tagLesbian SexI Own You Bitch

I Own You Bitch

bySean Renaud©

(Warning. If racial slurs truly offend you skip this story.)


"I can't believe it. My boy is out there right now trying to get a job to keep a roof over our heads and here you are with that thing!" Mrs. Brenan snarled as she walked into the room where Angie was trying to hide her vibrator. Her daughter in law blushed hotly and remained frozen in place, her shapely rump thrust high into the air with her knees still on the bed. Her breasts swayed beneath her as she leaned over the edge of the bed in the process of secreting her dildo back to its secret hiding place beneath her dresser. Angie's eyes darted to the cell phone that held her fate. She didn't know how long her Janet had been in the room, she did know that there were photos on that phone that would cost her her marriage if they got out.

Mrs. Brenan, Janet, kept walking into the room where her nude daughter-in-law was so lewdly displayed. "You're just a worthless black bitch. It hasn't even been a year and you can't remain loyal to him inside his own home." Janet hissed stepping closer to Angie.

"You can't talk to me like that!" Angie finally shouted tossing the dildo to its place and sitting up. "You haven't paid for shit around here since I got here!" Angie screamed covering her tits with one hand her freshly pleasured pussy with the other.

"I'm his mother! You're a worthless black bitch!" Janet screamed running to the edge of the bed and then stopping to take a deep breath. "I know what you are Angie. . I'll send the pictures of you whoring yourself to your dildo to Jake and we'll see which one of us he kicks out. His dear old mother or his nigger bitch!" Angie lowered her head slightly focusing on the corner of the bed for no reason she could really figure out. "Then we can send you back to live with your parents!" Janet taunted. Tears welled up in Angie's eyes. "Oh wait, your parents don't want you back do they? So what if we kick you out? You'd just be a street cunt. You think you could earn enough turning tricks to keep a roof over your head?" Angie sniffled and wiped the tears from her eyes. Janet was right of course. Jake had done a damn good job of separating her from her friends over the last two years. There was nobody else to turn to.

"What do you want?" Angie asked staring down at her knees. Janet laughed and told her that she wanted Angie to be her house nigger. Angie flushed with anger until Janet reminded her what would happen if she and Jake got a divorce which would certainly happen if he saw what a slut she was. If she was lucky her parents would take her in. The fact was if Jake decided he wanted a divorce she'd more than likely find herself on the streets.

"What do I want?" Janet mused stepping closer to the bed. "I think I want you out of my house." She teased looking at her phone and scrolling through the pictures. "I always knew you were a fucking good for nothing piece of shit whore." Angie looked to the floor fresh hot tears rolling down her cheeks. "If I get you out of here then I can have my baby boy back."

"Please Mrs. Brenan don't tell Jake." Angie sobbed.

"Fine you can stay here as my house nigger." Janet said standing over Angie. The anger flashed back into Angie's eyes and she leapt to her feet. Her entire body was trembling with rage her hand twitching slightly as she resisted the urge to slap her mother-in-law. "Go on, slap me. Make it that much easier to convince Jake you're a cheating whore who doesn't respect his Mother." The rage flared up again stronger this time but she knew Janet was right and the rage subsided.

"Ok." Of course that wasn't even close to good enough. Janet wanted to break Angie's spirit completely. The bitch deserved it for stealing her son away and besides Angie was only barely human to Janet. Janet deserved to be treated and addressed with respect. "Yes ma'am." That was better, for the moment anyway.

Tears were pouring from Angie's eyes as she looked up at Janet knowing full well the woman was going to make her life hell. "On your knees." Angie's eyes widened in horror but she willed her body to move kneeling at Janet's feet. "Kiss my feet."

Angie took a deep breath and lowered herself to Janet's foot and lightly placed her lips against it. She noticed in a sudden horror that her mother-in-law was wearing her shoes. Her favorite pair of grey heels with the straps crossing over her toes, then again at the back of the ankle. "You're wearing my shoes." Angie whimpered.

"Your shoes? Bitch you don't even own the hair on your goddamn head." To make her point Janet reached out and snatched a fistful of Angie's hair twisting it until Angie cried out. Then Janet released her. "Shut the fuck up. Nobody wants to listen to your fat ass cry." Janet spat. "I don't want your tears all over my fine shoes either and I didn't say you could stop kissing them either. You can just keep kissing them until I find something better to do with you." Angie pressed her lips to Janet's feet again and again sniffling back her tears. It just felt so right to have Angie at her feet, it was sending tiny chills up Janet's spine each time her daughter-in-law humiliated herself. "Enough bitch go get your vibrator. I think it's time you showed me what was worth cheating on my boy for." Janet said and walked out of the room. Angie fetched the dildo and followed Janet into her room across the hall. "Undress me."

Angie nodded and set the dildo aside and started unfastening the buttons of Janet's blouse. She'd never really taken the time to notice before but Janet was attractive for her age. The sun and age had bleached her formerly dirty blonde hair a pure gold that seemed to be a startling contrast from her dark brown eyes. There were a few light lines around her eyes and the corners of her mouth, not enough to make her unattractive though. She might not have the forty double d chest that Angie boasted but she wasn't unfortunate in the chest department either.

It was obvious that Janet was enjoying this rare opportunity to flaunt her body. She worked hard to keep her figure trim, not having a job let her spend plenty of time in the pool keeping her in shape. She shrugged her shirt off then turned around letting Angie have an easier time with her bra. At just the shy side of fifty the days of her breasts standing up on their own were past but the healthy bust was nothing to be ashamed of, a fact that several of Jake's friends had accidently let her know with their bold gazes and tented slacks.

"Back on your knees." Angie obeyed the command putting her at eye level with Janet's crotch. She continued to undress the older woman, unfastening her pants and sliding the zipper down. The denim was practically painted on forcing Angie to turn the fabric inside out to get them off. Angie felt a sob hit the back of her throat as she unfastened the straps of what used to be her best pair of heels and removed them from Janet's feet. "Kiss them." Angie did as she was told then removed Janet's jeans laying them on the floor. It was hard to deny that Janet had well toned thighs that fed up into a small tight butt that was wrapped in pair of plain white panties. Angie was face to groin with Janet as she pulled the panties down. "Kiss it."

It wasn't the first time Angie had been face down in another woman's crotch. It was something she'd missed out on since her marriage so she wasn't uncomfortable with that. Though she was shocked the church going mother was interested in her that way. Janet kept her sex trimmed to a short fuzz and her lips were completely bared. Angie leaned close and kissed Janet's pussy. "More, I want to feel your tongue in it."

Janet wrapped one leg around Angie's shoulders pulling the younger woman forward. At the same time she sat down on the edge of her bed. "That's it bitch, just like that. Lick Mama's twat." She crooned. Angie did as she was told skillfully lapping at Janet's clit. Angie let her eyes slide shut as she continued licking Janet's pussy. "Get the dildo, make me cum."

Angie reached back grabbing the silver phallus and slowly pushed it into Janet's slit. As the dildo vanished into Janet's cunt Angie kissed, licked and sucked at her clit feverishly trying to end the experience. She found herself moaning after just the first minute. It was the taste, she'd forgotten what a woman tasted like but having Janet's juices coating her tongue had quickly reminded her what that was like. Angie shut her eyes and just enjoyed the flavor of a woman on her tongue for the first time in years.

"That's it bitch. Make. Me. Cum!" Janet was having a hard time breathing by that point. Her chest hitching with each jolt the young black girl sent through her frame. The girl kneeling between Janet's thighs was probably the best pussy eater Janet had ever had. It wasn't going to take long for the orgasm to rock through her body. She'd been denied satisfaction for too long as well. Her words were starting to be punctuated with gasps for air until finally she wrapped her legs around Angie's head squeezing down as the rest of her body shuddered.

When Janet finally released Angie the young woman was gasping for air and there was a sound at the door. Jake was home. "Get in your room, girl. We'll handle the rest of this later. Don't go getting any ideas or you'll be out on the street so fast your head will spin."

"Yes ma'am." Angie whispered then dashed across the hall back too her room and leapt into the shower. She didn't want the stink of that woman on her when her husband kissed her. It wasn't until the next day she even realized she'd left behind the dildo.

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