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I Promise To…..


(This story was written for Angela, who decided it was time for her to expose herself on this site where so much of her life was reflected by others, in pieces and parts of others lives. So with her permission and review, I am going to use her voice tell you all about Angela.)

As the youngest of three daughters born to a relatively conservative mid western family, I grew up in the comfort of a warm loving house. My mother and father were never seen by us kids to argue with each other. Maybe they did in the quiet of their room or maybe they were not inclined to disagree that strongly with each other.

My sisters and I were close growing up and we looked enough alike that you'd know we were sisters. I was the tallest at 5 five foot 8 and Gloria, the oldest was the shortest at 5"6. Gloria had auburn hair, a nice well developed figure and was the first to leave home. She graduated college and left for the east coast, taking a job in finance that has over the years paid her handsomely. She never married, never seemed to ever have a lover. If she was gay, she never said and she never mentioned a woman in her life either. She visited home on holidays and was the picture of a happy contented individual.

My middle sister, Hope, was the wild one of the three, but even at her worst (best) she was timid compared to what I've since seen in the world. Like Gloria she was a pretty girl with long blonde tresses and a nice body, smaller the Gloria but just as well shaped. She chose not to go to college and married her high school sweetheart and lives near my parents. She has two children now and seems to be content.

As the youngest, you'd expect me to have been spoiled either by my parents or my sisters but I wasn't. Like Gloria I graduated college and eventually settled about three hours from our childhood home. I was slender compared to Gloria and Hope my hair was what people often refer to as sandy brown and very curly. My body had shape, but nothing as nice as Hope or as full as Gloria's.

I had no shortage of men looking to date me, but from an early age I knew that my intentions would be to find the man I wanted to live my life with. I was not looking for short or long-term lovers I was always looking for my husband. No, I was not a virgin all that time, I was fooled from time to time about a man's intentions, but I learned from those experiences. In a few words I had "vanilla" sex with a few men before I found David.

From the start, David was different. His dates were all well planned and we always went somewhere, to a play, a concert or a movie. After a few months with David I felt sure he was the one and invited him for dinner in my apartment on Friday night. A few glasses of wine decent lasagna and David and I were naked in my bed. I knew the moment his cock slid into my wet pussy that this man was a keeper.

Over the next few months David and I repeated this sleepover, but I always kept the sex "vanilla", perhaps it was because of my previous experiences, perhaps not. On our one-year anniversary of our first date, David knelt in front of me and with words that will never leave my mind said.

"Angela, you are the woman I have dreamed of, the woman I want to share my life with. I need you to say yes, will you marry me?"

With tears of joy streaming down my cheeks I nodded then said aloud.

"David I will marry you. I will love you and obey you till the day I die."

We were married in the church I attended all my youth and after a quiet but very nice reception we headed out under a flurry of bubbles to the hotel we'd spend out first night as man and wife, before leaving for a honeymoon in St. Thomas. David used his key card to open the door and before he could carry me inside I said to him.

"I know it's not traditional, I know you want to carry me, but I would be so happy if you'd stay outside for a few minutes, I would like to prepare for my husband, in my way."

I told him I'd call out to him when I was ready and he closed the door. I managed to remove my wedding dress bra and panties, stockings and garter and standing on my bare feet, bent to kneel towards the door, my knees spread and my hands laying palms open on my thighs.

"David, please come in now."

To say David was surprised was an understatement and he sputtered and he quickly closed and bolted the door. Before he could say anything I said.

"Please Dear, come stand before your wife."

David shuffled over and once he was close enough I reached up and opened his tuxedo pants and pulled his hard cock out. Looking up into his eyes and using my hand to gently massage his hard, hot tool I gave my speech.

"Husband, today in front of friends and family I made a commitment to you. I promised to be there in sickness and in health and to love and obey you till death do us part."

David opened his mouth but with a finger to my lips I asked him not to speak. I continued.

"All this I will gladly do for you David. I love you more then life itself and I want you in my life forever. You know that I've had a few lovers in the past, all of them failing me in ways you never did. You were the one that captured my heart and my body."

Again he tried to speak but I held my hand up to shush him and then licked his cock before taking it into my mouth. I slurped aloud for him the let his cock "plop" out and continued.

"Of the vows we exchanged today one is most important to me and I hope and pray you will allow me to keep that one as a means of keeping all the others. I want, no I need to obey you my husband."

I slid his cock into my mouth once again, my left hand still gently rubbing its base. Again pulling it out, I continued.

"I will never fail to obey you in every and any thing you ask. I will always defer to you, whether it is how I dress, where I work or where we live. I need you to control me, to discipline me when called for, to make me earn the right to enjoy your cock. I will open my body to you and your cock, I will never say no to you, I will allow and expect you to use my body for your benefit."

I saw the look of confusion on his face and said.

"Yes, my love, my husband, the master of my life. I will always be your submissive wife. May I enjoy your cock Sir?"

Still confused but probably needing what I was offering he nodded and I engulfed his hard throbbing cock and gave him the first blow job of my life. Looking back, I realize it was a poor job, but it served its purpose of cementing my submissive status in our lives. When he came, only a short time later, I managed to swallow most of his cum, though a little trickled out only to be pushed back in my fingers.

He then reached down and took my hands in his.

"Angela, I will give you anything you ever desire, my love for you knows no limits. If you truly desire this type of relationship then we shall learn the ropes together."

I spent the entire night 'servicing my master" and in the morning when we prepared to leave for our trip I asked him to tell me what he wanted me to wear. He looked confused so I said.

"Tell me if you want your wife or your submissive traveling with you?"

He thought about that for a while and said.

"I guess that if I am to be who you want me to be, then you need to be the submissive wife. I have to admit I do not know what that means in terms of dress."

"David, if it all right with you I will wear only a sun dress and sandals. No bra and no panties. My body will be available for you always. May I do this?"

He nodded and I quickly did my hair and make-up before sliding the short dress over my naked body and sliding into a pair of sandals. The dress was a light cotton and did very little to hide the excitement in my nipples, but it was just long enough to sit decently in the cab and on the plane. By David's smile I could see he was pleased with the look. By the way he took me as soon as we entered our room in St. Thomas I was pleased with how I had earned that fuck.

Yes I say earned because that is what I believe. I wanted to earn his cock every day, to be his personal slut, to always be so hot that his cock would fill me. Honeymoons may not be positive proof that I earned each fuck, but my lord did we fuck. Where prior to marriage, sex was a bedroom 'vanilla" act, here in the islands it was everywhere and anywhere we wanted, and we wanted. On the beach at night (sand sucks), in an alley behind a bar pushed up against a rough cinder block wall, voices of the patrons on the other side filling our ears. My pussy was getting sore, but I would never tell my husband that, I was his whenever he wanted.

I never wore panties or a bra on our honeymoon, only a bikini on the beach. I learned by experience how to give my master a good blowjob and eventually a great one. On our third night I reminded my master that all my entrances were open and he finally used that last one, with lots of ;ubricant, filling my virgin asshole with his cock. I can't say I loved it, but knowing I gave it to David made me happy. Over time I grew to want his cock in my ass as much as my pussy and my mouth.

The next few months, back at home I steered David to web sites where he could purchase items he would need. I did not select the items individually but told him that he might need or want to restrain me from time to time, or to discipline me. I suggested he buy some things now and add to the collection as he saw fit. I told him there was nothing I would not love as long as his hands were used.

The first night he secured me to the bad was good, I was unable to move much as he ate my pussy to multiple orgasms then left me tied up and needy while he watched a football game. By the time he'd returned I was a blubbering, begging slut who needed his cock. He gave it to me in my mouth first, saying.

"Time to earn your orgasm."

May have been the best blowjob yet and while he did not fill my mouth with his seed, he soon plunged his cock in my soaking pussy and filled that hole with hot cum. Over the years he's purchased outfits, whips, crops, chains and collars. He has a good supply of butt plugs, various sizes and shapes. Some mere plugs, some plugs that vibrate. He also now has a supply of nipple clamps, some with a rubber coating, some with teeth and some that he can screw down till I beg for mercy.

We've been married close to ten years now and except for time off to deliver our two kids, both boys, my body is used at least five nights a week, sometimes more so. It seems that David's cock is always hard and my pussy always wet when we are together.

As David has learned to be my Master, I have learned to be his slave. You would not notice this if you saw us at our son's soccer games, and you'd never think of me this way at the PTA functions as I delivered the cup cakes. In church on Sunday we are a typical family and in our neighborhood we are one of the more normal families. When David and I go out to dinner you would never know about the four inch plug in my ass, nor see the clamps pinching my nipples. It's enough that David and I know and by the time we get home, pay the sitter and kiss our sleeping boys on their foreheads, we make it to the bedroom to find Master and Slave.

Years ago, David hired contractors from another town to soundproof our room, to hide my screams of joy or pain from our sons. We have monitors in their rooms and are always ready to go to them whenever they need us, but our door is locked as Mommy becomes a slut and Daddy is her Master.

I gather you can see by the way I've dressed that as a submissive I also have a desire to be exposed. When we are out of town, in a place not to be seen by friends, neighbors or family, David often dressed me so that my pussy and or tits can be seen. I find the embarrassment of someone seeing my tits and cunt, and me knowing they are looking an event that often brings on an orgasm. David's pants are always tented at these times too.

This desire for exposure led us to visit a nudist camp a few years back and while it was fun to walk freely in my skin, it wasn't the same as everyone there was also naked. In fact, most of those parks have children and that turned both of us off and we left immediately, never making that kind of trip again.

Since that first day of our marriage, the moment my knees hit the floor, the moment I took David's cock into my mouth and spoke the words I needed him to hear, I have been happy. Over the years David and I began reading of other peoples fantasies and desires. The Internet makes it so easy and there are some excellent places to find erotic memories or creative writing. Neither David nor I seemed to find stories of partner sharing, or cheating to be as stimulating as those in the BDSM category. David (and I) learned a number of fun things for him to do to me or make me do for him. Yummmmm.

Over the years I found the idea of being taken by a stranger more and more of a turn on. To be swept away without consent, stripped and used, then tossed to the gutter, sticky and spent got me so hot. Of course I always knew that the reality of that would shatter me, perhaps even shatter my relationship with David my husband and Master. Fortunately, being kidnapped and raped is not something you can plan for nor avoid if the fates send you there. Knowing that, and knowing we lived in a safe town, allowed me to enjoy those stories.

One day I was so consumed (yes my hands were all over my tits and cunt) with such a story that I never noticed that David had come into the room. I'd thought he'd be a bit longer at work. I guess I should let you know that over the years as David's slave, one of the promises I'd made, one of the demands he'd set, was that I was never to masturbate without his permission or presence.

He merely removed his belt, and being the trained slave, I stopped my actions and rolled over onto my hands and knees. The impact of that first lash always makes me jump and cry out, no matter how many times I've been spanked, whipped, cropped or paddled. On this night David used his belt on my bare ass until I was begging for mercy. Actually, I loved the feel of that strap of leather on my ass, but my pussy was really wet and ready for the cock I'd hope would follow. When the belt stopped and I heard his zipper I started to cum and when his hard cock speared my wet pussy I cried out once more, this time from the pleasure of him inside me. Master always seems harder and hotter after he's reddened my ass and that night was no exception. By the time I felt his meat spasming and unloading shot after shot of hot cum in me, I was in heaven.

I thought little about that night, it wasn't the first time Master has caught me that way, not even the first time that I'd not planned it. A good slave is really in control, knows how to get what she wants, at least in general. I knew how to get Master to discipline me, I just didn't know how or what hole he's use to release his cum.

A few weeks later I was in the garden weeding when I saw a shadow cross my vision. Before I could turn around I cloth was covering my face and strong arms were holding me tight. I was frightened and tried to scream only to inhale deeply whatever had coated the cloth. I felt my body begin to slump and then nothing. My next memory was in the back of a van, tied up, naked, gagged and blind. Some sort of latex hood covered my head and eyes, only y nose and gagged mouth were uncovered. Fear invaded every pore of my body. My brain was foggy but clear enough to know that my worst fear and greatest fantasy was likely happening. I could not move but I tried anyway. I could not scream with the gag in my mouth but I tried anyway. I heard a male voice yell for me to shut up and I was paralyzed, it was not David's voice, this was real. I lost control and peed.

The vehicle stopped and the door opened and I was roughly dragged into some sort of building. I could smell shit, manure and hay and imagined I was in some sort of barn. I was laid over something and by the prickling sensation I assumed it must have been a bale of hay. Then he, or they spoke.

"We've seen you prancing about town bitch. Always letting a bits of your body flash, a big teaser you are."

I shook my head no, I wanted to plead for mercy but I couldn't and they wouldn't listen. Then the other voice said.

"Let's get this done, I've been wanting this bitch on my cock for years. If you ain't ready I am."

I started to cry. When the man pushed his cock into my pussy I cried harder and when I felt my cunt react to that invader I cried even more. Over and over again that cock pushed into me and pulled back. I felt my body more and more reacting, an orgasm was building and as that man fucked me I began to respond. I felt deep shame but still I fucked back. What a slut I was.

"Ok buddy, let's not rush this. Let me have a few minutes in that ass."

My pussy was soon empty and I felt sad, I wanted that cock back. When I felt a pair of hands pulling my ass cheeks apart I tried to prepare myself for what was about to happen, but that cock was bigger then David's and at first, even though I sensed he's used some sort of lubricant, it hurt. The strange cock pushed in and seemed to just keep going, deeper and deeper. The pain faded and I felt his hips on my ass and knew he was fully inserted deep in my ass. As he began to stroke in and out my orgasm, temporarily on hold, came roaring back and once again my body ignored my brain and I was pushing back into him as he rammed that fat cock in my ass.

I don't know now how often they switched only that it seemed as if it would never stop. I have to admit my body and yes eventually my mind didn't want it to stop. Orgasm after orgasm hit me. I tried to tell myself that this is what David would want, the chance to end up home and alive, I told myself that by not fighting it, I would eventually be OK. Finally after what seemed hours I felt them cum inside me. It wasn't the strong jets of cum that I felt when David came, more of a dribbling, filling my pussy and ass none-the-less.

I felt one of them pulling my panties and shorts up my legs and a sense of relief filled me as I realized I would live through this. As my bra was clasped back over my tits I began to think about David and how I would tell him. I knew I would tell him. I had to. I could only pray that he'd understand. Once again the cloth covered my nose and mouth and then nothing till I woke up in my garden, the sounds of my boys running up the drive from the school bus. I did my best to hide my emotions as I hugged them and asked about their day. David came home at dinner, like usual and eventually the kids were in bed asleep. The time had come.


David looked at me and nodded his approval for me to speak.

"Today, Sir. After you left for work and the kids went to school, I was kidnapped by a couple of men...."

I started to cry then and David came to me and hugged me.

"What happened?"

Then through my tears I told him the basics. When I was done David looked at me and said.

"So your fantasy came true. Why the tears. I saw what you were reading, and looked at your Internet history. Wasn't this something you'd wanted?"

Once again shame filled me and I could only nod at first.

"But Master! It was only a fantasy. I've never wanted another man other then you. This was terrifying."

"But you came, you enjoyed it, didn't you?"

"Yes, sir!"

Then David took me to our room, checking to see the boys were asleep as we went. He then closed and locked the door and tossed an envelope at my feet.

"Look Slut!"

I opened the envelope and saw my naked body over a hay bale. The next shot showed me being fucked, by David. Confused I looked at my grinning husband who now had a small voice recorder in his hands. I heard.

"Ok buddy, let's not rush this. Let me have a few minutes in that ass."

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