tagIncest/TabooI Love My Son: First Time

I Love My Son: First Time


My husband was out of town on one of his business trips. Jim was out with his girlfriend, Linda. At 19 he is still very shy and very insecure around girls. I was surprised when he began dating her. He and I have been very close. My first husband was very abusive and Jim and I had to hang on to one another. When my husband came home drinking and began to abuse Jim, I would step between them and take the abuse on myself. I am sure that this had a damaging effect on Jim’s image of male/female relationships.

I left my husband one night and took Jim to a shelter. I filed for divorce immediately and got a restraining order against my husband. Jim and I moved into an apartment with the help of some very nice people. We struggled economically until I met my current husband. He is 15 yrs older than I am, but he accepted Jim as a son. Jim was 18 at the time and it was hard to find a man that was willing to take on the responsibility of a young son. Bob volunteered to pay Jim's tuition to the local college if he kept his grades at B or above. He could live here with us to save boarding costs. We were married almost immediately. I have to admit that my motives were not the best, but I have tried to be a good wife. Bob was widowed and lonely and was looking for a companion. His sexual needs are not equal to mine and he really has never been able to satisfy me, although I am a pretty good actress.

This particular night, I was reclining on the couch reading an erotic story while waiting for Jim to come home. I never go to bed with seeing him safely home. I was wearing a rather revealing nightie and robe. When Jim came in early from his date, I could tell that he was very upset. I asked him what was wrong. He told me that Linda had just told him that she was seeing some else and thought it would be better if they didn’t see one another any more. He was devastated. He sat and cried on my shoulder as I held him in my arms stroking him on the back. He said that he would never have a girl friend because they didn’t find him attractive. (He is a very nice looking young man and has a good body.) I tried to reassure him and told him that any girl would be lucky to have him. I have to admit that I had lusted after him, myself, but knew it was wrong.

After a while he started to rub my back and hold me closer…I am sure he could feel my nipples through the thin tee shirt he was wearing. The story that I had been reading along with the feel of his hard body against mine had me very aroused. I began to kiss him on the forehead and cheeks and telling him how wonderful he was and how much I loved him. Suddenly, I was kissing him on the lips…. Lust took over and I pulled him down on top of me. I could feel his hard cock against me… My robe fell open and my breasts were revealed and he immediately started suckling my nipples as he did as a child.

I was moaning and grinding my self into him. I pushed him off of me and immediately led him to my bedroom. I pulled his tee shirt over his head. Removed his shorts…Pulled down his jockeys…. His large manhood sprung out…I had to have it. I kissed the tip and began licking around the head. He was moaning and begging me to stop before he climaxed. He reached down and pushed my robe off my shoulders.my nightie followed. I got up and pulled him onto the bed with me. He wasn’t sure what to do next…. I spread my legs and told him to get on top…. I took his large cock and rubbed the head up and down my wet slit…I almost came immediately. I guided the head into my hot tunnel…. And told him too push slowly…I knew that it would be hard to take him all in at once…. But I wanted it so badly…. He followed my instructions willingly…He slowly entered me…. God it was soo good. I finally got all of him in. I was never so filled in my life. He instinctively took charge…moving in and out. I came hard almost immediately and he began to moan and move faster…. I could feel his cock swelling and he screamed as he came. The feel of his hot cum and throbbing cock drove me over the edge again. I have never cum so many times one after another… Went he pulled out I went down on him licking him clean…This made him hard again and I crawled up over him, straddling his hips. Reaching down to take his large cock in my hand, I stroked it several times before placing at the entrance to my still wet love tunnel. I slowly lowered my self on to him. He reached up taking both of my breasts into his large hands. As he filled my with his wonderfully hard cock, he squeezed my breast lovingly. His fingers started at the outside edges of my breast and slowly drew in toward my nipples. He gently pulled my nipples out and let the go several times. I was in heaven, being filled completely and being stimulated by his now expert hands.

I began to move on his cock, combining circular motions with up and down motions. I could feel his large mushroom head moving around and up ant down touching every inch of my wet tunnel. Every time it came in contact with my sensitive g spot, I trembled in ecstasy. Jim had his head back moaning with delight. Without missing a beat, I leaned back increasing the pressure of his hard cock against the front wall of of my pussy. The sensation on my sweet spot was almost more than I could stand..

Reaching back between his legs, I began to massage his balls. His moans became louder and his hips began bucking like a wild stallion., raising my kneel off the bed as he lifted me. I felt his large member swelling again inside of me. Suddenly I felt his hot cum exploding deep into my belly, causing me to spasm and cum hard and long with my loving son. I collapsed, exhausted on to his chest.. We lay there still with his arms around me until we caught our breath.

I raised up and kissed him on his lips tenderly as he gently stroked my back.

I don’t think that I will ever find a lover that can do as much for me. I dread the day when he gets married. Maybe, we can continue, at least once in a while.

Authors note: I would love your feedback and would like to hear from other loving Moms. I will continue my story if you appreciate it.

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edit, please!

Too many incorrect words disrupt the flow & coherence. Needs a good bit of editing & correction.

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