tagLetters & TranscriptsI Miss You, Baby... Ch. 01

I Miss You, Baby... Ch. 01


I. I miss you baby... so much. I wanted you to think of me, and to want and miss me as much as I want you. So, I wrote you a little bedtime story. Just a teaser... I don't want you to get too carried away, thinking about how it will be when you're back here with me. I want you to save it all for me baby, until that day. I hope you like it, and if you do, there's more to... come... Love, bites, kisses, and tickles, baby.


You would ring my doorbell, and I would walk to the door, open it, and grab your hand, pulling you inside without a word... After closing and locking the door, I would grab your hand once again to lead you into my apartment, heading straight for the bedroom. Stopping in front of the bed, still without uttering a word, I would remove my nightgown... my only clothing... Reaching up, I would put my hand around your neck, pulling your mouth down to mine for a kiss. My other hand would grab yours, and bring it to rest on my chest, encouraging you to fondle my heavy breasts with their excitement-hardened nipples... I would stop for a quick moment, and nod my head to you, once, indicating that I want your shirt off... now... Once your shirt was on the floor, I would step toward you again, wanting to feel your body against mine. You would feel my warm breath on your face mere seconds before our lips would meet, locking our mouths together, our lips and tongues dueling furiously...

Moaning into your mouth, I would trace my hands down your body, until they would come to rest at the front of your jeans. After taking a moment to caress your rock-hard cock through the straining, unforgiving material, I would undo the fastener and carefully pull down the zipper. Taking my mouth away from yours for a moment, to watch as I revealed the object of my desire and lust, I would pull your jeans and underwear down; my pussy would clench and flood with moisture in anticipation of what's to... come. Putting my mouth to yours again, I would push you down; making you lay back on the bed. Following you down, my mouth would trace a path from your mouth to your neck, enjoying the sensation of your stubble-roughened skin on my lips... from your neck, to your chest... my tongue would playfully circle about your nipples and I couldn't resist teasing and nipping them lightly with my teeth... then moving on once again, I would place playful kisses down the line of your chest and stomach, my destination plainly clear...

Once I reached the apex of your thighs, my hand would come to join in play with my mouth... Grabbing your rigid shaft in my soft hand, my tongue would reach out to lick you from base to silken tip, pausing to swirl around your throbbing head, gathering up the drop of moisture that has formed there to let me know your desire is real... complete... Leaning forward, I would engulf your entire cock in my mouth, not stopping until my lips meet your pelvis, and your groans of pleasure fill the room. Closing my eyes, I would let that sweet sound carry me deeper into this real-life fantasy that we're creating. Opening them again, I would look to your face, my cocoa brown eyes meeting the blue of yours... I love watching you as you watch me... my lips and tongue, gently—yet firmly—caressing your cock... feeling and worshipping every ridge and vein. My head would bob up and down, my mouth making your cock slick with saliva, and ever harder. As I would feel you begin to tense, I would slow down, and reach up to play with your nipples. I want to make it last, baby... Taking my mouth from your angry, swollen staff, I would crawl back up to your face and bring our lips together for another heated kiss. I'll feel your hard cock press into the soft flesh of my tummy, as out tongues recommence the battle they'd previously deserted. I love your taste, and savor it as it explodes upon my taste buds. Your light stubble rasps against my sensitive lips, and I enjoy the prickly sensation as it sends tingles down my spine.

After quickly grabbing a condom from the table at the side of the bed, I would tear open the gold foil packaging and slowly, agonizingly, fit it to your cock head then roll it down to sheathe you. You moan as you feel my hands stroke the length of your hardened flesh, lingering to caress the tip that is dripping its delicious pre-cum into the confines of the thin latex. Getting up, I would take your hand and pull you to your feet too. Turning from you to face the bed, I would climb onto it, situating myself on my elbows and knees... ass in the air... Then, looking back over my shoulder, I would finally speak—my voice steady and clear...

"Fuck me..."

********** To be continued **********

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