tagLoving WivesI Married a Pervert Ch. 02: Naked

I Married a Pervert Ch. 02: Naked


I had been going up to see the guy who would later be my husband every other weekend for a couple of months. During that time I learned his name was Rick.

He whispered something in my ear on our last weekend that had me concerned, "I'm going have you naked all weekend next time."

When I got home all I could think out was having to be naked around his housemates and his friends. Even though he left my pussy raw, the thought of being totally exposed like that had me fingering my poor sore clit. It hurt just to masturbate, but the thought of being fucked by their eyes all weekend made it so I couldn't stop.

Unfortunately, after cumming all the doubts came back to my mind. What if they are disgusted by my DD's, or the little fat on my butt, or my toenails.

I hate to say this but it was an excellent motivation to work-out. I worked out that week like I was training for sports. I didn't want them disgusted.

It was after a workout that the guy down the hall came by. He was pretty honest with me so I had to asked him, "Gary, I might have to get naked for some guys. I was wondering if my body looks okay?"

Gary said, "From what I've seen, I'm sure they'll love it."

I had to giggle. "Thanks."

"Hard to tell with clothes on."

I thought for a second, if I was going to get naked in front of others, I might as well try in front of a friend. I took off my shirt and asked, "Do I look alright?"

I could tell from his expression he liked what he saw. When he said, "I... wow... yes... I mean... wow." I figured he liked it.

"So if I was around you all weekend like this, you wouldn't mind?"

He nodded.

"Thanks, that makes me feel better," I said.

"Um, you just need to be topless. That's great and all. You'll blow them away." His eyes didn't leave my boobs.

"He did say naked," I said and slid off my shorts. I had to look over at Gary, it felt strange being in just my panties, but he clearly didn't mind.

"You... you... I mean... great! You look great." He had a huge grin on his face.

I turned my back to him and slid my panties off. "You don't think my butt is too big?"

"I think it's great." Then he put his hand on my ass.

I looked over my shoulder at him, "Little forward there."

"Sorry." He moved his hand off me. "You really are beautiful."

I laughed as I turned around. "You're just saying that."

"No really." He peeled his eyes off my boobs and looked at the floor. "I think about your body a lot when I jerk off."

"Really?" I was both flattered and turned on. I love watching guys jerk off. When I was young I even joined a few circle jerks. I looked down and there was a bulge in his pants. "Are you thinking about it now?"

His face was bright red and he nodded.

"Um, Rick left my pussy sore, so that's out." I told him before he could get any ideas. "But, you were nice enough to tell me how I looked naked. So I guess I could help you out with your fantasy."

I moved over and to lay on the couch. "If you want, you can jerk off on top of me."

He quickly dropped his pants and his nice five inch boner popped out.

"Mmmm," I said looking at it. "Straddle me."

He put one leg on either side of my hips and grabbed his cock. I smiled as he looked down on my body and started stroking his cock. My eyes had to move from his cock to the pleasure on his face and back again. It was a thrill seeing him enjoy himself so much. I had to reach out and feel his inner thighs and how they were trembling.

Looking at his face he was clearly enjoying it so much I had to smile. At that he sped up. So I reach over and cupped his hard balls. That was all it took to make him explode. He shot his cum hard, all the way up to my forehead. A white line of cum went from my belly to my tits to my mouth and even my nose. Luckily it missed my eye.

I licked his cum off my lips and smiled at him as the remaining part of his load came over my wrist and forearm. He opened his eyes and looked down on me.

"Thanks," he said. "I've wanted to do that for a long time."

"You should have asked." I grabbed tissue and started wiping off my wrist. "I liked it."


I giggled, "Of course, wouldn't you like it if the roles were reversed?" I grabbed another tissue and started wiping the remaining cum off his deflating cock. "It..." I stopped I was about to say, "It only took a few seconds." Then realized he might not want to hear that.

"It was a different." I finally got out. After getting used to the long slow pace of Rick enjoying my body as much as he could. Gary shooting a load in seconds was a nice change.

Looking up at him I don't think it mattered what I said. He was squirming around as I cleaned off the tip of his cock when it was at it's most sensitive.

"Sorry." I let go of his cock and grabbed more tissue.

He got off me and said, "Oh no, don't be sorry, I enjoyed it. You can clean that anytime."

I smiled, "I might hold you to that." I looked down at the mess on my body. "Unfortunately, I've got to hit the shower."

In the shower I was feeling good about my body and that lead me to masturbate again.

Between exercising all week, I planned on how this weekend would go.

* * *

When I first got to Rick's place after greeting him I headed straight to the bathroom. I really needed my bladder empty if I was going to ease into this. After we headed straight up to his room.

"So, you wanted me naked all weekend?" I said unbuttoning the top button on my blouse.

"Oh yeah," Rick said. "That would be fantastic."

"So, you like seeing these." I unbuttoned the next one and bent over a little giving him a good view.

"More than anything." Rick took a seat on the bed.

"Which do you like better." I undid the button just above my belly button and pulled back my blouse revealing my right breast. "This one." I undid the last button so my front was fully exposed in just my bra. I slipped my right arm out of the sleeve and cupped my left breast as the blouse fell to the floor. "Or, this one."

"An impossible choice." Rick undid his pants without taking his eyes off my boobs.

I giggled as I slid out of my pants, standing in just my undies in front of him. "I'd almost think you like what you see."

"I love it," he said. "Only love isn't a strong enough word."

I reached behind my back to the hooks on my bra. "What more would you like to see?"

"Everything." He took his pants off. "I want to worship your body."

I couldn't help but blush. To keep his eyes off my reddened face I unhooked my bra and let it fall to the floor.

"You are fantastic," he smiled.

"So are you." I slipped out of my panties. "You like?"

"More than anything. Come here and I'll show you how much." He patted the bed.

I got on the bed and spread out ready for some slow missionary, but Rick had other ideas. He ran his hands all over my boobs enjoying them while driving me wild. Then he moved down and ran his fingers up my inner thigh. He slid down the bed putting his face above my shaved pussy. His breath on my clit driving me wild.

"You are so sexy," he said and gave my clit a soft kiss.

It was all I could do to keep from squirming, I just wanted him to dive in. After what seemed like forever he let his tongue slowly circle my hard clit. The slow circles made me want to explode. I was just about to complain when he sped up and gave me an incredible climax.

After I gently pushed him away, he grabbed a box of condoms I noticed they were cherry flavored. Good I won't have to wash him off to give head.

I just smiled as his eyes ravished my naked body while he put on the condom. Then he spread out on his back next to me.

"I'd love you on top, so I can see your fantastic body," he said.

I smiled and did what he asked. It was fun watching his eyes follow my boobies and they jiggled in front of him. It was also a nice change being able to control the pace. Having him just enjoy it. I thought going a little faster than normal would have him cumming quicker, but he just enjoyed it and stayed hard until my legs went numb.

When my face betrayed my legs' discomfort, he noticed and pushed up in a couple of thrusts and came hard. I rolled off him laying on my back trying to catch my breath.

He looked into my eyes and said, "Now to reward you for letting me view your beautiful body."

He moved down and put his head between my tired legs. The feeling as his tongue lapped up all my juices was incredible. When his tongue hit my clit it was electric. Being eaten out after sex took me to another world. He wasn't slow like normal he wanted to make me cum fast. I had no problem obliging him. He made me cum hard and loud. I couldn't help moaning like a porn star.

When we finished, I had to ask, "I get that just for being naked?"

"It deserves a better reward, but it's the best I can do."

I could only giggle.

We tried to talk, but his eyeballs slowly ran over my body. I was both amazed and flattered at how soon he got up again.

"Here's a reward you can give me." I got on my hands and knees.

He grabbed a condom and said, "As much as I want to stare at your body, I can't resist."

He slowly entered me again. I was a little sore but it felt so good. I really enjoyed his slow pace taking his time enjoying me. I could only let out soft moans.

My knees and elbows were feeling pretty raw when he finally came.

Laying back down I had a problem. I had to pee. I could hear both his housemates were still up and in the living room. We talked a little bit, but his eyes just kept taking in my naked body. After a bit he moved his hands to my inner thighs and tried to spread them again. I grabbed his wrist.

"I just want to eat you out again." He gave me a look that made it hard to say no, but I had to, my bladder was full and cumming again wouldn't let me control it.

"I've got a different idea." I grinned and got off the bed and on my knees in front of the mirrored closet doors. "I'll find out what the condoms taste like, and you can watch me."

He hopped up to join me.

It took a little bit to adjust myself so I could take him in my mouth and give him a good view, but I did. Taking his cock in my mouth the flavor could only be described as "Cherry-ish" sort of cherry, but not really. It was tolerable so I could go to town on his cock.

I sucked on him for quite awhile, I could tell he would cum soon. Then he pulled out of my mouth. "I want you again."

"Okay," I got on the bed and spread my legs. "But you on top." I'd never hold me bladder in any other position.

He grabbed a condom and got on top. Luckily he wanted to watch my breasts move and held his entire body up at arms length. As he entered me I kept the muscles tight to keep from peeing. It also held his cock tightly.

"Oh my god," he gasped. "You are so tight."

I just smiled at his enjoyment. Even though my muscles were complaining, I enjoyed giving him so much pleasure. Normally he takes forever to cum, but this time, even after cumming several times earlier, he shot his load quickly.

I would have liked just enjoy the afterglow, but I really needed to go. I gave Rick a long kiss and said, "Be right back."

I got up and went to the door. I took a deep breath before opening it. I could hear the TV so I knew at least one of his housemates was up. I causally walked downstairs into the living room. His Housemate Dustin was sitting on the couch and looked up at me smiling.

"Have fun?" he asked.

"Oh yeah." I smiled at him and headed into the bathroom. The relief felt incredible. After I had to reach down and finish myself off. I tried to be quiet but had to let out a gasp at how hard I came.

I headed back into the living room, hoping Dustin hadn't heard me. From the grin on his face I knew he had.

"Enjoy yourself in there?" he asked.

I could only blush and nod.

He leaned back. "Don't worry I've been enjoying listening to you." He undid the button of his pants that were already unzipped. He had a full hard-on, it looked nice a little smaller than Rick's.

"Maybe some other time." I smiled and headed back upstairs.

When I got back in Rick's room, Rick just smiled.

"God you are so sexy," he said. "You are so brave, it's great."

I couldn't think of anything to say so I joined him in bed and cuddled.

"I'm glad you liked it," I whispered to him.

"You've got a body to be worshiped, and I don't mind everyone seeing that."

I blushed and hid my face in his chest.

The next morning was a little easier, going down to the bathroom and showering. When I got out Rick's housemates, Dustin and Sammy were up drinking coffee.

"Have a cup and join us?" Dustin asked.

"Umm, sure." It was weird sitting around naked in front of two guys, but I acted like it was totally normal. I couldn't help notice their eyes running all over my body. It was making me tingle and I had to keep my legs pressed together as tight as I could, not because I didn't want them to see, but because I was getting so wet.

I thought I was going to explode by the time Rick came down and used the bathroom. When he got out I got up, grabbed his hand and led him into the bedroom. I didn't bother shutting the door, just threw him on the bed and got on top of him. I grabbed a condom and put it on him.

"So you like making me naked?" I asked holding his cock at my opening.

"Oh yeah."

I slid onto his cock. "You like everyone seeing me naked?"

"Oh yeah."

"Am I your little trophy?"

"More than that."

"You like showing me off." I purposely jiggled my boobs.

"I love showing you off." He pushed upward.

I couldn't do anything but grin and bounce on his cock faster.

"You love it don't you." He grinned.


With that he came hard.

I rolled over lay back with my legs spread. His housemates were at the door watching, so I blew them a little kiss before they went back downstairs.

The rest of the weekend was fun. I'd try to act normal being naked until I couldn't stand it anymore and had to take Rick up to his room and boff his brains out. I stayed naked until my ride home came.

In the driveway I had to ask, "Was it okay this weekend?"

"You were perfect." He looked in my eyes. "One thing I didn't plan on."

My ride was getting impatient, but I had to ask, "What's that?"

"That you would make me love you."

I was speechless and had to get in the car. I should have known he was a pervert then, since having me be naked in front of his friends made him love me.

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To the anon who felt sorry for me.... let’s see, who is the bigger asshole here? Those who go around bullying authors and making hateful remarks to those authors and those who enjoy the stories or someonemore...

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It is fun...

to show off to friends.

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