tagIncest/TabooI Love You, Need You & Want You, Ma

I Love You, Need You & Want You, Ma


This is a Valentine's Day contest story

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There are no characters under the age of 18-years-old in this story.

Based on a true story, this is a mother and son novel length, Happy Valentine's Day story of love, romance, compassion, and understanding with lots of forbidden, incestuous sex.


Index/Chapter Synopsis

Chapter 00: Robert, 24-years-old, is in love with 48-year-old, best friend Elizabeth.

Chapter 01: Robert finally has sex with Elizabeth.

Chapter 02: Elizabeth gives Robert the best blowjob of his young life.

Chapter 03: Robert's mother not only catches her son having sex but also watches him having sex while masturbating herself.

Chapter 04: Embarrassed and ashamed, Robert confronts his mother for her reaction to watching him having sex. Yet, instead of facing the elephant in the room, she sweeps her son's sexual attraction to her under the rug.

Chapter 05: Making the best of an awkward situation. Robert celebrates Valentine's Day with his mother.

Chapter 06: Robert tries to help with his mother's sadness.

Chapter 07: SusanJillParker is to blame for Robert's incestuous, sexual attraction to his mother.

Chapter 08: Robert tries and fails to replicate his mother by dating women who not only look like her but also walk like her, talk like her, and laugh like her.

Chapter 09: Alone on Valentine's Day, with no one he'd rather be with, Robert keeps his mother company.

Chapter 10: After she had too much to drink, Robert imagines carrying his mother to bed and undressing her while having his incestuous, sexual way with her naked body.

Chapter 11: Flashing panties versus flashing pantyhose

Chapter 12: Robert wishes he was his mother's lover in addition to being her son.

Chapter 13: Robert offers to make his mother an online dating profile and to take some sexy photos for her to post.

Chapter 14: Robert wishes he could draw his mother a bubble bath before giving her a full body massage.

Chapter 15: Elizabeth flashes her son more than her panties. She mindlessly flashes him her camel toe, pussy slit, and the darker patch of blonde pubic hair through her sheer panties.

Chapter 16: For her to finally get a good night's sleep, Robert volunteers to sleep with his mother while holding her, cuddling her, spooning her, and comforting her.

Chapter 17: Elizabeth flashes her naked body to her son.

Chapter 18: "I'm not contagious. Don't be afraid to touch me and hold me. I won't bite," she said turning to him with a nervous laugh.

Chapter 19: Elizabeth invites her son to sleep with her in her bed while holding her, cuddling her, spooning her, and comforting her.

Chapter 20: Mother and son strip naked while in bed together

Chapter 21: "Maybe I should go to my room now Mom," he said disappointed that his mother didn't take his hint and masturbate him.

Chapter 22: Before Elizabeth gives her son a blowjob, she wants to have some sexy fun too.

Chapter 23: Elizabeth gives her son, Robert, the blowjob of his young life.

Chapter 24: Mom Sleeps with Son on Valentine's Day

* * * * *   I Love you, Need You & Want You, Ma

### SusanJillParker -- 00 ###

Robert, 24-years-old, is in love with 48-year-old, best friend Elizabeth. He celebrates Valentine's Day with Elizabeth, the woman of his dreams, his soulmate, his lover, and the love of his life.

* * * * *

"Happy Valentine's Day, Elizabeth," said Robert beaming by her loveliness. 'With her hair perfectly coiffed and her makeup making her look like a CoverGirl model, she looked so pretty,' he thought before thinking that he should tell her that. "You look so pretty," as an understatement to how he truly felt about her appearance.

Always respectfully formal of her before, with her a much older woman and him a much younger man, this was his first time calling her by her first name. It felt odd to say her first name aloud but she insisted that he did and she looked pleased that he called her by her first name. Their first time hopefully having sex, he was nervously excited with sexual anticipation. Yet, somehow and a good sign, as if she already knew his sexual intentions, encouraging him, she gave him a soft smile and a come hither look on this day of love, romance, and sex, Valentine's Day.

'I love you, Elizabeth,' he thought and wanted to confess but dared not say.

Even though he was sexually excited to hopefully have sex with her for the first time, he was already feeling remorsefully guilty to dare put the sexual moves on her of all women. She was his best friend, his most trusted confidant, and the woman who he told everything to but for telling her that he loved her, needed her, and wanted to have sex with her. Sexually lusting over her from afar, she was his favorite masturbation subject. After giving him so very many deliberate or accidental up-skirt peeks of her white, bikini panties and down-blouse views of her cleavage and low-cut bra, when he wasn't with her, he masturbated over imagining being with her sexually.

He told her he loved her many times before, of course, but not like this, never like this, not romantically and surely not sexually. She may be shocked to learn that he loves her not as a friend but as a potential lover. She may be shocked to learn that he sexually wants her, just as he may be disappointed to know that she may not sexually want him. Yet, tired of carrying a torch for her heart, he needed to know one way or the other if she felt the same way about him.

Suddenly nervous and questioning his own intentions, he felt in the way that a man must feel when down on one knee, holding up the ring, and asking a woman to marry him. He felt in the way that a man must feel when waiting for the woman he just proposed to say yes or no. Just as he hoped she'd accept him as her lover, he hoped she wouldn't reject him. Taking the chance to tell her how he felt on this special day or love, romance, and hopefully sex, Valentine's Day, she looked at him as if she already knew his intentions.

Yet, different from other couples, he didn't want to marry her. He didn't want to marry her, he just wanted to make love to her before fucking her. He just wanted to have sex with her, and the last thing he wanted to do was to insult her or offend her. He'd willingly finger and lick her pussy to orgasmic pleasure if only she'd suck his cock and allow him to ejaculate his cum in her mouth. If there was one woman that he was dying to have sex with, it was Elizabeth, his best friend.

Hard to read her, perhaps because she was his best friend and not his lover, risking their friendship, he was taking a big chance in soliciting her for sex. Hoping he hadn't misread her sexual signals, he hoped she sexually wanted him in the same way that he sexually wanted her. He'd love nothing more than to take their friendship to the next level. He'd love nothing more than to be sexually intimate with her. He'd love nothing more than to see her in her bra and panties, topless, and/or naked.

'She loves me. She loves me not,' he thought. 'Perhaps she loves me only as a friend and not as a lover. She wants to have sex with me. She doesn't want to have sex with me. Even though it's obvious that she loves me as a friend, her best friend, perhaps, she'd never have sex with me,' he thought while wondering what her reaction would be to him soliciting her for sex. 'Perhaps, jeopardizing their friendship and close relationship, she'd be deeply offended and devastatingly hurt that I dared solicit her for sex.'

He just hoped that he didn't ruin the close connection and the deep attachment they enjoyed by asking her for sex. As much as he'd be hugely disappointed if she refused to have sex with him, he'd be heartbroken if she sexually rejected him. Yet, even worse than that, he'd never forgive himself if he was to blame for ending their friendship. He'd be crushed if she didn't want anything to do with him again. Taking a chance, with it well worth the risk, he persevered.

"Thank you," she said when he said she looked pretty. "Happy Valentine's Day, Robert," she said usually calling him Bobby but not on this day of love, an encouraging sign, he hoped.

As if he had just met her instead of having known her all his life, now that he had sex and the image of her naked on his horny mind, he felt awkward around her when he never felt that way before. Having successfully hidden his sexual lust from her for six, long, sexually frustrating years, with love hitting him hard, he looked at her with unveiled, sexual lust now. She returned his look of sexual lust with her look of love, kindness, understanding, and compassion, not the looks he had hoped to receive but at least she wasn't angry with him for looking at her in that sexual way.

Unless he was misreading her and he hoped he wasn't, he hoped that she had sexually been thinking about him in the way that he always sexually thought about her. Hoping they were on the same page, he hoped that they were about to have sex for the first time. He hoped she'd make him the happiest man in the world by giving him the chance to make her the happiest woman in the world. With age of no consequence to him, he didn't care that she was twice his age while he hoped that it wouldn't matter to her that he was half her age. What did age matter when they were in bed naked?

'This is it. This is really it. This is finally it. Today, I'm going to make a sexual pass at her. I'm going to solicit her for sex,' he thought. 'Now or never, I need to make my move. I need to make my sexual intentions and my sexual feelings known. I need to make her my woman. I no longer want to be just her best friend. I want to be her lover too,' he thought while looking at her with nervousness and self-doubt.

Not wasting precious time with conversation as he always did before when sitting with her, then regretting not making a sexual move on her later, something special was in the air. As if it was kismet, fate, and/or their destiny, it was as if they both knew what was about to happen. Hopefully in tune with one another, as if the angels were smiling down on them, they were both seemingly on the same, sexual page.

Obviously, in the way she was looking at him, she sexually wanted him as much as he sexually wanted her. Befitting that this should happen on Valentine's Day, in the way that she looked at him and leaned into him as if to cuddle, was she ready for this sexually, romantic moment as much as he was? Hoping that she just wasn't tired when she leaned up against him and closed her eyes, he hoped she was asking him to kiss her. He hoped she was asking him for more than just a peck but a long, wet kiss, a French kiss.

'I'd love nothing more than to French kiss her while feeling her through her clothes,' he thought.

When he didn't kiss her, she looked at him with her big, expressive, blue eyes as if she was waiting for him to make his move to kiss her. She looked up at him as if she was expecting him to take her in his arms and make her his woman. She looked at him in the same way that he looked at her. With him supposedly the aggressive man and her supposedly the submissive woman, it was up to him to make the first, sexually, romantic move. It was up to him to take her. It was up to him to make her his woman and his lover instead of his best friend.

'Do it! Just do it,' he thought. 'Kiss her. She wants you to kiss her, you fool.'

As his way of breaking the ice and to not only show her what he thought of her but also what he sexually wanted from her, he took her in his arms. He brushed back a strand of her natural, blonde hair that fell in front of her captivating, blue eyes and stared at her as if she was the only woman in the world. As far as he was concerned, she was the only woman in the world. Filled with love, he looked at her as if she already was his one and only and as far as he was concerned, she was. Sexually excited, he gazed at her in the way he had never gazed at anyone before.

Then, not giving her the peck on the lips that he usually gave her, he kissed her. He really kissed her. Parting her lips with his tongue, he gave her a deep, wet, sexual kiss. The first time kissing her in such a passionately sexual way, he French kissed her. The first time kissing him in such a passionately sexual way, she surprised him when she returned his kiss with her kiss. Even though he sexually lusted over her for six years, he never had such a sexual attraction to her before as he had now.

'Maybe Cupid had something to do with this magical and memorable day,' he thought while continuing to kiss her and before she blanked his mind with her kiss.

With them more best friends than lovers, he kissed her lots of times before, of course. He kissed her on her birthdays, on his birthdays, on Christmas mornings, on New Year's Eves, and on Valentine's Days but not like this, never like this. Nothing more than a peck, the first time parting her lips with his tongue, he had never French kissed her before. Now, as if addicted to her lips, he couldn't wait to French kiss her again.

Obviously, they were both ready and willing to take the next step in their friendship that had somehow morphed from friendship, sexually lust, and now to love. As if a key, this kiss not only unlocked the love they felt in their hearts for one another but also this kiss freed the forbidden, sexual passion of a much younger man falling in love with a much older woman. In this modern age of cougars and Sugar Daddy's no one pays no never mind how old or how young they are.

As if this one kiss validated their love, with them hopefully now poised to be lovers in addition to being best friends, with that kind of connection already in place, they could endure anything. Never expecting to kiss her but always hoping he could, he surprised himself as much as he surprised her by French kissing her. His friends and his relatives would never approve nor understand his sexual attraction for a woman who was twice his age but he didn't care.

'Fuck them,' he thought. 'They don't know how I feel about her and how she obviously feels about me. They'd never understand our forbidden love. Besides, what we hopefully do behind closed bedroom doors is none of anyone's business.'

This first, French kiss was their first step in changing their relationship from just friendship to friends with benefits. Their first, real kiss, an unforgettable kiss, even if nothing came of it, he'd remember their first, French kiss for the rest of his life. With her lips so soft, so full, and so sweet, he'd remember this kiss first forever. His dream of love, romance, and sex come true, whenever he wasn't physically with her, he'd remember pressing his lips against her lips and parting them with his tongue in his dreams. Now that they were together as man and woman and hopefully lovers, in addition to best friends, he'd never leave her side.

Even better than the kiss that his Prom date, Jessica, a hot, sexy cheerleader, and ex-girlfriend, gave him six years ago, when he was an 18-year-old high school senior, this kiss was the best kiss he had ever had from anyone. Even better than the kisses that hot, sexy, drunken redhead gave him at a college frat party, her kiss paled in comparison to Elizabeth's first kiss. Better than the kisses that he imagined giving Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones, Scarlett Johansson from Lucy, Kate Beckinsale, Angelina Jolie, and Charlize Theron, he had never felt such sexual passion for any woman as he felt for Elizabeth now.

'Wow,' he thought while reeling from her deep, wet kiss.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Elizabeth," he said again.

Holding her and hugging her, wanting to hold her forever, he never wanted to let her go. He moved another strand of blonde hair away from her big, blue eyes again before sliding a slow hand down her back to cup her sweet, firm ass in his horny hand through her short skirt and panties. Going for broke, he had always wanted to touch, feel, and squeeze her beautiful, shapely ass. Especially for an older woman, no doubt from her playing tennis, doing palettes, and swimming, she had such an incredible, round, firm ass.

The first time touching her in such a brazen, sexual way, she further surprised him when she allowed him to feel and squeeze her ass as if her ass already belonged to him. As if he was dreaming or sexually fantasizing this happening, he was happy that she allowed him to touch and feel her sexually while kissing her. Obviously sexually aroused by his French kiss, she looked at him stunned in the way he looked at her filled with lustful desire. Now he couldn't wait to undress her. He couldn't wait for her to undress him. He couldn't wait to have sex with her.

Never expecting this to happen, never expecting to fall in love with her in the way that she obviously fell in love with him too, but they did. A good match emotionally, other than the big differences in their age, they were perfect for one another. They were the perfect love connection. As if they were made for one another, if he searched the world, he could never find a better woman for him, just as if she searched the world, she couldn't find a better man for her.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Robert," she said again before returning another one of his deep, wet kisses with her deep, wet kiss. Weird for her to call her Robert instead of Bobby, she only called him Robert when she was angry with him. Now, she called him Robert because he kissed her, French kissed her and felt and squeezed her ass through her clothes. "I'll be back after I put on and model your Valentine's Day gift," she said giving him a sexy smile and naughty look before leaving his bedroom with her sexy nightgown in hand.

'I can't believe she's going to model that sexy nightgown for me,' he thought while impatiently awaiting her return. 'With that nightgown so sheer, so short, and so low-cut, I'll soon be seeing more of her beautiful body than I've ever seen before.'

Having never given her such a sexy and sexually provocative gift, he took a huge leap of faith by giving her a sexy nightgown for Valentine's Day. He couldn't believe she not only liked the gift and had left him to try it on but also that was going to model it for him too. Yet, more than just the card, the flowers, the perfume, the box of chocolates, the champagne, and the sexy nightgown that he gave her for Valentine's Day, he had much better gifts he hoped to give her.

If she allowed him the sexual pleasure, he had gifts that couldn't be measured in monetary value. His gift to his soon to be lover was to give her orgasms with his fingers, his tongue, and his cock. His Valentine's Day gift was not only to give her sexual pleasure but also to make her cum. Even though she was an older woman, his gift to her was to make her his woman in the way that he couldn't wait for her to make him her man. Doing the math in his head, when she was 60-years-old, old enough to be his mother, he'd be 36-years-old. With her looking younger and him looking older, the difference in age wasn't an issue.

Now that he French kissed her, he wondered what Liz sounded like when having an orgasm. While imagining the facial expressions she made, he wondered what she looked like when cumming. As if she was his blushing bride, he could only imagine her body coming alive and her face glowing during the orgasmic pleasure that he intended to give her.

Even though he was a much younger and less sexually experienced man, he'd love to be the man to do that for her. Even though she was a much older and more sexually experienced woman, he'd love her to be the woman to make him a better man. Just as he'd love for her to be the woman to make him sexually satisfied, he'd love to be the man to make her sexually satisfied. Just as he wished that she'd be the woman to love him forever and a day, he'd love to be the man to love her forever and a day.

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