tagRomanceI Love You

I Love You


Chapter One / The Wedding

Fabien sat down heavily at a table near the bridal party. He eyed once of the bride's maids he has seen at the alter during the wedding. Her hair was a mixture of light brown and blonde which were in small corkscrews around her pretty face and her deep blue eyes. She was beautiful beyond anything he had ever seen but what really made him feel a warm tingle inside was her smile, full of laughter and kindness.

He bit his lip, he wanted to ask her to dance but he hardly knew her. Slowly he counted to 10. " 1, 2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ,6, 7, 8, 9, 10," he got up and walked over to her. "Hey, would you like to dance?"

"Um sure." She took his proffered hand and they walked over to the dance floor. The moment Fabien's feet touched the dance floor he was all cool again, he was where he was meant to be.

"My name is Fabien Riften by the way."

"Aria Areece," she blushed which was what most of her kind did when they met Fabien's gaze. His sandy gold shaggy hair and bright blue eyes with his deep feel smile usually got most of the girls blushing. They began to dance, Aria's head on his shoulder as the slowly revolved on the spot. Next was a much more up beat song and by the end they were both out of breath.

"I'll get us some drinks," said Fabien as they stepped off the dance floor. Aria nodded walking back to the bridal party's table. Fabien made his way back to Aria with two glasses of champagne in his hands. He sat next across from her, smiling he handed her the glass of champagne.

"Thank you Fabien." She blushed again, "so what's your background?"

"I'm a doctor and work at the Penbrook Hospital. I play guitar and write stories in my free time," he paused, " and I'm sitting across from a beautiful lady that I would like to know about."

Aria smiled, "Okay then, I work in the medical field too, I'm a nurse and I draw in my spare time. I enjoy the wilderness and I'm sitting across from a very smooth talker. She smiled and he smiled back. "Would you like to come to the after dinner at my father's lodge?"

"I would be delighted."

Chapter Two / The Lodge

Fabien followed Aria off the boat to a view of an expansive forest surround a large lodge made from wood and a distant sand beach. "You want to catch some fish with me out on the lake with me?," called Aria already up the lodge steps.

"Sure if you want my company." They both dressed into more causal clothes and headed back out to the dock. He looked back as they pushed off from the dock, "Your dad has a pretty nice place up here. What's the matter?" Aria's face had turned gray.

"There's something I haven't told you Fabien, I'm sorry." She began to cry, tears cascading down her face.

Fabien went over to her and held her in his arms, "It's okay, just tell me."

Aria hiccupped, "I'm engaged to another man, but, but...," her voice trailed off.

"It's okay just tell me." Aria's tears dampened his shirt as she cried again her face buried in his shirt.

"I, I don't really like him, I'm marrying him because he is wealthy and pays for our house and everything else. Our family would be broke with out him and, my, my father might have to go to jail if he can't pay off his debts. He thinks that he can buy everything with money even love. He's cold inside though and he sometimes hurts me."

"Fabien's face grew somber, "You don't have to marry him, you can marry whoever you like, I'll make sure he doesn't hurt you when I'm around. How come his wasn't at the wedding, or was he?

He wasn't there he always makes excuses for stuff like that." She had stopped crying.

"Whatever happens you deserve someone as great as you are, he stared deep into her eyes, lets go catch some fish now okay?" Aria nodded conflicting emotions bouncing around her mind.

Chapter Three / Jack McLancy

Aria sat kitty-corner from Fabien at dinner and next to Jack McLancy her fiancé. Dinner seemed to pass in a blurred movie. Everyone laughed and talked to Fabien who seemed to get on very well with everyone. Then she averted her eyes to the man next to her, a hairy, unshaven, smelly man. He sat slouching eating loudly. She shuddered, how could she live with him too?

That night she lay in bed alone Jack had said that he had to meet up with some friends of his in town and was staying there for the night. She thanked god, sleeping with him was awful. She lay awake for what seemed like an hour.

Finally she got up and went out into the hallway. She crept to the last door in the hallway and tapped gently on the door. She waited five seconds then turned back down the hallway.

"Aria?," came a whisper. She spun around Fabien stood in the doorway. He beckoned her over. "What's the matter?"

"Sorry for waking you, I can't sleep could I um, come in?

"Jack not here tonight?" She nodded. "Come on in then I guess." He got back into bed followed by Aria. He pulled the blanket over her then laid back down and closed his eyes.

"I really like you, do you want to take a walk tomorrow?," she whispered

"Yes I would," he whispered back. He laid his hand on hers and fell asleep.

Chapter Four / The Beach

The next morning Fabien woke up, Aria's head on his shoulder. "Aria wake up, wake up," he said gently stoking her hair.

She opened her eyes and got out of the bed, " I'll see you by the door in ten minutes I'll get us something to eat so don't worry. He nodded and she left. He pulled himself out of bed and opened the closet he selected a pair of kaki cargo shorts and a white collared shirt with short sleeves.

Chapter Four / The Beach

He met her at the door with two minutes to spare and sat down in a armchair. "Out all the clothes you pick kaki and white which don't really match but it looks good on you." He turned his head to see Aria in blue jean shorts and a blue top. She held a backpack in one hand a pair of sandals in the other. "Here put these on you don't want to wear dress shoes."

"Thanks, I'll carry that." He took the backpack from her and they set off Aria in the lead. They walked for hours holding hands as the went through the woods. Coming to a opening in the trees they stepped out unto a beach. Hand in hand they walked close to the clear water and sat down.

They sat eating fruit and toast watching the waves, sometimes a quick glance at the other and then they smiled to themselves. Fabien scooted closer to Aria and she looked at him, they stared at each other then he kissed her as they wrapped their hands around each other's waists in a close embrace. However they were interpreted by a gruff voice.

"What the hell are you doing with my fiancée?" What followed was a bone breaking punch to Fabien's back, then another in the head.

"Jack, Jack stop, stop!," screamed Aria.

"I'm not gonna stop till he gets away from you from all of us," he yelled pushing her to the ground and pulling Fabien to his feet and kneeing him in the groin then a punch to his gut which knocked the air out of him. Getting him into a full nelson he hauled him into the forest towards a black pickup truck and began to tie up Fabien with some rope. He tossed him in and shutting it firmly behind him and slamming the lid down.

"Jack, Jack, please let him go, let him go." He grabbed her too but put her in the front with him. He started the truck a firm grasp on her shirt. The drove for about fifteen minutes to a deserted area near a tidal pool. With one hand he toke Aria's hand almost breaking it and with the other slung Fabien over his shoulder.

He struggled over to a large oak tree, dropping Fabien to the ground still bound and tied Aria to a sapling. Next he carefully untied Fabien's arms and legs and bound them around to the oak tree without letting him take a swing. Once they were both bound tightly so they couldn't get away he went back to his truck and returned with a whip in one hand and short knife in the other.

"Never," he slugged Fabien in the head with the hand that held the whip, "ever," he stabbed him in the right forearm with the knife, "kiss," he kneed him in the groin, "my," he whipped him across the face, "fiancée," he whipped his legs which cut through his skin and poured blood, "again" he punched him in the gut. Fabien hung in bloody tatters and cuts as Jack stabbed him and whipped him repeatedly. Then he kneed and punched him in the groin again and again and again. He swung around and began to untie Aria who lay crying.

"Your coming with me," he said to Aria. He hauled her to two trees close together and tied her so that she hung between both. "You never ever gonna tell this to anyone that this ever happened or I beat up your boyfriend, or I'll come back here and kill him. If you try to rescue him I'll find you two and kill you both. " He dropped his pants to the knees and pulled out his penis, "suck this or I'll kill you too. Aria cried, looking away from him. "Do it now!" He ripped at her shirt tearing it and brought her closer. He shoved her mouth over his penis and began to move back and forth.

Chapter Five / The Escape

Aria lay awake in bed Jack's hair arms around her while his stench almost made her throw up. She hadn't told anyone about the incident on the beach or in the woods. Jack had told everyone that Fabien had left saying he felt like he was intruding in the family and he had brought him back town. Now she was stuck doing everything as he said, he never left her alone for a minute.

She made her decision, she squeezed out from Jack's arms he groaned. She crept over to his discarded pants and pulled his keys from the pocket, the pants were wet, gross. Next she gathered a fishing line, a knife, some matches, blankets, her medical bag and a pair of clothes for Fabien. Silently she unlocked the front door and went over to the black truck. Climbing into the truck she started the engine swearing at the noise but no light flicked on.

Aria drove for half an hour until she came to the clearing once more, in the darkness she could make out a form tied to an oak tree dead or alive she could not tell. She parked the car and jumped out running towards the figure. Fabien hung limply eyes clothes to the tree cuts and bruising covering his body. She cut the ropes with the knife freeing his legs then his arms. He fell heavily onto her but not crushing her unlike what Jack's weight would have certainly done. She pulled him into the woods away from the blood splattered tree into the dense forest. Aria kissed him on the forehead and went back for the stuff in the car.

When she returned Fabien still lay motionless leaning on the tree she had propped him up against. Carefully she pulled off his shirt which were more rags than anything and toke a cleansing wipe from her medical bag. His torso twitched as she wiped away the blood but the gashes still remained. Next she toke a white roll of bandage and began wrapping it around him. She pulled the extra shirt over his head and down to his waist.

She did the same with his calves for she didn't wish to take off his shorts or underwear without his permission. Aria laid him down on one blanket then pulled the other over them as he had once done for her. She lay next to him hoping that Jack wouldn't come after them.

Chapter Six / Awakening

Fabien opened his eyes his body ached especially around his groin which felt tender. Someone had fixed him up, he looked to his left, Aria lay asleep beside him. He sat up and at his movements Aria woke up too.

"Oh Fabien, I've missed you so much, I just worried about you all the time...," she rambled on as Fabien gazed at her.

"Thank you Aria I owe you my life," and he wrapped his arms around her in a gentle embrace, " I love you." She blushed red again.

"I, I um didn't patch up your thighs and...I didn't know...," he voice trailed off.

"I don't mind," he smiled at her fondly. He pulled off his shorts and underwear and lay next to Aria. Blushing crimson now she cleansed his wounds and bound them too trying not to look at his bruised groin. She gave him the fresh pair of shorts and got up.

"I can't really do anything for them she gestured at his crotch."

Fabien smiled, "I didn't think so," his breath came in shudders as he got up too. Taking her hand he walked over to the pool of water. He looked into the water and saw his face a gash from chin bone to right eye. "Do you still love me?"

"Of course Fabien why wouldn't I."

" I'm weakened, scarred and broken."

"You won't be forever," and she kissed him on the lips, "I'm just glad your alive and you still love me." They walked hand in hand down to the beach, Fabien stumbled in the sand falling on Aria's shoulder. "Are you okay," she wrapped his arm around her neck. He nodded. "Stay here okay I'll go get our stuff.

Fabien waited a couple minutes, then he heard a shriek from maybe fifteen meters away. He got up slowly, shuddering and stumbling towards the noise. Gasping for air he arrived at the scene, a huge bobcat was slowly advancing on Aria who lay on the ground holding her ankle. Fabien searched around for a second pulling a heavy branch from the ground. He almost dropped it but with all his strength he whacked the Bobcat in the head. This did nothing more than avert it's attention to Fabien. It pounced, clawing Fabien from right shoulder to left hip over his already cut and bruised body. With a grunt he toke another swing and luckily hit the bobcat in the left eye. It retreated whimpering its eye bloody and blind.

"Aria are you, are you okay?" Her ankle trembled as she tried to get up.

"I think my ankle is broken I tripped when I was trying to get back to the beach.

Fabien sighed, "I can carry you but we should get to the car and start driving before Jack finds us." With great effort he lifted Aria so that he cradled her in his arms so not to put pressure on her ankle. Carefully and slowly he made his way back to the black pickup.

Chapter Seven / The Return

Laughter broke the silence as Fabien put Aria in the passenger side of the pickup. "Think I wouldn't find you eh?," came Jack's snide voice around the other side of the car. He came around to Fabien and punched him the head. Fabien slid to the ground unconscious.

Fabien opened his eyes, he was in a large room strapped to a metal plate with thick metal bands that cut into his flesh. He was completely naked.

"You've woke up now have you? Time I pay you back for something," he said sliding a metal bands connected to wires around Fabien's penis. He then suckered suction cups also connected to wires to his biceps, nipples, abs, thighs and shins. Next he suckered two larger ones to his testicles "You were with my girlfriend again, hmm, I'd say that's worth a 100 volt starter.

Jack pressed the button, Fabien realized what would come next a half of second before it happened he tightened up ready for the shock. He screamed, the voltages were torture, it was pain beyond anything he could imagine. He could tell by the way Jack acted he was severely drunk, mad and insane.

Jack laughed pushed the button again, "How about 200 volts." Fabien again screamed passing out as his system shut down, he slumped in his bonds.

Aria climbed out of the pickup holding a short knife. She hopped one legged to the house grabbing onto the rail. She quickly went through the door. A scream broke the silence, it was from below her. She went to the door that lead to the basement, opening it quietly she went down the stairs. Aria saw Jack laughing then Fabien unconscious, naked with electric volt bouncers covering his body. She ran towards Jack and stabbed him in the neck.

In slow motion he fell writhing to the ground, then lay still. Dead.

Chapter Eight / Homecoming

One week and three days later Fabien came to. Aria lay beside him, her head resting on his chest. The lay in a small room with one window showing a hot tub outside. "I can never repay you Aria," he stroked her hair as he had done so long ago it seemed.

She opened her eyes, "Fabien, at last, I've missed you voice so much," she hugged him tightly.

"How about we take a dip in that hot tub out there?" He got up besides some pain in his groin area he felt fine. He went outside taking off his clothes as he went realizing that they were in a alcove were only people from the bedroom could see them. He slid in the tub with a moan, it was bliss.

Shyly Aria undressed, she was as beautiful without her clothes as with. She slid in next to Fabien. They soon were wrapped in a fierce embrace kissing long and hard. When they broke apart he pulled Aria onto his lap and began massaging her breasts.

"I love you," said Fabien.

"I love you," said Aria. She toke Fabien's penis and testicles and massaged them. Fabien groaned with satisfaction. For a moment Fabien let go of Aria reaching over the side of the tub taking something out of the pocket. He put whatever he toke into his mouth.

Sliding Aria off himself he kissed her. She reached into her mouth, astonished, "Will you Aria Areece, marry me, Fabien Riften?"

"Yes Fabien I will." She held in her hand a gold ring with a large diamond inlay.

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