tagIncest/TabooI Love My Son: The Pool

I Love My Son: The Pool


My son, Jim and I had just finished brunch after our morning of incredible passion while Hubby played golf. He had just mentioned that it would be a nice day to lay by the pool and work on his already beautiful tan. I am a little more fair skinned that he is so I have to be careful in the sun.

“When will Dad be home?” Jim asked.

“Oh he will be at the club all afternoon. He is doing lunch and drinks there after his round of golf. With a tee time of 9 am, he won’t finish until about 1 PM and of course the 19th hole and lunch will take 2 or 3 hours.”

“Good!” he said, “we have plenty of time to lay by the pool alone.” I couldn’t believe that we had just finished more loving than I had ever had in one session and he is still thinking about me that way. I felt a tingle from my pussy to my nipples.

We finished the dishes and packed a cooler with beer and ice. We decided to wear our robes, just in case we had company. I hurriedly got my beach bag with the sunscreen and towels. As I went out, Jim was on the diving board, just ready to dive into the pull. His muscular, tanned body standing straight. His long thick cock hanging down between his legs. I wished that I had a camera so that I could remember him like this forever.

I went to the shady area under the canopy by the pool and set my bag beside a lounge chair. I sat and watched as Jim sprang a couple of times high in to the air a dived into the clear water. His body glided smoothly into the water, hardly making a splash. He stayed under the water until he reached the other end of the pool, then swam gracefully back to the ladder near me.

“Aren’t you coming in, Mom?” “No, I am going to sit here in the shade. I don’t have my sunscreen on yet.” “I’ll put it on for you, if you like.” “Yes, that would be wonderful, honey.” I was getting wet already, thinking of his large hands on my body

I laid the lounge chair flat and turned over on my tummy. Jim got my sunscreen and rubbed between his hands. He started with my shoulders, massaging and kneading the muscles. It was so relaxing, so sensual the way his hands touched me. Working his way down to my shoulder blades, he made circles on my upper back again being firm but gentle, massaging my muscles as he spread the lotion. His hands moved down each side, rubbing the sides of my breasts making my nipples move on the soft towel.

His legs straddled mine as he poured lotion on the small of my back in that little reservoir there. His hands were on my back again, firmly but gently moving from middle to side and back again. They moved down my sides, then up and down again brushing the sides of my breasts making me squirm just a little. Soft moans of pleasure were coming from my throat

He began working on my soft buns, rubbing and squeezing at the same time. I could tell that he was enjoying it too because he was in no hurry to finish. His fingers worked between my buns and softly stroked up and down, then between my legs into the wet fold between my labia. I raised my tummy giving him access to my secret parts. His fingers gently teased my sensitive bud making me jerk and moan.

Moving to my side he worked on my left leg one hand on each side, smoothing the lotion around all sides as he gently massaged the muscles. He raised my foot and worked on it, massaging the sole with his thumbs. Starting with my right foot, he repeated the treatment on my right leg moving closer to my wetness. I waited in anticipation of his touch there, but he stopped.

“Turn over, Mom, I don’t want to leave an inch of you not protected.” “Mmmm” I moaned as I turned over on my back, submitting my body to his talented hands.

He began with my face smoothing the lotion over my forehead, my cheeks and my nose. His hands moved to my neck and under my chin. Lifting both arms his hands spread the soft lotion over and around my hands and arms, brushing the sides of my breasts. With one hand on each shoulder he worked down toward my breasts, rubbing the sides and bottoms working his way to the peaks. My nipples, already erect and hard anticipated his touch. Finally, his fingers, wet with lotion, surround my nipples causing my back to arch up wanting more. My moans were growing more audible, as I looked down at his large cock erect and ready.

He poured lotion into my belly button and worked it out from there, spreading it over my tummy and sides before going down to my hips and pelvis. My body was writhing now, wanting to be touched in that aching area between my legs. Hie wet hand met my wetness as he cupped my labia in the palm of his hand smoothing the lotion as it mixed with my own juices. He dried his hands on a towel then returned to my wet pussy. His fingers parted my swollen lips as they moved up from the bottom of my slit to my hard clit.

Two of his fingers dipped inside of my wet tunnel as his thumb massaged my clit. My hips raised up to meet his skillful hand. His fingers stroked slowly in and out several times before he inserted a third finger, then a fourth. His strokes became faster and deeper as I adjusted to the size of his large hand. Reaching down to squeeze his cock, I tried to hold back as I stroked his shaft up and down, but the pleasure took over and I could not wait.

“GAWD, Jim, you are going to make Mama cum.!!!!!!!” My body was still in spasms when I looked up and saw the pure animal lust in his eyes. My emotions were somewhere between fear and intense desire. I knew that I was about to get the fucking of my life.

He got on his knees between my legs on the leg rest of the lounge chair. Raising my legs to his shoulders…He placed that large mushroom head of his cock at the entrance of my love tunnel and rammed it inside, stretching my already wet pussy as he went deep inside of me. His hips were moving in wild abandon as he drove that big piston in and out. His face was grimacing in pure pleasure. I knew that at that moment that I was not his mother but an object of pleasure. I loved seeing my son enjoying my body that way as he moaned loudly.

My pussy was stretched and swollen in a mixture of pain and pleasure. I felt his cock swelling as he neared his climax. “Gawd, I have never been filled so full.” His strokes were coming into me faster and faster as he got closer to his ultimate pleasure. I could feel another orgasm rising within me.

With a final cunt splitting plunge, Jim shot his hot seed deep into my belly. His throbbing cock drove me over the edge again as I came long and hard, squeezing him and milking him as he collapsed on top of me gasping for air. I wrapped my arms around him and held him as we both came down from our peaks of ecstasy. His breathing slowed as he drifted off to sleep in the arms of his loving mom. I relaxed and just enjoyed holding him as I nodded off in a dream world filled with happiness.

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