tagInterracial LoveI Love The Way You Touch Me

I Love The Way You Touch Me


This was co-written with a friend for a role play we're a part of. Hope you enjoy!


Briana sighed softly as she waited for Derek. She had left Brielle alone, getting the feeling that the other woman just needed time to think. She bit her lip as she thought about everything that had gone on in this manor, but she knew her feelings.

Derek smiled when he saw Briana. "Hey baby girl, everything okay?" He asked softly.

Her eyes lit up when she saw him, and without thinking twice, she made her way over to him, wrapping her arms around him and giving him a sweet kiss. "As okay as it can be," she murmured softly. "I had a talk with Brielle," she said, meeting his eyes. "I think we need to have the same talk..."

Derek hugged her to him. "I think that would be a good idea." he murmured. "Do you want to go to my room or take a walk, baby girl?"

She practically melted against him as he hugged her to him and gave him a small smile. "Your room's fine. I don't think we'll be disturbed there anyway," she said.

"Works for me," Derek picked Bri up and swung her around so she was on his back. Once he was sure she had a good grip on him, he started to walk to his room.

Briana laughed as she wrapped her arms around him, holding on as he headed to his room. She hummed softly, nibbling on his neck as they moved.

Derek growled softly as she started to nibble on his neck and he quickly made it back to his room. He gently set her down and pulled her over to the couch. Once they were settled comfortably, he cleared his throat. "I want you to know that I will never do anything to willingly get in between you and Brielle."

She smirked at his growl, and she chuckled softly. She let him pull her over to the couch about ready to tell him what was on her mind, but he beat her to it. She sighed and moved so she was straddling his lap. "Derek," she began, meeting his eyes. "I care about you both," she said softly. "I can't see you getting in between Brielle and me, and I can't see either of you asking me to choose one or the other." Her hand moved to his cheek, her thumb softly moving over his lips. "Even if you guys made me, I'd refuse to. I'm a greedy bitch...haven't you noticed?" she chuckled.

Nipping at her thumb, Derek pulled her closer to him. "I have noticed but I don't mind you being greedy. What you and Brielle have is special." He smiled up at her, running his hands over her legs and backside. "I really don't want to lose what the three of us have together but Blondie's and yours happiness comes first."

Bri returned his smile, her body reacting to his touch, to his closeness. "She's got a thing for her cowboy, and I can't deny her that," she murmured softly. "You make me happy....you do realize that, don't you?" she asked, emotion flashing in her eyes.

"I know she does, just like I know she would choose him if she has a chance." Derek smiled softly. "You make me happy too, baby girl. Both of you do in your own unique way." He tugged her down for a kiss. "I promise, I'll never make you choose between us. I couldn't do that to either of you." He already knew he would walk away before letting or making her choose.

She returned his kiss, lightly nipping at his lip. "I'm not going to choose. Honestly, there's no real choice," she whispered softly. Her lips moved to his neck so she wouldn't have to meet his eyes. "If anything, Brielle and I can always go back to being friends. And you? I refuse to lose you....I don't even want to think about it," she said softly, pressing her lips against his skin.

Derek pulled back and cupped her chin in his hand gently so she would look at him. "I understand there will be nights you are with Blondie and not me and I'm cool with that." He looked at her seriously. "If you and Blondie decide to go back to being friends it will because you two decided that...not me in any way." He let go of her chin and kissed her fiercely. "You're stuck with me, baby girl. The only way you are going to lose me is if you tell me to get the fuck out."

Briana met his eyes, her own filling with unknown emotions. She gasped as he kissed her, returning it and pressing close against him. "Good to know," she murmured, "but it's not going to happen," she said, smiling softly.

"Glad to hear that," murmured Derek as he brought her back down for another heated kiss, letting his hand run over her body.

"You have no idea how much you've come to mean to me," she whispered, her hands shaking slightly as she slid them down his chest. "At first, it was just some silly little crush, and then I got to know you....and then I got to touch you," she murmured, her lips at his neck again. She nipped at his skin as her hands slid under his shirt, humming softly at the feel of his skin beneath her hands. "Promise you won't leave," she whispered, her tongue darting out to taste his skin.

Derek growled softly at her touches, his hands sliding up under her shirt. "I won't leave, baby girl...not willingly." He drew her shirt off over her head and leaned forward to bury his face into her cleavage. "Your marks are fading," he mumbled. "You need new ones..." he turned slightly to bite her breasts hard enough to leave an impression of his teeth.

She dragged her nails down his chest as he buried his face against her cleavage. "They are...and I do," she said softly, moaning and pulling him closer as he bit her. She rocked against him, something about him leaving his marks on her waking up something almost primal in her. Lightly, her nails scratched at the back of his neck as she watched him.

Reaching around, Derek quickly unhooked her bra freeing her breasts. "Fuck, I want you so bad, baby doll," he purred against her skin. His hands become rougher on her. He stood her up so that he could unbutton her pants and tug them down along with her panties. "God, you are fucking gorgeous, Bri..." he murmured as he looked up at her.

"I'm yours to take," she moaned. She arched her back, pressing herself against him. A soft whimper left her as his hands became rougher, and she bit her lip as he had her stand. She stepped out of her pants and smiled down at him. "I'm glad you think so," she said softly. She stepped closer to him, her eyes flashing with desire.

Derek growled as he ran his hands up her legs and then around to cup her ass. He leaned forward to nip hard at her hip. "Tell me what you want, baby girl," he murmured. "Tell me what you want me to do to you tonight..."

Briana smirked slightly, a soft hum leaving her when he nipped at her. "I want you to make me come, handsome," she hummed softly. "I want you to make me scream again and again. I want you to fuck me and possess me and leave no doubt in my mind that I'm yours," she said, her eyes darkening.

Derek nipped at her hip again as he growled at her words. He stood up, towering over her as a predatory look came into his eyes. "Oh you're mine, baby girl. The only person I'll share you with is Blondie..." he yanked his shirt off and moved his hands to his belt. "You...bed...now..." he growled as he discarded the rest of his clothes before following her.

She could feel the wetness pooling between her legs at his growl, felt it even more at his look. Her breath caught, and she bit her lip, watching as he stripped. She took a step toward him, wanting to touch him before he growled out his order. "Anything you want," she whispered, making her way to the bed.

Derek waited for her to climb onto the bed and stalked after her very reminiscent of the lion on his shoulder. He crawled on the bed and continued to move towards her until she was pressed against the headboard. Growling softly he pulled her legs wide apart and thrust into her hard. "So fucking tight," he groaned as he set a hard pace, not giving her body a chance to adjust to his size.

There was a bit of defiance in her gaze as he backed her against the headboard, and she bit her lip as she fought not to smirk. A soft gasp left her as she felt the headboard, and she whimpered when he pulled her legs apart. A scream was torn from her as he filled her in one hard thrust, her back arching from the headboard. She wrapped her arms around him, keeping her legs spread wide for him as she began to move with him, cries leaving her each time he thrust into her.

Derek adjusted the angle of her hips slightly. He smirked at her cries as he thrust into her. He couldn't hit her any deeper than he was but it didn't stop him from trying. "My baby girl," he growled. "I love how you take me, I love hearing you scream for me." He bit her lip hard before he claimed her mouth as his animalistic nature started to come more to the surface.

"Yours," she whispered, her nails digging into his shoulders, her legs hooking over his hips. She felt herself falling fast toward the edge and moaned as he bit her lip, tasting the barest hint of blood when they kissed. She was as rough as she could be with him, her nails digging in, scratching as her hips rocked against him. She loved the way he took her, loved the marks he left on her. It wasn't very long before a scream left her, her release washing over her causing her muscles to clamp down on him.

Growling in satisfaction as she screamed out her release, Derek increased his pace. He tore his mouth away from hers and started to kiss and nip down her neck. "Talk to me baby girl...tell me how it feels," he urged right before biting down where her neck met her shoulder, shaking his head a bit as he did so.

Her hand slipped to the back of his head, pressing him closer against her. "I love the way you fuck me, Derek," Bri moaned. "No one fucks me as good as you do. No one stretches me and fills me like you do," she murmured. "I love wearing your marks..." she cried out again as he hit a sensitive spot, her nails digging into his shoulder again.

Derek gnawed on her neck until he broke skin. Her words caused another growl to slip from him. He raised his head to look at her. "I'm going to fuck you every which way tonight, baby girl. I'm going to claim every inch of you, including that gorgeous ass of yours."

He abruptly stopped to slowly withdraw from her. He reached over to place a pillow between her head and the headboard. "By the time I'm done with you, you won't be able to walk straight or sit down." He growled again as he slammed back into her with enough force to move her forward. He withdrew again only to repeat the process over and over, each thrust becoming harder and harder.

A moan left her, her eyes flashing with lust and other emotions at his words. When he stopped and withdrew, she cried out. "No....don't stop," she begged. A sigh left her as he reached for the pillow, and a flare of excitement with through her. She screamed in delight as he slammed into her, causing her to hit against the headboard. She gripped the sheets beneath her, her head thrown back in pleasure as he quickly pushed to towards another release.

There was nothing sweet or gentle in the way that he took her. His thrusts were brutally hard, his fingers bruising her flesh where he gripped her hips. He looked at her, his eyes wild and the smile he gave her was like one would give their prey. "Scream, Briana. Scream for me..." he demanded, each word accentuated by a hard thrust. "Now!"

Her hands were on his arms, fingers digging in harder with each thrust. She could only take what he was giving her, not really having a choice but to. She cried out with each thrust, and the look he was giving her awoke something in her. Her eyes darkened even more, and at his demand, she screamed out his name, her nails digging in and piercing skin as her release tore through her, her body trembling and jerking from the intensity.

"That's my baby girl," Derek purred as her muscles clenched around him. He growled not ready to give into his own release yet and after bringing her back down he withdrew completely. He got up and moved her so that her ass was at the edge of the bed. "Hold your legs as far apart as they will go," he demanded as he sank back into her with a growl. He slid his hands up her torso to her neck where he gently squeezed, watching her carefully.

Bri's cries faded to soft moans and whimpers as he brought her back down, and her hands slid up, arms wrapping around his neck. She gasped as he withdrew, suddenly feeling very empty. She bit down on her lip, doing as she was told and moaning with pleasure as he filled her again. She watched him as she felt his hands at her neck, another soft gasp leaving her as he gently squeezed. Her eyes darkened again, but she didn't flinch, trusting him completely.

Running his thumbs along the front of her throat, he smirked at the look in her eyes and how they darkened. "Like that Briana?" he whispered as he squeezed a little bit harder before releasing. "I love how you will let me do anything to you," he thrust hard into her again. "I could seriously hurt you," he growled, "...but you trust me, don't you, baby girl?" He squeezed as she started to cry out. Her reactions and trust in him turning him on more than ever before.

She didn't have a chance to reply before he squeezed a bit harder, her eyes darkening even more. She moaned at his thrust, her hands sliding up his arms again. "I trust you," she whispered, crying out as he thrust into her again and again. She felt his hands tighten on her throat again, and the soft moan caught in her throat. Her hands lightly squeezed his arms, letting him know that she was okay.

"Good girl," Derek growled as his thrusts started to get faster and rougher. "I love how you let me fuck you." He drove as deep as he could get into her as he squeezed her throat intermittently. He knew he wasn't going to be able to hold on much longer at the rate he was going and the line they were playing at. "Come for me again, Briana," he whispered as he squeezed harder than before.

It was getting more difficult to keep her legs spread for him, and she could feel herself start to slip again. "Derek..." she whispered, her words getting cut off as he squeezed again. She bit her lip, her nails biting into his skin as her breath cut off. Her nails dug in even harder as her orgasm hit her hard and fast, her legs wrapping around his waist as her body jerked against him. Instead of screaming, she gasped as pleasure coursed through her.

Her orgasm snapped his restraint. He thrust wildly into her, easing up on her throat just enough so she wouldn't pass out. With a strangled cry, he gave one last brutally hard thrust and spilled his release into her. He let go of her throat as he brought them back down.

Derek moved to lie back down on the bed and tugged her up with him. "You do realize you're in trouble for not keeping your legs spread apart, don't you baby girl?" he purred softly with a smirk.

Bri screamed as his released triggered another of hers, and her legs tightened around him. Again, she whimpered as he withdrew, only to smile softly as she ended up curled up against him. She purred softly, looking up at him. "I couldn't help it," she murmured softly, leaning up to press a kiss to his jaw. "Then again, I can't say that I dread trouble from you," she chuckled softly.

Derek arched a brow at her as the predatory look returned to his eyes. "Oh really now?" Before she could react he had her flipped over onto her hands and knees. "No coming until I let you, baby girl." He growled softly as his hand landed on her ass. "You will not like the consequences if you do." He warned as he brought his hand back down again and again.

She shivered at the look in his eyes, and the next thing she knew, she was on her hands and knees. She bit her lip and before she could wonder what he was going to do, his hand landed on her ass. She cried out, the pain and pleasure mixing. "Can I at least move?" She asked, looking over her shoulder at him, crying out each time his hand came down on her.

"You can move all you want, just don't come, baby girl." Derek growled. He kept bringing his hand down on her ass, the inside and back of her thighs. "I love how red your skin is turning but it's not enough...not yet." he murmured with a smirk as she cried out for him.

Briana rocked back against him, moaning and crying out at each spank. Her skin tingled where his hand came down and pleasure and pain mingled within her. "Then give me more," she said, her voice hoarse from her cries. "Please, Derek....hurt me..."

Derek turned his ring around so it could leave little welts on her ass and thighs as he continued to spank her, harder and harder. He ached to be buried inside her but he wasn't going to give that to her yet. He suddenly thrust his fingers roughly into her with a growl. "You are so fucking wet, baby girl. You like me spanking you like this don't you?" he purred. Pulling his fingers back out he spanked her hard enough that his hand started to feel the effects. He ran his nails over her redden ass, making sure to go over as many of the little welts as he could.

She cried out even louder, feeling his ring come down on her. She was getting closer and closer to her release, and when he thrust his fingers into her, she moaned, biting her lip as she fought back her release. Her muscles gripped him, and she knew he could tell how close she was. She whimpered softly, knowing she wouldn't be able to hold on much longer. "I do...God help me, but I do," she moaned suddenly feeling empty when he withdrew his fingers. "So close, baby...." she whispered, her back arching and causing her ass to raise higher as his nails ran over her skin.

"Come for me Briana, come while I spank you...while I hurt you so good," Derek demanded with a growl. "Then I'll reward you with my cock." He brought his hand down again but instead of on her ass or thighs, his hand landed directly over her center. He smirked at her reaction as he brought his hand down again on her.

She cried out, not sure what to make of the sensation. As pleasure began to register, his hand made contact with her again, and she bit her lip, whimpering as he pushed her closer to the edge. It didn't take much more for her to scream out his name, pleasure raking through her body as her release spread through her.

Derek couldn't describe the rush that went through him as he made her come like that. Her screams was like music to him and he knew then that he was quite addicted to it. He pulled her towards the edge of the bed, still on her hands and knees and stood behind her. He slowly eased himself into her with a moan. He grabbed her hips and started to thrust lightly into her, knowing the slow pace would just torment her.

Her body was still trembling as he pulled her to the edge of the bed, and a moan slipped from her when he eased himself into her. She pushed back on him, loving the feel of his hands on her. She bit her lip as she fought to keep with the pace he set, wanting him thrusting harder into her. She looked back at him, her eyes dark and filled with emotion.

The look she gave him was his undoing. He held her eyes as he started to thrust harder into her, his fingers on her hips digging in even more. "God, you feel so fucking good, baby girl." he groaned. This mere slip of a girl had wormed her way past his defenses and he knew now that he could never give her up.

Bri cried out in pleasure as he thrust harder into her, desire and heat flaring within her. "So do you, sexy," she moaned softly. Her hands curled into the sheets as she rocked back against him, taking him as deep as she could.

Derek reached forward and fisted her hair. Using his grip on her hair he pulled her back on him as he thrust into her even harder. He loved how she took everything he gave her and still wanted more. He loved how he didn't have to hold back with her. He growled her name as he became more animalistic, more primal in his taking of her and it showed in his rough and wild thrusts.

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