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I Might As Well



Krystal, as much as she wanted to, found herself unable to move.

"Don't make a sound."

And, just as quickly, her voice had left her. Not that she'd be able to move her tongue or lips to form speech even if she were able to use her voice, due to my previous order. Krystal was still staring straight at me, her hand still on the doorknob, holding it open. The occasional blinking of her eyes, an auto-reflexive muscle response that she didn't willingly control, coupled with the elevated breathing causing her chest to expand and contract, were the only signs that she wasn't an exquisitely created wax figure in some high-end museum.

And what a chest it was! She was wearing a white faux-fur bathrobe, and the angle of her body, combined with her inability to adjust to her nervous breathing, was causing it to open more and more with each breath. It was clear that she was wearing nothing underneath, and her breasts were as amazing as I remembered them. In fact...

"Your nipples are erect, Krystal! I'm guessing you are finding this exciting, as much as you would probably deny it. Not that I'm ready to let you answer me yet."

I moved in between her and the edge of the doorway, and opened her fingers enough to close the door, letting myself inside. She was continuing to stare at the spot where I had left, unable to move from her position. I leaned in behind her and smelled her long, black hair. She had just showered, and still used that strawberry-flavored shampoo she was fond of.

Still inhaling the sweet fragrance of her hair, I reached around her with my right hand, and felt another auto-reflexive response to her situation, between her legs. I gently, but firmly, moved my fingers inside her, and began a steady stimulation of her, while I reached around and groped her left breast, pinching her nipple a little harder than she probably would have preferred.

Her breathing increased dramatically, and my fingers inside her were wetter than wet.

I leaned toward her right ear, and whispered, "I want you to imagine your sexiest voice possible, and, keeping the volume very quiet, you may truthfully answer direct questions from me... but you must address me as your Master after each response. In fact, you must keep changing the title each time, to something that you know I would approve of, given the situation and my obvious desire to humiliate and dominate you. And keep your answers as short as possible... but feel feel to be creative with the title, remembering you are trying to please me. Do you understand?"

In a low lilting voice, reminiscent of something I had heard years ago, she replied, "Yes, my Master."

"Excellent. You will make a wonderful slave."

I softly bit her earlobe, and continued my double assault on her clit and tit. "I know you are home alone. When is the next time that you are expecting to have someone arrive?"

"3:30pm, your Highness."

"Who will be coming?"

"My children, your Grace."

She had two children, both girls, both in elementary school, a few years apart. That was the main reason she had left me those many years ago, my unwillingness to have children. That and the affair with her co-worker, of course. But, the affair was more of a symptom of something else, her growing realization that I was not going to ever be the father that she wanted. Not quickly enough for her desires, anyway. So, she slept with that moron from the regional office as a way of initiating the end.

"Well, it's only 10am now. Which means... we have lots of time."

I increased the speed of my fingers between her, and just as she was about to cum, I pulled out. At the same time, I twisted her nipple as I released it. I heard I a soft groan that she was unable to stop from happening.

"After all these years, I still know how to make you cum, Krystal. But, today, I'm not going to let you cum. Well, maybe not. Maybe I'll feel merciful at some point. But I'm not full of mercy at the moment."

I moved around her front, leaned against the door, and began playing with both of her tits, while I looked at her flushed face again. Her eyes were still straight ahead at the (now closed) door, unable to track down to where my face was, close to eye level to those magnificent globes.

"I bet you are wondering how I have this power over you."

She didn't respond. Excellent!

"I'm sorry, that wasn't a direct question. Are you wondering how I have this power over you?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"I bet you are. Have you ever heard that humans only use a fraction of their brain, and that scientists have no clue as to the full potential of what is possible with our brains?"

"Yes, my King."

"Well, I got hit on the head in an accident, and... Actually, I'd rather explain this story in a more comfortable position."

I looked beyond the doorway, and saw her family room was adjacent to where we were standing.

"Without deviating from the literal minimum of what you have to do to fulfill my instructions, when I snap my fingers, I want you to get me a glass of scotch on the rocks, and gently set it on the end table next to the love seat in your living room. And then, I want you to remove my shoes and socks, lie on the floor, and give me a slow and loving foot massage while giving worship to my toes with your lips, mouth and tongue. Once you get to the third toe, I'll begin explaining why I am your new God."

Hmm. There was something missing.

"Oh, and before you leave for the kitchen, I want you to spend thirty seconds passionately kissing me to the best of your ability, and then while unzipping my pants and gently caressing my cock, convince me in a soft whisper that you are not only excited and grateful for the day's humiliations and degradations to come, but offer some suggestions at how I should best use this time with you. I know you can be creative if you want to be, so I am commanding you to be creative. The more uncomfortable for you, the better for me. So imagine the possibilities of what I could make you do, figure out which of those things you are most afraid of, and then beg me to do them."


She instantly grabbed my face with both hands, and her lips were on mine. I forgot how amazing she was! Her tongue was pressing along the back of mine, and her hands were grabbing the back of my hair as she swapped saliva with me, lips ever moving. She kept her eyes closed the entire time, probably trying to wish that she was able to wake up, and end this betrayal of her body.

Her hands quickly moved to my pants, and as her fingers found my already hard cock, she whispered, "Master, I am so happy that you found me today. I know that I have mistreated you, and I have been hoping that this day would come, where I would be able to begin to make up for the pain that I have caused you. Thank you, Great One, for allowing me the privilege of serving you this way."

Those fingers stroked my balls and shaft with a surprising familiarity. "Please, let me pleasure you nonstop, all day long. I have missed your cock in my mouth, and the taste of your cum. Please, let me suck you off, again and again, until you can't stay hard anymore. And then, I'll lick and suck whatever it takes: your balls, your toes, your ass... whatever I need to do to get you hard, until you do get hard, and then I'll start again."

This was too good.

"Change of plans. Kneel."

"Yes, Master." She dropped down instantly. "I'm glad that you have focused on sucking my cock, Krystal, as it was something that you didn't do nearly enough of when we were married. Am I right?"

"You are wrong, Sire."

What?!? I actually smiled at that defiant response. "I forgot I commanded you to stay truthful." This should be good. "Tell me how you felt about blowing me in the past, but keep the sexy voice and title address, of course."

Her smile now actually seemed somewhat genuine. "I loathed every minute of it, your Worship."

"Well, now, I want you to beg and convince me through your words and tone that you want nothing more than to right now make up for lost time."

The smile never changed; if anything, it deepened. But, there may have been an infinitesimal glimmer of horror in her eyes as she cooed, "Oh, please, Master... Don't believe what I just said. Your cock in my mouth is all I have dreamed about for every waking and sleeping moment since I foolishly left you. I have practiced night and day, with bananas, dildos, even my new husband, just thinking about how I could one day please YOU the most, if I was ever so lucky to have the chance.

"Please give me that chance, my Lord, to show you how strong and soft my tongue can be, how wet and supple my lips can be, how I can go for minutes without appearing to need any breath at all. Please let me spend eternity earning the reward of cum. I could live off of it. Please, let me live off of it. Let the smell of your cock and balls be the only scent I am capable of ever recognizing. Please, let me be your cock-sucking slave. Please, Master, please..."

Sigh. I might as well.

"Put those cock-sucking lips to good use, then, and see how fast your can get your first snack of the day. My own drink will have to wait."

"Yes, Sir."

As her mouth quickly enveloped me, I smiled. It was, after all, only a little after 10am...

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