tagIncest/TabooI Made My Sister Ch. 01

I Made My Sister Ch. 01


Life can be tough if you are a single child. It's tougher with only one parent as well. Mum and dad were married young at 18 and I came along right away. Life growing up was wonderful but sadly my dad fell ill and couldn't have any more children. He passed away when I was 12.

So for six long years I didn't have my dad and sadly nor did mom. We were well provided for but mum never went off with another guy even though she was very attractive. She devoted her life to bringing me up and I appreciated that love.

As I was the only man in the house I found myself "growing up" fast. I'd do chores, help with the shopping and generally do as much as I could for my darling mum. This meant I forwent much social life and only had one or two close friends of my own age.

Adolescence arrived and I found it difficult to cope with the changes in my body. There was no sex education and I learned the little I knew from borrowing my friends porn magazines which I taught myself to masturbate over in private. Even when I'd reached 18 I didn't really understand how adults made love / had sex or where babies came from.

Living with just mum gave me exposure to the feminine things ladies have and do. I would secretly watch her dry off after showering and sneak into her bedroom and touch her underwear. One day I even found a strange oblong gadget in her bedroom cupboard and when I switched it on it started buzzing and vibrating. I quickly turned it off and put it back. I didn't know what it was.

Holidays were spent at a remote cabin up in the hills. It was beautiful and I'd go boating and fishing and mum and I would always walk together and have nice picnics.

Soon after my 18th birthday mum arranged for us to spend a week up there, just us together. It was to be a very nice surprise.

It was usual for us to stay up and chat after supper so that first night we had a great steak meal and mum poured me some wine -- as I could now drink alcohol. During our chat she asked me whether I'd wondered why I didn't have a baby sister. I couldn't answer so she explained that my dad was so poorly he couldn't make her have another baby after I was born even though they were both desperate to have a little girl.

Before dad passed away mum told him there would never be anyone else and she would never have another man. This upset dad so much that they both struck a very secret pact. Mum would have her wish to keep celibate on the understanding that the first man that she would invite to make love with her would be a virgin. And this next bit was the biggest taboo secret -- mum would invite me, her son to be that virgin and give her the baby daughter that she and dad so wanted. Dad was in full agreement. All that was now left was for me to decide -- I had to be fully consenting or the pact was off.

I was shocked -- not with disagreement at the pact -- but with the possibility that I would soon be doing sexy things with my very sexy mum. I poured myself some more wine, paused and looked into mummy's eyes and smiled. I'd love to mummy -- she jumped up and hugged me.

But you will need to help me a lot mum as I've never had sex with a girl and I don't know exactly what to do. Mum re assured me as she too poured herself a wine and we sat close together. I've got so much to say she explained and it's important we take it all bit by bit. When you make love there is a stage called foreplay when the man and woman get to know and understand each other. It helps each other know how to make each other feel nice -- and sexy.

Mum put her hand around me and leaned forward. Tonight we are going to start learning about foreplay and kissing. I've always kissed you goodnight darling with a peck on your cheek. Now we are going to kiss on the lips. She moved nearer and our lips met. After a moment she broke off and checked I was OK. Now she asked me to open my mouth as we kissed and she leaned forward again. I did and her wet tongue started to dart against mine so I copied her. It was so new, strange but wonderful. We kissed for a long time.

End of part 1

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