tagLetters & TranscriptsI Miss You, Baby... Ch. 02

I Miss You, Baby... Ch. 02


I've come home after a long, hard day at work, and just finished a relaxing shower, but I'm still a bit... tense. Running a towel over my dripping hair, I walk toward my bedroom, thinking of you and wanting you. Knowing you're still away, though, it's up to me to relieve the stress of my day.

I'd already turned down the covers on the bed before taking my shower, and turned on my lava lamp, which usually helps to relax me. When I reach the doorway to the bedroom, I stop to watch the sinuous movements of the wax inside the lamp and the gentle shadows they cast on the wall. Turning my head slightly, I toss my damp towel onto the bed. I walk to the dark-stained wood chest of drawers and use one hand to pull the second drawer from the top open slowly. My other hand slides down my body, pausing to squeeze my breast before continuing its journey lower. I can barely contain my excitement as my hand creeps closer to my damp heat. My pussy clenches in anticipation of the pleasure to come, and though the water from my shower has evaporated from my skin, I feel a trickle of moisture run down my thigh. I scoop that moisture up with a finger and paint it onto my distended nipple, pinching slightly and moaning at the pleasant shocks it shoots straight to my dripping pussy. I then slip that finger into my mouth, tasting myself, my arousal. Damn, I wish you were here. Only you can satisfy this ache so deep inside me, but I know I have to wait...

Reaching into the open drawer, my hand feels around until it connects with a familiar shape. A secret smile plays about my lips as I remove my treasure from the drawer. I turn toward the bed and crawl onto it, situating myself comfortably in the supine position, lying back on the pillows. I grab my heavy breast and lift it to my mouth. I trace my nipple with my tongue, tasting myself once again as I do so. My other hand reaches up to play with the breast that has received no attention as of yet. I let my nipple leave my mouth and reach beside me to grab what I've brought to bed with me... a toy I like to call "the midnight rider..." 6 dark blue inches of flexible, vibrating happiness, with an added curve for G-spot stimulation... I don't turn it on, but bring it to my mouth. I caress the cock-like tip with my tongue to make it wet, though I know I would have no problems sliding it into my tight pussy without the added moisture, I'm soaking the sheets beneath me so thoroughly.

Unable to stand it any longer, I spread my legs wide as my hand follows a path from my breast, over my belly, to the flooded delta between my thighs. Parting the engorged lips of my sex, my fingers dive into the slippery moisture that has gathered there. I whimper at the first contact of my fingers with the hard little nub that sits above my throbbing entrance. My fingers start their sensuous dance over and around that bundle of nerves, and I moan endlessly around the toy that's still in my mouth, sucking on it the same way I love to suck on your hard cock. I'm not satisfied, however, because it doesn't taste like you... I remove the toy from my mouth with a pop and watch the string of saliva as it stretches between its blue tip and my lips. My fingers never cease their motions on my ever-hardening clit... I poise the midnight rider at the mouth of my dripping pussy and press it in slowly... firmly.

I release the breath I didn't know I'd been holding as I feel the toy stretch the walls of my pussy, only to draw the air back in as I gasp at the sensation of the toy scraping over my sensitive G-spot, deep inside. My muscles tighten around the toy, drawing it in, wanting it deeper. My heart pounds in my chest as a wave of heat nearly consumes me. I tilt my pelvis up toward my hand, crying out in satisfaction as my fingers meet my body, signifying that the toy is as deep as it can go. I rock my hips, fucking myself onto the toy. I want your hands on me, holding me as you drive your body into mine. I want you, and so I call out to you, though I know you can't possibly hear me.

"Mmm, baby, fuck me hard... you know I love when you slam your cock into me like that," I moan into the silence around me. I know I won't last long with the twin assault of my fingers on my clit, and the midnight rider driving hard and deep into the depths of my pussy. My legs tremble as pre-shocks of my impending orgasm race through my body. My gasps and sighs fill the air as I revel in the sensations of my self-attention. Suddenly, a sound to my left startles me, causing me to break my rhythm. Looking toward the sound, my chocolate brown eyes meet blue ones. My eyes travel down, noting your hand on your cock, your pants around your knees, and the changed that spilled onto the floor from your pocket--the cause of the sound that broke my concentration. Looking once again at the swollen angry staff with your hand wrapped around it, my mouth begins to water, and I realize that I want your cock in my mouth while I fuck myself with the toy. Beginning my movements with the toy once again, I extend the hand that had been working my clit until then to you in a beckoning motion.

"I'm so glad you're here, baby..."

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