tagIncest/TabooI Love You Too Princess

I Love You Too Princess


Aidan finished his last rep and set the dumbbell down on the bench press. He slid out from underneath the bar and sat up. That was it for today's workout. He gingerly felt his sore biceps. They were definitely bigger; a week's worth of working out was already showing great results. Aidan had never been crazy about weight training, but then his accounting office had gotten a new blonde bombshell intern who was always dressed like she'd just walked fresh out of a porno, and he was determined to impress. His consoled his conscience by telling himself that he wasn't cheating on his wife--which he wasn't. He was just making sure his appearance was always on point. Besides, it was kind of like an investment in case things in his marriage went downhill.

Not that Aidan was hoping they did. Abby was the only girl he had ever loved. The two of them had been high school sweethearts--he'd been a trumpet player in the school's marching band, and she had been a reporter for the school paper. They'd gotten married two years after graduating high school, both of them 20 years old, and then had their only child four years later. Abby was his biggest fan, his pillar of support, his better half. He didn't think he could ever love anyone else the way he loved her, and she had told him the same. Besides, if they got a divorce who would want to marry a 42-year-old divorcee with an office job in accounting and an 18-year-old teenage daughter?

As Aidan walked out of the house's workout room, he checked his reflection in the mirror on the door. He was proud of his roguish good looks: blonde, exactly 6', sparking blue eyes, trimmed eyebrows, and a firm jawline glazed with three-day-old stubble as a result of him not shaving. Now he just had to get the rest of his body up to shape. Hence the weight training.

Aidan headed for the kitchen to grab a beer. Normally Abby didn't let him drink while Samantha was home or awake, but Abby wasn't around. She was out of the country, doing some investigative journalism. Opening the fridge, Aidan grabbed a Bud Light, popped it and took a long swill. As he walked back towards his man cave to watch some TV, he passed by the open door of his daughter's bedroom. A groan of disgust came from inside. "Everything ok, Sam?" he asked, peeking inside.

Samantha had gotten home from school about a half hour ago. She lay on her bed on her stomach, kicking her bare feet and doing homework. Aidan paused a second to remind himself of how beautiful a daughter he had sired. Samantha was very petite, standing at 5'4" and weighing 110. Her brown hair was tied back in two braids that hung down, brushing her shoulders. Her long eyelashes partially veiled her big brown eyes. Aidan had always been partial to brown eyes; that was why he'd married Abby. Well, that and a million other reasons. Samantha also had naturally plump lips, giving her a cute pout look that was the envy of many high school girls. She was wearing braces still, though; she'd gotten them on in middle school and due to unfortunate circumstances was still wearing them.

Samantha was still wearing what she'd worn to school, a plain white cotton t-shirt and a pair of short shorts that showed off her little ass very nicely. Aidan would have to ask Abby to have a talk with her when she got back from her trip; he usually let his wife talk to Samantha about her body's development and modesty.

Samantha looked up from the thick textbook on her bed. "Oh, hi, Daddy. Yeah, I'm fine. It's just calculus. It's really hard and I don't get it. Can you help me?"

Damn, Aidan thought, is she still gonna call me that? Samantha had dropped the word "Daddy" back when she was eight, but once senior year of high school had rolled around she was back to using it. Probably some kink her boyfriend had. He wished she wouldn't call him that; it turned him on a little, and you weren't supposed to get turned on by your own daughter.

"Sure," Aidan said, stepping into the room. He noticed the decor of the room out of the corner of his eye. A couple posters of boy bands and teen pop idols hung on the walls, and a "Puppy of the Month" wall calendar was just above the light switch. Samantha was without doubt a girly- girl, and he was just fine with that.

He sat down on the edge of the bed. Samantha moved over, wiggling into the middle of the bed to make room for him. "Calculus isn't too bad," he said, balancing his beer can on his knee as he reached over her for the book. "There's just a few theorems you've got to remember . . ." --- "Thanks, Daddy," Samantha said when they were done. She smiled at him, flashing her braces. "You're really smart."

"Nah, I'm just good with math," Aidan chuckled. "It is my job, remember." He felt bad for poor Samantha, still stuck with that mouth full of metal at 18. "How was your day at school, Sam?"

"It was okay," Samantha sighed. "School is boring." She paused. "Daddy, can I ask you something?"

"Of course, sweetheart. Anything."

"Daddy, I heard some girls talking about me at lunch today," she said, her voice dropping low. "They said that my butt is flat and small. Is that true, Daddy?"

Damn. Where the hell was Abby when he needed her? Usually whenever Samantha asked him these kinds of questions, he deflected them over to his wife. But she wasn't here.

"Uh, well, Sam," he said, "I, uh . . . I don't think what they said was very nice." His gaze traveled downward along the curve of Samantha's back and stopped at her shorts. They really left nothing to the imagination. The tight clingy material showed off every curve of her cute bubble butt, and the bottoms of the shorts barely reached the tops of her thighs. How did she get these past dress code? He could almost see her panties. As soon as he thought about this, the blood began flowing down to his dick. Oh, come on! he thought. Not now!

"But was it true, Daddy?" Samantha asked. "Is my butt really flat and small?"

"No, your, uh, your butt is very nice. Just fine." Aidan tried to make himself look away, but the curvature of his 18-year-old daughter's ass held his gaze like a magnet.

"Thanks, Daddy," she said. She flipped over onto her back, looking up at him as she laid her head in his lap. "And how about my tits, Daddy, do you think my tits are okay?"

Aidan's semi-erection twitched under his pants when he heard Samantha say "tits." "Uh, yes, Sam."

"Can you tell me, Daddy? Can you tell me how nice my titties are?"

She must have some kind of bodily insecurities about her tits and ass, Aidan thought. But why in the hell do I have to be the one who tells her about this stuff?

The reason Aidan had trouble talking with his daughter about this subject was because, sometimes, late at night when he couldn't sleep, he thought about it. He thought about his own 18-year-old daughter, a senior in high school. He thought about her body, about her tight firm ass, round like a globe. He thought about her soft, fleshy tits, no bigger than an A-cup bra size.

And he thought about fucking her. He thought about bending her over her own bed, pounding her senseless from behind. He thought about a reverse cowgirl, watching her ass bounce up and down as she rode his cock. He thought about her cute little mouth, with those slightly pouted lips, sliding down over his hard shaft.

And he knew he was wrong to think about Samantha like this, because, for fuck's sake, he'd helped bring her into this world. But he couldn't help it. And now he found himself uttering words that had been bouncing around up in his head for a long time.

"I really like your tits, Samantha. Your tits are perfect. They are gonna look just as good at 20 as they do right now, and just as good at 50 as they will at 20. They're gonna look young forever. They fit perfectly in your hands, and I bet it looks very cute when your boyfriend cums on them."

His cock was getting harder and harder with every second, and he could feel it pressing through his jeans, sandwiched between his left leg and her jawline. She had to be able to feel it; it was a raging boner touching her face, for fuck's sake. The thought of his daughter feeling his erection touching her cheek and letting it happen just turned him on all the more.

"Thank you, Daddy," Samantha told him, flashing him another smile. She looks so cute with those braces. "You really know how to make me feel special."

That voice--that damn voice of hers. It sounded so young, so innocent, but there was a sexy undertone that drove him horny-crazy. Samantha's head was shifting in his lap, and suddenly she gave a small cry. He looked down to see his beer spilled all over Samantha's chest. Her movement must have knocked it over.

"Awwww, Daddy!" she cried. "Look, my shirt is all ruined now!" She sat up next to Aidan on the edge of her bed.

It took Aidan a second to respond because he was focused intently on the beer stain. The liquid had spread over the front of her white t-shirt and turned the material see-through, giving Aidan a front row seat view of her breasts. He was a tit kind of guy, especially partial to a nice rack on a pretty girl. That was why he'd fallen for Abby in high school. She'd been stacked, and not afraid to show off a little.

And while Samantha didn't have as large a set as Abby, hers were still perfect in their own way. She wasn't wearing a bra, and her firm little tits flowed unrestricted beneath her shirt. The nipples were perky and rosy, making tiny indents in the fabric. Aidan's erection had been on the verge of maxing out, and the sight of his daughter's tits sent it to full hardness instantly.

Samantha watched him closely. "It's a good thing you like my tits so much, Daddy, cause now you can see them for yourself," she said.

Aidan blushed. "Uh, sorry, Sam, I shouldn't--" Embarrassed, he looked away.

"No, Daddy!" Samantha said. "I like it when you look at my body. I like the attention. It makes me feel special." In one fluid motion she stripped off her shirt and sat topless next to him. Aidan's eyes traveled from her face to her collar bone, delicate just like the rest of her, then to her breasts. Without lingerie they sat lower, more natural, less close together, each so perfect and molded to her form.

She got up on her knees and scooted closer, reaching for his hands. "Here, Daddy. Play with my tits. Feel them, they're so soft. I like it when my tits get touched. I touch them a lot when I play with myself at night."

Aidan was shocked. Here was his innocent little princess of a daughter talking about her masturbation habits. "When you, uh, play with yourself?"

She nodded. "Mmm-hmm. It's how I get to sleep. I like the feeling it gives me, all warm and fuzzy and then I get tired and fall asleep. I don't want to wake you and Mommy up, though, so I have to be quiet when I cum."

Aidan almost creamed his jeans. The mental image of his 18-year-old daughter masturbating at night in her bed, fingering her pussy and squeezing those pretty little tits of hers, trying to stay quiet when she had her orgasms, was too much. Horniness won over morals, and he reached out, a breast in each hand. Squeezing softly, he elicited a moan from his daughter. "Oh, yes, Daddy, that feels so good," she whispered. Aidan leaned in towards her left tit, extending his tongue and flicking her nipple. She gasped. "Ooh, Daddy, I've never had my nipples licked before. It feels so good, keep going."

So Aidan obeyed, licking her breasts, suckling on one nipple and playfully pinching the other. Samantha kept moaning, begging her father to continue. "Please don't stop now, Daddy." She ran her fingers through his hair while slipping a hand below the waistband of her shorts to finger herself.

Aidan could feel a moist spot in his briefs; his dick was oozing precum like a leaky faucet. His erection raged in his pants, and he moved his hips back and forth, trying to get some friction against the jeans, humping Samantha's leg like a horny dog.

He licked the valley between Samantha's breasts, and she giggled. "Ooh, Daddy, that tickles!" Bus she was quickly back to moaning and gasping for breath as Aidan lightly bit her nipple. "Oh, baby. Oh Daddy, you make me feel so good. I shouldn't have laid in bed fingering myself all those nights. I should have come into your room and snuggled up to you. Would you have liked that, Daddy? Feeling these tits and nipples pressing into your back? Would it have turned you on? Would you have had to jack off facing the floor, so you didn't cum all over Mommy and me?"

Aidan groaned around his daughter's nipple. Her dirty talk was doing wonders to his cock.

"Or maybe I could have slept so my ass was facing you, huh? Would you have liked that better, Daddy? Feeling your big hard dick in between my ass cheeks, and having me grind on your cock till you nutted in your jammies?"

"Yes, Sam, I would have," Aidan groaned, reaching down and cupping her ass in both hands. It was so warm and soft. He squeezed her cheeks and massaged them while slurping on her tits.

Holy shit, what was he saying? Here he was, talking to his own daughter about how much he wanted to fuck her. What the hell was wrong with him? He tried to stop himself, tried to pull his mouth away from her chest, but Samantha moved forward, forcing him up against the headboard of her bed. Now he was on her bed on his back, with her on top, straddling him and grinding on his erection through his pants.

"Daddy, I need to tell you something," she said in a low voice. "I've been imagining having sex with you ever since I caught you and Mommy having sex one night. I was hiding outside your door, watching you pounding her up on the bed. You were on top and she was on her back with her legs up in the air, and you were standing and slamming your cock down into her. You would pull out almost all the way, and I could see part of your head. Then you went down on her, hard. Every time you went balls-deep inside her you thrusted so hard her legs would move. I had a perfect view of your dick going into Mommy's pussy, hearing your balls slapping against her, and it turned me on so much listening to you two fuck and call each other all those dirty words that I squirted all over the floor and made a big mess."

Aidan remembered that night, waking up the next morning and finding a sticky puddle on the floor outside their bedroom door. Samantha had told him she'd spilled a "cup of juice" on the floor. He chuckled. Well, she hadn't lied.

Samantha fiddled with the zipper on her shorts and wiggled out of them and the black lace panties she wore underneath. "I'm not a virgin, Daddy. I've fucked more guys than you can count on both hands. I've been stretching my pussy out for you, Daddy, because I really want to be able to take your whole length. You're pretty big, aren't you, Daddy? I'll bet you're at least seven inches. I dream about fucking you, Daddy. When I'm fucking myself I imagine it's you. I like pretending my fingers are yours. And I cum so hard, Daddy, and it's not even the real you."

Now completely naked, she sat back on her knees, still fingering herself relentlessly. Looking him straight in the eyes, she said, "Daddy please fuck me. Fuck my tight little teenage pussy. It's all yours, and it's all nice and wet for you. Look Daddy, my pussy is dripping, cause I really want you to fuck me nice and hard."

She was right. The middle and ring fingers of her right hand were buried up to the second knuckle in her pink pussy. She was so wet that her juices were flowing out around her fingers, creating a big wet spot. Drip, drip, drip. The puddle grew steadily.

What am I thinking? Aidan thought. Am I really about to fuck my own daughter? How is that not a disgusting thought? On the other hand, she wants me to fuck her. She's been dreaming about this for a long time. We both have. On the other hand, what about Abby? What if she finds out about this? On the other hand, she doesn't come back for five more days. Nobody says she has to find out anything. Besides, look at Sam's pussy; she's literally dripping.

"Ah, what the hell," Aidan said. He stood up and took off his shirt, then undid his belt, his jeans hitting the floor. As soon as his boxer briefs cleared his length, his throbbing shaft, glad to be finally released, swung upwards towards his stomach and sent the gathering deposit of precum on the head catapulting off onto Samantha's tits, spattering clear sticky drops on her chest.

Aidan had received many compliments for his cock over the years. From the jealous guys in the PE locker room, and from Abby. When fully erect, his cock was around eight inches long, but the dirty talk and foreplay had stretched it to eight and three-quarters. It was surrounded by a velvety blanket of blond pubic hair, but the shaft itself as well as his balls were shaved clean.

Samantha gasped, her eyes wide. "Oh my gosh, Daddy, your dick is so big!" she squealed. "I can take it all, though, every inch. I'm a big girl, aren't I?"

"Yes, you are, Sam," said Aidan. "You're my little princess."

"Then what are you waiting for, Daddy?" Samantha asked, in her sexiest innocent little girl voice. She lay on her back on the edge of her bed and spread her legs, holding open her pussy lips with her fingers. Her pussy still glinted with juices as she looked up at her dad, biting her bottom lip seductively. "Come fuck your little princess."

Aidan couldn't believe this was happening. His fantasy was coming true. He was about to fuck the holy hell out of his own daughter. He rubbed some precum around the head of his cock as he guided his hard-on straight for Samantha's wet pussy. "Sam, sweetie, if we're going to do this, I need you to tell me if at any point in time it starts hurting. I'm your father, after all. I don't want to cause you any pain."

"Okay, Daddy," she promised. "I'll tell you if it hurts."

"And another thing: your mother cannot find out about this."

Samantha giggled, with that cute bubbly laugh of hers. "Don't worry, Daddy, I won't tell her a thing. I won't tell my boyfriend either. Nobody is going to know other than you and me. It'll be our little secret."

Aidan grabbed Samantha's ankles, opening her legs further and giving him more access to her pussy. He pushed forward slightly, letting the tip of his cock push past the folds, and slide slightly into the opening. Samantha's body shuddered, and clenched, and she gasped slightly. He glanced up. Her eyes were closed, her head lay back on the pillow, her mouth half open in an expression of pure bliss.

Slowly he eased into her pussy until his cock was halfway inside her, and then paused, enjoying the familiar feeling of a pussy clenching around his cock. He hasn't had sex since Abby had left two weeks ago, and jacking off just didn't cut it anymore.

Samantha moaned, opening her eyes and sitting up so she could watch her dad's cock disappear completely inside her. "Daddy, it feels so good having your big dick in my pussy. You're already stretching me out, and it feels so good. Can you feel it, Daddy? Can you feel my pussy squeezing your hard cock? It feels good, doesn't it, Daddy?"

"Yes, it does," Aidan groaned. "It's so hot inside you." He slowly started thrusting in and out, in and out, every movement flooding his nerves with pleasure.

Samantha gave little mewls every time he bottomed out inside her. "Ah, ah, ah. Yes, Daddy, oh yeah, just like that. Just like that." She reached down and placed her hands at the bottom of his abs, creating a barrier that he barely touched every time he thrusted into her. The slight touch of his daughter's hands on his six-pack was so hot, so sexy.

Aidan picked up the pace, fucking Samantha a little harder now, his balls slapping against the base of her ass cheeks. "Fuck me right there, Daddy," she begged. "Yeah yeah yeah, right there. Oh, don't stop. No, don't stop. Just keep fucking me with that big fat dick."

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