tagRomanceI Need To Talk To You Ch. 02

I Need To Talk To You Ch. 02


Sierra would swear she was going to blow up from all the tension building in her. After weeks upon weeks of staying at home and taking care of everything while Colt worked, she was beginning to feel a bit neglected. At night he would come in, exhausted from a long day at work and fall into bed without so much as a kiss or a touch. She was lucky if she heard "I love you" get mumbled before he was deep in a far off land. Sometimes during the night, Sierra would feel him reach for her, getting excited (which was pretty much a constant state at this point), she would snuggle up tighter to him and reach between them in an effort to help turn up the temperature. Inevitably however, Colt would be mumbling something about work or the cars, or the kids, and would immediately begin to snore in her ear. Frustrated beyond measure, Sierra would get out of bed and grab a book in hopes of settling down enough to go back to sleep.

Of course they made love occasionally. VERY occasionally. After years and years of an over active sex life, the infrequency was beginning to wear on Sierra's nerves. When Colt did feel like making love it was usually early morning before he left for work meaning there were only a few minutes available to accomplish the task at hand. And seeing as how at that hour neither of them had bothered to get up and brush their teeth, the dragon breath they both were fighting meant kissing was kept to a bare minimum. Laying in bed, Sierra longed for the excitement and overwhelming arousal that Colt had created for her in the past. She loved him, and wanted nothing more than to make him happy. All the work he was doing was not unappreciated, but he was so busy making a living he was forgetting to make a life.

One particularly hard week had gone by where Colt had not gotten home more than a few minutes before dark for 10-12 straight days. Sierra was strung tighter than a compound bow. She hated to push for any more of Colt's attention, but damn...she had needs too. Finally Colt suggested she go out without him and see some friends so she could get away from the house for a while. Sierra normally blew these opportunities off but tonight was different. If she didn't start feeling like something besides the woman with the kids and groceries in the car, she was going to start losing her mind.

So as soon as the kids were fed and bathed and Colt was situated in front of the TV with his beer and his remote, Sierra got dressed. She took great pains about what to wear: Her best pair of Wranglers, freshly shined and polished Tony Lama's, a low cut white cotton sleeveless shirt, lacy white bra and matching thong underwear. Her flashiest western belt and straw hat completed the ensemble. She had to admit to herself, she didn't look bad for a woman fast approaching 30 with several children under her belt. Sierra quickly kissed Colt good bye, assured him she would have her cell phone if she was needed and slipped out the front door.

Funny, but Sierra never even considered the bar scene. Yeah, dancing was a blast but the wedding ring on her finger tended to turn off any one besides the most lecherous of cowboys in the bar. It was better repellent than Deet for mosquitoes. Instead, as soon as she turned out of her driveway on to the highway she called Garret.

She hadn't seen much of Garret since their "talk" several weeks earlier. Working with Colt, Garret hadn't been home any more than he had and when he was it was usually to sleep and shower. Tonight he was at home, enjoying some alone time. He had come in from work and showered with every intention of going out for a while, but simply could not garner up the decisiveness to get redressed and decide where to go. Just as he had resigned himself to spending yet another night alone, the phone rang. He checked the caller ID and a huge smile settled across his handsome boyish face.


"Hey sexy what's up?" came the voice from the other end of the line.

"Nothing," Garret intended to keep his expectations low. Sierra could be calling for some totally innocuous reason, like to get his hours for the week so she could make out payroll checks. "What are you doing?"

Before she could answer, images from their last talk floated through Garret's mind. The feel of her mouth on his, her hands on his body, sliding in to her warm welcoming body, the release of tension they both managed to get combined to force him to adjust his rapidly tightening jeans. Garret struggled to regain some semblance of control and cleared his throat tightly as Sierra answered, "Well.....Colt told me to get out of the house for a while so I could relax. I don't really want to go to the bar, but I'm wondering if you're up to a little company." She rushed on, "I could pick up some beer and head out that way. We could sit and talk and I promise I don't expect anything else, but I really need some time away from the house. The kids are driving me nuts and I could use some adult conversation. But I understand if you don't want me out there, if you're have plans or whatever or want to be alone...I just..."

"Shut up and drive woman." It was the only response Garret could muster.

Sierra almost ran off the road. Her heart was beating so loudly in her chest that she could barely hear Garret tell her that he already had beer but if she wanted something else to drink to pick it up and make it quick.

Not wanting to stop, but realizing she needed the time to gather her thoughts, Sierra told him she'd stop at the store on the way out and be there in less than a half hour. His response, "I'll be waiting," was the last thing she heard before the line went dead.

Even more nervous than before about what she was doing, Sierra took her time at the store, picking up some cranberry juice and then a quick stop next door to pick up a small bottle of Vodka and she was on her way. Suddenly, she was having second thoughts. This is NOT what Colt intended her to do with her night out, but if he wasn't interested in taking care of her needs, she would find someone safe who would do just that. Garret had always been and would always be her friend. That's what she needed right now more than anything -- His understanding and reassuring friendship. The beautiful body and sexy smile that came along with it would simply be a pleasant sideline. Smiling more than she had in weeks, Sierra got back in the car and had a horrible thought. Maybe Garret was just really expecting a conversation. If so she had to be very careful not to show her disappointment and do her best to keep her overriding libido in check. No need to loose a good friend over a little sex right?

Just before the half hour was up, Sierra pulled into the gate in front of Garret's house. On the way out, she called Colt to let him know where she was going to be so that he wouldn't worry. He knew she and Garret had been long time friends and had no reservations about them spending time together. Pulling up in front of his house, Sierra turned off her truck and reached for her things. Slowly, she cautioned herself, don't walk in the door and attack him. Take this slow. He might just really want to talk.

The hat seemed like overkill at this point, so she tossed it over into her passenger seat and closed the door. Walking up to the front door, Sierra looked in and smiled. Garret had remained on the couch and seemed to have fallen asleep waiting on her. Poor thing. He must be really tired. Turning to go, Sierra kicked the cat food bowl on the front porch accidentally and startled Garret. "You ain't getting out of her that quick sweetheart," came Garret's beautiful sexy southern drawl from inside the door.

"I didn't want to wake you up. I know how much you've been working and I know you must be exhausted."

"Shut up and get in here. I promised you some adult conversation and I mean to follow through on it."

Sierra's heart leapt in her chest at the way he took charge of the situation. As she walked in the door, he got up and took her juice and booze and walked toward the kitchen. Setting them down on the counter, Garret reached for a glass out of a nearby cabinet and began filling it with ice. "I can make my own drink. I didn't come out here to be entertained."

"How strong would you like it?", Garret said with a sly little grin on his face.

"Just don't forget I have to drive home at some point," Sierra replied watching in astonishment as Garret poured a generous amount of alcohol into the glass. "I was hoping for something more than cranberry tinted vodka dear."

"Eh...you need to relax."

And that's exactly what she did. After Garret grabbed another beer from the fridge, they went back into the living room. He reached for the remote control and flipped off the TV walked over to the stereo and turned on the music to a local country classics station and turned the volume down. For a while they sat and chatted, sipping their drinks and relaxing into the situation. After half an hour, Garret looked at her perched on the opposite end of the sofa and said "So why are you all the way over there?" When she didn't respond with more than a look, he reached across the sofa and slid his hand into the side of her waistband and pulled her across the couch until their legs were touching.

Sierra had to juggle her drink to keep from spilling it all over his couch, when she recovered she said "What was that for?"

"This," he said as he lowered his mouth to hers for a gentle probing kiss. Scrambling Sierra lowered her drink to the coffee table to free up her hands. What she really wanted to do was touch Garret everywhere, feel those rock hard muscles underneath the baby smooth skin, watch his breathing quicken as she scraped her nails across his hard chest and down the faint trial of hair that led to somewhere behind his waistband. Instead, she reasoned that she should be a little less aggressive and she just reached up and wound her fingers through Garret's silky blonde hair and held on for dear life. Within seconds, all sweetness and gentleness was gone, burnt up in the heat of arousal they were creating. The fire they had attempted for weeks to put out and stamp down came to life as if someone had thrown a gallon of fuel right in the middle of it. That was Sierra's last coherent thought before her baser instincts took over.

Locking her hands behind Garret's head, she leaned back, pulling him on top of her on the old sofa. With ease, they shifted until they were lying face to face on the couch, hands roaming all over one another, remembering, reliving, reviving memories. Unlike their first time together, this moment held no hesitation. They both knew the pleasure the other could bring and were intent on reaching it. This time there was no sadness or desperation, only an unerring desire to be one with the person lying so close to them. Their lips never left the other's body, wandering everywhere. Light kisses on eyelids, nipping at lips, gently sucking on earlobes, dragging teeth across collar bones and returning for a mind blowing dance of tongues, setting the rhythm for what was still yet to come.

Within moments, the confines of the tiny couch and their clothes were too much for either of them to take. Never taking his eyes from his lover, Garret lifted himself off the couch and pulled her with him. Taking her hand in his own, he led her toward his bedroom. Slowly and with great deliberation, he reached for the buttons on her shirt and began undoing them. Each piece of skin that was revealed was laved with attention from his mouth and hands. As he reached the top of her lacy white bra, he slipped one finger underneath the edge of the cup and gently grazed her nipple. Sierra almost lost her legs. Only his strong arm bracketing her waist kept her upright as sensations ran directly from the point of contact to her very core like lightening on a hot Texas summer night.

Soon her shirt was pushed off her shoulders and dropped to the floor. Standing back, Garret marveled in the sight before him. Even though her body was not perfect, she was beautiful. In the soft moonlight of his bedroom, her olive skin glowed. He could see the lines of her tan from where she had worn her bathing suit to cut the lawn or wash the car.

Eagerly, Sierra wrapped her arms around his body and grabbed his ass cheeks, squeezing gently. She could feel the heat of his arousal through his jeans and hers pressing tightly into her stomach. The lace of her bra teased mercilessly at her swelling breasts every time she swayed in time to the soft music drifting in from the other room. Releasing him, Sierra stepped back and placed his hands at his side and pushed him down until he was sitting on the edge of his bed. With a confidence she didn't know she possessed, she reached for her belt and slowly unbuckled it. Suddenly remembering their last experience at trying to undress her she picked up her foot and showed Garret her boots. "Slip-on's," she said with a smile as she toed off one and then the other. As soon as she kicked the offending boots under the bed, she reached again for her waistband and unbuttoned her jeans, slowly sliding the zipper down. Staring straight into his eyes, gauging his every move, she slid the jeans down her legs and stepped out of them.

Instantly, Garret's beautiful blue eyes darkened to almost purple. The white lace of her underwear further accentuated the tan she was working on. When she took a step towards him, he was almost blown over by the overwhelming scent of her arousal. A quick look at her barely covered sex told him she was already wet and swollen with wanting him. His ego notched up just a bit higher knowing she was as anxious for their pairing as he was.

The last few weeks had been hell. Garret had done everything he could to get his mind off of her and the feel of her body under his own, but it had done little good. When Colt would give him a hard time on the jobsite because his mind was elsewhere, it was hard for him to say "Yeah I was thinking of when I slept with your wife." So instead he kept his mouth shut. But Sierra had been great fodder for his solo fantasies and had snuck repeatedly into his dreams. He could hardly believe she was back in his arms again. Sensing his detour into his thoughts, Sierra leaned over and ran her tongue over Garret's ear lightly then whispered "What's wrong cowboy?"

"Absolutely nothing," he replied with feeling, "with the possible exception of these jeans cutting off the circulation to my lower body." He reached between them to readjust his straining sex for a little more comfort.

"Well then," Sierra said. "Let's just fix that little problem right now." Pulling him up until he was standing in front of her she reached for the button on his jeans and gently eased the zipper down to avoid injury to any parts of him she intended to put to good use soon. As soon as the jeans slid to the side, his erection popped free of the denim and strained out towards her, begging for her attention. Sierra stepped in closer and kissed Garret's lips while pushing his pants to puddle around his ankles, then shoved her hungry hands inside his boxers seeking out her ultimate goal.

The sharp intake of Garret's breath was her first clue she found just what she'd been looking for. Sensually, she began stroking his sex from base to head repeatedly while gently sucking on his neck and chest. Garret reached behind her and swiftly unclasped her bra and slid it off her shoulders. Using the break in contact, Sierra pushed his boxers down to join his pants. With one last kiss on his lips, Sierra trailed her mouth over his chest, down across his abs and dipped the tip of her tongue into his navel. Lowering herself to her knees in front of him, she worshiped him with her mouth and tongue, telling him in the only way she could how very much she loved him. As her mouth came down on his shaft, she could feel the shudder start in Garret's chest and radiate out as he heaved a huge sigh. Gently she caressed his balls with one hand while holding him still with the other hand so she could take this slowly. Long before she was ready to quit, she felt Garret pulling her up to stand in front of him.

Through a ragged breath Garret said "You have to stop."

With a sly smile, Sierra stood, dragging her breasts along every inch of Garret's body. With a groan, Garret claimed her mouth in a searing kiss. His hand went directly for her center, sweeping her dripping wet underwear to the side and slipping 2 fingers deep inside. Sierra let loose a harsh cry of surrender and moaned into Garret's mouth. It was all the encouragement that he needed. His thumb found the little nub of pleasure it was hunting for and began to flick back and forth. Within seconds, Sierra was climaxing with so much intensity that the only thing that kept her upright was his hand buried inside her.

As she came down from the top of the wave, Garret easily laid her over on to her back on his bed and stripped away the little froth of lace she called underwear. Before she could totally regain her senses, he lowered his mouth and began gently sucking her swollen sex into his mouth. Sierra almost cried out at the sheer joy of feeling this man's mouth bring her back to the heights of passion. Her hips bucked of their own volition. Garret brought one large hand up across her middle to play teasingly with her breast and hold her in place, while his other hand and his tongue worked their magic. He could feel her inner walls still spasming around his fingers and the taste of her was enough to just about send him over the edge. Suddenly and without warning Sierra reached the peak and fell off again, her body collapsing in around his fingers, milking them as she begged for more.

Never one to disappoint, Garret slid up her body and linked their hands while Sierra attempted to right her world for the second time in as many minutes. As she opened her eyes, Garret captured her mouth in a bone melting kiss. She could still taste her essence on his lips and tongue and it was strangely erotic. Once again energized, Sierra flipped them over on the bed until she was on her knees straddling his hips. Garret submitted to her completely, allowing her to take control of their lovemaking, at least for the time being. She leaned forward and dangled her large breasts in his face and he obediently reached out and grabbed each of them, laving them both with attention from his fingers and that amazing mouth. As he sucked her deeply into his mouth, Sierra pulled back and broke the suction. Catching his eye, she sat up straighter and reached between them to position his sex at the entrance to her own. With deliberate slowness and never breaking their gaze, she sat slowly down, allowing him to fill her inch by painstaking inch. Garret's hands went to her hips, grinding his fingers into the flesh there in an attempt to make her complete their union. Sierra would have none of it though. She was doing this HER way. Period. The harder he dug in with his fingers the slower she went, until he realized that if he would just let go she'd do exactly what he wanted. As his hands fell to his sides, Sierra slid down the last few inches until he was completely inside her.

Awash with emotion, Sierra began to rock her hips back and forth slowly, grinding her body into the course hair covering Garret's lower abdomen. She had always heard it called a treasure trail and now she knew why. Her treasure was waiting for her where the trail ended. The sensation was too much for her to stand for long and soon she was building toward yet another climax.

Garret was enjoying watching her take pleasure from his body this way, but could only stand being the passive party for so long. Roughly he grabbed her hips and pulled down while flexing his own. That was all it took to send Sierra into outer-space yet again. Gently he removed himself from underneath her and stood up at the edge of the bed. Urgently, he pulled Sierra to the edge and on to her knees. Standing between her splayed feet, Garret buried himself again in her moist heat and began stroking with long swift powerful movements.

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