tagInterracial LoveI Never Meant To Fall In Love Ch. 03

I Never Meant To Fall In Love Ch. 03


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LD AKA Vicki Vale

Chapter 3

Eliza Perry was the youngest CFO in her company's history. She was known for not being a pushover. She knew what she wanted and she went after it. So, when she informed the executive staff of Meager & Meager that she was going on a three week vacation, even though the "Finland Project" was still not finalized, they were a bit confused to say the least. This project could not be completed without her, and she was getting away to clear her head and get some much needed relaxation.

The truth was she was being hounded by her family and friends to settle down. They had tried to set her up with every cute executive, lawyer, doctor, or professional they came in contact with. Her sister Molly had even gone as far as putting up a profile on seven matchmaking sites to see which one would get the most hits. Eliza got weekly reports on who to follow up with and who she would have a dinner date with. In short, Eliza needed to run away. This vacation was for her.


"Hello," she answered the phone with a barely disguised moan.

"Liza, it's your mother."

"Yes, mother I know, your picture and name pop up on my phone when you call." Eliza rolled her eyes. "What's up, I am pretty busy with some last minute things at work before I leave tonight."

"That's why I am calling," her mother continued. "I think you should take your sister with you. A young, successful, intelligent woman like yourself should not be prancing all over Europe on your own. Some man might try to take advantage of you, Dear."

"Mother, we have gone through this. I'm okay traveling alone, and it would cost a pretty good amount of money to get Molly on the tour at this point."

"It's been taken care of," her mother interrupted, "Mark knows someone who knows someone who got a great deal." Eliza's mouth dropped open and she removed the phone from her ear. Was she hearing right? Somehow her sister was going to tour Europe with her? She stared at phone as if she could melt it with her heat vision. "Oh great", she said after returning the phone to her ear and biting her crooked index finger.

"Yeah, yeah, I thought it was a wonderful idea, and when it came together, I knew it was just meant to be," her mother said proudly. "So see, Dear, you and your sister will have a great time."

Eliza sat at her desk looking at the floor and shaking her head in defeat. She thought, 'This only happens in my life. Why couldn't I just have a vacation to myself?' Her mother continued, "So Liza, she will meet you at the airport tonight, unless you want to come out to dinner with us. We are throwing her a sendoff party at Althea's Cafe on 33rd." She paused to await an answer.

"Um, no Mother, I will not be able to make the dinner, but do give everyone my love. I have to really push the clock before I leave at 10PM tonight. I will be heading to the airport from here." How pathetic, she thought to herself, that she was about to go on the vacation she'd wanted to go on since college, and she is spending every last minute before departure working. She really needed this vacation more than she had thought.

"Well, Dear, remember you are about to go on vacation and please leave that office humbug there when you push off. No, and I mean, NO working on this vacation," her mother demanded.

Eliza for the first time agreed to do just that. "Yes, Mother, that is the plan."

"Okay dear. Love you; and remember love can find you if you send out the right coordinates." Her mother blew a kiss through the phone.

"Yes, mother. I love you too." Eliza returned the kiss. It was not tradition for anyone in her family to say "bye." Her mother started it when they were in grade school. She never wanted to say bye to her kids. She had wanted them to know that she would always be there. She felt if the unfortunate would take place and one would die before they saw each other again, goodbye was not the last word spoken. Therefore, she replaced saying goodbye with blowing a kiss.

Eliza pushed the end button on her cell phone and sighed heavily. She knew that her mother had sent her sister with an agenda...simply put: "Operation: Find Eliza a man." Eliza knew that any man who showed a hint of interest would be encouraged to approach her and make his move. Eliza felt her stomach churning and wished she could abort her plans and hide.

She returned her attention to files on her desk and the many legal documents that needed her signature. Pressing the intercom for her assistant, "Sally, may I trouble you for another cup of coffee, and can you make it the strongest stuff we have?" Breathing deeply, she refocused on the tasks at hand.


Eliza walked into the airport, dreading seeing her sister and mother. She sighed with relief when she remembered that her mother would not be able to walk them to the gate. It was all Eliza needed was to have her mother lecturing her yet again on how to dress and what to do to get a man. She shook her head remembering her mother's suggestions, "Now listen to me, this is how I got your father, I know what I'm talking about. Do it and you too can get a man."

She checked in curbside, made sure her bags were properly identified before they were placed on the conveyor belt and away to be loaded on the plane. She glanced at her watch, knowing her sister, Molly, was going to be running very close to being late. Eliza decided to head to the gate to avoid her mother's last minute advice.

"Eliza, Dear." She heard her mother's voice behind her.

Eliza cursed under her breath. As she turned to greet her mother, Eliza could tell by the look on Molly's face that their mother was in full strategize mode and that Molly was her weapon of choice. Eliza groaned and waved. This was going to be a long trip, she thought to herself.


Esau arrived at the airport with time to spare. He checked his bags and headed for the security checkpoint. He loathed this part of traveling; it was so annoying to just stand in line, waiting his turn. He tried to think of a reason that he would call Lauren before he took off. Nothing came to mind. He checked to make sure that he had his passports and all other important papers. He found a note from Tammy. It simply said:

If you need someone to talk to while you are away, I am here for you. Call me anytime.


P.S. I like the color red.

He crumpled up the paper, rolling his eyes, and looked to see how much further he had to go before he was through the security check.

He got his ticket out and was glad he decided to fly first class. At least he would not have to suffer chatting with some very talkative person on the plane. He just wanted to relax and try to enjoy himself. He hated traveling, but travelling alone sucked even more. He wondered for a quick minute if Lauren would have gone with him. He tossed around the idea, but he didn't want to seem like a desperate case, plus with her being his assistant, he was sure there was some kind of policy against it. Michael would surely have something to say about that kind of fraternization. He grimaced at the thought of Michael and the speech he would be giving him. Esau might have feelings for Lauren, but he would not -- could not - act on them. It would be too great a cost for the both of them.

He felt his cock twitch when he remembered Lauren's voice, how she would saunter into his office when he called her. Her smile, her eyes, everything about Lauren lured him in. There was no doubt he was smitten by her. He decided this vacation was a time to get Lauren out of his thoughts. This vacation would be a perfect time to chill out and stop being such a workaholic and actually have some hot, steamy, and much needed sex.

He inhaled deeply and decided that he would have fun, forget Lauren, and as Tammy would say 'jump some bones'. It was time 'lil respect' got some play time.


Lauren was not sure what she would do when Esau left. She was so used to seeing him at the office and taking care of him. He promised to call, but she was worried. She could not understand what was going on. Did she have feelings for him? Of course not! He was her boss, but her thoughts were always about him. She would have to talk with someone about this, but who could she trust?


"Flight 24 to Paris boarding at Gate 27a," announced the voice over the intercom.

Esau shut down his laptop and placed it back into his carry-on bag. He looked around at the others who were preparing to board and wondered how many of them were going to be in his tour group. He knew from the itinerary that not all the tour group would be on the same flight. Some would join the tour at different points, and others would leave. It really did not matter as long as there were a few ladies he could hook up with, he didn't care who else was there.

He noticed a few ladies that looked single and hoped they were going his way. One of them met his glance and smiled. He smiled back and then looked away. He bit his lower lip wondering if he even remembered how to pick up a woman. He chuckled; things probably had changed since he was out there in the dating scene. On the plane, he would have to look at some YouTube videos and make sure he was up on the singles scene these days. He shook his head, now feeling like a total idiot. He determined to just be himself and let the chips fall where they may. He had obviously known how to get a woman; he had been in relationships before.


Eliza heard the announcement and stood to board the plane. She was now wishing she had opted for a first class seat. This fight was going to be packed, and, with her luck, she would have a middle seat on the 16 hour flight.

Molly checked her makeup and noticed that she had small bags under her eyes. She thought on the flight she would sleep and start her mother's plan once she actually landed in Paris. She glanced over at Liza, who looked a bit skittish anyway. She would wait until Eliza let her guard down just a bit. She stood and noticed a man looking over at them. She smiled and he returned the smile. He looked a bit bashful. He might be a good one for her sister. She was about to say something to Eliza, but when she turned, Eliza had already walked away. Turning back to look at the man, he had gone too. He can't get too far, she thought to herself. She prayed that the Love gods would help her; she did not want to return a failure in at least getting her sister laid. Her mother would never let her live it down. On the other hand it was her turn to join the mile high club. She adjusted her breasts and decided she would find herself a quick fuck. Molly thought to herself, I need to settle my nerves if I'm going to deal with Eliza's shit during this trip.


As Molly boarded the plane, she began to look for a 'will do for now' single guy that she could have fun with. She did not see any young virile men in the first class section, so coach would have to do. Anyway, Eliza was flying coach, and their mother said Molly should be in coach too. She rolled her eyes at the prospect of flying coach. She hadn't flown coach since high school. She thought maybe she could fuck a flight attendant and get her and her sister seats in first class if they had any space, but all the flight attendants on this flight were female and, except for that time in college, she was not a switch hitter.

She could feel her need awakening. She had to locate a cock soon. Just her luck when she found her seat, she was sitting next to two acceptable men. One, the older gentleman, she saw was wearing a ring, he looked to be in his mid to late forties, but the other looked like he was single, at least he did not have a ring on. He had to be in his mid-twenties, more Molly's speed, but either would do for what she needed.

"I'm sorry to bother you, but I believe that is my seat there in the middle," Molly said as she leaned over the married man just enough to allow her shirt to open so that her full breast would peak out. She caught his eyes which were straining to see more than the little glimpse she was giving him. She smirked. The other guy had his headphones on and didn't notice her.

"No problem. Let me stand, and then you will be able to pass by easier. Would you like me to put that bag overhead for you?"

"Oh yeah, thanks." Molly smiled at him with a feigned innocence.

As she slid into her seat, the other man looked over at her, smiled and nodded. She made sure she brushed up against him trying to fasten her seatbelt, so he would have to make eye contact. To her delight, he looked at her, and his dark blue eyes were intriguing. She thought for a moment that she might be able to get them both. She grinned to herself. This was going to be a wonderful flight. Who knows, she might even have a fuck buddy for the duration of the whole tour. "You're such a slut," she mused to herself.

She let her skirt rise a bit so that her thighs were showing a little more than they had to, and she unbuttoned her shirt so that her cleavage and the side of her breast could be seen with just a glance. She got tickled when both men on each side of her seemed to steal peeks at her.


Esau had boarded the plane and went to the restroom to take his motion sickness medicine and his Tylenol PM before taking his seat. He wanted to sleep during the flight, and he did not want his fear of flying to overwhelm him. Taking his seat, he again was happy that he was in first class and the person seating next to him had not boarded the plane yet. He crossed his fingers that the seat would remain empty.

He asked the flight attendant for a pillow and a blanket. She winked at him and said it would be her pleasure to make sure he had everything he needed. She was a strawberry blonde, green eyed attractive woman, not really his type, but he thought maybe he would flirt with her and see where it went. When she returned, she introduced herself and laid the blanket on his thighs, placing the pillow behind his head and rubbing her breasts against him slightly.

"If you need anything, just press the call button," she said, letting her hand brush against his on the armrest. Esau felt his cock swell at her light touch. He thought to himself, "It's really been too long." He nodded his acknowledgment to her and smiled.


Eliza was happy she didn't have to sit next to her sister during the flight. However, as much as she had wanted to talk about this plan of their mother's, that conversation would just have to wait. For now she would take her Tylenol PM, as the tour guide suggested, to help her sleep so she would not be jetlagged once she got to Paris, and pull on her sleep mask to make it evident she did not want to be bothered. She would deal with Molly once they landed. She pressed the call button for the flight attendant and hoped the blankets were not scratchy like the ones on Delta Airlines.

Plugging in her earphones, she let the magical voice of Adam Levine and Maroon 5 relax her. As she listened to "She Will Be Loved", she speculated about when she would find that someone special. What her mother and sister did not realize was that she wanted to be in a relationship, she just didn't want the heartache that came with opening up to someone, just to have them walk away when things began to hint at being serious. She could relate to the words that Adam was singing, how she had pleaded with her men and not to give up on them. "Stop!" she yelled in her thoughts, "You are not doing this again. This is a fucking vacation. Have some fun!"


By the time Molly had been on the plane for an hour, she knew that the married man's name was Jim and that he was currently separated from his wife of twelve years. The man with the blue eyes and the headphones was Mykel, and he was traveling to meet his online girlfriend for the first time. To Molly, that meant either men - or both! - were acceptable targets. What the hell, her body needed this! She put her money on the separated man because he was most likely to be more willing to stray than the new love on her right. She got moist just thinking about how to seduce him. She decided she'd flash some flesh just enough to get his attention, and go from there. Once he was aroused, she would make her move and get what she needed from him. No harm no foul, hell he probably hadn't had a taste in a while and was itching to stick it in the first wet hole he could find.

To her satisfaction, when she raised her skirt up to reveal the flesh above her knee, it didn't take him long to notice and lick his lips. She smiled. She had him hooked.

The flight attendant came by offering pillows and blankets. Molly motioned to get a blanket. The flight attendant offered Mykel and Jim blankets, too. Jim asked for a pillow also. Molly thought hard how she would get his attention enough to open up a dialogue to see where it would go. "You're so tense," Molly observed, "Maybe if you lean your seat back and lift up the armrest, you can get a bit more comfortable and that will help you feel better." Not waiting for an answer, Molly lifted the armrest between then and reached over him to get to his button, accidently-on-purpose pressing her breast to his midsection. She located the button to recline his seat, and as the seat leaned back, it brought Jim's crotch closer to Molly's face. She heard him suck in air. "Better?" she asked him. She brushed her breast across his chest again as she leaned back into her own seat.

"Much," he replied, without realizing he had leaned and turned more to face Molly. "This is much better."

Molly took a chance and leaned closer to Jim. She half expected some resistance, but instead he just said, "Thank you."

"You're welcome", she replied and laid her head on his shoulder. She could feel Jim tense, but he did not move away.

"I'm getting chilly. I need to spread this blanket out."

After about 30 seconds, he relaxed and placed his hand beneath the blanket and onto her thigh. She smiled to herself. This was going to be easy. Slowly he worked his hand lower until he reached the hem of her skirt. She knew what he was doing, but she did not want to spook him by being too eager. So she continued to let him lead. He inched his hand up the inside of her leg, pausing every now and then to make sure she realized what he was doing and wasn't going to stop him. She cooed softly the farther along his hand went. A few more inches and his fingers were butting up against her dripping crotch.

She lifted her head and whispered into his ear, "If you touch me, I know I'll have a climax here and now."

Throwing caution to the wind, Jim pulled the thin crotch panel to the side, and let his fingers roam all over her drooling fissure, until finally coming to rest on her hard little clit. Flicking it gently again and again, he felt her body tense up and then shake quietly, while a wicked climax ripped through her leaking vagina, leaving her breathless.

Jim looked over her shoulder to Mykel. This made Molly turn to look also, to both their satisfaction, he was asleep with his earphones still in place. Molly turned back to face Jim and met his gaze. He was hungry; his eyes hooded and dark with lust. His hand was still massaging her pussy lips, and now he pressed his finger into her slit and leaned to kiss her slightly. He moved to get a better position so his finger could go deeper into her. She inhaled as he started slowly fucking her with his finger, and then inserted a second finger. He was now almost leaning on her in a kneeling position, giving him better leverage.

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