tagLoving WivesI Paid For My Husband's Loan

I Paid For My Husband's Loan


Hello there to all who have come in to read my story I am from Mumbai my names Falguni aged 25 years and married 2 years back to Parag and have a baby boy but I cant say whose it is. LOL. Anyway we stay with my laws who are a bit orthodox and we have a self-maintained apartment. I never had enjoyed sex with my husband who had a small video/audio business and his dream was to expand it to a huge departmental store only for audio/video/cd's/dvd's etc. at any cost. He had applied for Loans to Private and Public Sector Institutions for expanding his store.

One day he came home and he told me that he had got a call from a Private Company whose Manager who used to approve loans Mr. Raj used to stay just a couple of buildings next to us and he had met my husband just in the corner of the lane and had called him on Friday but as he told him he was suppose to be going out of station for a day and it shall not be possible on Friday he said come on Monday morning at 10:00 AM with all documents completed. It was the most exciting moment for him and we went out for dinner. My husband was supposed to go to Surat to drop my Laws to my Sister-in-laws place. They had left on Thursday night and I was all alone with my Son. On Friday that was the next day I received a call as I picked up and said "Hello" the person opposite said he was Mr. Raj and he wanted Mr.Parag to come over now for getting his loan approved. I told him he was out of station and he said it was okay if his wife would come over and sign the necessary documents I told him I was his wife but I didn't know a single thing about the documentation he said it was okay I just had to sign as the approval was either today or never. So I hurried got dressed had worn a Pink colour Salwar Kameez and white lacy undergarments and as I reached the address he had given me on telephone I asked for Mr.Raj in the office I was told to wait and be seated.

Say after around 5 to 6 minutes a peon came and told me to enter the cabin in the left side corner. I got up and entered the cabin and there was Mr. Raj in his cabin seated all alone and I saw that he too was surprised and looked excited by seeing a married women of 25 years and of looks 36-24-36 Blonde and Cute with long hair and height of 5ft 6 and 110 lbs all alone in his cabin.

"I don't understand why you asked me here Mr. Raj. My husband handles the business. He spoke to you about the loan he needs. I don't see how I can help."

I smiled at the loan officer as I sat down in his office. My husband, Parag, started a small audio/video business that had been very successful. Mr.Raj and his wife lived in our neighborhood and they saw us frequently. Raj was an older man in his early 40's. He was always making passes at me as I was very good looking; blonde, large firm breasts, nice legs and a small waist. He was hot for me. I was not interested in doing anything with him. I thought about telling his wife or my husband but I didn't want to start any trouble.

Now I was sitting in his office. Raj had called me that morning and said he had to get some more information and signatures for the loan. My husband was out of town for the day. I had explained that to him, but he wanted me there.

"I asked you to come here this morning Falguni because I want you to suck my cock," he said straight-faced.

"Oh NO!!" I exclaimed and got up to leave. "Fuck you! You son of a bitch! You're an asshole!!"

"See my dear Falguni, if you leave now, and don't blow me, I'll deny your husband the loan he needs. He'll be out of business in a week.

Now sit down." Raj said calmly.

I glared at that banker, and then sat back down. "How can you do that!" I cried. "Parag has never done anything to you. He's hard working"

"He, and you, is yuppie trash. You came here for money well he wants some of my money and I want you. I think it's a fair trade."

"I'll never do it! I'll tell your wife, I'll tell your boss! You're crazy if you think I'm going to suck your cock!!" I glared at him with hate in my eyes.

"Oh! You'll do a lot more then suck my cock. That's just to start with. Over the course of the loan, six months I believe, I'll have you wherever and whenever I want. If you refuse at anytime, I'll call the loan. As for telling my wife, she won't believe you. As you telling my boss. This loan is iffy. I think your husband will do O.K. with it, but its close. Prudent banking would deny the loan. My boss will understand that. Then I'll sue your little ass off for defamation of character. I'll own you! So Falguni Darling, you little cunt, get over here, stop talking and start sucking!" He laughed.

I was stunned. He had it all figured out. I wanted so much to get out of there, but I wanted my husband to get that loan, as he needed the money to make his dream come true. I sat there thinking and thinking.

As my predicament sunk into me I whimpered. "If, I suck your cock now, you'll give Parag the loan?"

"Yes, then as added interest for this risky loan, you'll put out for me whenever I want it. Now close and lock the door and get over here and suck me off!"

I sat there with shock in my eyes. Slowly, I realized that I had no choice. I was going to do it and I had to do this for my husband whom I loved. Reluctantly I got up, locked the door and turned to face him. He was smiling triumphantly. As I slowly walked towards him he said, "Take your Kameez off".

I grimaced. I despised him and what I was about to do. My husband needed that loan. Slowly, I unbuttoned my Kameez, glaring at the banker with unconcealed hatred. As the buttons became undone, I held my Kameez closed, hoping against hope for some escape from the lecherous man before me. "Quit stalling Falguni, or I won't fuck you, I'll fuck your husband!" Raj sneered. Resigned to the inevitable, I silently slipped my Kameez from my shoulders. I stood before the banker in my sexy, lacy, skimpy white brassiere, my large firm breasts barely concealed by the flimsy garment. My tits pushed against my brassiere, seeming to be trying to break free.

"Get over here!" He ordered. My heart was beating rapidly as I approached Raj. When I came behind his desk, Raj slid his chair back away from his desk. His pants were undone and his cock and balls were exposed. His cock was long, thick and rock hard. He smiled up at me with contempt.

"Get down on your knees in front of me and suck my prick. Suck it good and your husband gets his loan. Suck it bad and you're bankrupt."

I looked down at the hard prick. Raj's pubic hair was as black as the hair on his head. I sank to my knees before the half naked man. Raj put a hand on one of my bra-encased tits. And I was shocked. Involuntarily, I backed away as till that day any other man had never touched me except my husband Parag.

"NO no no!" Raj laughed, "no titties, no loanie!" Almost crying, I moved backed to him. Raj put his hand back on my breast. He squeezed it hard, feeling my nipples become erect. He slipped his hand inside of my brassiere, touching my bare tit flesh. First, his palm pressed against my enlarged nipple. Then, he tweaked it between his thumb and forefinger. He kneaded my soft tit flesh as I the stunned young housewife kneeled before him obediently. Raj pushed my skimpy brassiere cup aside, exposing my milky white soft breast. He squeezed and pinched my naked tits. I remained on my knees before him, half dressed and in shock as his hand worked on my breast. As he moved over to my other tit, pushing my bra cup aside, I started to cry. Raj chuckled as he continued to feel me up. Then he said, "ahh poor little baby girl Falguni needs a pacifier, something to suck on. Come here baby, suck on this!" He moved his hand to the back of my head and pushed it down towards his erect cock.

"Please no!" I pleaded as his cockhead touched my lips, "Please don't make me do this!" "Shut up kid and start sucking! Do it now or your husband's store is history!" The banker laughed.

Still crying, I reached up and took his cockshaft in my soft hands and began stroking it. I ran my fingers up and down his hard cockshaft. I thought that if I stroked it enough, he'd cum before I had to suck him. I moved my hands to his balls and gently caressed them.

"Quit stalling and suck my cock!" Raj commanded. Ashamed but knowing I had no choice, I moved my face to his cock-head. I was revolted and my heart was beating rapidly as my silky tongue tentatively emerged from between my soft lips. Then, ever so slowly, my tongue touched the underside of his cock. I tasted that banker's prick. Unsure of myself, I licked cautiously at his hard shaft, then, my lips caressed his prick. I licked his cock from his cockhead to its root and back to his cockhead. Still sobbing, I opened my mouth wide, moved my lips to his cockhead and sucked the banker's cockmeat into my warm, watery mouth.

My soft, perfectly painted red lips closed around the man's long cock. I felt his prick begin to enlarge as my tongue moved along the shaft. I moved my head back and forth sucking as much of the growing shaft into my throat as possible. My moist, watery mouth covered his cock shaft with hot saliva. His mushroom shaped cockhead grew larger and more resilient with each passing second. The rhythmic sucking and milking of my soft velvety mouth made Raj's prick continue to enlarge. He was moving his hips back and forth as my cocksucking mouth aroused him further. My eyes were opened and I saw his pubic hair inches from my cock sucking lips. Finally, his cock was fully erect. It had been long since I had stopped crying.

"Oh yeah Falguni Darling," Raj panted, "Suck on that cock." I found his words strangely exciting.

When I started to blow him, Raj had taken his hand from my breast. Now, as I continued to suck his cock, Raj slid his hand onto my chest and explored my breasts. As I blew the banker, his fingers traced my tit flesh, his fingers were rubbing and kneading the proud erect nobs of my nipples. Then he palmed my nipple. I sucked harder, driven by his hands on my flesh, pursing my lips tightly around his thick cock. He was groaning as I continued to stroke the base of his prick and suck on his cockhead. Then I took more of his prick into my soft wet mouth.

I returned my mouth to the huge dick before me. I licked and kissed the underside from the base of his cock to its head. When my lips returned to his cockhead, there were drops of pre-cum oozing out. I licked around his pisshole, scooping his pre-cum into my mouth with my tongue and swallowing it. I licked it between his foreskin and his cockhead, and then sucked his cockhead into my mouth once again.

The cocksucking act I was performing on the man was affecting me. Although I tried to rationalize that this was not really sex, my nipples were hard and erect, my brassiere push aside exposing my naked tit flesh. I felt my pussy quivering and throbbing, discharging hot cunt juices into my panties. I was really getting into it, and now wanted desperately to please the banker. I wanted to taste his cum.

Raj was looking down on me, watching his cock slide in and out of my mouth. He watched my head bobbing back and forth as my lips held his cockshaft tightly and my tongue flicked madly at the sensitive underside of his prick. He knew I was getting into it, I was enjoying sucking him off.

I wasn't an experienced cocksucker so I had trouble swallowing more than half of his large prick, and continually alternated between sucking near the head and kissing and licking further down from mid cock to the base where my hand was gently stroking and milking his shaft.

When my lips next neared the root, Rajs panted, "suck my balls!" I complied. Still jerking his cockshaft with my hand I moved my mouth over to his cum filled balls and licked at his scrotum sack. Then I sucked one of his balls into my mouth along with his gray curly pubic hair. His prick tasted of raw sex. My tongue and lips worked to devour his one cum filled ball, then switched to the other.

When I thought I had sucked on his balls enough, I kissed and licked each one gently before returning my mouth to his cockhead. Raj looked down at me and watched his cock sliding in and out of my mouth. As he felt up my tit, he was moaning and moving his hips, trying to push more of his cock into my mouth. He took his free hand and wrapped around me, showing me how he wanted me to jerk him off into my mouth as I sucked him off. After I was doing it the way he wanted, he pulled his hand from my breast and put both his hands on my head and held it still and then moved his cock in and out of my throat, fucking my mouth. As his cock passed back and forth between my lips, my tongue licked and flicked at the underside of his prick. My lips held his cock tightly. I felt his cock getting bigger and hotter. Raj began fucking into my mouth faster and faster, faster and faster. On each stroke, he pushed more of his cockmeat down my throat then the previous time. My moist tender lips grasped tighter and tighter around his glistening prick as my warm wet mouth took more and more of his huge shaft.

After a few minutes, Raj had his entire 10-inch cock in my mouth, my nose was buried in his pubic hair. He then held my head steady, and pistoned his entire cockshaft rapidly in and out of my mouth from his pisshole to the root. He fucked my accepting mouth for several minutes, driving his cock deep in my throat. My hands were now holding his ass cheeks for dear life, my mouth filled completely with the thick, long mass of cockmeat. My tongue licked and flicked along the underside of his cock as he reamed it in and out of my throat. Then, he grabbed my head by my long hair and roughly moved my head back and forth along his prick as he continued to fuck into my cock hungry mouth. My panties were soaked with my cunt juices which were flowing freely because of my cocksucking.

"Its time to eat my cum Falu Darling!" Raj panted as he felt his balls swell in anticipation of bursting forth with a heavy load of sticky white cum.I sucked harder. Raj knew it was nearly beyond his control, that any second now it would be over. Only a few seconds more... just as my lovely young lips tightly pursed around his aching cock, sucking voraciously, trying to milk his cum from him. His body straining to hold back the inevitable. A gasp broke from his parched throat.

"NOW Falu, NOW!!" He screamed. His hands grabbed my head and he shoved my hungrily sucking mouth down hard onto his manically jerking cock. Finally, his prick exploded in my mouth, filling it with his sperm. Raj's cum filled balls spurted three or four large loads of their precious fluid in my mouth, I continued sucking greedily as every drop emptied down my throat. I tried to lick every moist bit of his cum from the madly throbbing head of his cock. His hot gooey semen tasted like heaven to me. I tried to swallow it all, but some slipped from my lips. He then pushed my head back and shot several spurts of cum all over my face. I watched as his cock jerked about wildly, ejaculating his hot load on my face. His cum was in my eyes and on my nose. Large globs of cum dripped down my cheeks.

Raj put his prick back in my mouth. My lips again tightly encircling his massive cockshaft. He continued moving my head back and forth as I continued nibbling on his cockhead, sucking clean every last drop of his life-giving sperm that I could until he was completely drained. He left his big cock inside of my mouth as it slowly softened.

"You're a pretty good cocksucker Falguni." Raj observed as he pulled his now soft cock from my mouth and put it back in his pants. I remained on my knees before him, no longer in heat and stunned by what I had just done. "Now, get up here and sit in my lap!" He laughed.

Not knowing why he wanted me too, I got up and obeyed. Raj reached over and picked up a stamp and gave it to me. He pointed to a spot on my husband's loan application. "Here!" He instructed. I stamped the page, `APPROVED'. "There, wasn't it worth it?" Raj laughed. I, still revolted by what he made me do, just nodded, `yes'. Raj laughed again and took the stamp from me. He inked it up, then, holding each of my breasts, stamped them `APPROVED'. I was shocked, Raj laughed some more.

"Now get dressed and get out of here. I'll call your husband tomorrow and tell him the good news. I think you should throw a party on Saturday night to celebrate. I'll fuck you then. Dress sexy, especially under your clothes. Understand?"

I nodded `yes'. In a daze, I slipped off his lap, repositioned my breasts in my brassiere, found my Kameez and put it on. "May I fix my make-up?" I asked softly. Raj nodded `yes'. He watched as I did.

When I got up to leave, Raj asked, "what do you say?"

Incensed, but knowing I didn't have a choice, I answered "Thank You." Raj laughed, "your very welcome!" And watched me as I the pretty young housewife who had just sucked him off for a loan, left his office.

My husband got the loan he needed. As Mr. Raj, the banker had instructed me when I blew him in return for approving the loan, my husband and I threw a party to celebrate that weekend. A lot of people showed up, crowding our home. I didn't see Raj and hoped he wasn't going to come. I knew better. He had told me he was going to fuck me there. I knew I had to submit to him or he would pull the loan, bankrupting my husband.

An hour into the party, I saw him, standing with his wife talking to a prominent local businessman. Raj eyed me, and beckoned me over. I obeyed.

"Hello Mrs. Parikh!" He smiled. "Do you know my wife Pooja?" I shook my head no and Raj made the introductions. As the conversation petered out after several minutes, Raj took me aside and said, "upstairs hallway in 5 minutes. NO BULLSHIT!!" I nodded `yes'.

I didn't want to do it, but was afraid of his power over my husband's business. I was upstairs when I was supposed to be. I waited several minutes before Raj came up. "Where's the bathroom?" He asked. I pointed to it and he pushed me inside, locking the door. "My, you look pretty!" He laughed gazing at my young firm body in a low cut, short party dress, "dressed up for me?"

I hated him but nodded `yes'.

"GOOD! and your undies?" He asked lifting the front of the married woman's dress. I had on stockings, a garter belt and sheer string bikini panties. "Good, you do like your told!" He laughed. "Now take off your panties!"

"In here!!" I was shocked.

"Just do it!" Raj commanded. I obeyed, lifting my dress and putting my hands under it to my waist, I pushed my panties down and stepped out of them. My dress fell back down.

"Pick them up!" I bent over and retrieved my panties. Raj took them from me. He put his hands on my waist, lifted me and made me sit on the sink. He sat down on the toilet. "I want to taste you!" I was shocked. I enjoyed being eaten, but not by this hateful man?

"Lift you dress!" I obeyed. Raj turned to me, parted my long shapely legs and stared at my naked cunt. It was beautiful, covered with soft hair, barely hiding the moist, pink line of my young cunt slit, perfectly framed by the lacy garter belt.

He took a deep breath of my cunt odor, savoring its smell. Then he extended his tongue and took his first taste of my luscious cunt. The flat of his tongue swept between my widespread cunt lips and brought an involuntary gasp from my throat. Almost against my will, my hand moved behind my head and I tilted myself down so I could watch directly. His mouth glued itself to my pussy lips and he sucked hard, letting his tongue curl deep into my moist cuntal passage and then twitch as my interior muscles closed around it. He worked it around then out, seeking the tip of my clit and teasing it, then nipping lightly, expertly with his teeth.

Raj lapped like a crazed man at my clit. I moaned and squirmed in revulsion on the sink. He moved to my open cunt slit and took deep penetrating licks of my glistening cunt. He tongue fucked me hard and deep. He continued to lick and suck, driving me who was a married woman wild with his thrusting tongue. He loved the way my silken thighs clenched around his face knowing I loved the way he sucked my cunt, even if I didn't. My juices flowed freely from my pulsing cunt into his mouth.

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