tagBDSMI Need... Pain

I Need... Pain


"What do you need?" His text demanded. He was always clear and concise. He didn't mince words. She liked that about Him.

Biting her bottom lip, she typed out her response. Then erased it, fearing her answer would be too straightforward or bold. It was a silly fear. Of course he wanted a straightforward answer to his question. Perhaps she was afraid of her needs.

"I need..." backspaces... fuck, just say it, you know what you need! She was so pent up. She needed her release.

"I need..." long pause... "pain, Sir." She hit Send before she could erase it again. She felt the tingles and heat in her slut cunt already.

"Meet me at the hotel tonight. 8:00" was His immediate response.


He arrived at the hotel earlier than she. He laid out his toys on a towel in a neat row on the desk. He got ice from down the hall, and fixed himself a drink, and he texted her the number of the room.

She had taken a cab to the hotel, as usual. She was wearing her coat, which she had purchased soon after they met, a red trench coat, the hem of which skimmed just above her knees. Aside from her sandals, she wore nothing else. He loved that she would be so exposed as she rode in the cab to him, as she walked through the lobby and rode the elevator to their room. He loved thinking about the light fabric sliding on her skin, the slightest touch heightening her senses, so that she was completely on edge when she finally knocked on the door to the room.

He opened the heavy door, expecting her, and closed it behind her. The "Do Not Disturb" sign had already been hung from the handle outside. She attempted to walk past him, through the narrow entryway, into the room, but he immediately embraced her and swept her into a deep kiss with a low growl in his throat. Her hands clung to his strong arms, and she moaned into his searching mouth. His hands were already gathering the fabric of her coat higher, eager to get his greedy hands on her naked skin.

She was caught off balance by the power of His embrace, and the intensity of His kiss made her lightheaded. She stumbled backward until she was pressed up against the wall. He closed in on her, His body pressing against her length, kissing her again. She was gasping for air, clinging to Him for support. Fuck, she loved His kisses! Her heart was hammering, her cheeks & chest aflame. She felt a heady drunkenness, and couldn't get enough. She wanted to utterly devour Him.

As He kissed her, his hands began unbuttoning her coat, and it slid from her shoulders, as she shrugged it off. In turn, she fumbled with the button on His shorts, and He stepped back to allow her access to release His rock hard throbbing cock.

She knelt down before her master and started to worship His thick dick with her mouth. She licked her way from the base, to the engorged head, sucking it inside her warm, wet mouth. She rolled her tongue around the head, and flicked it lightly, her tongue exploring his sensitive hole. He groaned, leaning his forearms on the wall above her. She could tell He wanted to fuck her mouth. She wasn't sure how long He would let her tease & torture His raging hard on before He took control. She grabbed His cock with her hand, and gently massaged it, while she licked on His shaved balls, with warm, wet, sloppy stokes of her tongue.

Growling, He reached down with His right hand & grabbed His throbbing cock. With His left, He caught a fistful of her long, dark hair. He pulled her head back so that she looked up at him, and slapped her in the face with His heavy cock. She smiled up at Him and opened her mouth to receive Him. He cock slapped both her cheeks, leaving a slick trail of precum on her pretty face.

Fuckkkkk, He wanted to shoot His load down her goddamn throat right then, she looked so hot. His naked, wanton slut on her knees worshipping His fat cock. But He had other plans.

"Get up, my slut," He ordered.

She stood, wordlessly.

He turned her around & led her to the bed, where He instructed her to lay down, with her head dangling off the side. Then, He went to the desk to select His toys.

He came back to the bed with a riding crop, 2 clothespins, and 2 short lengths of soft rope.

Seeing what he had in store for her made her instantly more wet & aroused. She was nearly shaking with anticipation.

He made quick work of tying her wrists to her knees, then pushing her knees toward the bed, so that she was spread wide open, and her arms were only able to move as high as she could move her legs. She had some range of movement, like a butterfly, but the effect of being bound was always very sexy to her. She trusted Him. She knew that He knew her needs & limits perhaps even better than herself.

Once she was bound, He once again began to slap her face with His heavy fucking cock. She stuck out her tongue, greedily wanting to taste Him again, but He teased His little bound slutty angel, enjoying how she squirmed naked before Him. When He was ready, He shoved His dick into her greedy mouth, and began to slowly move it deeper into her. He could feel her adjusting to accommodate His girth, suckling His engorged cock back into her throat. While her eyes were closed, focusing on her task, He silently picked up the riding crop, and delivered three quick slaps to her pert breasts. Her eyes flew open in shock. He smiled wickedly.

"Keep sucking, slut," He growled. She renewed her energy at sucking his cock, while he continued to strike her pretty little tits. He was getting harder. She was gagging on His cock, and He fucking loved it. After several smart smacks to each breast, He aimed at her soaking cunt. This time, not only did she open her eyes, but she let out a garbled shriek of surprise. Oh yessss! She fucking loved getting her cunt whipped. She needed it. She bucked her hips, begging for more, as He fucked her throat, the head of His cock feeling her gag reflex spasm around Him over and over. He was close to cumming.

He bent over her and started slapping her wet cunt with His hand. SLAP!




She bucked and moaned, and gagged as He bottomed His cock in her throat and felt the rush of His cum let loose from His balls and spurt down her throat.

She struggled to swallow his load as stream after stream jetted into her mouth. Cum dribbled out of her mouth and around His cock, running down her face. He didn't stop slapping her needy cunt until a moment later, when she let loose a gutteral cry, and squeezed her legs together as her orgasm overtook her.

He knew that she loved basking in the glow of her orgasms, but he wanted to keep her on edge. He waited until she had calmed some, and He untied her. He pinched both of her nipples hard, bringing them to tight little buds. Then He placed the clothespins on them. He liked seeing the simple implements on her naked body. Everything didn't have to be whips & chains.

With the clothespins making her nipples burn, she had been brought once again to her full attention. "I believe you have some cleaning to do," He said with a smile.

"Yes Sir," she replied, and moved off the bed, down to her knees to clean his softened dick and balls of the cum that she had not been able to swallow. As she cleaned Him, He smoothed her hair away from her face, and turned her face again to look up at Him.

"I believe you said something about needing pain, didn't you?"

"Yes Sir," she replied.

"I need to mark you," He said.

She desperately needed that too. She loved bearing His marks, inside and out, being marked as His. His cumslut, His whore, His angel.

He offered His hand to help her up, and led her to the other side of the room, where a club chair sat facing out toward the night, pushed up against the large window. He told her to bend over the back of the chair, but to hold herself up, so she could look out the window. The back of the chair was just a bit higher than her hips, so she needed to stand slightly on her tiptoes.

Her ass high in the air, her dripping cunt jutting out, her clamped tits hanging down, her entire naked body draped over this furniture, on display for Him and the world outside. Now it was time for the pain she craved. The pussy whipping was a warm up. He knew she needed more. He knew when she asked for it, that she needed a greater release.

First, He would further adorn his beautiful fuckdoll. He lubed up a jeweled anal plug, and began twisting it into her puckered asshole. She squirmed as the invading toy pushed deeper into her. He was training her asshole. They had been working on it together for a while now.

She was, for all purposes, an anal virgin. She had some previous experience, but the one who tried to fuck her there had hurt her, and she was traumatized by the experience. He had promised He would never sadistically hurt her. He only brought her the kind of pain that brought her pleasure, not fear.

After the bejeweled plug was inserted, He slowly selected the belt from the nearby desk, doubled it together, and snapped it in the air, signaling that her punishment was about to begin. Her taut muscles were nearly shaking with anticipation. Her breath was heavy.

He brought the belt down on her ass and she gasped. She felt the white hot pain as it spread through her. "Thank you Sir! More please!" she panted. This was their code. Always cautious of her limits, He feared that she would push herself too far if they relied on a safe word. Therefore, He required that she beg for the pain she needed. When she could no longer take any more, she would not ask for more. He knew that she struggled with the humiliation and fear of asking for her deepest fantasies to be realized. He loved seeing her drop to the basest of levels and beg Him to make her cum like that. That was His ultimate turn on, to help her reach her deepest, most depraved fantasies, to unleash her inner slut & force her to cum harder and more than ever before.

He dealt the blows to her ass steadily. She was panting, sweating, trying hard to maintain her composure. She was thanking Him over and over, begging Him for more. Her body jumped like a marionette, His little fuckdoll. He knew she was close to cumming from the strapping alone. Her ass was glowing red.

He positioned himself behind her directly, and used His foot to widen her stance. He could see the slick wetness coating her cunt lips. He could smell her arousal like an animal in heat. He brought the belt down squarely between her ass cheeks, making direct contact with the anal plug. She nearly screamed. This time, she didn't ask for more pain.

He mounted her like a feral beast. His huge, throbbing cock shoved deep into her molten core with one thrust. He gripped her hips and sunk His fingers into her flesh. She nearly came unglued as He entered her. She started to cum immediately, her body bucking wildly. She was soooo full, the anal plug inside her, His huge hard on pressing against her belly, which was perched on the back of the chair, adding extra pressure. She came mightily, releasing a string of obscenities & nonsense. Her eyes rolled, her head thrashed, her cunt spasmed and gripped His dick.

She was like an animal, cumming like that. He had wanted to wait longer, but he was overwhelmed with her cumming all over His cock like that. Fuckkkk!! He let loose with a great growl, and once again spurted into her. This time, marking her slutty cunt with His hot seed. She was His.

She was exhausted. Her body relaxed like a limp doll, as the aftershocks rolled through her. But he was still half hard. He needed to finish claiming her. He needed it. She needed it, He knew. Tonight He would mark all of her holes.

He kissed her back, and started rubbing her sore ass. He helped her get up from the chair, and pulled her into an embrace, kissing her mouth deeply. She was his sexy little angel. He was very pleased with her.

He removed the clothespins one at a time from her aching nipples, and she moaned with the pain that rushed to them. Then he asked her if she was ready for more.

She looked at him quizzically. She wasn't sure she was ready for more. She had cum three times now, her hunger and need for pain satisfied. She wanted to curl up with Him, to bask in the afterglow. But, looking at his half hard cock, she knew He needed more. And she wouldn't deny her Master. Of course, she didn't realize his full intentions.

He led her to the bed, and placed her on her knees, ass up, face down. She was familiar with this submissive position. She wondered if He would spank her some more. She was sore, but she would gladly take more pain if it would please Him.

Instead of the belt, He entered her swollen pussy again. This time more slowly & determined. He also started pulling on the anal plug. He fucked her with the toy, bringing it in and out of her sphincter, careful not to let it slip completely out of her. The sensations He was causing her were overwhelming. She didn't know how to handle them. Anal play made her feel very out of control. It scared her a little. He knew this, of course, because they had discussed it many times before. That was why He was taking it slow, allowing her mind to adjust.

Then, after a sufficient amount of time, He pulled the plug from her ass, and withdrew his cock from her pussy. She felt empty, bereft, after accommodating to such fullness!

Before her sphincter had time to close, He spread plenty of lube on himself, then He pressed His cock against her hole, and entered her ass. Fuuuuccckkkk she was tight! Even though she had been stretched by the plug, her ass muscles clenched him like a vice. He pushed the head in, and she was squealing into the mattress.

"It's ok baby. You can do this. Take my cock. Take it in your ass. Let me claim you," He spoke to her in softer tones now. He knew she was struggling. Struggling against her fears, struggling against the pain. He knew if she would just relax, she could enjoy it, but He needed to keep her relaxed.

He kept up the pressure, inching ever slowly into her. "Yesssss! My angel! That's it, open up for me!" He encouraged.

She was trying. She had been invaded this way by smaller toys. Tonight's plug was almost as thick as His cock. She could do this for Him, with Him. She wanted to. She wanted to take the pain. Why was this different than the belt, or the crop? She focused on opening herself up for Him.

When He started sliding back out of her, she nearly lost her mind. Once He was inside her, she couldn't imagine him pulling out & pushing back in. But that's exactly what He did. Slowly, then building more speed as she loosened up.

He was relishing this experience. He was claiming His anal virgin. She was giving herself to Him. She was letting Him fuck her there, where she had been so afraid to let anyone touch her. When she started to push back on His cock, He knew it was time to fuck her in earnest. He needed to make her cum with His cock in her ass. He reached around & mashed her clit with His fingers. She started moaning and bucking under him. He fucked her with abandon, burying Himself deep inside her.

"Oh God I'm gonna cum!" she exclaimed. She was shocked, and overwhelmed by her rising orgasm, threatening to tear her apart at the seams. She was crying. It was all so much.

"Yesssssss!" He growled! "Come with me!" He pumped into her pulsing ass with hard strokes. His balls contracted, and he could feel the rush as he jetted yet another stream of hot, sticky cum, this time deep into her bowels. He was on a high, as He had now defiled all of His cumslut's greedy little holes.

He pulled out of her slowly, and crawled into the bed beside her. She curled herself into a ball, and He spooned her. He began to pet her hair, murmuring softly how pleased He was with her. He asked her how she felt. She couldn't sort her emotions, it was all so much for her, so overwhelming. She needed Him close to her, wrapped around her, protecting her. She had come undone, and she needed the safety of His harbor as she slowly made sense of their experience. Instead of trying to explain her feelings, she wrapped his arm around her tighter, and kissed His hand.

"I got what I needed," she whispered.

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