tagRomanceI Love You, Sam

I Love You, Sam


We're sitting together on the sofa, talking. He reaches an arm around me and pulls me closer to him. I lean my head on his shoulder, relaxing under his strong, protective arm. We've known one another nearly our whole lives and never sat like this, but somehow it feels as old and comfortable as time itself. His arm wasn't so strong then though, I remembered--not so well-muscled and manly as it was now. I used to look upon that arm as one to love and protect--not one to look to for love and protection. Yet now...I looked up into his face, into those ever-changing hazel eyes, and I saw that the boy I loved had become a man. The soft edges had hardened, the jawline had become prominent, the eyes had grown serious and, sadly, a little tired. A new feeling fell atop all the old ones. And what was this unfamiliar emotion? It was indefinable, as love often is. I knew I had no hope of understanding it; all I knew was that for the first time in my life, I wanted to kiss you.

I sat up and turned to you, our eyes holding one another. Gently, slowly, I moved my face toward yours, my eyes closing as our lips touched. I felt your breathing quicken as you wrapped your arms around me and pulled me into you, our kissing growing more and more passionate. I stroked your face and you ran your hands up and down me, soaking in the body you had secretly longed to touch for so long. You entangled your fingers in my hair, and I moaned as you pulled on it.

Picking me up with my legs clenched around your waist, you carried me across the room where you held against the wall, still pressing deep kisses onto my lips, which so openly welcomed yours. Your hands slid up my narrow waist under my shirt and you found, to your surprise, that I was wearing no bra. the feeling of your hand cupping my breast made me moan and gasp beneath you, and you pulled my shirt off the rest of the way to reveal my naked torso.

"God you're beautiful, Sam," you said, using my old nickname as you stared at my breasts. I smiled at you, and gestured to the bedroom. You got the message immediately and, grabbing my hand, pulled me quickly into the next room.

You eased me onto the bed, crawling on top of me and pulling off your shirt. You pressed down onto me, our chests meeting, and the feeling of skin-on-skin contact was intense for us both. I cried out and you groaned as my nipples brushed your chest, and you looked into my eyes hungrily as you leaned in to kiss me once again, this time with a renewed fury. I ran my hands desperately over your shoulders and arched into you, my body begging for more, and you reached down and removed my skirt and your jeans, leaving us in only our underwear. I could feel your hard, erect cock now as you pressed into me, and I could tell I was very wet as well. I looked into your eyes, mine pleading with you to make love to me, to share with me, to express such a deep love for one another the only way we knew how. You understood, as you always understand me. We removed the last of our clothing, leaving us naked together, and my heart slammed furiously against my rib cage as you put on a condom and leaned over me. I lifted my knees and opened them to you, and our eyes met as you entered me for the first time. I had never seen such a look upon your face. You began to move in me, gently at first and then building, and it felt so good. Our bodies rocked in unison and our cries seemed to join in a cloud above our heads, raining back down upon us. The feelings built, and our pace quickened, and soon you were gasping, your face writhing with enjoyment. I felt you clench and then spasm inside of me, and then for a second, we were frozen in ecstasy. Then it was released, and your breath left you all at once, and you opened your eyes. I smiled at you as you pulled out of me and threw away the condom, and then you laid down next to me and once again put your arm around me and pulled me in close. As I laid my head on your shoulder, you whispered, "I love you, Sam."

And I whispered back, "I love you too."

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