tagMind ControlI, Mutant Ch. 02

I, Mutant Ch. 02


After our first time together, Jean and I spent most of our free time together, exploring our sexuality, or to put it more crudely, screwing like rabbits. We could not get enough of each other’s bodies, which was a major boost to my teenaged ego. This beautiful cheerleader had dumped the quarterback of the high school football team for me, never mind with a boost from my mental powers. Since then, however, I had done nothing to persuade or coerce Jean into being with me. She genuinely was attracted to me, and her open lust for me made me proud and in return, I paid even more attention to her.

A few weeks later, we were in her room engaged in our favorite activity, sex. I was on top of her, gently thrusting while kissing her passionately. Jean had a couple quite nice orgasms this way, but she wanted more, and was not shy about asking for it. “Fuck me hard and deep! I want to feel your cock against the back of my pussy!” I raised up, pulled her legs up until her heels were over my shoulders, and slammed my hard cock full-length into her tight cunt. I then began pumping for all I was worth.

“OHHHH, yes, fuck me like that! Fuck my pussy, it’s yours, fuck me hard, fuck me fast, make me cum hard. YES, I’M CUMMMING!!!!” Jean was always a fast cummer, and she could reach orgasm many times, and easily, and she was very vocal. I just kept slamming my cock into her, listening to her cries of pleasure and the slap of my balls against her soaking wet pussy and ass.

I was getting close to my own huge orgasm myself, Jean had cum at least six or seven times by then, when my mental senses alerted me to possible danger - someone else was in the room! I whirled my head around, and Jean’s mother, Sandy, was standing there, with a shocked look on her face. I quickly sent her a mental command not to make a sound and not to move, just to watch me fuck her daughter. I resumed fucking Jean, who was so gone with lust that she had not noticed her mother’s entrance. I gave her a gentle mental command to keep her eyes closed, and concentrated on fucking her tight cheerleader cunt.

While I was well into fucking Jean to mutual massive orgasms, I sensed that her mom, Sandy, was becoming quite aroused watching us. I grinned, and mentally commanded her to strip and masturbate watching us. She did quickly strip. For a woman in her early 40s, she had a great body, with large firm breasts, larger than Jean’s, narrow hips, a tight ass, and a neatly trimmed bush. She sat on a chair, and quickly stuck two fingers deep in her soaking slit. Her nipples were hard, and stuck out at least a half-inch. She frantically worked her fingers in and out of her hole and over her clit. I wanted to punish her for snooping on Jean and I, so I used my mental powers to magnify her sexual arousal, while denying her an orgasm.

Well, Jean had been cumming for so long, and now her mom, who was a real hottie, was naked and fingering herself next to us, this triggered my orgasm, and I let loose with a huge load deep in her hot tight pussy. As we recovered, kissing passionately, I sent Jean a mental command to be calm, and to open her eyes. “Mom!” she exclaimed, “what are you doing in here, and you are fingering yourself! Did we make you hot?”

“God yes! I don’t think I have ever been so horny! I’m sorry, but I just can’t help myself! Please make me cum, I will do anything, PLEASE!”

“Anything? Come here woman, and get on your knees between your daughter’s legs and lick her clean, and I will see about helping you out.” I added mental commands for both women to comply, and Sandy quickly got between Jean’s legs, and looked at her sloppy pussy with my load of cum leaking out. She looked quickly at me once, and dove in.

“Oh Mom!” Jean exclaimed, “you are licking my pussy! It is so hot!” And with that, my multi-orgasmic girlfriend began to climb towards the first orgasm given to her by another female, and her mother at that. “YES! Eat me like that! I’M CUMMING AGAIN! AAAEEEEEE!!!!” This vocal feedback, and her mom’s open slit which was glistening with juices, got me aroused again. I need to note here, that as I matured and got more experience, not only did I have mental control over others, I seemed to have increasing control over my own body. I could get hard almost at will, and even better, my penis seemed to be growing slowly larger.

In any event, I did not want the girls to have all the fun, so I got on the bed behind Sandy as she was licking her daughter to ecstasy, and slid my now-rigid boner into the mother’s hot cunt. She was not as tight as Jean, but she was tight enough, and her experienced pussy immediately began to work on my horny cock. “Do you like fucking my mom?” Jean gasped between her orgasms. “This is so hot! Make us both your fuck slaves! I never knew it could feel like this!” I grinned, and released my hold on Sandy’s orgasms. Sandy immediately began a massive climax, screaming into her daughter’s open cunt, and her pussy clamped down like a vise on my cock. I buried my cock deep in her and held it still for a moment, while the largest spasms calmed down, and then resumed my pumping.

I kept this up for a while, both women cumming numerous times, when I pulled out of Sandy. “Get into a 69,” I commanded and they rushed to comply, and even tho Jean had never licked pussy before, she dug into her mother’s like she was starving and her mom was a steak dinner. I had decided to fuck Sandy’s ass, which Jean and I had not done, and since I was a virgin when Jean and I got together, this was my first time. I knew I needed some lube, and I grabbed the bottle of baby oil from the dresser and lubed my cock and Sandy’s ass with it. Sandy groaned as I did this, but did not resist, even without mental coercion.

I slid my cock into Sandy’s ass with one stroke. If I thought Jean’s virgin pussy was tight, this was even tighter! Obviously, Sandy had not gone in for a lot of ass-fucking in her life. This scene was beyond my wildest teenaged masturbatory fantasies. My girlfriend was in a 69 with her own mother, while I was assfucking the mom! Better yet, with only a little psychic pushing, they were becoming total nymphomaniacs! Nothing better for a horny 18-year-old male, especially one with mutant mental powers! I knew then that I was going to see how far this could go, how many women I could make my nympho sex slaves, and what they could do for me.

But I digress, I was buried balls-deep in the cute little ass of my girlfriend’s hot mom. Sandy’s ass was firm and tight, as was the rest of her body, showing no sign of her 40 years, or of having borne children. Indeed, she looked far younger than her years. I was pounding her ass as hard and fast as I could, and she displayed no discomfort, indeed she was fucking me back with considerable energy. As I was assfucking Sandy, I could hear, as well as mentally sense, both women building for an enormous orgasm. However, I was no where near my own, due to the previous orgasms I had already experienced in this mini-orgy. I mentally “pushed” both women over the edge into mind-blowing orgasms, and had the delightful experience of two women shaking in orgasm beneath me and screaming their orgasmic cries into each other’s pussies.

After a moment of recovery, Jean slid out from under her mom, and came up to me, kissing me deeply, swapping lots of tongue, while I butt-fucked her mother. That was pretty hot, I have always liked passionate kissing, and it helped get me closer to my own final orgasm. However, it was not enough to get me off. Sensing this, my sexy cheerleader girlfriend got behind me, and started fondling my ass and balls. Again, this got me closer, but not over the top. After a few minutes of this delight, Jean really surprised me by spreading my ass cheeks and thrusting her tongue up my rectum! It did not take much of THAT new activity to get me off, and with a few more hard thrusts, I exploded in Sandy’s ass, pouring a volume of ejaculate into her that I would not have imagined that I had left.

I fell back onto the bed, gasping for breath, and nearly passing out from the intensity. A moment or two later, I opened my eyes to see Jean and Sandy both licking my cock clean! However, he was done for a while, and both women laid down beside me to cuddle.

“Alan” whispered Jean, “I don’t know how this happened, or why, but I need to tell you that I loved it!” “I will do anything that you ask as long as you can make me feel like this! I would even fuck you at high noon on the courthouse steps!”

“I think I can think up a few things to keep you interested!” and kissed her deeply, as we all fell into a contented sleep. And indeed, this adventure was only the beginning of even wilder adventures as I explored my sexuality and the power and extent of my mutant mental powers.

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