tagIncest/TabooI Love You Too Princess Pt. 04

I Love You Too Princess Pt. 04


Aidan let go of the lawn mower's handlebar, and the engine's roar died out as the mower shut off. He wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand. After detaching the mower bag, he carried it out to the green yard waste bin and emptied the grass into it.

After putting the lawn mower back into the garage, Aidan crossed the back lawn, admiring his work. The freshly-cut grass looked neat and trim, like the cloth of a pool table. It covered the entire back yard with the exception of the back porch, the in-ground pool and a small border around the fence where bushes had been planted.

The pool looked really nice, and Aidan was hot and sweaty. A quick jump in--what the hell. Stripping off his shirt, he walked up to the edge of the pool and dove in.

He came up and took a breath. The water felt rejuvenating against his bare chest, cleansing the sweat and dirt from his body. He swam a couple laps before climbing out, feeling the water drip off of his body. Grabbing his shirt and using it as a towel, he opened the back door to the house and went inside.

He took off his shoes just inside the door; Abby didn't take too kindly to wet footprints on the carpet. Now clad in only his wet jeans and boxers, Aidan moved through the kitchen and headed for the master bathroom. The swim had been nice, but a shower was really what he needed to clean off the dirt.

As he walked past the living room he heard Samantha call out, "Hi, Daddy." He turned to say hi and froze.

Samantha was sitting crisscrossed on the living room floor, a school project spread out in front of her. Across the mound of papers sat Briana, one of her best friends. Briana was in the same grade as Samantha, and although she was the same age she looked to be at least a year or two older.

Standing in the living room shirtless in front of the two teenage girls made Aidan's dick jerk with excitement, and he could feel it starting to harden. Damn, he thought. At the worst possible times. The girls' outfits weren't helping, either; Samantha wore a cute blue tank top with spaghetti straps and a crisscross pattern on her chest, showing off her breasts nicely as well as her toned stomach and tanned arms. Cut-off jeans let loose her lovely legs, and the base of her round ass cheeks just barely hung out of the bottom of the shorts.

Briana wore a white Calvin Klein t-shirt that had been cut in half to expose her midriff, but still conceal her luscious breasts. Aidan figured they were a half a cup size larger than Samantha's. Like Samantha, Briana also wore cut-off jean shorts, and her luscious tanned legs were folded underneath her body.

As Aidan checked out Briana's outfit, his eye traveled from her clothes to her body. Her skin was lightly tanned, not bronze but not pasty, and shimmered in the light coming in from the window. Her arms and legs were sparsely spattered with black freckles, which stood out from her skin like droplets of ink. There were several on the left side of her face, and he caught himself wondering if she had any on her breasts. He bet she did. Her brown hair fell in waves down her shoulders and back, and her brown eyes seemed to sparkle with mischievousness.

With her pointed chin, manicured eyebrows and perfect smile, she had a classy look about her, like she should be at some high-end cocktail party in a slinky black dress. But right now, the only place he wanted her to be was bouncing on his erection. Fuck, he thought. I can't think about things like this when I'm in wet jeans.

"Hey, Sam," he said. "Hey, Bri."

"Hey, Mr. Smith," Briana purred, adjusting her legs so that they were stretched out on the carpet as she lay on her side. She bit her bottom lip sexily as she stared at Aidan.

"You girls, uh, working on something?"

"Yeah, Daddy, a school project," Samantha said. "We have to make a poster for English." She shuffled several pieces of colored construction paper, glancing up at Briana, whose attention was 100% focused on Aidan.

"You want anything? Snacks, drinks?" Aidan asked.

"No thanks, Daddy," Samantha said cheerfully.

"Actually . . ." Briana mused, "I AM a little hungry." When Samantha wasn't looking she made her hand into a loose fist and stroked it back and forth outside her mouth, moving her tongue inside her mouth so it look like she was giving a blowjob.

Aidan quickly held his shirt in front of his groin to mask his rapidly growing erection. "Well, uh . . . you girls can help yourself to what's in the fridge. Although Abby might kill you if you take her diet soda."

Samantha giggled. "Thanks, Daddy."

Aidan headed off for the master bedroom, looking forward to a nice hot shower. Once Briana left he'd grab a beer and relax for a while. Abby wouldn't be home till later; she was at the paper covering a co-worker's shift. He'd probably go over some of the office files he'd brought home from work after his shower, then watch TV until she got back. Or maybe he'd bang Samantha. The way she and Briana had teased him, it was almost like she was asking for it.

Stepping into his bathroom, he stripped himself down and paused to admire his muscular figure in the mirror. His workouts were paying off, and his muscles went pretty well with his short beard. He made a gun gesture with his fingers and aimed it at his mirror reflection, pretending to fire.

Then he turned on the water faucets in the shower. Normally he liked his showers piping hot, but today, after a morning in the hot sun, lukewarm would probably feel better. Stepping inside, he sighed with relief as the water hit his skin, washing off all the dirt and sweat on his skin.

He got right to business, doing some landscaping on his pubic hair with a hand razor. He kept his shaft and balls as smooth as a baby's butt, but he let the rest grow out a little (as long as it didn't get too crazy). Then he shampooed his hair, used his body wash, and even soaped behind his ears.

Feeling clean and refreshed, he glanced down and noticed his erection. His penis rose, dripping with water, curving towards his body. Briana and Samantha had made him a little horny. He began to jack off, slowly at first.

God, Bri, you're so hot . . . He remembered all those times she had visited their house, all the signals he had thought she was sending him. She wanted to fuck him, he knew it. He had been really turned on when she'd pretended to suck his dick in the living room. And I want you to, Bri. More than you know.

Her body was beautiful. She had perfect tits and a nice ass, and she was very pretty. Her tan was gorgeous. Those freckles were cute, too. He wondered if she had any on her tits, or down by her pussy.

As he kept jacking off, he started imagining Briana naked. He imagined her on her knees in front of him, sucking his dick as she fingered her pussy with her other hand. He imagined lying next to her, kissing her neck and fingering her tight pussy as she moaned and squirted all over his fingers. He imagined bending her over the bed and spanking that wonderfully tanned ass and he pounded into her from behind, gripped tight on her hips. And he imagined her on her knees, looking up at him with a worried but cute expression as he came all over her.

Aidan groaned softly. He was about to cum when the bathroom door suddenly opened. He froze. Who was it? Because of the opaque glass on the shower door he could only see a silhouette, the outline of a woman with brown hair.

The figure stripped down, removing a white t-shirt, then unfastened a bra and bent down to remove her lower clothing before moving to the shower door and sliding it open. Aidan's jaw dropped.

It was Briana. Talk about a welcome surprise. "What the hell are you doing?" Aidan asked, keeping his voice low.

"Mr. Smith, I need to talk to you," she said. "I've been fantasizing about you for almost three years now, since I was a freshman in high school. You're the hottest guy I've ever met. I love your perfect ass and your big muscles, and I've been imagining how good you are in bed. You're so perfect, Mr. Smith, and I've wanted to fuck you since forever." She put her hands together in a praying gesture, and her voice took on a wheedling tone. "Please have sex with me, Mr. Smith. Please fuck me nice and hard. Enjoy my young body."

Aidan had only been half-listening to Briana's words; his attention had been mainly focused on her naked body. God, she was perfection. Her curves were amazing, her breasts flawless, slightly pear-shaped, with small areolas. Her nipples were hard, too. His gaze traveled south, along her smooth navel, to her pussy. Her outer lips were the same color as her skin, and covered by a faint layer of auburn hair. What did he have to lose? He'd already banged his own daughter, for Christ's sake. And he had just been jerking off to Briana in his head.

"Well, Bri," Aidan said, "why don't you get in here so we can have some fun?" He stared down pointedly at his eight-inch erection. Briana lightly touched herself, aroused at seeing Aidan naked before her. She stepped in and slid the door shut.

She licked her lips seductively. "I'm all yours, Mr. Smith," she said, wrapping her arms around his neck and leaning in towards him, pressing her forehead against his. "Do whatever you want to me."

"You're a very dirty girl," Aidan chuckled. "We'll have to clean you off first." Briana gasped as he slipped his hand between her legs while also working over her tits.

Pretty soon she was covered in suds, and she took the soap from him to lather him up as well. The feeling of Briana's velvet-like hands on Aidan's skin only aroused him further. She leaned forward, kissing him passionately as she rubbed his back and rear end with the soap. His hard cock was sandwiched between them both, throbbing for release.

Briana started lathering his erect cock, carefully jerking it off and taking care not to get soap down his urethra. He leaned his head back, enjoying the feeling as she dropped to her knees and added her wet hair to the mix, opening Aidan to a world of new pleasure.

Aidan leaned back against the wall, giving Briana more room to pleasure him. She looked up at him, her brown eyes begging for him to cum in her mouth.

"You like that, Mr. Smith?" she cooed, flicking the tip of her tongue over Aidan's head to collect the pool of precum on the tip.

"Oh yes, baby," Aidan groaned. "So much . . ."

She smiled and continued to rub her soft soapy hands and hair up and down his throbbing cock. A few minutes later he began to feel pressure building inside him and he grabbed his pulsing cock and started jerking it hard. He shot a heavy load all over Briana, making her gasp in surprise at first but then smile.

She started to cover herself with cum as if she were showering in it. Aidan smiled and continued to jerk, getting hard again from watching Briana rub herself down in his cum. She licked her fingers and grinned up at Aidan. "You taste really good, Mr. Smith," she purred.

"Thank you," Aidan said. "Let's see how you taste."

He flipped Briana around, holding her under the shower. As the warm water ran its way down her body, he began to passionately lick her, starting with her cheeks and making his way down. When he reached her nipples, he took some time to suck them and play with her breasts. They were firm and bouncy, perfection. His suspicions were confirmed when he saw that she had one black freckle on her left breast, and two on her right. The two on her right were positioned in such a way that they looked like a vampire bite. Briana giggled softly as her nipples hardened with her arousal. Aidan then took his hand and slipped one of his fingers between her pussy lips. Briana moaned out in pleasure as he continued to lick her.

"Mmm," Aidan moaned around her navel, "Bri, I need you to lay down on the bathtub floor."

Briana nodded and did what she was told, lying down on her back on the bathtub floor with her feet under the shower water. Aidan got down with her and continued to lick his way down to her pussy, the sounds of her moans of pleasure filling his ears.

"Alright, Bri, spread your lips and let me get a look at that wet pussy," he ordered.

Briana smiled and spread herself open as wide as possible to show Aidan her juicy pussy. The water from the shower had mixed with her juices, and her outer lips shone with fluids. The inside was as pink as cotton candy, and likely just as sweet. With a wide grin, Aidan started to lick her pussy softly, gently picking up the pace.

She moaned and twitched with excitement as her pussy lips began to redden with arousal. He could tell she was close to orgasm as he pushed his tongue deeper into her slit.

"Mr. ... Mr. Smith!" she gasped, and then moaned loudly. Briana exploded into an orgasm, panting heavily as Aidan stood up and smiled down at the teen.

"You taste pretty good yourself," he chuckled, licking her orgasmic juices off his lips.

She laughed and stood up. "Ooh, your tongue felt so good inside me," she said. "But I wonder how good your cock is gonna feel?" She reached forward and lightly stroked Aidan's hard erection. Licking Briana until she came had gotten him pretty worked up.

"Only one way to find out," Aidan said, grinning wickedly.

He leaned towards Briana, and the two of them began to passionately kiss. Briana moaned as she wrapped her arms around Aidan's neck to pull him closer. His tongue slipped into her mouth, rubbing with hers as he picked her up by her rear, squeezing her ass in his hands and pinning her against the shower wall. He started mercilessly kissing the teen girl while groping her tender yet supple body that he had just explored every inch of with his tongue. He could feel his hardening cock pressing against her smooth stomach.

"So how about it, Bri?" he asked. "You want me to give that cute little hole of yours a ride?"

Briana rapidly nodded her head. "Yes, please, Mr. Smith," she gasped. "Show me what a bad girl I am. Punish me with your big hard co--" The rest of this word was lost in a loud moan as Aidan brought her pussy down on his cock, and the first inch stretched open her tight cunt.

Aidan quickly placed a finger on Briana's lips. "Shhh," he whispered. "We don't want Sam to hear, do we?"

With warm water running down his body, it made it easy to slip the rest of his cock into Briana. He started to thrust hard into her pussy, and she writhed with passion in his arms.

"Oh, God, yes!" she cried, wrapping her legs around his waist. "Oh, yes! Oh, yes!"

With the heat emanating from the shower, it didn't take long for Aidan to reach his peak. "Alright, Bri, I'm about to cum," he growled. "You want it in your little pussy?"

Briana looked up into his eyes, an expression of deep longing on her face. "Yes, Daddy," she gasped. "Cum inside my slutty pussy!"

Hearing her say "Daddy" set off a switch inside Aidan, and he grabbed Briana's hips and pulled her down as hard as he could while pressing her tightly against the shower wall. He groaned and went stiff, muscles clenching as he released a powerful stream of cum into the teen's pussy. Briana's pussy clenched his cock back as she screamed in pure ecstasy, her cry muffled by Aidan's hand over her mouth.

It took a few minutes for Aidan to regain his bearings, and he had to be careful not to slip on the slick bathtub floor. He slowly pulled his cock out of Briana, making a loud pop sound and leaving a beautiful creampie to trickle out down her leg.

Briana sighed happily and gave him one more kiss. "Thank you for the wonderful shower, Mr. Smith," she whispered. She climbed out of the shower, leaving Aidan to finish getting cleaned up.

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Not Bad

Bri is a serious cock tease. Not a bad thing at all! Wonder what Samantha was doing while Bri and dad were in the shower? I guess a 3 some is next. 4 stars


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