tagIncest/TabooI Love My Daughter

I Love My Daughter


ATTENTION TO ANY READERS: This story is not appropriate for readers under the age of 18. This story is entirely fictional. All characters are 18 years old or older. The content deals with intense sexual themes.

Please note: I need to give a huge thanks to another author who has helped me with this story. I am indebted to Addie-Q for her encouragement, inspiration, patience and her eye for details. Plus, she gratefully gave me permission to "borrow" some of her beautiful text. From my heart, thank you!

* * * *

My wife died when our daughter Carrie was just twelve. That was six years ago. Since that day she is all I have. I miss my wife terribly and I really worry that I haven't been the father my daughter truly needs. I have done the best I can, but being an only parent has been really hard. Carrie deserves so much more.

Her mother was struck down by a heart condition. Nobody knew she had any kind of a problem, not even her. I came home from work on a lovely summer afternoon to find her lying peacefully in the backyard on a blanket in the shade. It was normal for her to take naps like this. By all accounts, she died peacefully in her sleep. The doctors think that it happened quickly with very little suffering.

Since that day I've had to care for Carrie all by myself. I feel bad because she saw me emotionally devastated; I was swallowed up with grief. I know that I should have been stronger, but for a long time after her death I was just too withdrawn to be any kind of a father. I worry that I just wasn't there for my daughter.

Time has passed, but it still bothers me that I couldn't have been more attentive to her. I guess I've been trying to make up for that time ever since. Even though Carrie is still my baby, she is growing into a beautiful young woman.

Besides being a little bit shy, Carrie had been a perfectly normal child. She can be funny and silly and she's a good student with excellent grades. She also made sure to look after me. She has done a lot to deal with the day to day stuff in our lives. With her mother gone I truly needed her help.

She had a close buddy named Danny that she had known since elementary school. They had always been good friends as they were growing up. He was a sweet kid and he always looked out for her, and I know she appreciated it.

Early in Carrie's senior year in high school, Danny asked Carrie out on a date. She told me about it that same day, she said he was very formal and polite about it but she could tell he was super nervous. I asked Carrie if she said yes, and I clearly remember her excitingly telling saying me that of course she said yes.

She and Danny were both 18 at that point and they were a really cute couple. It's funny, she had never really gone steady with anyone until that point in her life. That surprised me because a lot of her friends were dating boys. She never said it, but I think she was waiting for Danny to ask her out. I remember how happy she seemed during those months when she and Danny were dating.

This is hard for me to think about, but I am pretty certain that Danny and Carrie had been sleeping together. I don't know for sure, but that's what I suspect. As her father it's really difficult to think that my beautiful daughter is no longer a virgin, but I have to say, I am happy that it happened with him. He was simply wonderful to her. He was kind and loving in a way that really warmed my heart.

I know she was deeply in love with him. He was a really great kid, I really liked him.

He worked in a bicycle shop on the main street of our little town. One morning earlier in the year, there was some sort of gas leak, and the book store across the street caught fire. Danny saw it happen. There was a sweet old woman that owned the store and she was inside that morning. There was an inferno almost instantly and everything happened too fast for her to get out.

Danny ran from across the street to try to save her. He went into the flaming building but he never came out. Both of us just broke down that terrible day.

Now he's gone and Carrie has been in a kind of emotional shock ever since. She's been quiet and hard to reach. Now she acts nervous and scared. She lost a lover in that fire, and I understand just exactly what that means. It can feel impossible to bear.

It's normal for her to be sad, but she has been withdrawn in a way that makes me feel scared. I can't help but worry. It's like she's overwhelmed with sadness. The trauma is real and there is just no way to comprehend how it will effect someone as sensitive as my daughter.

It's probably impossible for anyone to truly understand what we've been though; both Carrie and I have been dealing with such terrible losses. I think there will always be a part of both of us that is forever lonely because of the hand that fate dealt us.

I just want to see that spark of life in her again.

Carrie is really beautiful, but I am sure any father would say that about his daughter. The thing is, the way she has been acting so timid has been really challenging for me. I just want to help her to feel less sad about everything. To hear her talk to me in that quiet timid whisper makes me feel so sad.

Sometimes I call her "My Baby" or "Little Carrie" and maybe I shouldn't. But that's what I've always called her and I can tell she likes it. I asked her about it just last week. I told her that I realized that she was probably getting too old for me to keep calling her the same little pet names. She told me not to worry and that she truly loved it when I called her "My Baby." I really felt relieved when she told me it was okay to call her by the same cute nicknames that I've used all her life.

My daughter has this amazing light red hair that she always keeps pulled back in a modest ponytail Her skin is really pale with a few pink freckles around her nose. She's short, probably just five feet tall, but at the same time she seems sort of gangly, like she hasn't figured out how to be comfortable in her body yet.

Her most striking feature is her great big blue eyes. They are so beautiful and so expressive. Sometimes I see such neediness in the way she looks at me and it really breaks my heart. She is just so timid and nervous, and as her father, I can't help but feel a deep sense of concern. Whenever she looks up at me with those big adorable eyes all I want to do is give her some relief from her sadness. She has such an innocent way about her, and it makes me feel so devoted and protective.

The winter was long and gray, and now it's finally summer again. She came up to me and timidly asked me if we could go swimming together. There is a pretty little pond near our house, a small lake really. We used to spend a lot of time there. It's an easy walk on a path through the woods behind our house. Neither of us has been there in the last few years, mostly because it brings back too many memories of her mother. At first I didn't know if I wanted to go back to that spot, but she asked so sweetly that I couldn't help but say yes.

Carrie ran upstairs to change while I filled a big tote bag with towels and a few snacks. I went into my bedroom and put on my bathing suit and when I walked back downstairs I found her waiting on the back porch in an oversized sweatshirt hoody and a pair of baggy overalls. It was funny; she always wears clothes that look so big on her that it makes her seem even smaller than she already is. It seemed sad to see such a beautiful young woman dressed in a way that was so frumpy.

In just a few minutes we were walking together out to the edge of the neighborhood and then on that dark path through the woods heading to that secluded pond. We didn't talk much as we walked down that path. It felt sad in a way, visiting that pretty swimming spot without her mother seemed emotional, but at the same time I was so content to be with Carrie on such a warm and lovely day. She was walking in front of me on the narrow path through the forest, and I couldn't help but look at her hair.

She always kept her hair pulled back in a ponytail and it was just barely long enough to stay tied back. I always thought that little "tail" looked so incredibly cute; it was just a short little bunch of hair that poked out from the back of her head. It's funny; it would always start out neat and tight. But, before too long is would start getting a little sloppy and she would end up with stray strands hanging down in front of her eyes. I always thought she looked even more adorable when her hair would end up all messy like that.

I watched her walking, and that little ponytail bobbed a tiny bit with each step.

When we got to the pond we walked along the sandy shore until we got to a small little cove with an opening in the trees. It was a small grassy meadow that seemed almost magical in its beauty. I laid out the towels as Carrie took off her sweatshirt and overalls and set them on the tall grass. She was wearing her bathing suit underneath everything and before I realized what was happening she was standing in front of me in her yellow bikini. This was the exact same bathing suit she used to wear when we would come here with her mother.

She has kind of outgrown it, I mean, it still seemed to fit, but just barely.

I have to admit that my daughter looked incredibly cute in that bikini. Actually, she still looked a lot like her mother; she has the same red hair and freckles, and those same great big blue eyes. She is really pale and sometimes it seems like her smooth skin is almost glowing.

It's funny, even though she's graduated from high school, she is still looks a little bit like she's still in elementary school. I'm sort of tall so when we stand side by side, or hug, I feel like I am protecting her. She isn't really into make-up or fashion like most of the girls her age, so she still has that same tomboy appearance she's always had.

Seeing my daughter in that yellow bikini reminded me so much of how her mother looked when we first started dating. We were both 18 years old, and I remember how I thought she was the most beautiful young woman in the world.

Her mother had such adorable breasts when we first met. She went up a few bra size after Carrie was born. But looking at my daughter in that bikini, I couldn't help but compare her body to her mother's.

I was sitting on the towel watching my daughter. She was anxiously pacing back and forth along the shore, trying to get up the nerve to actually wade into the water. I sat contented in the sun and watched her.

As I was watching I was aware that her little bikini made her butt seem especially cute. I know I shouldn't be thinking about anything like this especially with my own daughter, but I just couldn't help it. She was facing away from me looking out at the water and I felt powerless not to stare. There is something so lovely about the way that bikini bottom fit her young healthy body. Watching her at the edge of the pond, all I could think was that Carrie has an absolutely adorable body.

She still has a little bit of her baby fat and it really seemed to match the way she had been talking and dressing lately. I mean, just that tiny bit of plumpness made he pale skin look so soft and smooth.

She turned to face me and nervously asked, "Daddy, do you think it's cold?"

"I don't know Baby, it should be nice and warm this time of year."

Seeing her facing me, I was amazed at how cute her tummy looked. That lovely little bit of baby fat made her belly button look so enchanting. This was always something I have found so beautiful in women and now I was seeing it in my daughter.

She turned around and slowly waded into the calm water while I sat on the blanket and watched.

After she had eased her way out a little ways, she called to me from the water, "Hey Daddy, you promised me that you would give me swimming lessons."

I realized she was right, and I stood up and said, "I'm on my way."

I pulled off my shirt and walked into the water. I was worried it would be cold, but it was warm and pleasant.

I realized that the last time we had a swim lesson was before her mother had died. It sort of shocked me that it had been that long, Carrie would have been just 12 years old the last time we were together here at this same spot.

I had been a competitive swimmer in high school, I know that was a long time ago, but I'm still really confident in the water. She was standing in water about up to her bikini top as I waded up alongside her.

I asked, "I'm here to help. What can I do?"

She thought for a little bit and said, "Well, I still feel scared trying to float on my back."

"You just need to trust that you'll stay afloat. C'mon, let's try it, I can hold you."

She awkwardly tried to get up to the surface of the water and float on her back. I could see she was struggling and I gently slipped both hands under her back and held her level.

She spoke up, "Thanks Daddy, that feels better."

I waded out into a deeper area. I found a point where the water line was about at my chest, and I held her body level at the surface of the water.

I said, "The trick is to make sure you don't scrunch your body so your butt dips down low, you want stretch yourself out so you're flat right at the surface of the water."

"Uhhhm, okay, I'll try."

She sounded shaky. She did the normal thing any beginner would do, she let her hips sink down a little bit too low, and it made her entire body position seem clumsy.

I said, "You need to lift your butt up so you are all stretched out straight."

She whined a little bit, "Daddy, I'm trying."

She needed some help and I asked, "Can I lift you up into the right pose?"

"Yes please."

I slid my hand from her back to her butt, and I gently eased her up so the front of her bikini bottom was just slightly above the water line. I was worried she would protest that her father was actually touching her ass, but she didn't say anything.

I said, "See, it's easier if you are all flat and straight."

She giggled, "Thank you, this helps."

I was holding my daughter as she tried to float on her back. I had one hand under her back, and the other holding her adorable bottom. I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt against my big hand. The water was warm, her bikini felt so thin. I could feel the soft shape of both her round butt cheeks against the palm of my hand.

She wriggled a little bit and I said, "Don't worry Baby, I've got you."

I would ease my hand away, and Carrie would drop down a little bit, and then I would gently lift her adorable butt back up again.

"You are doing so good. Try to arch your hips a little more."

She obediently did what I asked her to do. I could feel the muscles in her butt tense up and then relax. Oh my God, it felt so heavenly.

After a few minutes, she was getting the hang of it and I moved both hands under her back. I held her level like that and I was looking down at her as I spoke.

I spoke softly, "Try to relax. Just tip your head back a little bit. Does this feel okay?"

"I'm still a little bit nervous."

"Don't worry, I've got you."

"Thanks Daddy."

I urged her to try and stay flat on the water, stretch her body out nice and long, to arch her back just a bit. But most of all, I encouraged her to trust me.

"You're doing great Baby, just tilt your head back a little more, so the water line is on your forehead. Close your eyes and relax."


"Yes, tilting your head back helps your whole body straighten out."

She closed her eyes and cautiously eased her head back a little more. With her closed and the way she was resting in my arms, I was able to look at her wet body right in front of me.

I wanted to reassure her that she was doing it right, and I said, "That's perfect! Now just stay still for a little bit so you can get the feeling of floating."

My daughter was motionless in the water; I was still gently supporting her under her back. Looking down at her, I was astonished at how beautiful her smooth delicate chest looked, she was lying flat in my arms and her cute breasts seemed even smaller than they did on the beach. And, oh God, her tummy and belly button just looked so unbelievable cute. Everything was shiny and wet. She was so close, resting in my arms in front of me.

I said, "Just relax, keep your eyes closed and feel how you are level with the water."

She was so submissive, doing exactly what I asked.

The way she was floating in this relaxed pose, her chest looked so cute. I could clearly see the shape of her nipples pressing against her bikini top. I was absolutely astonished at how alluring they looked.

Then I said, "Carrie, you should try moving your arms so they are above your head, but still right at the water line."

My Baby did exactly as I asked. She moved her arms so they were stretched out above her head. With her arms in this pose, it seemed that her small breasts had almost disappeared. Her chest looked impossibly smooth and beautiful. I stared down at her nipples, the seemed divinely plump and glorious.

I asked her, "Try to stretch your arms out as far as you can."

She obediently pushed her arms out event longer, making her chest almost perfectly flat. Her puffy nipples under the thin wet material of her yellow bikini top looked beautiful. I could clearly see that the round smooth shape of the areolas, and raised up above that was the hard little tip, it was protruding up against the tight fabric. Her nipples seemed so big compared to her gentle chest.

She nervously asked, "Daddy am I doing okay?"

I said, "Try to relax, keep your eyes closed and arch your back just a little bit more."

I realized that I shouldn't focus on my daughters nipples like I was doing, but I was absolutely hypnotized by their perfect beauty.

After a little while, I eased myself away and let Carrie float on her. It felt sad when I let go of her and watched her slowly glide away.

I encouraged her, "Yes, you are doing so good."

I stayed close and together we swam in to a shallow area where she could stand on the sandy floor of the pond.

When we came out of the water it felt like the air was cooler. As we walked back up to the little tiny grassy spot, with her arms down her breasts seemed less small and they even jiggled a little bit. I was acutely aware that her wet bathing suit and the chilly breeze had made her nipples incredibly stiff. Oh God, I was overwhelmed by her angelic wet youthful body.

I felt bad that I was looking at my beautiful daughter that way, but I couldn't help it. Seeing her looking so innocent and pure, I realized how lonely my life has been since her mother died. It was a relief to me when she finally put on that oversized sweatshirt. We talked during the walk back to the house. The perfect sunny day had ended and now there were dark clouds filing the sky.

I said, "We might get some rain tonight."

She nervously replied, "I hope there isn't any lighting."

Hearing her say that made me feel worried.

Growing up Carrie was such a sweet child, but she had one really intense fear, she was scared of thunder and lightning. When she was about six years old, there was a terrible summer storm. In the middle of the night there was a bright flash of lightning and then an explosive sound that shook the house. It was so powerful that it really shocked all of us.

We knew the lighting was close, but it wasn't until the next morning that we realized that it had struck our next door neighbor's house. There was a lot of damage and it really scared her.

My wife and I did our best to shelter Carrie from the reality of what had happened, but starting that day she was absolutely terrified of lightning, and its destructive force.

From then on, anytime we experienced an electrical storm, especially at night, Carrie was sure to run into our bedroom. She would instantly be in between me and her mother, her head buried in my chest, holding on for dear life. My wife would squeeze in tight, to comfort her, but it was always me she would hold onto for that feeling of safety. I remember we used to keep the light on for her.

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