as Aunt Beatrice reached down to grab the tent in my underpants.

I let out a whimper as she began to stroke me. The peak of my boxers became moist with precum as her hand pumped up and down. Thankfully, she pulled my boxers down and established direct contact my groin. I stepped out my boxers, took off my shirt, and took her hand, intent on leading her to my bedroom in order to finish what we started here, but she remained rooted to where she stood.

"No, do me here," she commanded.

I watched my aunt hoist her chunky body onto the bathroom counter and spread her legs wide. I didn't argue, walking right up to her and putting the tip of my cock to her hairy crotch. I didn't care that I didn't have a condom, I didn't care that she was my mom's half-sister, and I damn sure didn't care that I could possibly miss my sister's graduation ceremony. Without hesitation, I spread her pussy wide and stuck myself inside of her.

This wasn't my first time having sex, but it was most definitely my first time inside of a grown woman. My hands roved all over her body, relishing the feel of her jiggly belly, her thick hips, and her cellulite-addled thighs. I slid myself into her fully, and exhaled as pulled out, staring at the junction of our connected genitals. I looked up to make eye contact with Aunt Beatrice, whose mouth was agape as pleasure flooded her body. She tilted her head back and moaned as I began to pump into her.

I leaned forward and put my head to her breast, taking her hard, light brown nipple into my mouth. Aunt Beatrice clutched my head closer to her chest so hard that I thought for a fleeting second that she was about to suffocate me. Her flesh tasted of soap from her shower, but as I kept sucking another taste began to come into play. I took my mouth off of her breast and looked at the white droplets on her nipple. Curious, I sucked on the other breast, and gradually milk came out of that one, too.

I felt Aunt Beatrice tap me on the head, and I looked up at her. She leaned forward while pulling my face to hers and we shared a lewd kiss. Up close, I noticed that she had a bit of light colored hair on her upper lip and I licked it. She giggled at the sensation and used her tongue to meet mine. Her giggles turned back into moans as I swooped over to kiss her thick neck.

My aunt gripped the countertop as I continued to penetrate her. I could my penis throbbing as it filled with seed. Three grunts accompanied each time I squirted into her. Aunt Beatrice wailed as she felt my semen shooting inside her. Once I had finished cumming, we remained in our position for a few more minutes before she gently pushed me away and out of her.

"I need to go get dressed," she said, sliding off of the countertop. "Ooh, my poor hips weren't ready for that."

I stood there watching her gingerly exit the bathroom as she rubbed her sore waist. My semi-hard cock dripped its remaining juices onto the floor and my feet. I entered the shower and washed the stench of my exertions off of my body.

Once I was dressed, I went downstairs and had breakfast. Aunt Beatrice emerged about 20 minutes later, wearing a tasteful blue dress. We got into my car and headed for the graduation. For a few minutes, we made light conversation while the radio played, remarking on how beautiful the day was and observing random landmarks outside. Just as I was pondering which relatives we were going to see, she turned off the radio.

"We need to talk about what happened," she said.

I gulped and managed only to say, "Okay."

"What we did this morning...felt amazing."

My heart pounded with delight and desire at her words. "I agree. I think we should do it again."

"If we do, we need to be careful. I love your mother very much, and I don't want what we have to jeopardize my relationship with her."

"Do you want to meet me down in the basement after the party, maybe when everyone is asleep?"

"We'll see."

My entire day was overshadowed by the flimsy promise of another hook-up with my aunt. Not wanting to arouse any suspicion, I played the role of a perfect son. I clapped at my sister as she gave her Valedictorian speech and later as she walked across the stage to get her diploma. I took pictures with my family and greeted my various relatives at the after-party. All the while, I could not help but look at Aunt Beatrice every once in a while.

When I had long last retired to the basement after a long, tiring day, I was so wiped out that I didn't have the strength to stay awake and wait for Aunt Beatrice. The next morning, I woke up disappointed at myself. Leaving the basement, I found my family in the den watching television with Aunt Beatrice. I spent the entire day trying to get time alone with her, but she and my mom went out shopping. Sunday, we all hung around the house and then went out to eat for dinner to celebrate her last night with us.

I was tasked with taking Aunt Beatrice to the airport that Monday morning, as both my parents had to work. I couldn't really say anything to her around the house because my sister was still here, and would be until she had to leave for New York in a few months. Once Aunt Beatrice and I were on the road, I felt that we could talk freely.

"I really wish I'd had another chance to...y'know," I said.

"Fuck me?"

My eyebrows arched and a smile broke out on my face after hearing my aunt swear. We both burst out laughing, all the tension breaking in an instant.

"Aww, Andy," Aunt Beatrice said. "Believe me, I really enjoyed our time together, but we both know this weekend was about your sister."

"I know, I know."

"So...how's about coming to visit me up in Wisconsin?"

"Really?!?" I said sounding like a kid who'd just been given the Christmas toy that he'd always wanted.

"Sure. I'll send you a ticket once I'm back home, that way, you can spend some quality time with your dear Aunt Bea."

After parking in the terminal entrance, we exchanged phone numbers and email addresses before I helped Aunt Beatrice get her belongings out of the car. After making sure she had her ticket, she grabbed her bags, gave me a quick peck on the lips, and headed inside. I gazed after her longingly as she walked away, her bulbous rump swaying with every step. A loud beep from the car behind me broke my reverie. I drove home and took the coldest of showers.

I spent the rest of the month anxiously waiting from word from Aunt Beatrice. All the while, I did all I could to keep myself occupied: jogging, lifting weights in the garage, and even all the chores in the house. When that wasn't enough, a locked door, my laptop and headphones, and BBW porn helped.

At last, I got a call on the 2nd of June from my beloved aunt. She booked a flight for me for next week and emailed me a ticket. My mom was overjoyed to hear that I had hit it off so well with her half-sister. As far as I could tell, she hadn't the faintest inkling that I was going up there to plow a blood relative. My dad took the opportunity to capitalize on my mom's good mood by offering to drive me to the airport.

At long last, after a three hour flight, I landed at the Appleton International Airport. About ten minutes after grabbing my suitcase, my beloved aunt was in the airport lobby, smiling at me with outstretched arms. After practically skipping to her cushy embrace, she bestowed me with a tongue-laden kiss. At first I was worried that people would freak out about us kissing, but I realized that no one could know we were related. Despite my best efforts, my boner was conspicuously poking her in the belly.

"Let's get you home, hmm?" she purred at me.

I shielded my boner with my suitcase as we walked to her car. Aunt Beatrice explained that I had to sit in the backseat so that neither of us would get tempted to fool around while she was driving. After an agonizing 45 minute drive, we arrived at her house, a quaint little house on a rural road. My heart was pounding as I grabbed my luggage and followed her into the house. Once inside, I dropped my bags, along with my pants.

"Oh, my," Aunt Beatrice giggled as she looked at my erection. "Are you sure you're not tired from your flight?"

"No, way," I said. "Let's go, right now."

I was naked in a matter of seconds. As I charged towards my aunt, she ran away from me. Thankfully, she ran to her bedroom, and I followed her inside and tackled her to the bed. With a snarl, I yanked her shirt upwards, then her bra, and sucked on her nipple.

"Ahhhh, AH! Not so hard!" Aunt Beatrice cried.

"Sorry," I said before resuming my suckling with less force.

Aunt Beatrice moaned and giggled as she removed her shirt and bra while I was on top of her. I gave her a short reprieve so that she could sit up and remove her bottoms. For some reason, I was aroused by the fact that her dress didn't go around her waist, but in the fold of her massive belly. Once she was naked, I pounced upon my Rubenesque love and resumed the breastfeeding. My mouth was on her left breast, my left hand on her right breast, and my right hand went down to give attention to the furry prize between her legs.

I struggled to stay on top of Aunt Beatrice while she writhed and thrashed on the bed. The smell of her arousal began to fill the bedroom as I began drink from her other breast. I could have wept from the sheer joy of drinking the breastmilk that I had dreaming about for days.

"Ohhhhh! Oh, yes! Drink my milk! I'll make...ungh...as much as you want, darling!"

I squeezed both of Aunt Beatrice's mammaries so that they could squirt me full in the face. The tiny sprays pelted my cheeks and tongue. I playfully squirted her face too, and she opened her mouth to catch her own milk.

"Enough," she grunted, pushing me off of her and getting on her hands and knees. "You know what I want...what we both want...come here and take your aunty."

My rod pulsated with anticipation as my aunt presented herself to me, waving her huge ass in my face. I crawled over behind her and spread her large backside, trying to find her womanhood. Beneath her hair-strewn ass was the prize that I had longed for so long. I hastily grabbed my own dick and shoved it into Aunt Beatrice. The two of us cried out as I slid inside of her with ease; she was already so wet.

"OHOHOHOHOHOOOO! Yes, give it to me rough! Oh, yes! Unnnh! Unnnnh!"

"I'm going to make you mine, Aunty!" I cried out.

I looked to the side, catching our reflection in the vanity mirror. Aunt Beatrice's butt rippled with every meeting of our bodies, her huge belly jiggled back and forth, and her large, ham-sized breasts swayed and slapped against each other as we copulated. I used both hands to deliver a hard smack on her ass, making her shriek.

"NO! Don't do that anymore, or I'll cum! Just keep fucking meeeeee!"

"Yes, my aunty!" I growled. "Ohhhh, it feels so good inside of you."

I reached forward and grabbed one of Aunt Beatrice's dangling udders. The milk came out so easily, making the sheets wet. Aunt Beatrice's head swung around wildly, send her long, light amber hair in different directions. I let go of her breast and grabbed her hair, yanking her head back. Not letting up, I continued to move my hips faster.

"Oh, no! Not my hair. I'm gonna cum, Andy. Gonna...CUM!"

I felt Aunt Beatrice's release as she cried out and collapsed forward on the bed. I flipped her onto her back and gazed down at her tired, blushing face. I still hadn't cum yet, so I reentered her, resting my body on top of hers. She voiced no protest and moaned quietly as I continued to have sex with her. I didn't care about breast milk, all I wanted to do was finish inside her.

"Yes, Andy," she breathed. "Cum for me, my dear. Make me yours."

"You are mine, Aunty. All mine."

"Yes, my dear...mmmm...ohhh, I think I'm going to cum again."

"I'm gonna cum, Aunty! MMMMMM!"

At last, I surrendered every drop of semen I had to my aunt. I chuckled weakly after I had finished inside of her. She sat up on the bed and looked down at her crotch, marveling at the sight of my semen leaking out of her.

"Golly, Andy! You sure gave me a lot of your man gravy!" She then gasped. "Oh, no! I need to get dinner ready!"

She hopped out of bed and pranced into the bathroom. After she exited, she put her clothes back on and headed to the kitchen. I got dressed again and followed her outside. She told me to relax and watch television while she whipped us up some pork chops, mashed potatoes, and green beans. After dinner, she told me to put my luggage in her bedroom, where I would obviously be staying.

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