tagErotic CouplingsI Partner with Linda, a Salon Owner

I Partner with Linda, a Salon Owner


My stories are in chronological order. I encourage you to follow along and read these stories in this order as a prelude to this one:

I Hire Monica The Maid

Monica's First Day as My Maid

Monica the Maid's Three Hole Day

For background, let me share the main characters in my stories:

I became a widower unexpectedly in January. I was lonely and in pain; I made an offer my maid Monica could not refuse. She stayed on as my maid and became my part time sexual playmate. (I Hire Monica the Maid; Monica's First Day as My Maid; Monica the Maid's Three Hole Day).

One of the things I did when I started to come out of my funk was to start seeing my doctors again and that is how this story came to be written.


Monica became a regular at my house, arriving by 7:30 in the morning on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and leaving each day at 4pm for her home. As I said, I had a plan for her time and I'll share that in a future episode.

About the same time I hired Monica for her new job, I met a lady I'll call Linda. She owned a massage parlor in a neighboring town, and I first visited her after a medical appointment.

I was stressed out, freaking out, actually, from the medical test and looked on Craigslist for a nearby parlor and found her place.

It was still early, about 10:30am when I arrived, and Linda recognized my voice from the call. I paid cash for a 90 minute session.

Linda was mid 40s, very attractive figure, very pretty, Thai, thin but a large rack that she was trying to hide with a black sweater. She wore black slacks and flat shoes. No wedding ring but nice earrings and a pearl necklace. Shoulder length dark hair.

I could tell she was educated by the way she spoke.

Linda took me back to one of the massage stations. The reason I say this is because the place was laid out in such a way that there weren't walls but rather tents separating the tables.

It actually looked pretty cool, sort of an Arabian Nights theme and so I got undressed and climbed onto the table, pulling a towel over my bare ass.

Linda escorted a young lady in and introduced me to Joi (Joy), who would be my masseuse.

I smiled and said "This is very nice; pleased to meet you."

Linda then reached down and gently pulled the towel off of me, telling me, "Men get massaged nude here."

Joi said nothing to me, but started working right away, after running her hands over my body.

With a couple of warm towels, Joi starting by cleaning my feet, toes, calves, thighs, my butt, including my crack, then as I lifted my ass she used the towel on my cock and balls, then a fresh towel for my back, neck, arms and hands.

It was like a sponge bath with a warm, soft towel.

Then she started in with warm oil, massaging my feet, calves, thighs, butt, back, shoulders, neck and arms with strong hands.

As she moved up my thighs, she pulled them apart, and wasn't shy about reaching down to where my sack was.

I found myself lifting up my hips, spreading my legs and she quickly re-oiled her hands and focused on those crevices and meeting points between my legs and torso.

Joi started using both hands on my thighs, circling her hands where my now tight sack connected to my body. As she did this the back of her warm oiled hands rubbed against my balls.

I was hard as a rock in seconds.

I'd never experienced this kind of massage before and it was so incredibly pleasurable I didn't think it would get any better.

She continued this for a few minutes; I was sighing in pleasure.

I spread my legs further apart, hoping she would massage my cock and balls. My hard cock and tight balls were hanging down, visible to her.

I was just waiting for her to rub that warm oil on me.

Instead she gently pushed down on my butt so my hardness was smashed into the sheet. Joi oiled her hands again and began massaging my butt.

She massaged every centimeter including my crack and starfish.

I never knew how much tension was in my butt muscles and having Joi rub out the knots felt a bit painful and at the same time very relaxing.

She ended this part of my massage by once again oiling up her hands and rapidly rubbing all over the area of the back of my thighs to my sack on both sides.

It felt so good I found myself on all fours as her hands flew, rubbing everything directly but my balls and dick.

I love this but maybe there will be a happy ending if I just remain patient.

After a few minutes of this, she stopped and pushed me back down on the table, smashing my erection into the sheet.

Still hard, she left me face down on the massage table and came back with a warm towel. Joi proceeded to clean the oil off me, taking extra time on my still hard cock and my tight balls.

So, touching them but through the towel.

It didn't matter that there was no oil on these body parts, she was trying to make me feel good, and it worked. It felt very good.

After she dried me with another towel she said "Turn over, please" and I did, my prick somewhat subdued but still engorged.

I've got a hairy crotch, I don't mind saying, along with a hairy chest, arms and legs.

So there I am lying nude, flat on my back, growing an erection, and in walks Linda. She says nothing but has a big smile on her face.

She proceeds to gently massage my scalp, neck and top of my chest, while Joi starts working on my feet and then starts up my legs.

I think Linda wanted to know how long it would take for me to get my boner back, and I confess it was in record time.

2CFNM = I'm in heaven.

Joi pushed my legs apart at my knees and knelt down between my thighs.

Then she starting running both of her warm oiled hands from my knees to my crotch, and I grew like bamboo to a redwood tree in seconds.

I'm just lying there with a huge hard on.

Joi got up and Linda moved so that Joi was on my right side and Linda on my left side, and they both began massaging my inner thighs, the back of their hands rubbing my sack.

Their free hands are rubbing my chest and my flat belly.

Both are smiling down at me. Not a word was said.

I spread my legs to give them greater access.

The redwood tree turned into a rocket ship, with pre-cum starting to drip prior to lift-off.

I'm thinking that this is ridiculous, how could I am ready to blast off and no one has really touched me?

Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, Linda stopped suddenly and left the room and Joi began rubbing my belly and chest, bumping into Mr. Johnson's head a few times but making no attempt to massage him directly.

She worked all around it, keeping it nice and hard.

When she finished she got another warm towel and proceeded to wipe away the oil, taking extra time to make sure none was left on my ball sack (still tight) or on the crevices of my thighs, or on my cock, which was still hard; very hard.

She ended the 90 minute session with the usual slapping on the head, neck and shoulders as I sat up.

When she left me, I wiped myself down a bit better, put my clothes on and headed home.

Oh, about tipping, I laid it on big time, thinking the next massage I'd get a happy ending.

I did this three more times, once each week for the next three weeks and I never got the ending I sought.

I got nothing close.

The last time I left the place I'm thinking "No Soup for you." Only my script has me hearing "No Happy Ending for You."

The same teasing, the same sensual massage, and each time I'm nude for 90 minutes.

I leaved a large tip to close the deal.

No Dice. No Tamale. No Deal.

The fifth week, I didn't go.

I get a text message from Linda: "You no come for massage this week."

I text her back: "Very good massage, need better service."

She replies:"Can you meet me for a cup of coffee?"

I meet her at Starbucks at 10am the next day; she thanks me for agreeing to see her.

She asks "Can you help me with my business?" and I reply "I will if I can."

I ask "How did you learn about my background?"

Linda said "I googled you, I do it on every person that I do business with, I need to keep out the crazy people."

Linda revealed the business has been open for a few months and it is not growing and not making her the kind of money she would like.

That she is thinking about changing her business model because she gets a lot of men that come in but when they don't get the rub and tug, they don't come back.

Linda said, "You are the only one who comes back week after week, why is that?"

I spoke the truth -- "Linda, I'm running out of patience waiting for a happy ending. I like both of you; I like the atmosphere. But I'm not interested in wearing blue balls."

I continued, "Let's be candid, a massage is a commodity and the only way to make money is become a whorehouse like every other rub and tug or go upscale and become very exclusive."

She bit her lip and nodded. She said "I have some ideas on going upscale and would you be open to being a test client?"

I asked her "What would that mean?"

Linda told me "I need for you to visit my place and give me three or four hours."

She continued, "No charge for you; no tipping allowed I need to hear your honest opinion when the session is over."

What she wanted to know more than anything else was did the value exceed the price.

Three days later I showed up to the salon at 10am and saw a closed sign on the door.

I knocked and Linda quickly opened the door and locked it behind me, telling me "I didn't want anything or anyone to interrupt your session."

She welcomed me with a smile and a hug, which she had never done before, and I felt her full breasts on my chest.

She took me by the hand, another first, to a larger massage station. In the corner was a coat stand, something new.

Joi walked in wearing a kimono bowing to us, and Linda went behind her and removed the garment.

Joi stood naked in front of me, smiling.

Even though I had been massaged by Joi for the past month, I hadn't really looked at her, I just knew her from her massage technique, which was very good.

But with her being naked, this was turning into something very different.

Joi was tiny, not even five feet tall, petite, flat chest, tiny nipples, with black straight long hair down to the middle of her back.

She had a small mouth which looked inviting and interesting.

She was hairless below her neck.

Linda had Joi turn around so I could see her ass, which was pretty nice. It was small and tight.

She was no raging beauty but I could see a nude wrestling match with warm oil on both our bodies on the massage table with her being a lot of fun.

I already started thinking of how I would pin her to the mattress, er, massage table and enter her oh so slowly when my dream was interrupted with Linda asking, "You like, Mr. Jack?"

I smiled and replied, "Yes, very much" and with that Joi came over and stood in front of me and Linda moved behind me whispering in my ear, "We undress you now."

This was something new, something intimate.

In less than two minutes I was naked, a growing semi hanging out front.

Joi bent down, her heard near my cock and put slippers on my feet and took my hand and walked me to a small room that had previously been behind a closed door.

It was an open shower room, about ten by ten.

Joi positioned me under the shower head and warm water sprayed on me. Joi lathered up her hands and quickly washed every inch of me, paying very careful attention to my privates and my ass.

This was all new for me.

Before Joi had deliberately made an effort to keep away from my cock and balls and now, under the guise of a shower, had no trouble sharing with me how skilled she was at washing my private parts.

She spent a lot of time washing my penis, which was already stiffening, and then used both hands on my balls, and stroked my erection with one hand while the other cleaned my starfish.

All the while she is humming and smiling and at as she stroked and probed, looked up at me with a very nice smile and asked "You rike?" Meaning, you like?

I nodded and said, "Yes, very good."

I was tempted to put my right hand on her head and direct her mouth to my cock but I held off.

When she had finished washing me and rinsing me off, Joi toweled me off and led me to a wooden bench where she had me sit on the end, my legs out and stiff my dick standing proud and balls hanging down.

Joi laid a towel over my shoulders and made sure they were dry.

She towel dried my hair.

Then she knelt at my feet, her head level with my cock.

Just then Linda appeared in the doorway behind Joi wearing the smallest black bathing suit I had ever seen.

Malibu Strings suits were shawls compared to this suit.

I did a rapid calculation and figured out that band aids had more skin coverage.

I noticed the swimsuit of course, later I found out later it was from Thailand, but my eyes focused on the for all intensive purposes on the nude woman wearing it.

It turned out she had done a great job of downplaying her body which was outstanding for a woman her age.

She turned around to give me the full picture and the thin black string disappeared in her crack. She had a nice ass.

My body responded by demonstrating I had plenty of testosterone and good eyesight and my brain connected the two pretty damn fast.

My wood hardened.

Almost in a nanosecond.

Joi looked up at me and smiled.

Linda moved, catlike, until she sat behind me on the bench.

She unhooked the front of her top and pressed those mammoth size breasts against my bare back.

I felt her nipples harden as she started rubbing and she whispered to me, "I cannot let her (Joi) see me nude because I am the boss but I will please you in many other ways today."

I nodded and she said, "Joi does not understand English so I will tell you how you are to be serviced in English and then tell her in Thai."

I just nodded, wondering where this was going.

Just hoping it would lead to a happy ending.

Linda said, "Joi will trim you now. It will bring you much greater pleasure when you are here."

With that, a few words were shared in Thai and Joi got to work.

Once again she focused on my crotch, shampooing and conditioning my pubic hair and then rinsing me off with warm water.

All the while Linda was massaging my head, my neck and my shoulders, her breasts moving around my back.

I could feel her nipples poking me; it was a very nice feeling.

I normally estimate breast sizes but these were so big I knew whatever I came up with I would be wrong. So, I just enjoyed the sensation.

My pubes still wet, Joi took a very small comb and a scissors and started trimming me.

Linda said "She will not shave you, only trim you" and I nodded, careful not to move with a moving sharp object near my privates.

Joi was in no hurry, and she took extra time and care as she trimmed the hair off my balls.

When she finished she took a warm towel and wiped away all the cut hair, and kept cleaning, wiping and rubbing until I had a huge erection.

It didn't help that she had put lotion all over my balls and was rubbing it in, very slowly and sensually.

I had no idea that the lack of hair would cause the sensation to increase my so much.

I groaned at the pleasure and spread my legs apart even further, if that were possible.

So there I am, naked, my very large hard cock bobbing in front of me, horny as all get out, sandwiched between two women who were making me feel great, getting my head massaged, my balls getting rubbed oh so gently.

I'm in heaven.

And then Linda says in a soft voice, "Joi wants to know if she can satisfy you now with her mouth, she is hungry for your juice. We want you to feel extra special this morning. Would you like that?"

All I could do was nod; Linda says something in Thai to Joi, who lowered her mouth onto my cock.

No hands, just sucking and licking and kissing like I was a triple scoop ice cream cone from Baskin Robbins or Friendly Ice Cream.

Linda wraps her hands around me and starts rubbing my chest, paying particular attention to my nipples.

She kisses my ears, the side of my face and she says to me, "Today you will cum many times. Would you like that, Mr. Jack?"

I groan my reply. Linda chuckled in response.

"We will make you very happy today" she whispered into my ear and then she kissed the side of my face.

Joi, meanwhile, is starting to really make me feel good with her fingers doing extra fine duty on my balls as she pumped my cock with her small mouth.

Her mouth was small but she managed to get a lot of me down her mouth and as my tip hit her throat for the third time, it was just too much and I grunted "I'm going to cum."

Linda said "Give her a big load to swallow."

Maybe Joi didn't know too many words in English but she recognized what Linda said or she felt my dick getting bigger just prior to ejaculation.

Linda pulled on my nipples and Joi's mouth went all the way down on my dick and I shot a very heavy load.

I groaned as I came. It felt so fucking good I thought I would pass out.

It seemed to last forever, but of course it was soon over, it was one hell of a way to start a massage session.

Joi kept her mouth on my dick until it was soft, swallowing often with her eyes looking up at me in approval. Her tongue continued the massage on Mr. Johnson.

Panting and weak, I could only smile and nod.

Linda resumed massaging my neck and shoulders and once I was soft, Joi washed me again.

Linda clasped her top back together and she and Joi walked me down to the massage station.

I came three more times before my session was up.

As I climbed on to the massage table Linda told me "Joi is not allowed to have sex with any client" (which was a surprise to me, given my lack of happy endings until that morning) but she can use her hands or mouth to pleasure you but you no touch Mr. Jack."

I was thinking that there was no way I was ever going to get an erection with what I had just experienced.

A one and done guy I am not, but I was up for the challenge.

But Joi was a lady on a mission, and that was to satisfy me and after I recovered from my first eruption into her mouth, I was soon able to do it again.

I think a good part of it was being trimmed so closely.

Her hands felt good on me; with warm oil it felt fucking amazing.

Like previous massages when she got me up on all fours, this time when I did it she crawled under me, on her back, so that my cock was dangling above her mouth.

Using her right hand to pull my penis to her lips, she started working on the head of my dick with her tongue.

With her left hand she started playing and tickling my balls and searching for my asshole.

Already hard, she allowed me to start pumping into her little tight mouth and into her throat, her hands having moved to my thighs.

The light touch of Linda's fingers on my balls announced to me she was behind me, getting in on the second phase of the action.

She said something to Joi in Thai, and Joi reached up and pulled my ass cheeks apart, still throating me.

I felt something wet and warm on my starfish -- Linda was rimming me.

Linda continued to lick my asshole and fondle my tight sack with her hands and Joi continued to deep throat me.

I was on sensory overload at this point.

Oil ran down my crack and Linda began massaging my hole with her fingers.

She maintained contact with my very tight and now full ball sack too.

It felt so good I pushed back and she pushed her finger into me.

I groaned at this first penetration.

While a smile in her voice, Linda said "You like this don't you, Mr. Jack?"

With her finger in my ass and on my balls and a warm wet mouth on my cock, all I could say was "YESSSSS!!!!"

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