tagInterracial LoveI Only Have Eyes For You Ch. 03

I Only Have Eyes For You Ch. 03


After I heard the noise, I decided to investigate. Whoever was the culprit of this bit needed to stop it immediately. They were scaring me and Tiff.

I was shirtless, having rushed to put my jeans back on when I heard the ruckus. I'd picked up a branch and weaved through the forest, waiting to attack somebody.

"Come out wherever the fuck you are!" I yelled, totally frosted. Nobody was going to broach upon me and Tiff's safety.

I stood still, turned around. Nothing. Okay, maybe the guy took off.

Just as I was about to head back to Tiffany and make sure she was okay, I heard some twigs crunch under feet. When the subject moved again, he tripped and fell.

I ran like a madman, wielding my branch, ready to strike, until I saw it who it was.


I was frozen in my stance, completely shocked. "Ralph? What the hell—"

Ralph stood up, brushing the dirt and leaves off of his clothes. "I was just taking a stroll. Cool your jets."

This was weird. Why was Ralph following me?

"Did you follow me?"

"No, of course not! Why would I do that?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "You can be strange sometimes, I don't know."


"Like I said," Ralph reassured, "I was just taking a stroll. My parents are gone for the week, I got bored so I thought I'd walk around." He continued brushing more dirt off his clothes and pointed to me. "Where's your shirt?"

As soon as he said that, Tiffany appeared and tossed my white t-shirt back to me. I put it on and Tiffany, fully-dressed, waved at Ralph. "What are you doing here, Ralph?"

I noticed Ralph's incessant need to look at Tiffany while he explained, "Oh, just taking a stroll, and I ran into Brendan. Of course, he scared me to death when he almost bashed a fellow's head in with that branch."

Although her laughter was polite, I knew she had to have known it was bull. Ralph was following me. Probably because he wanted to indulge his 'colored-girl fantasy' he always told me about. Tiffany was the only girl around who'd satisfy it.

But she was mine and I wouldn't let him go anywhere near my baby.

We packed up and walked with Ralph back to his house. Me and Tiff held hands while we explained that we were basically homeless.

Ralph, still staring at Tiffany, decided to offer us temporary residence.

"It's perfectly fine. My parental units are away on business in Indiana. That means the whole house is to myself."

He didn't consider one thing though. "That's fine and all, but don't you think your house is the first place my parents will look when they try to find me?"

Ralph shrugged his shoulders. "Where else are you gonna go? It's either my place or a park bench. And it'd be a shame to force such a pretty girl to sleep on a grody pigeon-pooped bench."

Total come-on. But I had to endure it because he was right. I had nowhere else to go.

I threw my hands up. "Okay, fine. But only until we figure out where we're going next, and it won't take long."

Ralph nodded. "Sure. Now let's go. It's getting late."

When we arrived back at Ralph's place, he gave us the guest bedroom and bathroom. Tiffany was in the shower. Me and Ralph were in the kitchen fixing peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches.

He'd turned on the television to check out American Bandstand. I sat down at his parents' dinner table and started on my sandwich. Elvis was performing, and all the kids were going ape.

Ralph sat down, brandishing the peanut butter jar, slathering another layer on his slice. He rolled up his button-up sleeves and tousled his brown hair. "Elvis knows what he's doing."

I took a sip of milk and set it back down. "What do you mean?"

After chewing, Ralph pointed to the television. "He's getting away with murder," he said, mouth full. "If he were colored, he'd never be able to be that famous."

I rolled my eyes. "Ralph, I asked you repeatedly to not use that word."

Ralph looked up, like he was annoyed. "Sor-ry. But you have to admit I'm right. And all the white kids are buying right into it. It's only okay if a white guy does black music."

Where was this coming from? I didn't know, but I had a feeling I'd find out soon.

"Care to explain why you're telling me this?" I dropped my sandwich on the plate and wiped my hands.

Ralph pointed to the television again. "It's this damn country. You see how they ran Tiffany out of the neighborhood. It's like we're scared to admit what we like, so we pussyfoot around things."

My eyebrows rose. "You didn't use to think like this. You used to tense up whenever the bus rode past the black neighborhoods and then make fun of them for being poor and black."

Ralph chugged the rest of his milk and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "That wasn't me, Brendan. My parents brainwashed me into thinking co—I mean black people were the enemy or something. But I look at your doll and I don't see that in her. She's normal. She's not what everybody says about them."

Again, I was wondering why his newly liberated sense of thinking came about so sudden. Maybe it was that Beatnik friend of his he told me about.

I leaned back in my chair and adjusted my glasses. "So what are you saying?"

Ralph sighed. "Brendan, if I had my way, I'd date a black girl. Ever since you've been with Tiffany, it's like I've seen what I didn't and couldn't have access to. And for what? Fearmongering.

That's what I'm saying." He looked back to the television screen. "They're not scared of Elvis. They're scared of Otis."

Ralph was normally irrational and weird when it came to black people, but I did notice the way he stared at Tiffany and other black girls we occasionally saw.

"Well this is a different side of you," I admitted, tearing the crust off of my sandwich. "Very different."

Ralph rested his elbows on the table and leaned forward. "You don't know the half of it, buddy. Right now, your sexy little doll is taking a shower. She's probably touching herself right now, too. I'd give my right arm to be in your position. Every girl around here is exactly the same." He leaned back. "Plus, I heard black girls are great in the sack."

I didn't know whether to sock him or put up with it, but he was testing my patience, that was for sure.

"So you want my girlfriend, basically?" I had to come out with it.

Ralph held up his hands. "Nope. Not saying that. I'm telling you I think she's gorgeous, but I'm also admitting I'm jealous. White girls are nice, but I'm bored. They're boring. Maybe I want to have a little fun for a change."

"So what, you just want a black girl to get your fantasy over with? You don't want to actually be with one?"

Ralph shook his head. "Not what I meant. But sooner or later, everyone gets sick of the same old thing. They get tired of being deprived."

There was silence before Tiffany walked in, clad in a fluffy bathrobe, a towel wrapped around her head. She came up to me and kissed me on the cheek. "What's going on?"

I answered, "Oh nothing."

A few hours passed, and soon it was nighttime. We all tried to pass the time by playing board games and watching television, but we were bored.

Abruptly, Ralph had switched off the television and stood in front, like we could still see it even though it was off.

"What gives?" Tiffany asked, legs crossed. She'd stolen my Chucks since they were her size and wore them with her Levis. God, she looked so swell.

Ralph started rummaging through his cabinets until he found what he was looking for. It was a plastic baggy of tablets.

"Ralph, what is that?" I asked, already disapproving.

He answered, behind a chuckle, "LSD. Got it from Ryan."

"You mean that weird Beatnik kid who reads Kerouac at lunch?"

Ralph nodded. "Exactly. He cut me a deal, too. We should try some."

I looked at Tiffany. She looked at me. "Have you ever done drugs, dollface?" I was sitting across from her in the living room, and I could gauge her expression.

"I smoked marijuana one time," she looked at Ralph. "LSD is much heavier, though, I'm sure."

Ralph opened the baggy. "Marijuana is nothing compared to LSD, you're right. But hey, you only live once, right?"

We all fell silent, except for Ralph, who was pulling the tiny tablets from the baggy. "Well do I have to do all these drugs by myself?"

I know he wanted excitement in his life, but there were easier ways to entertain a fellow. A night bike ride, for example. Going skinny-dipping in the lake. Fooling around in the backseat of your parents' car. Not experimenting with drugs.

But then again, he had a point. Routine was bland. Routine was expected. I'd never done drugs before, outside of drinking with my buddies after school just to see how whiskey tasted. (It was grody, by the way.)

"I guess I could try some," I slowly got up and walked to the table, where Ralph was cutting up the tablets for us newcomers. Tiffany followed.

"Brendan, LSD?"

I looked at her. "The high probably won't even last that long."

Ralph agreed. "Yeah. You'll just see some weird things but other than that, you should be fine."

I couldn't believe I was going to do this. We all took our pills and decided to move our hang out to his parents' Jacuzzi. Ralph said it was only used whenever his parents had guests over, but since they were gone, that rule didn't apply.

I think he just wanted to see Tiffany half-naked, even though her bathing suit was classy.

She got in slowly, right after me, in her form-fitting black onesie, already experiencing the high, it seemed. She was really giddy and happy, moreso than usual.

I got in, then Ralph, and me and Tiff held hands in the water.

"Brendan," Tiffany began, giggling, looking at me like she wanted me.

I laughed. "What is it, dollface?"

Tiffany whispered in my ear, "I want to fuck you."

Because the drugs were hitting me slowly, I didn't respond until she basically yelled it out.


Ralph's eyebrows rose. I told her to shush in case people heard us, so I covered her mouth.

"I guess someone likes the drugs," Ralph mused, laying back in the bubbling water, practically watching us make out. It was simple at first, but then Tiffany started licking my ear and shoving her tongue in my mouth.

Ralph was facing us, staring, and I knew he was jealous.

Tiffany was rubbing my dick, sticking her hand inside my trunks and stroking the shaft. I tossed my head back and she started kissing and sucking my neck. I was sure I'd have hickies.

Ralph was still staring at us, really intently, like he wanted to join, but couldn't. I knew if the drugs made him trip out enough, he'd get up and take matters into his own hands. My inhibitions were lowering. It got to the point where I didn't even care.

Tiffany kept rubbing my dick until cum spurted in the water, and Ralph had licked his lips when he saw Tiffany struggling to get out of her swimsuit, complaining of how hot she was.

"I'll help," he said, swimming over to Tiffany, who had the happiest look on her face. He maneuvered her suit off and then stared at her body. I wasn't going to let him get everything, though.

I grabbed Tiffany and starting making out with her, enjoying how moist her brown skin was. Ralph had taken off his trunks. I followed. While I took off mine, Ralph started kissing her back and massaging her tits. He pulled her back and began sucking her neck.

Okay, so we each couldn't have her to ourselves. Guess we had to play nice.

While Ralph was sucking her neck and grabbing her tits, I positioned myself underneath her so I could eat her pussy. That's when she started moaning. Ralph was pinching her nipples, moaning to himself when he heard her moan, and dousing her with water.

"Your skin is fucking beautiful, doll," Ralph whispered, pulling Tiffany's hair back so he could kiss her upside down. They were playing tongue hockey while I was sucking on her clit, sticking my fingers in her, and wiggling my head around to make sure she came.

Tiffany had reached up and began playing with Ralph's hair, and decided to focus on him more. She tapped my head and turned around so she could make out with him more. Ralph took full advantage. He picked her up and set her on the edge of the Jacuzzi and started French-kissing the hell out of her.

They were all over each other. Tiff was running her hands up and down Ralph's semi-muscly back, and Ralph was rubbing his dick against her, holding her close.

I got jealous. That was my girl he was all over.

I pulled Ralph away from her and starting kissing her again. Ralph had moved me aside to get to her pussy, and starting doing the job I was.

Tiffany's moans turned me on, but I knew it was from Ralph. A fella gets jealous when his girl is getting pleased by another.

I moved down from her lips to her tits, teasing them with my tongue and caressing her clit while Ralph ate her. Tiffany was stroking both of our heads, tilting hers back before she let loose a raucous orgasm.

As she was coming, me and Ralph each took a tit and started sucking on it.

"That feels so gooooood, you guys sure know how to fuck me," Tiffany moaned, licking her lips. When she was finished cumming, her breath heavy and intense, she stepped back, wading in the water.

Ralph followed. He couldn't keep his hands off of her.

She held up a hand and lifted a finger, wagging it cautiously.

"Unh unh unh. Come here, Brendan." She ushered me over and I started kissing her again, but she went down lower and until my dick was in her mouth. That's when Ralph came up behind her, lifted her body until either legs were on each shoulder of his, and started eating her. It basically looked like a crooked human bridge.

She was sucking me, Tiffany was being sucked, and Ralph was doing the sucking.

When Ralph made Tiffany cum, and Tiffany made me, she was let down. Then, she grabbed Ralph and started going down on him. I hadn't entered her yet, so I fucked her in a dog position while she went down on him.

The water was warm against my skin while I grabbed Tiffany's hips and thrusted. It was kind of weird to be facing Ralph while I was doing my business, so I concentrated on other things. The marble lining of the Jacuzzi. The wind softly swaying the trees. The almost-night sky dotted with sparkly stars.

The one thing I liked about Tiffany's body was her hips. I liked to grab hold of them while we had sex, because she knew how to work them. Whenever she got on top, it was like heaven.

Ralph moved Tiffany's hair out of the way while she was sucking his dick. By the way he was breathing and moaning, and how he was grabbing her head, I knew he was close to orgasm. I couldn't though, because even under a high, it was still weird to see him getting off via my girlfriend.

He had cum into her mouth and she got up, wiping the stuff from her lips. Ralph practically ripped her away from my dick, sticking his in and fucking her the way I was.

"You're the best ever!" He yelled, clutching her hips the way I was just doing.

Ralph seemed to winning and I couldn't have that. I waded through the water and got a hold of Tiffany, but since Ralph already occupied one hole, I had no choice but to take the other.

We never tried anal sex, but Tiffany always seemed jazzed about trying something new. I very carefully wormed my way in. Her moans changed from pleasure to a bit of pain, but I started off slow, and then she went back to normal.

I couldn't believe this. Me and Ralph were both deep inside my girlfriend. There was sweat covering my face, due to the hot water, the drug trip, and my nervousness to keep this going any longer. This was hardcore, nothing like the sex me and Tiffany had, which was always romantic and mushy.

Ralph was muttering to himself. Weird things like, "You're such a good fuck," "Oh my fucking God" and "You're fucking hot."

Underneath my high, I felt like I was doing something I wasn't supposed to be, but it felt swell. Even though I was sharing her with my friend, it just felt good.

We were both grabbing her like she was ours and when it was all over, and we collectively entered our bodily fluids inside of her, Tiffany went lip, falling back on me, eyes closed.

Her body was hot. She was breathing out of control, and her heart rate was climbing.

"Brendan, let's go to sleep."

Ralph's eyebrow raised when he heard that. I saw. He was jealous.

I looked at Ralph, and then back at Tiff. "Sure, thing dollface."

I picked her up out of the Jacuzzi, both of us naked, and went back inside. Ralph was still in the Jacuzzi, probably stewing.

Once we were both lying in bed naked, I thought about everything that had just gone down. That was insane. That was beyond insane. If I told any of my other friends, they'd go ape. But they couldn't know, because they were blabbermouths.

I never thought I'd experience such a kinky sex session. The most that ever occurred in my neighborhood were the two gay boys who got caught kissing in school, who then got kicked out, and one of them was severely beaten up. If anyone found out about this, I figured something even worse would happen.

But of course, that was impossible, because we were in the confines of Ralph's own home. There was no way anyone found out what we were doing.

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