I Love You Ch. 10


"I can't!" she whined and Jezebel tightened the chain to the point Ludvine could feel her skin tearing.

"If you don't, I'll wait until you black out and do it myself," she chuckled, "if your larynx is still in tact."

Ludvine, afraid her larynx was already severely damaged, quickly put the cuff around her ankle than securely locked it in place.

"Smart girl." Jezebel grinned letting go of the chain, she stood up and stepped away from Ludvine, looking down at the maid cowering on the floor, "By the way, thanks for letting me go, I'll be sure to tell Jake just how helpful you were in my escape."

"You wouldn't dare!" she hissed.

"I'll tell him you were so consumed with jealousy you orchestrated the whole thing, right down to you being chained up to make it look realistic. To bad it backfired on you and I got the upper hand."

"You bitch!" she cried slapping the floor with her hand.

"absolutely." she smiled with pride, "oh and one last thing." She smiled deviously clenching her fist as she walked towards the maid.


Beatrix looked up as she heard the blood curdling scream. Geoffrey ran into the kitchen his face red and flushed

"What was that?" he gasped

"I have no idea?" she said jumping a bit as the next horrible scream echoed through the house.

"It sounds like Ludvine." another scream rocked the room.

"it is Ludvine." they heard a door slam and scrambled back into the dining room, they peeped out of the door to see Jezebel running down the stairs than going towards Jake's office.

"Oh no." Geoff said with dread.

"Shhh." Bea put her finger to her lips and Geoff nodded.

"This is bad."

"Be quiet Geoff." she whispered. A few minutes later Jezebel walked through with a bag filled with god knows what, than ran back up the stairs.

"Ugh oh." Geoffrey gasped again, "Should we do something?"

"Not a chance," Bea smiled, "that girl gets what she deserves. Look at the horrible things she did to Jez, while she was defenseless." she walked into the kitchen humming as she went back to fixing the meal. Geoffrey took one last look up stairs than went back to his own duties.

"I guess." Geoff said wondering if he should do something regardless of his wife.

"Besides, how do we know what's going on, we have been to busy doing our job to notice Jezebel is loose."

"I don't know Bea; I have a really bad feeling about this."

"Don't worry, Jake called a little while ago, he's on his way back, he should be here any minute now! He will take care of it."


Jake had gone way too far and he knew it, he was man enough to admit that and he would not only admit it to Jezebel but he would apologize to her as well. Yes the very word he avoided for fear of his tongue shriveling up than falling out of his mouth. He contemplated his words carefully as he pulled in front of his house. He quickly ran inside than went straight for the stairs that would lead to her bedroom door.

He opened it to see a bruised and bloodied Ludvine stripped and chained to the floor, her hands tied behind her back with her own bra and what appeared to be her panties in her mouth preventing her from talking. But she sure was crying up a storm. Jezebel had also managed to wrap the chain that was clearly hooked around her ankle around her body and even managed to some how fasten her ankles to her wrists, completely immobilizing her. Jake looked at the big "fuck you" written on her forehead in lipstick. He grinned before the lights went out and the room went black.


"Come on Davis." Darleen said.

"Where are we going?" Davis asked.

"To Jake's."

"I thought he just left."

"He did, but I need to make sure he lets that girl go."

"But mom-"

"No buts' you're taking me to Jake's!" Darleen demanded and Davis nodded.


"I'm going up there."

"Geoff no, please, Jake's up there with her now, its fine."

"Something's not right Beatrix."

"Give them a little space." She tried to persuade him.

"But Ludvine went up, than Jez came down, than went back up with a big bag of something I know is dangerous, than Jake came and-" he began to mumble almost incoherently, his anxieties and his need to do the right thing were acting up

"Geoff, sweet heart, just calm down, everything is alright." she cut him off, holding his shoulders. "Jake's up there, I guarantee you he has it all under control."

"I don't know Bea-" he said with that strange feeling of unease settling over him.

"You worry to much." she shook her head; she smiled than kissed his cheek "everything is going to be just fine now."

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