tagRomanceI Missed You

I Missed You


He'd been gone 3 months now. The month had been lonely and her hands only did so much. Especially when her mind wouldn't stop flashing pictures of his body. The curve of his cock. The shape of the head. The way it felt when she rubbed the tip of it along her lips. The line of pre-cum that strung off and broke when she moved her head away. It was all very clear in her head and she was tired of keeping her hands to herself.

She waited until she had him in the room alone with her and stood, with their eyes piercing into each others, a hunger deep within them that surged electric.

She stepped forward when she could take it no longer and pulled her head down so his lips met hers. Their mouths searched hungrily meeting again and again, the electric now moving inside of her and down to her very core. His tongue darted out to enter her mouth and she sucked on it urgently, her own tongue flicking against his.

Her body melted into his waiting arms and they pressed against each other like they wouldn't dare let go again.

Somehow they'd made it to the bed, though she didn't remember moving, and he was on top of her, working her shirt up around her neck to palm her breasts. She'd almost forgotten how it felt when he worked his magic on her like this. She'd almost forgotten how his hands felt, large on her small body. She felt her pussy get wetter then and she longed for him to be inside her.

His palms were removed and replaced with the heat of his mouth. His tongue, teasing her nipples as his teeth grazed them. They grew so hard that a dull ache had worked it's way through them. They almost hurt. His hand found it's way through the curls between her legs to work his finger inside of her. A noise escaped her mouth as his finger entered her again and again, his mouth still trailing along her breast, teasing her relentlessly.

She pushed him away from her gently and then harder onto his back on the bed. Her pussy was quivering with need as she tugged off his pants and threw them carelessly onto the floor. His cock bobbed as it was freed, the end glistening with pre-cum. Waiting no longer she kneeled before it like she was getting ready to worship at an altar, and to her it might well be just that she was doing, and she kissed the end of it. The clear string of stickiness stretching until it broke and hit her face.

She took it in her hand next and squeeze slightly, causing him to jerk. A smile crossed her lips. She missed this. She missed his face when he stared down at her from above. The hunger never leaving his eyes. She knew just how to please him. She squeezed again and another jerk, this time with a grunt.

Letting go, she leaned down and sucked his cock into her mouth until it hit the back of her throat. He gasped above her, the sound causing her pussy to throb, and she lifted her head up only to take him into her mouth again. She kept at this, his cock moving in her mouth as she sucked. She reached back to play with her clit and moaned onto him. Suddenly, she felt him take a fist of her hair and he was the one in control. He pulled her head up in down in a quick rhythm, the head of his cock hitting the back of her throat again and again.

She could almost take it no more. She pulled up her head and sat up quickly. There were no words, he'd understood why. She climbed up on top of him and pushed her lips onto his. The kisses growing with their need.

Pushing his head down, she set up and positioned herself over his face. Her pussy glistening with want as his tongue dove inside of her. She stifled a moan as he flicked his tongue inside her. She thought back to the beginning when he told her she'd been his first and his talents were so obvious that it took him a while to convince her. She smiled again and leaned forward to gain control of herself.

He trailed his tongue to her clit and flicked against her, repeatedly. Sucking it into his mouth and teasing it. She shook and quivered above him, trying to keep balance in her legs. His tongue was relentless, lashing against her over and over. Her breath coming in short bursts, she bit her lip to keep from moaning too loud. She stopped him again before she came. This wasn't over yet.

She got off of him and clamored to the end of the bed to grab her overnight bag. Opening it, she took out her silk scarf and handed it to him and without a word she got on all fours at the head of the bed. With a glance back at him, she steadied herself and put her hands behind her back, waiting for him to take the hint.

He understood her silent instructions and used to scarf to tie her hands behind her back, leaving enough in the middle for a handle. He grabbed the middle of the scarf and made sure he had a hold of her. Spitting in his hand to moisten his cock and using the rest to lube her asshole, he prepared to enter her.

She took a breath as she felt the head of his cock start to push on her tight, waiting asshole, her pussy dripping with her own juices, she didn't know how much longer she could hold on.

He buried himself balls deep in her asshole and she moaned. Fuck, he felt so good inside her. Her eyes watered slightly as he started to move within her. She felt every part of him. She felt him throb slightly. She felt his balls rub against her when he thrusted forward.

Faster and faster, his cock plowed into her asshole as she bit her lip to keep the moans at a minimum. It was if they were i another world entirely. She was in pure ecstasy. With a last thrust he came inside her ass, his cock throbbed with each squirt and her pussy was on fire with need. He removed himself from her and rubbed her clit with his fingers lightly, still holding the middle of the scarf. She could only think of minutes before when he came in her and his hot cum still inside her. Her pussy was so wet and sensitive it took only seconds before she came, finally dropping her face into the pillow and moaning.

He untied her and laid beside her, taking her into his arms. She smiled and kissed him on the lips, chuckling to herself. They would fall asleep soon, but he had no clue of what else lay in her overnight bag and she couldn't wait until she woke up.

She woke in the morning with the taste of his cock still a memory on her lips. He was still asleep beside her, his arm a dead weight as she rolled off of it. She wasted no time in slithering comfortably down between his legs and and lapping at his balls. Her hand snaked around his limp cock and she squeezed it carefully.

Her tongue flicked it's way between his nuts and she could already feel the stir between her legs. His cock hardening slightly as she moved her hand up and down. She loved the way it felt as the blood made it's way through it. It drove her wild to know how much power she held over his cock.

He moved above her and she could tell he had woken up. He stretched and made a noise deep inside his throat before leaning up on his arms and looking down to where she laid against him.

She smiled up at him, a devil in her grin, she knew just what she was doing and just what she was going to do. He only had an inkling, but an inkling was enough. He smiled down at her, the shit-eating grin that she was used to. The grin she fell in love with. The one that was just for her. It was hers.

His cock was hard now, almost bursting with the blood rushing through it. She spit on the head of it pumped her fist to make him slick with her spit. Lifting her body she moved to kiss him, her tongue running along his bottom lip with slow deliberateness. She stopped to nip at his lip and then to place careful bites along his jaw and to his neck.

She stopped to reach for her bag and pulled out the thing she had bought for this occasion. Something they had talked about for a while. Something that brought a blush to her face. It was an small dildo, one that she had carefully selected knowing how hard it would be for him at first that would hopefully also make him feel how she felt.

She held it up and waved it at him, his eyes dancing over the smooth, black surface before he understood. She moved back to kissing him, each one more deep and passionate than the last. Her hand lingered on his stomach before moving down to jerk his cock, the small bead of pre-cum serving as lube. His breath growled with pleasure.

There would be no more waiting. This was it. He had already gotten some pillows to lay beneath him. The angle was perfect. Her eyes drunk him in with want and lust. She loved him more than anything. He trusted her with this and she loved that too. She was practically salivating before she could get to work on him.

She positioned herself between his legs and leaned to take his waiting cock into her mouth. A sharp intake of breath came from above her, one of her favorite parts. She continued the assault with her mouth and tongue as she took one hand to lube his asshole and the dildo. She took only a moment to glance up at him to see him nod and she put the head of the dildo against his asshole.

She took her mouth away to concentrate and told him to jerk himself as she worked the toy inside him. It was a slow process but with each inch he moaned. She watched as he touched himself in ways only he could and worked it the rest of the way in. She told him not to stop working himself as she moved it out of him again, almost to the cusp.

Back in it went, he howled quietly in pleasure. She held her tongue out and he knew just what she was after, he slapped his cock in it and she could feel her pussy start to quiver. Out again as she put her mouth on him again. In. Out. In. As she worked her mouth all over the length of him. He was moaning loudly and it only made her wetter.

She stopped to demand that he pinch his nipples. Yeah, that's right, you like that? Fuck yeah. You know you like that. You're dirty, aren't you? Fuck yeah, you're dirty. Don't stop.

She moved to tongue his balls, still working the dildo in and out of his sweet asshole. Fuck she was turned on right now.

She thought for a moment before standing to position herself over his cock and impaling herself onto him and then they were one. She bounced on top of him in a frantic rhythm, trying to keep her balance, but almost failing to do so countless times. Her brain was a whirlwind of pleasure. His moans echoing in her ears. He was a god and she was his consort. And fuck if there wasn't the scent of incense and Tibetan chants and all that shit because she was on cloud 9. She was somewhere else. She wasn't even herself. They were a single fucking entity and Jesus fuck her brain was tingling. Her pussy was tingling.

And they both came.

They both came and it was like a revelation. The world was at peace, at least for them. Everything was righted. Everything was beautiful and static. She rolled off of him and into his arms, her breath and heart racing and she could hear his pounding too. She removed the toy from him and left it lay at the end of the bed. They both swallowed, the surreal-ness of the moment settling around them as they fell back to sleep.

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