tagLoving WivesI Love My Wife Completely Ch. 02

I Love My Wife Completely Ch. 02


Morgan and I did get married and a found nice house close to the HS where she works. It's a nice neighborhood and there's a lot of young couples with children. Within three months she told me she was pregnant and we jumped for joy, I was going to be a Daddy. I also did get a job that Morgan said was promised, but she had to fuck the guy a few times and used her diaphragm as she was fertile. She made a big deal about how she loved me so much she would give her body away to get me a job. Of course, I wasn't buying that as she had already fucked the guy before I even got here. Anyway, she wanted to get the upper hand so she could put me in panties again and give me a big cream-pie. I didn't object to that at all and we had a lot of fun with it.

We settled into our married life and she loved being pregnant. Morgan continued to work up till she delivered the new baby. Everyone was so ecstatic to see our little boy whom we named Charles David. Morgan didn't really get into pregnant sex like I thought she would and we usually only hooked up once a week and she didn't see any of her boyfriends she had before we married. I guess having me around all the time and getting the house ready for Charley she didn't have the energy or desire.

Well that sort of changed about a month after the baby came. She loved nursing and being a mother, but she started getting horny, like every day. I did a lot to help with the baby, and it took a load off her shoulders. So with her free time she would go on the Internet and chat with guys and even cam them, showing her tits and herself laying on the bed in her lingerie. That just made her hornier and I'd have to take care of her too. A good husband has to take care of his wife's needs so I would usually eat her to one good orgasm and then fuck her for 15 min and cum inside her which she loved. We didn't worry about birth control because she was nursing the baby.

My schedule was pretty much set at the University and I had classes three days a week. When I was off she would work as a sub at the HS. Morgan had gained some weight with the baby, but she exercised daily and watched her diet and within a couple months she was back in form. Of course that probably had something to do with why we had sex so often. She was a mother and put that first, but soon after working again she became antsy and told me she'd like to go on a date now and then. She was wearing me out and with work and fucking her every day I didn't say anything to stop her.

After our anniversary Morgan told me she was going to go out with friends every Friday after I got home. She told me who they were and I remember a few from the faculty party, both men and women.

At first she didn't stay out very late and would come home and nurse Charley. Then she started pumping her breasts and putting the milk in the fridge for me to feed him. This allowed her more freedom and she'd be able to drink and stay out later. When she'd come in she'd jump my bones and I have to listen to her tease me about all the guys who wanted to get in her panties, or how so and so asked her to go out on a date. Those words would drive me to fuck her even harder and our sex life was back on track.

Morgan came home from work on Wednesday and slipped into her robe and started feeding the baby. I sat with her listening her talk about her students. Then she says, "David, I have a date on Saturday with Jacques. He wants to take me to dinner and then you know. I won't stay out too late I hope, but I'll make sure you have plenty to feed Junior."

"Morgan, I know you've been dying to go out and have some fun so I'll help you get ready and we'll make it special being it's you first time in like a year. She was so happy she offered me her other boobie to suckle.

"Thanks, Morgan but I'll past this time." I said.

"I want to make you happy dear. I love you so much for just being you and we'll have fun when I get home Saturday, OK?" she said smiling at me sheepishly.

"OK sound good to me." I say.

"You know since I've had the baby my body keeps telling me it wants sex. My little thingie is like tingling all the time and it makes me wet. I know I've worn you out so maybe Jacques can stand in for a while. You don't mind really do you?" she asks me.

"Hun, I love you for who you are and I know you pretty well now. I'm fine with you getting some on the side. Have you even been with him before?"

"No, but the single girls tell me he's a stud." She whispers.

"Does he know your married, I've never met him."

"I met him at the restaurant I go to on Fridays and he saw my ring. That didn't stop him from asking me to dance and we ended up talking for hours a couple times now. He's really nice to me and I think he'll be fun to be with."

I make dinner for us and then we watch a TV show and later in bed she asks, "Dave you aren't jealous are you?"

"Why yes, I am. It makes my stomach ache when I know you going to be with another man. It also makes my cock hard as a rock, see."

"I guess it does. Let me suck it for you baby and make it better." She says.

Morgan gets me going and I'm ready to pop and I say, "I'm going to cum any second, don't you want me to fuck you?"

"No baby, I want to be fresh for Jacques so go ahead and I'll swallow.... cum for mama."

I lasted another 10 seconds and flooded her mouth. She didn't spill a drop and then kissed me.

Morgan didn't go out Friday and we made that our date night and went to a local eatery with the baby. He was go good he didn't cry at all even with the noise. At home I was really getting horny but again she wouldn't let me fuck her. She used a Lelo on herself and sucked me at the same time.

"Oh Jacques, fuck me baby. Make me cum on you big cock" she said teasing me then went back to getting me off. She let me cum on her cheeks and then lays down and masturbated all the while licking my cum with her tongue and teasing me, "Oh Jacques, your cum tastes so good. Please fuck me again and cum in me baby. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Saturday afternoon after the baby went down, she called me into the bedroom and told me to strip and get in the shower. She got in with me and soaped me up.

"Baby, I want to shave you and make you all smooth, OK?"

"You have something planned for me don't you?" I asked.

"Yes, Hun I want to dress you up for when I'm gone. You'll feel so much better without that ugly hair on you balls and legs. You don't have any on your chest, so I'll leave that alone. Please, for me. It will be fun and you'll like it. I just know you will." she pleads.

"Hey what the heck. My wife is sluting tonight, why shouldn't I, right" I respond.

"That's right I'm you slut and I'm going to make you all sexy in some lingerie while I'm out getting drilled and filled for my honey. So just stand still, I don't want to cut anything..."

After we shower together she leads me into our bedroom and pulls out a box she's apparently stashed away and pulls out some lingerie for me in my size which is just a little bigger than hers, except my chest is much bigger around. Her bras would never fit around me. She pulls out a 38" bra I've never seen and hooks it in the back around me. The stocking are white and so is the garter belt and nylon and lace panties. When she had all that put on me she pulls out this light green nightie and slips it over my head.

"There, now don't you look sexy, my dear husband. How's it feel?"

"My cock is liking it." I say.

"I saw that." she tells me.

"What can I do to help you Hun?" I ask.

"Just sit and watch me while I get ready OK?"

We talk about how happy we are being married and how easy it is to communicate and work together to make the baby care easy. Now we're going to enter into new roles as she says she misses being a slut. She tells me she likes me wearing panties and wants me to dress sexy for her more often especially when she's on a date. She says there's nothing wrong with a man being feminine and he should enjoy wearing sexy silky things if he wants. She says she can gets all the macho shit she wants at school and it's nice to be married and be herself. She told me she loves to fuck other men and cuckold me. How much she's missed her lovers and how she's going to make up for it tonight. She said she picked him because she been told he's able to last a long time and makes his women really happy.

"So you're really looking forward to getting some loving tonight, huh?" I said teasingly.

"You know I need some new cock and I'm just so glad you like me fucking other guys. I don't think we would be married right now if you were not into it. I just really like men, their smell and how they make me feel. When I'm with a new man I want to please him and all the new thing just makes me cum and cum on his hard cock. I can't wait, I'm wet already." she tells me.

Morgan finishes her makeup and I helped her dress. She looks hotter than hell. She has me put on my robe. We go out into the kitchen and she has me pour her a glass of wine to ease her nerves. About an hour later the door bell rings and she goes and invites in Jacques. Morgan introduces him to me and we shake hands. He is kind of lost for word, but she makes it lighter by telling a stupid joke. We all laugh and she comes over and kisses me and says to take good care of junior and she'll wake me up later. She kisses me again, grabs his hand and they walk out the door together.

I play with the baby and feed him a couple times and we watch TV together, although he doesn't keep his eyes open long. I put him in his crib and go to bed.

Around midnight I feel a feather on my nose and wake up to my beautiful wife smiling at me. "Wakie, wakie my sweetie." she says to me.

"Hi Hun, did you have fun?" I ask with sleepy eyes.

"Oh yea baby, did I ever get laid but good. Let me get out of these clothes." she says as she folds her dress and lays it down on a chair. I see she is moving real slow and as she turns around I can tell she's been manhandled. She has red marks all over swollen breasts and her nipples are dripping milk.

"I pumped my breasts while you were sleeping but they're still leaking. I'm a little sore too so you have to be gentle with me OK baby?"

"I will Hun, come lay down with me." I tell her.

Morgan sits on the bed and unhooks her stockings and slowly pulls them off. She slips off her panties and throws them on my face. She pulls back the cover over me and starts playing with my cock through the soft nylon.

"Do you want me to tell you about him and what we did?" she asks.

"Please yes, I'd love you to give me a few highlights." I say as I smell her panties.

"Well, he's everything and more than I've heard. He's very romantic and well spoken. Dinner was short and we went to his bungalow. I was dripping by the time he first kissed me. He told me to take off his cloths and them he undressed me naked. I put my arms around him and he just picked me up and while standing he set me right down on his cock, a perfect aim and he had me pegged. My legs went around him and he used his hands to move me on his big cock, up and down. I can't remember much more after that because I was cumming so hard. He kept fucking me and fucking me baby."

"He's that good?"

"Maybe because I haven't had a big cock in a while but I just couldn't stop cumming. I think he cummed in me three times but it was a blur. He never left my pussy and just kept fucking and fucking me."

"Wow, I think this isn't going to be a one time thing then is it?"

"Oh David, don't worry. I love you but I love his cock, I love what he does to me. I'm totally fucked out. I'll let you lick me if you want." she says.

"That's OK, just suck me off please."

Morgan immediately went to work deep throating me and had me cumming in no time. She swallowed it all down and kissed me before laying her head on the pillow. She was out in no time. I thought to myself this sucks big time. I just hoped that she doesn't change and want him more than me. I guess I was jealous and a little upset he took a little too good of care of my wife. Somehow I would have to step up and keep her out of this slut mode she liked so much. I decided I was going to try and get her to take on more care for Charley. Maybe I could go on one of the training conferences to keep her busy.

Sunday morning she was up early and had fed the baby and was making me breakfast when I walked into the kitchen. She gave me a big smile, kisses and hugs, which I needed for sure. All through eating she told me how much fun she had with him and then it dawned on her she was leaving me out.

"Baby, I'm sorry. I won't talk about Jacques any more. I can see I'm making you jealous. Let me clean up and put the baby down for a little bit and I want you to come be with me. I'll make it up to you, OK"

Morgan and I didn't even make it to the bedroom. She had me eating her nasty pussy as she laid on the sofa and when I started fucking her she was loose as a goose, as the saying goes. After not having any for days I didn't last very long and she didn't even get close to cumming. She was satisfied anyway she said. I think she was just trying to keep me happy and I sensed things might be changing with her.

Morgan's every Friday night outing with the group changed to once in a while. Instead she went out with Jacques to his place and fucked their brains out. Then he started coming to our house during the day when I was at work. Her slut mode was now one man as he had stolen her pussy from me. She wanted me to wear panties all the time now even to work so when he came over she would text me and tell me she had a visitor and hurry home. She timed it so that he left right before I got off work. That way I had a big clean up job to do for her. Morgan was really into this guy.

When Charley turned 9 months old she stopped nursing him. Now she was not on any birth control and we had relied on mother nature for that, but now she could conceive another baby for sure. Jacques kept her pussy pretty much full of cum and I know because I cleaned her up afterwards. This slut nature of hers was now one man fucking her to heaven and back three day a week. I got sloppy seconds whenever I wanted them, but more often than not she had me coming in my panties before I could even get it in her. I tried to get her to date other men but she told me Jacques fucked her so well that she just wasn't interested. That meant my role changed from loving husband to provider. She never went back to full time work and kept subbing which was only occasionally. Morgan told me she didn't have time to work more and took good care of Charley and Jacques. My plan to make her busy so she didn't have time or energy of fuck Jacques was a bust. It just gave her more time to play.

On Charles first birthday Morgan threw up his birthday cake and she told me she had to go to the doctor soon. She said she thought she might be pregnant. Sure enough she was and eight months later she gave birth to Jacqueline who had dark hair and skin like Jacques. I refused to sign the birth certificate and assume responsibility for her little girl. Morgan didn't have a problem with that and put down Jacques as the father.

I moved back to NY and she mailed me the divorce papers. Every summer I would visit Chucky and when he was 10 years old, she would use a steward and fly him to NY so he could spend the summer with me. When he was thirteen, she told me I could enroll him in school in NY and she would come and visit him. Morgan had a couple more babies and of course Jacques and her married shortly after the divorce. I didn't date much, but did go on and get my doctorate.

At age 40 I had acquired a small fortune having founded an international trade company. After going public the company was a big hit on Wall street and I basked in my success from plane old hard work. I bought a multi million dollar yacht and occasionally Charles and I would take it to France to visit Morgan.

On our second visit to France, Morgan wanted me to take her and her other children to Spain for a little holiday without Jacques. The first night she knocked on my cabin door and wanted to talk to me.

"David you know I've never stopped loving you. I've always loved you and I don't know what happened back then for me to let you leave. Words can't describe how sorry I am for what I did to you. Can you forgive me?"

"Morgan, I understand what happened and I don't blame you per-Se. I saw how you fell for Jacques and how you became his slut. You were my slut and I loved you regardless, that's why I married you. What I couldn't take anymore was your loss of feelings for me. It was obvious that our marriage became just a piece of paper."

"Well, I'm tired of putting up with Jacques' mistresses. We're getting divorced and I want you back. I'll do anything, anything for you David. I love you. I want to be your slut again if you'll give me a chance." she pleads.

At long last I felt my cock harden. Morgan had never lost her beauty and charm. She had aged wonderfully and was now a class act. Her pleading to me of her undying love brought back pleasant memories of our fun times together. "You want to be MY slut again. Well, well."

"Yes, David I do. I want you back. I want to make you happy again. I'll do what ever I can to have you love me again." She tells me as she looks at my bulging shorts and smiles.

"Do you still wear panties, David?" she asks and smirks.

"Sometimes when I think of you, I'll get horny and put on a pair of our old ones and jack-off."

"I knew it, you do still love me." she exclaims as she sits back in her chair and spreads her legs just enough for me to see up her night gown to take in her lacy panty.

"You think so." I say.

"Yea, I think so. Can I see your beautiful cock again." she asks.

"Well, if you show me yours I'll show you mine." I answer staring at her panty crotch which is now plainly visible."

"OK, she says and stands up and slips off her nightgown and walks over to me and slides down her panties and gives them to me.

"Smell my panties David. I haven't had sex in months and you've made them all wet on me. I want you so bad." she says.

I stand up and take off my shorts leaving me in just my panties that she recognizes as the ones she wore on the night of her first date that second night in France. "Yes, I think you do still love me." she tells me as she laughs and pushes me back on the bed. She kisses me very passionately and then says, "Eat my slutty pussy David and I'll be you woman again."

She gets down with me and we 69 till she cums hard on my tongue.

"God I love you. I've missed your kisses." she tells me.

Words couldn't describe how I felt right then. She made love to me and I her, all night long. In the morning the children and everyone else knew what had happened and were excited for us.

I told the captain to get the yacht ready and as soon as possible set sail for NY. We got to NY and after her divorce was finalized we married again. From then on she never went on more than one date with another man. Morgan truly was my loving slut.

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How low can a man go? Why ever believe the lies of a cheating whore?

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Why would he marry her again?

Why would he visit her in France? Why would he care about her, period? She's an unrepentant slut. She probably has a dozen sexually transmitted diseases. You want us to believe that after a little sex,more...

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