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I Love You Too


Madeline was my daughter's kindergarten teacher.

My wife noticed her penmanship first.

"I like the way she makes her L's," Cassie said. "It makes me wet." She had a way of saying things like that out of left field. It was my birthday and, after taking her kids to Sears, where they picked out ties for me, her sister had them, and it was just me and her, my favorite part of my "special day".

When I saw her standing at my front door, the porch light making a halo of her auburn hair, it took several seconds for me to remember who she was. Slowly, an image of a somewhat dowdy young woman, dressed in colorless navy blue and gray sweaters and low-hanging skirts, came to mind.

"Miss Madeline, is that you?"

I'm not sure how I intoned the question exactly, but both she and my wife, standing behind me the whole time, laughed. I realized I'd been caught looking my little girl's kindergarten teacher up and down a few moments later. It was hard not to notice her, especially having only her teacher-persona to go by. Her hair was let loose from it's tight little bun into a cascade of chestnut-brown. The sweater she was wearing tonight was tight, and a creamy off-white color that offset her olive skin. Finally, denim jeans hugged her gently curved hips.

"And you're Lindsey's dad," she said, primly putting her hand out to be taken. I took it, and led her into the house where she greeted my wife. The two laughed as soon as I'd closed the front door.

"I thought he was going to have a heart attack," Cassie said between gales of laughter.

"Aww, it wasn't that bad. He was just surprised that's all."

The two of them hadn't released their hug, Cassie had her hands draped carelessly over Madeline's ass, like high-schoolers. Cassie gave me a nod that dispatched me to the dining room, where candles and wine were waiting for me. It was only by coincidence that I was at the front door when Madeline arrived, as Cassie called me down from my study for my "birthday surprise". When I noticed the candles flickering from the top of the stairs, I dutifully put the Carson file away and came down the staircase.

Knowing better than to interrupt my wife when she was getting a surprise together, I went into the living room to pour myself a glass of wine. I would have loved a cigar to go along with it, a nice Cabernet from my own collection, but Cassie had a strict "no stogie" policy inside the house.

Instead, I shuffled through my record collection for some suitable music to accompany it. I settled on "Time Out" by Brubeck.

Cassie entered the room first, the staccato clap of her heels coming before her like fanfare. Madeline followed after her, her own heels making a softer impression. I'm drawn to the red heels she's wearing. I hadn't noticed them before (feet were never my thing) but they give off a different tone than the tight jeans and sweater.

Knowingly, I look over to my wife, who winks back at me.

"So, do you like my outfit mister Washington," Madeline asked, pouting slightly, tugging at her finger as she spoke.

"I do," I say, Cassie running her finger across my back as she walks by to get to the wine bottle (which I carelessly left near the records, something she'd have chided me for any other time).

"Why don't you show him the rest of it," Cassie said, the hard edge in her voice could be taken as either a command or anger. I was used to it, familiar with Cassie's games and the roles she liked to play, but Madeline looked genuinely shocked as she began to undo her jeans.

"Slowly," Cassie said as she came up behind me, her footsteps forecasting her presence ahead of her voice. Madeline immediately slowed down, peeling her jeans away from her hips deliberately, her eyes locked with mine.

"That's better," Cassie said from the shadows. A smile spread across Madeline's face as she crawled out of her jeans, tugging herself towards me.

Placing her hands on my knees, Madeline pulled herself up until her breasts could sit on my lap. I was suddenly aware of my smoking jacket, a playful gift from Cassie after we bought the house, and it's silk lining. Expecting to come downstairs to see my wife, I wasn't wearing anything under it. Madeline's breast pressed warmly down on my thickening shaft. Feeling the sensation, Madeline smiled at me and lowered her face to my navel, tugging at the belted knot on my jacket with her teeth while nuzzling her cheek against my cock through the fabric.

"What have you got there," Cassie asked.

Stepping out of the shadows, I can see she's wearing little more than I was under her own robe. A black thong and black corset, a birthday gift from me some years back, hugged her body. She's carrying a red feather in her hands, stroking it slowly as she looks down into my lap.

Smiling up at both of us, Madeline pulls back my jacket to reveal my erection. Cassie looks at me in mock disapproval before tickling the head of my cock with her feather. It jumps a few times reflexively as if offended at being so rudely awakened.

Gesturing Madeline back with her feather, Cassie gets down on her knees next to me and takes my cock in her hand. She gently licks the tip with her tongue, pushing out only as much as is needed to dampen the tip before kissing the very tip of it. Cassie was a master of the blow-job, and she could make one as long, or as short, as she wanted. She holds me in suspense for several, agonizingly sweet moments as she smothers the head of my cock with warm, wet, butterfly kisses.

Then, leaving me as hard as ever, Cassie stands up and motions for Madeline to take her place. Madeline removes her sweater before crossing to me, and has unhooked her bra before kneeling in front of me. I can see the weight of her breasts pulling the bra down her shoulders as her head drops and I disappear into the hot, wetness of her mouth. My head rolls back and I'm looking up into the smiling face of my wife.

"Happy birthday baby." She then leans forward and kisses me long on the mouth, her tongue exploring and hungry like when we were first dating. Madeline has fallen into a steady, knowing rhythm and I can feel my cock tightening against the walls of her throat. I surrender to the two of them and breathe into Carrie as we kiss, gripping her shoulder as my other hand moves to the top of Madeline's head. I can hear, but mostly feel, Madeline humming into my cock as she slides her lips up and down the shaft.

Cassie releases the kiss and, after smiling at me, drops to her knees beside Madeline.

The first thing I feel is the feather against my balls as Cassie takes me in her hands, caressing my balls lovingly before gripping the base of the shaft tight and tugging downward. The skin stretched tight, I can feel my pulse in the head of my dick. Madeline has removed the golden foil from a condom, and has placed it over her lips. In the next moment, Madeline ducks forward and unrolls the condom down my cock with her mouth. The hot folds of her throat grip me, molding the latex to me.

Madeline coughs slightly as she slides my cock from her throat, a runnel of saliva strung between us like garland. Looking and smiling up at the two of us, Cassie reaches down and wipes the glistening remnant away with the back of one finger before placing one leg over me, straddling me. Looking over her shoulder as she lowers herself, she pulls her thong aside to let me feel the tightness of her opening. She pushes down, letting me feel her open, then pushes down some more, easing me inside her. I can feel Madeline's breath on my balls as she licks Cassie's pussy.

I can feel Cassie tighten around me even as she goes limp in my lap. Reaching up to place my hands over her magnificent breasts, I hold her against me, exposing her pussy to Madeline's tongue. She turns and moans, but doesn't fight. Not even when Madeline's own pussy began to ache and she slipped a hand between her legs while savaging Cassie with her tongue.

I know Cassie has finally lost the good fight when I hear Madeline slurping the juices from my wife's pussy. Moment's later, I feel Cassie tighten right before the big gush, which spreads warmly over my thighs and, by the sound of her sudden coughing, went up Madeline's nose. Madeline laughs, coughs, wipes her face, then laughs again.

I hold Cassie as she shakes and trembles, and Madeline rubs her thighs and stomach. Finally, when she can't take it anymore, she lifts herself off of me and lays down on the rug next to me and Madeline. Madeline and Cassie barely exchange a glance before Madeline is straddling me, her breasts pressed against my chest.

Madeline takes my cock, still stiff and slick with Cassie's cum, and presses it against her pussy. I can feel her own heat and wetness as I slide into her slowly. Madeline is tighter than my wife, but I enter her in two, slow strokes. She digs her nails into my shoulders as I widen her around me. She tucks her knees in close, nearly wrapping her legs around me, to allow me deeper inside her.

Madeline rides me with reckless abandon, her juices sloughing off on my dick, the sound of her wetness filling the room. Her hips buckle at the end of every stroke and in only moments, I can feel her tightening around me. She wails as her body crushes down on my thickness and her fluids spurt between our thighs.

Gripping Madeline in both hands, I plunge into her. Her moans rise in volume as her shuddering pussy squeezes down on me again. My balls tighten and rise to hug my cock. I can feel my swollen shaft pressing against Madeline's walls.

"Oh god, Madeline yelps as my hips buck uncontrollably into her. Cum spurts from my cock for several moments more as Madeline pushes back down onto me, tightening the rubber around my length.

I hold Madeline for a few moments more, letting her heat soak into me, before her eyelids flutter open and she can look at me again. Cassie shakes in the afterglow of her orgasm as she rises to her feet. Madeline removes herself from me slowly and, smiling, slides my cock out of her.

Cassie walks over to me and leans in close, her lips brushing my ear as she speaks.

"Happy birthday baby."

"Thank you baby. I love you too."

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