tagIncest/TabooI Married My Indian Mother

I Married My Indian Mother


This story is about me & my mother. My name is Rajesh, 27 years old living in Mumbai with my wife Sangeeta who is also my mother. Yes, I am married to my mother.

The story starts when I finished my college and got a job in Mumbai. We belong to a small town in west Bengal in India. My father died of an illness when I had just finished school and my mother has been working as a school teacher. I moved out to complete my education and when I got a job in Mumbai I got my mother to the city to stay with me.

She was more than happy with this arrangement as there was nobody except me who she can call family. We had a two bedroom flat and we occupied one room each. My mother Sangeeta then was 44 years old and I was 24. She is on a shorter side 5'2" with right amount of meat at her curves. She prefers wearing Silk sarees which makes her body look really sensuous. Her long black hair goes up to her waist and she prefers them open. She is exactly what an Indian male would want in bed.

The relationship between me and sangeeta was like a normal mother and son. Both of us never had thought about what is eventually going to happen. Although I had started realising that it had been really a lot of years that someone had used her body for love and she would be having her desires within.

I had heard my mother moaning on the bed at nights through the door. I realised that she used to masturbate for sexual pleasure. I had started getting attracted to my mother sexually and sometimes even masturbated thinking about her. But never had I tried to get near to her or to indicate my sexual desireness. In my mind I knew by now, that given a chance I would love to jump in the bed with her and take her to the peaks of sexual pleasure. Sometimes this used to be frustrating. Imagine you have a curvaceous beauty in your home and you can't even touch her.

My mother's younger sister, Madhu lived in Delhi. She was ten years younger to my mother and had a loving husband and a young son. Madhu's husband died and after an year her husband's family was pressurising her to marry her husband's younger brother. Madhu was undecided, actually against the idea. She came to our house to find some space from her in laws.

One night I was wahtching TV and and madhu & Sangeeta were talking in the room. I happened to pass by the door and my mother called me in to join the conversation.

Madhu: you wont understand. He is more like a son to me rather than my brother in law.

Sangeeta: So what madhu. He is ready to marry you. You are young! He will love you. And your son will get a father.

Madhu: But I have never looked at him that way. It is very difficult to change my feelings now.

Sangeeta: you have a long life ahead of you. Every woman needs a man. Think of the years that lie ahead of you. He is a good man. You should not hesitate on this.

Madhu: You have managed without a man. So can I!

Sangeeta: I did not have a choice. You are being foolish in this decision.

Madhu: And what do I do with my feelings. I have looked at him like a mother.

Sangeeta: Oh don't give me this bull shit. It is not that difficult!

Madhu got really angry in this conversation... she retorted angrily by saying that it feels like marrying my own son. Sangeeta was also angry by now and she said, if that seems the right thing to do then why not! Madhu retorted by saying you are preaching something that you cannot do yourself.

Both were very angry by now and in this rage Madhu challenged Sangeeta that If this seems so right, why don't you marry your own son. If you do that, I will marry my brother in law. Sangeeta was already angry and she said in rage, "fine I will marry rajesh. But keep your end of promise!"

Madhu went to the dressing table in the room and brought "sindoor" from there saying, do it now and I will believe you!. I realised things were getting out of hand. Before I could react, my mother who was still in rage said, "Rajesh, put this sindoor in my hair." I was not sure what was happening. I tried to reason out by saying something which made my mother more angry. She just ordered me again to do it and i just did it. I picked up the sindoor and put it in my mother's hair.

Sangeeta now turned to madhu & said, "there you have it. Now take tomorrow morning's flight to delhi and arrange your marriage." We went silent for some time. I went to my room and slept.

Madhu left next morning. I went to drop her to the airport and we didn't talk much. I went to office from the airport and came back home at night.

It was awkward to enter the home. Me and mom were alone now. To my surprise she was still wearing the sindoor.

I opened the conversation by: Mom, lets talk about what happened yesterday. I understand that you were in a fit of rage and nothing needs to change between us. You don't need to feel upset or awkward about it. Lets go back to the way we were.

Mom: Rajesh, I am not upset about it. Neithr am I feeling awkward.

Me: Fine, it settled then. Please wipe off this sindoor from your hair.

Mom: Rajesh, this is not a colour which can be wiped off like that. We are married by hindu customs now. I am not upset about it but I believe you are. If that is the case I will not ask you to treat me like your wife. But you are my husband in my mind from now on.

Me: It's not that mom. I am just thinking from society's point of view.

Mom: Rajesh: do you like me as a women. I have seen you staring at me at times. Tell me I am wrong!

Me: I really like you mom. I have been really attracted to you, but...

Mom: then how does it matter. No one know us here. And from now on call me sangeeta.

She went in the kitchen to arrange dinner. We both sat in silence and had our dinner. She asked me if I would like to watch TV, which I refused and said I would like to go to bed. I started going towards my room when she called out and said' "Rajesh from today we live in the same room. Its our first night. Let me get ready. You freshen up in the other room and I will call you when I am ready."

I went in my room to freshen up. My heart was pounding with excitement. I was going to fuck my mother tonight. Not just a simple fuck. We are going to have a wedding night of passion. I changed my clothes and in some time I heard a knock. I opened and sangeeta was standing there.

She was wearing a black transparent negligee with her hair open. She was wearing slight makeup which made her look even younger. She held my hand and took me to her room. There was dim light in the room which made the ambience even sexier. We were standing in front of each her and watching each other intently. Her boobs were glowing in that light. They were round and erect. Her negligee was showing half of the big boobs. I could feel that my penis was bulging with excitement.

She hugged me tightly and we stood like that for few minutes. Then she whispered in my ear. Don't you want to take your wife. This was enough for me. I picked he up in my arms and brought here really close to me. Before I realised we were kissing like mad dogs. Both of our lips were locked and tongues were playing.

I took her to bed and spread her out. It took me few seconds to take off my clothes and undo her nightie. I went on top of her and started feeling her body. My hands were all over her. I could feel excitement in her breath. Her eyes were closed and she was completely enjoying the moment. While here hands were caressing my body, she took them down and held my penis. An instant scream of pleasure came out of her mouth.

Mom: Rajesh. Yours is really big. I don't think I will be able to take it inside me.

Me: Don't worry honey, this thing will now go inside you every night! You will get such pleasures that you have never imagined.

I touched her vagina and she was really wet.

Mom: Rajesh it has been really long since I had a man inside me. Please put out lund inside me and fuck me. I can't wait any longer. You can have the pleasure of touching and sucking me for whole night, but for now please let me have it.

I looked teasingly at sangeeta for a few seconds. My penis was already at the gate of heaven. I gave one hard push and all of it entered in one stroke all the way.

She screamed hard... Ahhhhhh. I love it. Yes my son. Fuck it.

I started moving my ass in motions and every time my penis went inside her screams got louder.

Oh, it wonderful. Its better than I imagined. God bless Madhu for letting me have this. I am your women from now on. Take me hard. Fuck me the way you please. Harder, harder, yesss, yesss...

She continued screaming. I was also in heaven. The warmth of her pussy was enveloping me completely. I wanted this to continue for ever. My rhythms got faster and faster. I realised I was about to climax. I thought I would pull out but it was too late. With sudden burst of volcano I came inside my mother's vagina. It felt like my whole life was waste till now. This was ecstasy. We both were exhausted. We lied there in silence in each other's juices for long.


The night continues in part 2... if you like the story please drop in a line on my email id mentioned in the profile...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/19/18

Fantasy or True... Only GOD Knows

I wouldn't wonder, If this story happens really anywhere in the world... Because, 700Cr+ populations Lakh's of years human civilization it might happen as there is a good chance... But, If it's real storymore...

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by Anonymous01/29/18

real a true feel of sensational love

though this may not be true incident, even happened this is the most justified act to settle life of both the son and the mother who really has right to have a man to meet her sexual desires she keptmore...

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