tagIncest/TabooI Love Sex

I Love Sex


Let me start by saying, I love sex. I love everything about it. I have since my very first encounter some years ago. After getting that first taste, I craved it. If I couldn't find someone to fuck, I would masturbate, using whatever I could find. As long as I found the release, that's all that mattered to me.

I had been considered the town slut all through high school, just because I love sex. I would fuck anyone, anytime. I enjoyed the feel of a hard cock pumping in and out of me.

Having heard men talk about me my mother thought it best that I move to the next town over as soon as I graduated high school. So at 18 I had a full-time job and a little one bedroom bungalow that my parents had helped me to furnish. It wasn't a palace but at 18 it was to me. I was on my own and able to do whatever and whomever I wanted.

An older married guy I worked with asked me out. I never said no, unless they weren't my type and there were a few out there that I didn't like, not even for fucking. His name was Frank, he was tall and lanky he was nice looking but not handsome.

He took me to a movie and then back to his place. We sat talking for a while and then he stood up and went into the bedroom. Most girls would have left, I followed. When I entered the room, he lay on his back, his cock hard and standing straight in the air. It was the first and only big cock I ever had. It was as long at my forearm, easily twelve or thirteen inches long. It wasn't overly thick, but was four or five inches in girth. I smiled and told him it wasn't going to fit; he laughed and said it would. Hell I was game; I wanted to know what it was like to have that big monster inside me.

Climbing on the bed I straddled him, he pushed inside of me. Just an inch or so. My pussy got wet instantly. I slowly worked my hips forward and back pushing more inside. When I was sure I was full of that long throbbing cock, I started pumping. Looking down I realized that even though I was felt full I only had managed to get half of him in. That would never do and I again started my forward and back movement, slipping more and more inside.

"Sweetie, no one has ever taken all of it before. It's just too big."

"That was before me. I want to have that long bastard buried inside me before I leave here. I don't care how long it takes."

He didn't argue, why would he? After several long minutes, my pussy hair was touching his. I had managed to fill myself. Reaching down I started to rub my clit and without lifting off, I moved forward and back. I started cumming within seconds and then started moving. Slowly lifting myself and then lowering, after several minutes of this I started moving faster.

"I love fucking your cock Frank. I love having that big fucking monster buried inside of me."

Without ceremony he lifted me off and put me on my hands and knees making sure my ass was pointing high in the air and rammed that luscious cock inside me once again.

"Yes, fuck me. Fuck my pussy good. I love it. More, More." I begged.

"You are such a fucking cockwhore, I love ramming my cock in you. I'm gonna fill you with cum too."

"Do it, harder Frank. Fuck me and fill me with your cum."

Grabbing my hair he pulled my hair back and rammed his cock deep inside me and filled me with his cum. So much in fact, it was running down the inside of my thighs. I fell to the bed gasping for air. He fell with me and still filled me. I fell asleep with his cock still buried inside of me. When I woke several hours later, a blindfold covered my eyes and he was moving again.

"I hope you don't mind but I invited a friend over." I thought it would sexy to blindfold you and film this. I smiled and moaned my pleasure.

"Oooh yeah that it's Frank, fuck me. I love your cock."

Without warning he slid a finger in my ass. Another first for me. Instantly I was pushing back. "Oh fuck yeah, I screamed. Oh fuck, that's so fucking good. More, please more." He pushed two in and I began rocking back. I had starting cumming and could feel it running down the inside of my thighs. My only clear thought was of wanting a cock there. Not Franks though it was too big.

"Camera guy, come here." He came to the edge of the bed. I reached out and found he was naked and his cock was hard. Turning my head I took his cock in my mouth. Now all my holes were filled and I thought I was going to pass out from the ecstasy I was feeling.

"That's it baby suck my cock." The voice sounded familiar but I blew it off thinking it was just the sexual haze causing it.

"I want your cock in my ass." I told my unknown lover. After several long seconds of putting the camera down and getting repositioned, I straddled Franks cock and soon felt the pressure of a cock pushing it way into my glory hole. Slowly and methodically he pushed until he was buried to the hilt. I thought I was going to pass out from the shear pleasure. Soon he was moving and I was on fire. Moans filled the room.

"I told you she was hot."

"Yes you did, and I've wanted to tap this for a long time." The man now pumping his cock in and out of my ass said. His voice was raspy and hard to make out. But again it sounded so familiar.

"All that's missing is a cock in my mouth." I thought I had said it in my head but I must have said it aloud. Because Frank said it could be arranged. A hand twisted in my hair and pulled my head back and the cock filling my ass started hammering inside of me.

"Yes, fuck me, fuck my ass. It feels so fucking good having your fat cock stretching me."

He groaned and soon both of them were slamming into me. I was screaming with pleasure, "Don't stop, please don't ever stop." Someone's finger I'm not sure who's started rubbing my clit and I was moaning through yet another orgasam. "Fuuuuuuuuuuccccccccck!" Soon the men who fucked me shuttered and filled me.

My mystery man, got up and without saying another word, turned off the camera. He had filmed the entire thing. Coming up to where I lay in the bed on my back panting for air, he kissed me. It was a long slow hot kiss that had my toes tingling.

Several weeks later Frank approached me at work. "Hey there, I have something for you." I smiled at him. "I bet you do." He handed me a video tape. "It's from the other night. I'm hoping the next time my wife goes out of town we can play again."

"We don't have to wait, you can come to my house anytime."

"No I can't she keeps a pretty tight reign on me. She goes away every couple of months. I dream about fucking you."

"Yeah I dream about it too. I can't wait to get home and watch this. I'll pull out my toys and enjoy the show."

Sitting down he leaned in close. "What kind of toys."

"Well I went out and bought myself some pretty pink glass anal beads and a nice thick glass dildo." He closed his eyes and moaned.

"Did you friend make this for me?"

"No it was my camera, he doesn't know I'm giving you a copy. He got one. He said he jacks off to it every night."

"I can't wait till you see who it was."

"So I do know him?"

"Oh yeah, you don't know how hard it was for me to not cum watching it."

"Will I be able to see his face in the movie?"

"OH yeah. He looks in the camera a couple of times and says things to you."

I couldn't wait to get home. Getting in my car, I pulled my skirt up and started rubbing my pussy. I couldn't remember a time I had been so excited. I wanted to know who this man was. I wanted to have him come to my house and fuck me blind.

Running into the house, I went straight to my bedroom and got my toys. Stripping off my clothes I went back to the living room. Turning on the TV, I pushed in the video and went back to the sofa and waited for my movie to start. There I lay on the bed, you could tell I was sleeping and Frank was moving slowly inside me. I couldn't see my other lover and had to hold back fast forwarding. I didn't, I waited. My finger was rubbing my pussy furiously dipping inside pulling the moisture out and rubbing faster and harder. I was slapping my clit, when I heard myself asking the camera man to come closer. I gasp, I couldn't believe it. Even with the camera in front of his face, I knew who it was.

I hadn't expected it, it should have made me sick, but it didn't. Instead, I reached for my anal beads and pushed them slowly inside. One by one, I moaned watching my mouth slide over his cock.

When he climbed onto the bed, he looked into the camera and mouthed the words.

"I've waited a long time for this little girl." I watched in fascination as my father pushed his cock inside me. Soon my dildo was moving fast and furiously in my cunt. And I was talking to the man on the television.

"Oh yes Daddy fuck me, fuck your little girl. Give it to her, fuck her hot little ass, she loves it. She loves having your cock in her ass."

With my dildo buried deep inside of me and the anal beads still in place, I reached for the phone. When it was picked up, I heard my mothers voice.

"Mom is Daddy home?"

"Yes, what's wrong, you sound out of breath."

"I have a leak in my kitchen and I can't get hold of my landlord. Can I talk to Dad, maybe he can tell me what to do."

"What is it honey."

"Dad can you please come over, I have leak and I need it stopped up."

"I'll be there in a few minutes. Hold tight."

"Ok, Dad don't bring mother. My house is a mess and you know she'll be upset."

Minutes later I heard my fathers voice. "I'm here, where's the leak. It's in here Dad."

As he walked into the kitchen he saw me naked sitting on the counter.

"Hi Daddy."

"Where are you clothes? Where the leak?"

Spreading my legs, I let him see the cum leaking from my pussy.

"It's right here, and you fix it?"

"Are you crazy?"

"No, you know you always wanted to."

He looked up in surprise. "You know." I shook my head. "I always wanted it too Daddy, it was always you."

He came forward and kissed me hard. His hand going to my nipple and he started pinching my nipples making me moan into his mouth.

"Daddy, would you like to taste your little girl's pussy?"

He didn't wait, he pulled a chair close and put my legs on his shoulders and pushed his face between my legs. First taking a deep breath inhaling my scent and then he buried his tongue deep inside me. It was so hot to look down and see him licking and sucking.

"Oh Daddy that feels so fucking good. I've dreamed of this." It wasn't until that moment that I realized why I had never been fulfilled sexually. It was him I wanted, it had always been him.

When I came in his mouth, he looked up at me, his face was covered with the wetness of my pussy and his eyes twinkled. "Oh baby, Daddy has always wanted to do that." It was then he saw the string. "What's this?" and he pulled one free.

"Wait, lets go to the living room." Climbing up on the couch I faced the window my ass sticking out for him. I heard his belt and then his jeans slid down. He didn't remove them. Just moved forward and pushed his throbbing cock deep inside me. Our moans filled the room.

"Oh Daddy. Oh yes."

"You like Daddy's cock?"

"Yes, fuck me Daddy."

He started moving faster and I felt his hand come down hard on my ass as he pulled another bead free. It was even better, the clenching from the smack and the bead pulling out made my eyes roll.

"It drove me nuts, knowing all those other men were fucking you. I wanted it to be me."

"I wanted you too. Every since that time..."

"The time you walked in and found me fucking your mother."

"Yes, oh yes. The only difference is, oooo yeah...she didn't seem to enjoy it and... oh fuck yeah, I love your cock."

"You are so fucking hot, your pussy is so wet. I love hearing it slurp up my cock."

"Fuck me harder, fuck me."

He moved faster, and every so often he would slap my ass and pull a bead free. I had started cumming and I didn't seem to be able to stop. After several long minutes, I felt his body tense.

"Oh baby Daddy's gonna shoot his load of cum in your pussy. Do you want him too?"

"Yes, oh yes, Shoot your load deep inside of me."

I reached down between my legs wanting to come one more time with him. I started teasing my clit as he reached around and pulled on my nipples and I shot over the edge with him.

I rolled over and sat on the couch and Daddy sat down beside me. "I've got to get home to your mother. Even though I want to stay and fuck you all night long. I want to do all the things I've always wanted and say all the things I wanted. But I can't right now."

"Well, you can come over any time. Mom's going to Aunt Sara's in a couple of weeks, maybe I'll come home and stay and take care of you. Would you like that?"

"Only if you're naked when I get home and ready for my cock. I have a bottle of Viagra and hundreds of fantasies to fulfill.

"I can't wait."

Leaning over he took my face in his hands and kissed me. "You're Daddy's girl. I want you to promise you will only fuck men I approve of from now on. No more strangers. You fuck only me and the men I tell you to fuck. Is that understood?"

"What about oral sex?"

"Honey, no sex of any kind with any men." If there is someone I want you to fuck and I'm sending them over I'll call you."

"Are you going to pimp me out or something?"

"No but I have a couple of friends who are in the same situation as I am. The one guy hasn't had sex in ten years and he's married. His wife just won't. He's never cheated but he's horny as hell. Now that we've been together, you're my girl. You'll do what I say."

"Oh Daddy."

He started to get up and I noticed his cock was once again hard. I leaned forward and took it in my mouth. I took him in and savored the flavor. It was me I tasted.

"Oh that's it little girl. Suck Daddy's big cock. Daddy loves fucking your face."

I looked up into his eyes letting him see I liked it too.

"Oh Karen, you're such a little whore. You're Daddys little whore aren't you? Daddy's dirty little fucking whore."

Pulling back for only the briefest moment, I smiled up at him. "Yes Daddy."

He pushed my mouth back over his cock. "Suck it, suck Daddy's hard cock."

I continued sucking until I felt his balls tighten and when he started to cum, I took some in my mouth and then let the rest shoot over my tits. I rubbed in it moaning my joy.

"I'll smell you all day now Daddy. Later when I watch the video again and I play with my pussy, I'll smell your sweet cum."

"Mmm, I like that idea. Did you like watching Daddys cock ramming in and out of your tight little ass?"

"Yes I did and I can't wait until you do it again."

"Soon darling. Soon. I think you shouldn't put anything in there for the next two weeks. Let it get nice and tight for daddy. That way when he pushes his cock it will be nice and tight."

"Okay Daddy anything you want."

"Remember Karen, no fucking unless I send them."

"I remember Daddy."

Two hours later my phone rang at the same time as my doorbell rang. I couldn't believe it was starting already. But then that's a story for another time.

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